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Generic Trainer Fan Fic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Kindoflame, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Kindoflame

    Kindoflame New Member

    Chapter 1: Introduction​

    The only sound filling the night's crisp air is a choir of Noctowl; their young Hoothoot hanging on every note. Not far away a Kangaskhan decides to have Pecha berries for dinner because her child enjoys the sharp, acidic taste. A tree at the edge of a clearing curls its roots around the nest of two Marowak, each diligently humming ancient melodies to their unhatched child.

    A crackling fire is the sole source of light in this forest clearing, for the moon and stars had decided to rest behind a blanket of downy clouds. This night truly was stunning, and definitely worth the hardships of the day before. Two tents that had been built less than an hour earlier stood several meters apart, with nothing between them but a glowing camp fire, a weathered stone, and a pair of humans. The companions sat in silence, each focusing on their own tasks.

    The older one was sitting on the fragrant grass, mixing chemicals no one present but himself understood completely. He was indifferent to the stains that would inevitably form on his khakis. He has always reasoned that cloths are made to be worn, in both senses of the word. The only exception to this logic is the slightly faded fedora he has traveled with for seasons.

    The younger boy was using the stone slab like a picnic table, dicing some Figy berries he had found earlier that day. His skin was slightly darker than his companion’s, a light bronze color that more vain people would spend hours trying to achieve. Much like his t-shirt, all over his jeans were tears that had been stitched back together, except for the lower half that was protected by his tall boots.

    He sprinkles the uneven cubes unto three bowls of Pokémon food, being very careful to leave the one marked with a lightning bolt untouched. Having finished his assigned work, he turns to his traveling companion. "So Kind, what are your plans for tomorrow? I've kinda been aimlessly following you these last few days," he said with a soft chuckle. He knew not to expect an answer anytime soon, giving him plenty of time to be captivated by the night sky.

    During the following silence, two creatures slowly strolled out of the quiet trees. Both had four legs and were talking, but that is where the similarities stopped. One was carefully balanced on just his hind legs, his front paws being used to carry a bundle of dry branches. The dark-blue coat that covered his back blended in with the fading evening light quite well, unlike the cream fur on his underbelly that formed a clear silhouette. Even easier to spot was his grumbling counterpart, who’s curly fleece of olive colored wool stood out like a lighthouse due to the sparks constantly jumping between the fibers. As they neared the campfire, the gem on her tail reflected the light in all directions, scattering the darkness.

    As they approached the humans, the Mareep spoke through teeth gritted around the metal handle of a tin bucket. “<I still don’t see why you had to come too. I could have gotten everything just fine on my own.>”

    “<Oh really?>” the Quilava responded with a raised brow. “<And just how were you planning on doing that when you can barely handle that bucket.>”

    “<Please! This old thing could have been filled with rocks and I’ld still carry it for days.>”

    “<I was talking more about how you would actually grab it, unless you have another mouth or a pair of paws hidden somewhere.>”

    “<Well… I’ll just put the wood on top of the bucket, and carry it all at once.>”

    “<And what is your plan for once the water in that bucket makes the firewood useless?>”

    The Mareep rolled her eyes. “<Shootaf, you’re a freaking Fire-Type! What’s the point of keeping one of you around if you can’t dry out a few sticks on command?>”

    Said Fire-Type took a deep breath and send the air through his back vents to cool off. Don’t let her get to you. She is just some random Mareep you are traveling with for a short leg of a long journey. You’ll go your separate ways soon enough and then never see her again. Just got to withstand her for another few days. The Quilava inhaled more of the sweet air. It may not even be her fault she is so annoying. She has only had a proper trainer for a couple of days after all. Rather than looking forward to when she’ll be gone, I should focus on setting a good example for her. “<Please bring that water to Master. The sooner he can finish preparing the human food, the sooner Nory will let us eat.>”

    “<First smart thing you said all day,>” replied the Mareep.

    She proceeded to walk over to older human and place the bucket next to him. “<Here you go, Kind.>” The human only acknowledged her with a short ‘Thank you’, not even bothering to look up from his work. After giving a snort at the human’s perceived rudeness, she walked over to her trainer to keep an eye on her well-earned dinner. Nory started to rub her rubbery skin affectionately, being careful to not run his fingers through the charged wool. His only other Pokémon was… somewhere nearby? He did not worry about her too much. She always comes back.

