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Genesect [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by John Wallrein, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Currently unreleased, Genesect is the last Pokemon in the National Pokedex. It is a very powerful force, as seen in the Dream World Tier. With a very effective movepool and great defensive typing, Genesect finds itself being a very large threat. Genesect also has a good ability in Download, that it can almost always use to its advantage. Genesect can use the spA boost greatly with its Bolt/Beam, STAB Bug Buzz, or Flamethrower. Genesect can also benefit from the atk boost to throw powerful U-turns and X-scissors. Genesect does have its downfalls though. a base 99 speed leaves it in an undesirable speed tier, and allows it to be beat by base 100's such as Salamence with Fire Blast. This thread is here to discuss possible sets Genesect will use once it is released into standard play. This thread is also here to discuss if this Genesect will be "broken" enough to be removed from standard play and cast into the realm of Ubers.

    Genesect has several useable offensive move options. These include:

    - Bug Buzz
    - Explosion
    - Flamethrower
    - Hidden Power
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunderbolt
    - U turn
    - X-scissor

    * Note that its signature move, Techno Blast, is not worth using as Flamethrower,
    Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt are all stronger versions of what Techno Blast could become.
    Using these types for Techno Blast would also cause Genesect to lose out on a held item, which is also not worth it.

    Support / Boosting Options:

    - Charge Beam
    - Light Screen
    - Reflect
    - Rock Polish
    - Substitute
    - Thunder Wave
    - Toxic

    Example Sets:

    Genesect @ Life Orb
    Download | Naive
    4 HP/ 252 spA / 252 spe
    - Bug Buzz
    - Flamethrower
    - Ice Beam
    - U-turn

    This Genesect can act as a very good mid / early game scout.
    It can also function well to just put Pokemon in KO range of
    your sweepers with its vast amount of coverage moves.

    Genesect @ Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
    Download | Naive / Timid
    - Bug Buzz
    - U-turn / Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Flamethrower / Thunderbolt

    Very similar to the previous Genesect set, though this Genesect
    uses a Choice Scarf to patch its not so spectacular 99 speed.
    This can allow Genesect to function well as a revenge killer.
    Genesect can also scout with U-turn very well.
    If the choice specs is being used you could always opt to remove
    U turn for one of the coverage moves, in which case Timid nature should be used to keep your defenses. The choice specs could also
    be a powerful threat with a massive spA stat and huge array of type coverage.

    Genesect @ Life Orb
    8 HP / 252 spA / 248 spe
    - Bug Buzz
    - Thunder/Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Hidden Power [Fighting] / Flamethrower

    Bug Buzz is the main STAB move, enough said. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam get perfect coverage together, bar Lanturn, who is never seen in OU, and Magnezone. Thunder can be used over Thunderbolt if you have Drizzle Politoad support. In the last slot, Hidden Power Fighting hits some of Genesect's potential counters, like Heatran and Magnezone. Flamethrower is similar, but sacrifices hits on Heatran for hits on Skarmory, Forretress, and Metagross. Flamethrower should also only be used with Thunderbolt, so when in the rain, which perfects Thunder's accuracy, Flamethrower's power is not weakened.

    Checks / Counters:

    - ;485; Heatran : Heatran takes any hit Genesect throws at it well, bar HP Ground and throws a powerful 4x Super Effective Fire move at it.

    - ;462; Magnezone : Magnezone can trap and KO Genesect fairly easily with HP Fire. Magnezone must beware of Flamethrower from Genesect though.

    - ;385; Jirachi : Specially defensive Jirachi can take a 3HKO from Genesect while being able to paralyze and cripple it or 1-2HKO it with a fire punch.

    - ;113; Chansey : Eviolite Chansey fears absolutely nothing from Genesect. It's U-turn will be laughed at and obviously any Special move will as well. Lacking recovery, Genesect will lose health and go down
    fast from Seismic Toss, or can be severly crippled by a T-Wave.​

    - :609: Chandelure : Chandelure really doesn't fear anything Genesect will carry. It can also threaten it with an extremely powerful STAB Fire move.

