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Genesect & The Legend Awakened (M16)

Discussion in 'Pokémon The Movies' started by Serebii, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Genesect & The Legend Awakened

    During their Unova travels, Ash & co. are taking some time off in the Pokémon Hills when they discover the Pokémon Genesect. However, this Genesect is part of a group that have been awakened by Team Plasma and have returned to find their home destroyed. The lead Genesect is angry and decides to attack the entire city in order to get their home back. However, as they're about to be attacked, a Mewtwo suddenly appears to protect Ash & Co. Will Mewtwo be able to stop Genesect?

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  2. Artherax123

    Artherax123 Member Of SOVA

    Seen this movie! it was awesome and yes there is a full version of It's always you and me as well as the ending theme We're coming home
  3. Spin Attaxx

    Spin Attaxx 2012-2013

    I have to say, this might just be the crowning example of "How on Earth could you screw up something as awesome as THIS up?!" there is.

    Three major things bring this film down for me:

    1. Mewtwo. How it isn't the same one as the old one. How there is almost no mention of the old Mewtwo (aside from Ash saying "Wait a minute! You're-" before not questioning how Mewtwo sounds different). How the new Mewtwo has a backstory so similar to the old one that you wonder why they bothered making it a new one in the first place. How the film fails to explain how Mewtwo ends up looking so similar to the old one despite no-one knowing about the old one. How it got a whole prequel to itself to explain all this and yet still refused to do so. How you realise how awesome it would've been to see the old Mewtwo duke it out with Genesect. How despicable it is that the promotion for it practically banked on older fans thinking it was the old Mewtwo when it wasn't.

    2. The anticlimactic ending. It's like the film is trying to be philosophical, but failing miserably. I might be a simple minded eedjit, but I do not for the life of me see how looking at the sun rising over the Earth translates to them as "We have purpose and we are friends". Also, what purpose exactly does Mewtwo even mean? One was born as a weapon, the other we don't know because the film didn't bother to explain jack. What other purpose is she referring to? Existing? Also I'm surprised at how easily Red turns good, considering how not a minute before he was trying to hurt even his own kind. And how New Tork City wholeheartedly forgives Red Genesect despite him endangering several lives, causing several dollars/pounds/Pokédollars/whatever fantasy currency they use worth of damage to the city and forcing others to hurt people against their will just because he says "Everyone is my friend". And how they continue the tradition of "NO EVIL POKÉMON ALLOWED" for like the tenth time.

    3. The general bare bones plot. It feels like there should've been more meat to it than "A Mewtwo and five Genesect meet each other in a city, hijinks ensue". If they had used the old Mewtwo and if they treated the forme like the Mega Evolution it is, they could've had a subplot where Mewtwo can't defeat Genesect at first, so he needs to work with Ash and develop a bond with him so he can become Mega Mewtwo Y and be able to defeat Genesect. Just giving Mewtwo the forme from the get go just feels cheap. I know Pokémon movies aren't trying to be high class literature, but it feels like they could've tried more.

    Also, and this is mostly minor, but... Douse Genesect's dub voice. It was ill-fitting enough in the original, but the dub makes it worse. Seriously, nothing as mean looking as a Genesect should EVER emit the same vibrations as the ones that make Fluttershy's voice, especially when it also has the voice of a deep voiced Dalek with a bad cough. Everytime I heard it, I felt like killing something. It was eargrating.

    Yeah, the animation's great and all, but that's practically flashes and bangs for flashes and bangs's sake. This just reaffirms my belief that the animé (and by extension the flicks) is less like "let's make a good show" and more like "let's throw something together to sell games. Let's not even try to be like the stuff we sell if we don't feel like it". As a Mewtwo and Genesect fan, I was looking forward to this since I first learnt of Genesect. And man was I let down.

    Truly disappointing.
  4. Cresselia92

    Cresselia92 SM Ash = New Ash

    Just finished watching this movie. I got to say... I liked it.

    However, I got to say something: the plot should have been developed a bit more. Ok, I get it, the Genesect want to find home and Mewtwo wants to help them, since she knows how they feel. But it would have been better if Mewtwo's story was more different compared to the old Mewtwo's story. I have not many problems accepting the fact that Mewtwo has the same exact appearance of the other clone (since Mewtwo's design is that design and has no form differences, a part its Mega Evos, and they aimed to use a different Mewtwo for whatever reason) and that the fact that Ash has met one is left unknown, but they should have worked more in showing at least an explanation of why this Mewtwo is so similar to the other one. Sure, not matter what people would have cried nonsense and complained for whatever reason, but I would have appreciated them at least trying.

    The ending was quite anticlimactic, but the sight of the Earth was breathtaking. It's a bit weird the way in which "Red" had an epiphany, but I've seen several times where characters said "That's my world!" while looking at the planet from far. It's quite clichéd admittedly and I would have appreciated that they used something else. I'm not going to lie, my very first impression was that Mewtwo wanted to kill herself along with "Red", but that would have been a bit out of character from Mewtwo's part.

    Also, the (Italian) voices were really unfitting. Mewtwo sounded a bit too much like Virizion, the Douse Genesect voice was too childish and Red Genesect voice should have been a bit more robotic. Well, that isn't exactly a point, since all dubs are different.