    Meanwhile, Shootaf had used the new fuel to rebuild the ramp-like structure that the campfire had mostly burned away. It was not too difficult since his fireproof coat protected him from the heat, letting him rearrange the already burning branches with his bare paws. By the time he was done, Kind was ready to finally answer Nory’s question.

    "I caught a Starly today and I would like to catch a Sandshrew before leaving this area. At most, we are 2 days travel until we get to the next city, so I would prefer to catch one tomorrow." Kind enunciated every word precisely, never slurring or running through a syllable. “I have rehydrated the M.R.E.s"

    "What?" Nory said with a tilt of his head.

    "Our dinner is ready.”

    Nory set the lightning-marked bowl down next to his tent. The other 3 bowls he put in a nice grassy spot about 2 meters away from the fire.

    Kind then pulled a Pokéball off of his belt. "Chol, it is time for dinner." There was a flash of light, and then a small Larvitar was sitting at Kind's feet, with the biggest smile across his face. The child took a quick look around before rushing over to the nearest bowl, which by pure chance was the one he was supposed to eat from.

    Shootaf ate his meal slowly, so as to savor the treat of added berries. Then he laid down by the fire, letting the flames just barely lick his fur until he felt like he had been wrapped in a blanket.

    On the other hand, Chol had apparently decided that he wanted to practice being a Tyranitar. In only 2 minutes he successfully inhaled three quarters of his food. The rest was smeared across his face. Kind immediately got up and refilled Chol's bowl. Only after this did he put a serving of chicken parmesan on his plate and started enjoying his 15 month old delicacy.

    Chol eats slower this time, finishing after only 5 minutes. Without any hesitation he runs over and attaches himself to his trainer's right leg. "<I love you Master!>" Chol suddenly exclaims as he began nuzzling his messy face on Kind's pants. "<I love food and I love you. Food and you, you and food. But not you as food! That's just silly! Master's food is the best food! Best in the world! I love Master's food, Master, and food. But not Master’s human food! Human food is only for humans. Humans like Master. I love Master!>"

    Kind takes a deep breath and forces his muscles to relax. "Hey there Chol. It is nice to see you," Kind says as he starts to scratch the back of Chol's neck. "Could you, err... give me a minute to eat?" Kind starts gently pushing on the Larvitar, but not nearly strong enough to break the bear hug that was slightly cutting off his foot's circulation. "If you give me a minute, then we can play after I eat."

    "<I love Master!>"

    Kind surrenders, letting Chol nuzzle his leg while he eats. Why do we have to do this every meal?

    Nory was eating in relative silence near his tent, slowly petting his Mareep as she calmly ate from her personalized bowl. Her wool acted enough like a campfire to keep him warm as long as he stayed close enough. Slowly, a thought creeped into his mind. "Where's the Starly? You said you caught it and you definitely don't have six Pokémon on you, so what gives?"

    Kind stopped cutting into his food and sat motionless. After Shootaf helped me catch that Starly today, I picked her up in order to treat her wounds with a Potion. I was able to comfortably do so with one hand; I can comfortably pick up a baby up with 2 hands. Therefore, I will make the rough estimate that she weighs half as much as a baby. Using my Pokédex, I found that female Starly have an average weight of 1.8 kg with a standard deviation of 0.3 kg. I remembered that the most recent issue of Pokémon in Pediatric Medicine includes the article Effect of Exposure to Small-Water Type Pokémon on Human Birth Weight. Using data provided by that article as a reference, I learned that the average weight of a female human at 2 months old is 4.9 kg with a standard deviation of 0.6 kg. 4.9 kg / 2 = 2.45 kg. That puts this Starly well into the 90th percentile. Therefore, she must have a fat reserve significant enough to last for several days. Taking into account a Pokéballs ability to slow the Pokémon's metabolism, albeit at a difficult to predict rate, and the tendency of wild organisms to space meals apart by days through increased meal size, this Starly should not be in need of food until sunrise. It is unlikely that she has already spent an abnormally large amount of days without food because her battling abilities did not appear to be compromised in any way.

    "I do not think she is hungry," Kind said after a minute.

    "You sure? That little fella may have not had a decent meal for days."