    - :637: Volcarona : Volcarona can take any hit Genesect throws at it bar a Hiddden Power [Rock] . It can proceed to 1HKO with a STAB Fire move.

    In conclusion, I personally can not wait until Genesect is released. I think it is a very interesting Pokemon and would like to see how it functions in standard play. Of course I am not against the ruling of it becoming Uber if it seems broken, though I really am not sure at the moment. It seems as though common threats like Heatran can really shut Genesect down. So I would like to see how you guys feel about Genesect. Also if you have any sets, or contributions you would like to make to this thread, feel free to post them.
  2. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    i think it'll throw OU for a small loop, but it wont be banished to Ubers. it seems like it'd be way too easy to revenge. maybe a scarfed set would be best for it to remedy it's 99 Speed.
  3. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    What about Water-type Techno Blast? Is that a viable option?
  4. Fortunato

    Fortunato Sic Transit Gloria

    in theory this could be useful on a rain team, but more than likely it will be useless as, like wallrein said, you lose out on a hold item which could be really important. You should also list Choice Specs as an item since it would rip a lot of crap to shreds with its vast array of coverage moves. It can just be a slash with scarf as a general choice set since they would be running the same moves.
  5. Barbeller

    Barbeller Scatter Brained

    Is Explosion a viable move lol?

    Also, Blissey is an obvious counter. It can easily wear it down with Seismic Toss (or Flamethrower, if you're weird).
  6. overlordmewtwo

    overlordmewtwo Supreme Overlord

    Genesect will be OU. There's no questioning it. While it may see its use in Ubers, it's more of an OU Pokemon just because there are ways to stop it (talking specifically to Heatran, here).

    In fact, I use both the scarf set, and a set I came up with myself (with some inspiration), and I have plowed through entire teams with it. It's that good.

    The set I use besides the Scarf set is this:
    Genesect (Hasty nature)
    Item: Focus Sash/Life Orb
    EV spread: 128 Sp.Attk, 128 Attk, 252 Speed
    Moveset: Flame Charge
    Ice Beam

    A Flame Charge set. I use it less often now just because of how long it takes to set up. As we all know, one turn can make a difference on a battle. Anyway, after 1 boost, Genesect will outrun a lot of the non-scarfed OU tier. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt for the infamous BoltBeam combo, X-Scissor for STAB.

    The EV spread is what it is just because Download gives a free boost to either stat.

    EDIT: To Barbeller, Explosion is somewhat viable on the Scarf set. If Genesect has switched in a few times and taken a beating, might as well let it explode (and with a possible Download boost, you can take down almost anything that doesn't resist it).
  7. A rock polish set seems intriguing, mainly due to the fact you can invest a fair amount of bulk, as well as using a +SpA nature. After all, Bug/Steel is fairly decent defensively, not to mention it has fairly good bulk. Run enough Spe to outspeed +1 Base 100's (not sure how much Spe that is) then max SpA, and dump the rest in HP.
  8. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    i thought about Douse Drive Techno Blast to potentially counter it's 4x weakness to fire types.. but eh. like you said, it'd be better in rain, and Scarf would be a better item for it anyways.
  9. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    Hmm I think for the most part a rock polish set would be better. I'm sure that a mix'd flame charge set might find a niche somewhere though.
  10. MatchMaster

    MatchMaster Member

    Genesect will probably see more use as a special attacker, due to a larger movepool on the special side. I guess it could run mixed, but that means it'll probably have to run a defense-lowering nature, and those defenses seem kinda average. Lastly, it has no way to boost it's attack, bar Hone Claws, and it doesn't really need to accuracy boost, unless your running a mixed set with Zap Cannon/Thunder.