    Negatives aside, I liked the interactions of the characters. At times I felt very sad for Douse Genesect, with her wanting to return home. Also, I was touched when the "natural" Pokémon wanted to help the Genesect once they saw "Douse" protecting Ash, showing that there is a bit of good in those "killing machines".

    Another thing that I liked was Mewtwo's personality. It was slightly different compared to the other one, with her being less hateful toward the humans and more friendly toward the natural Pokémon. That's something that I appreciated, since that sets her apart from the other clone.

    Conclusion, this movie deserves a 7. I didn't find it as bad as most people claim, but it could have been better.
  5. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    I'm sure many people will call BS on mewtwo mega evolving without a stone or ring.
  6. DerekminyA

    DerekminyA Pokemaniac

    I was planning on watching the movie today to see for myself once and for all who this Mewtwo was, and it was honestly all I was thinking about this week and last night, mentally listing pros and cons on why or why not PUSA would make the change regarding Mewtwotwo, but...it wasn't on my local listings for some odd reason. And now I know I would have been burned if it and I had.

    They seriously didn't change Mewtwotwo back into Mewtwo? Even with 3 months of information and feedback on the Japanese version? Weak.
    And from what Spin is saying, I can only guess that they didn't have the scientists in the flashback (which I read about here on Serebii) say additional things about where they got the Mew DNA, which would have been an ideal opportunity to make up extra info and a saving throw about Mewtwotwo's origin connecting it to the original in the event they didn't change 2 into 1... and PUSA couldn't even be bothered to do that? My respect for the dub team has gone down somewhat.

    Let this serve as a lesson for aspiring storytellers to respect long-time fans, and they'll respect you...as well as knowing who you're appealing to (they brought back Mewtwo! YAY! ...wait, it's a new one? BOO!). Continue to only cater to kids instead of the kid inside oneself, and you're on a path to failure and ridicule.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  7. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Why would they change back? They don't think they have done anything wrong. It wasn't a mistake. They did it on purpose. Why would you expect that is beyond me.
  8. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    It's also because TPci chooses to remain faithful to the original rather than retcon events to fit with what they think should have happened.
  9. DerekminyA

    DerekminyA Pokemaniac

    The feedback to the Japanese version says otherwise and explains why respectively.
    ...plus I kind of thought that the English dubbers would know how important Mewtwo was to the fandom (not to me personally, but I don't like it when my fellow fans are let down in any fandom), and would do something to salvage the movie with that detail in mind, even if not to the extent of a total retcon...like the scientists loudly discussing where they got the Mew DNA from. There was room right there for a major saving throw, and if what I'm reading into Spin's post is correct, they didn't even do that.

    ...plus, the whole "3 months" (or maybe just 1 month) thing.
  10. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    The writers don't believe it's an error and did it on purpose. What the fans think is immaterial. Besides TPCi can't just change it because the fans demand it. The original director intended to be like that, the dub change isn't gonna do anything. Heck that would raise million more issues. The interactions between Ash and Mewtwo in the movie will change completely. They can't just change something this major in the last minute for the dub.

    And also what Tropius said.
  11. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris What a pain to relax...

    In less than half an hour, this movie will air in New York Time (thanks Dish for having that channel for me). They no doubt cut off the credits scenes again.

    If they did, what rivals do exactly appear and what do they do?
  12. Raptor_Crow

    Raptor_Crow I lied to you all

    Nothing, the rivals are just shown as still shots. As are the other people who Ash and friends encountered in Unova and the Unova Gym Leaders. The only one who's animated is N, he's just walking with his head down and the stops and looks up to the sky. Unlike CN, CITV shows the actual credits.

    The rivals shown are; Stephan, Langley, Burgundy, Bianca, Trip and Cameron. Virgil is not in the credits, maybe because he had that special episode.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
  13. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Wait, the movie's already out? I'm just watching it right now Central time. Writing notes as we speak.
  14. Kinger556

    Kinger556 Member

    ..... What happened to Mewtwo? I mean... Apparently HER voice is different, and she's not as much of an ***hole.... I mean, I can understand being more understanding and trying to help since she did change and go through character development in the past few movies, but you can't completely change your attitude towards EVERYTHING....
  15. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    It's a different Mewtwo. Not the one you know.

    I love saying that for some reason.
  16. Kinger556

    Kinger556 Member

    There's only one Mewtwo o_O He was created in a Lap
  17. Spin Attaxx

    Spin Attaxx 2012-2013

    Not according to Yuyama.

    And don't expect much explanation for Newtwo's existance either.
  18. Kinger556

    Kinger556 Member

    What would have been the harm in just using the same Mewtwo? :/
  19. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    At this point, I dont expect the Pokemon Company to make any explanations about contradictions or what not. Even if they do, then they'll just make more holes.

    Did people complain when Kyreum could change between Black Kyreum and White Kyreum? And without the DNA Splicers? Unless they were injected into it with no explanation.
  20. Spin Attaxx

    Spin Attaxx 2012-2013

    IIRC some people DID complain about that.

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