    Nory supposed Kind would know more about the proper feeding habits of Pokémon than himself. He honestly doubted his actions when taking care of his own Pokémon, being more used to working on a farm than traveling. He wondered if his Mareep was gaining weight due to negligent feeding, but he could not be certain due to her thick coat of wool.

    His only other Pokémon was easier to take care of, that is to say, he really didn't. Nory's Seviper was certainly loyal, but she hasn't really grown out of being a wild Pokémon. If being honest, the snake Pokémon's self-sufficiency was welcome, except for when she would scamper off during important times. I should probably get her back in the ball soon. It can be a pain to find her in the mornings.

    Fortunately, Nory’s train of thought was abruptly stopped by a Seviper coming out of the woods with a look saying that Kind has one less Sandshrew to worry about. "There you are Lil' Sev!" Lil' Sev turned to Nory, glaring. Nory could not hold eye contact like that for long. He looked over to see Kind hunched over Chol, whose youthful laughter filled the entire clearing. At least Kind isn't the one being creepy for once. I don’t think I have actually seen him playing with his Pokémon before.

    "Sit still."

    "<I can't! It tickles too much!>" What Nory interpreted as a game was actually Kind attempting to clean the food stains off of his immature Pokémon. Unfortunately for him, the steel wool he owned makes Chol twist and giggle with glee. The result was an accidental wrestling matches that Shootaf found equal parts amusing and annoying.

    "<Hey Chol, you do realize that if you keep this up he will trade in that steel wool for soap and water.>"

    "<Don't joke about that!>" Chol shouted, suddenly sitting up and stared at the surprised Quilava very seriously. "<You know touching water makes me feel sick.>" Chol looked down as his voice dropped.

    "<S-sorry. I was just kidding around.>"

    "All done! See how everything goes smoother when you calm down." Kind stood up and took a step back to admire his work. "Only a month old and you are already learning such an important lesson. As a reward for sitting still, how about I let you sleep outside your Pokéball tonight."

    Barely a moment after hearing the words, Chol became more ecstatic than a 10 year old who got a Gyarados for his birthday. The juvenile began a rather odd dance that involved running in random direction, jumping with a twirl, and attempts to do a somersault that ended hilariously.

    Speaking to Nory, Kind said, "We should retire."

    "Er yeah, good thinking. Have a good night." Nory sent his Pokémon back to their Pokéballs and put his utensils in the tin bucket that was serving as his mess kit. He then crawled into his tent and removed his vest, boots and gloves. Knowing how dirty his knee-high boots were, Nory put them just outside his tent before he zipped it shut. He then tossed the rest of his close in a pile and into his sleeping bag alongside his Pokéballs, with only his bunched up vest serving as a pillow.

    All of this was pretty standard for anyone with experience camping, but what happened next was particularly odd. Nory’s sleeping bag was able to be zipped all the way closed, a feature not uncommon among serious cold-weather bags. Even though it was unusual for nights in the Tychone Region to dip below around 20oC year-round, Nory always closed his bag completely, leaving so little room for the hot air to flow it caused a faint feeling of suffocation. Had anyone questioned this behavior, although not a soul in the vicinity would, he would shrug off the oddness as just a habit. In truth, it gave Nory a sense of security to know that he was unexposed. What he is concerned about attacking him is unknown to even himself, and ultimately irrelevant. It was the fact that he was protected that mattered.

    While this was going on, Kind was putting away his dishes, collecting the trash, and placing the Pokémon’s bowls in an oversized plastic container. After returning Shootaf, he turned to his tent to be was greeted by the sight of a hyperactive Larvitar trying to open their tent's zipper from the wrong side. Better get over there before he rips it. Again. As soon as Kind opens the zipper, Chol barreled in, almost pushing Kind over in the process. Kind wore a small smile as nice memory of the last time this happened surfaced.

    Kind entered and saw a lump in his sleeping bag. After a quick change of clothes, the tired trainer crawled in. He settled down into a comfortable position and then reached deep inside in order to pull the small ball of living stone toward the crook of his left arm.

    Master is so warm and soft. He even used magic to make his scent change into flowers. Chol takes a deep breath and lets the unique aroma relax every part of his being. The small child snuggles closer toward Kind and unconsciously mutters a simple phrase that came directly from his heart. "<Master, you're the best.>"

    Written by Kindoflame of Serebii and NGamerS of AO3

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