    Nevertheless, it can still be pretty effective. I have a hacked one, but I only use it to experiment. Here's a sets:

    - Bug Buzz
    - Thunder/Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Hidden Power [Fighting] / Flamethrower
    Item: Life Orb/Wiseglasses
    Ability: Download
    EVs: 252 Sp. Attack/140 Sp/116 SpD

    Bug Buzz is the main STAB move, enough said. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam get perfect coverage together, bar Lanturn, who is never seen in OU, and Magnezone. Thunder can be used over Thunderbolt if you have Drizzle Politoad support. In the last slot, Hidden Power Fighting hits some of Genesect's potential counters, like Heatran and Magnezone. Flamethrower is similar, but sacrifices hits on Heatran for hits on Skarmory, Forretress, and Metagross. Flamethrower should also only be used with Thunderbolt, so when in the rain, which perfects Thunder's accuracy, Flamethrower's power is not weakened.
  11. Dr.Chaos

    Dr.Chaos stick in the mud

    You wouldn't really be wanting to use the Douse Drive as an item either because HP Water and life orb do more damage then techno blast with douse drive. Genesect is one of those pokemon that is almost built for the item Expert Belt, so that would be a great item to use as well.
  12. No, Techno Blast is pretty much never a good option. If you really wanted a Water attack, you could just run HP Water intead. After all, HP Water with the Life Orb is doing more damage than Techno Blast with the Douse Drive. Even if you wanted to use the Douse Drive to bluff a Choice item, you could just run Expert Belt, which will still make HP Water almost as strong against Water-weak Pokemon, and with far more PP. It will also synergize well with the rest of Genesect's great coverage.

    So no, even as a Water move, I see no use for Techno Blast.

    EDIT: Lol, I just noticed that Dr. Chaos said pretty much the same thing before me. Anyhow...

    I really can't wait to see what this thing can do once it's released, though. The Scarf set will be an invaluable scout/revenge killer, especially considering the fact that it may even pick up a Download SpA boost now and then. The Rock Polish set will also be amazing as a sweeper. A sweeper with +2 speed and a possible Download SpA boost alongside the Life Orb boosting an already powerful SpA stat with coverage that most other Pokemon would kill for? Oh yeah.
  13. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    Oh. That makes sense; I forgot that it would lose its item as well.

    I'm guessing that U-Turn + 3 coverage moves will become standard for Genesect.
  14. DiamondClass

    DiamondClass Banned

    That's pretty much the only Genesect I use in PO. There is probably no better or more versatile one, but I prefer Flamethrower over H.P. Fighting.
  15. Psypert

    Psypert Well-Known Member

    Err I don't think Explosion is a viable choice at all, if it still had the effect of cutting the defense by half like in 4th gen then it would be, alsoBlissey is not a relliable counter, since Genesect has excellent stats any mixed set or a physical set will be able to take it down, also in a mixed set Blissey wouldn't enjoy taking a STAB U-Turn to the face (and maybe at +1 due to download).

    For my personal experience Genesect wouldn't get to be Uber, it can be killed by anything with base 100 Speed and a choice scarf, also I tried it in Ubers and it didn't go so well :/
  16. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    What the heck does that have to do with anything? A pokemon doesn't need to be good in Ubers to be Uber, you know. I wish people would just get that write.
  17. Psypert

    Psypert Well-Known Member

    Sheess, sorry dude didn't mean to annoy you, If you read there I stated why I consider it viable in OU and also stated my personal experience with it in the UBER metagame, I'm aware that Uber is a banlist and it's not meant to be balanced, again I apologize for saying that but hye the other reason for why it wouldn't make it to ubers is because of it's base speed that let's it get revenge killed by anything with base 100 or better.
  18. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    Interesting set, what does the EV spread do?
  19. Fortunato

    Fortunato Sic Transit Gloria

    You should get your grammar right before you start riding people about a good post. He was simply stating its not very good in the ubers metagame. We all know ubers is a banlist and a pokemon doesn't have to function well in that metagame to be there. If you're gonna post in a discussion thread at least contribute something instead of getting angry at someone who made a legitimate post.
  20. MatchMaster

    MatchMaster Member

    Basically put the maximum into Special Attack, and you can split special defense and speed any way you want. I prefer to put more into special defense, as the attacks that will probably be aimed at Genesect most of the time will most likely be moves like flamethrower, fire blast, thunderbolt, hydro pump, scald, and surf.

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