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Genesis -Redux-

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Liltwick, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    (First RPG made in the new year! I'll be co-hosting this with Persona as well! Since I know Persona RPG's are at a slower place, I knew it wouldn't be to much to handle. So All of you, have fun that do join!)

    Genesis –REDUX–

    Plot: Once, long ago in a time period once long forgotten was the legend of Yggdrasil. Of course, this isn’t related to the Nordic Yggdrasil, the great world tree, no, this Yggdrasil was special. The people of this time worshipped Yggdrasil like a god, but in truth, it was real. Well, that’s incorrect, she existed. Her name was Queen Amelia von Yggdrasil of the Wolves. She led her army and united the land as one, and they resurrected automations called “Valkyrie” to protect their holy sanctuary.

    The Kingdom lasted for a thousand years, leaving the people after this time period to call it Mille Luporem, or Thousand Wolves, in homage to the queen who found it all. History after this kingdom was dark and deadly, where many dark arts and myths came about, leading the achievements of Yggdrasil forever lost in history, or they thought.

    Now, let’s get to the modern world to get on with our tale. Today, three major cities rule the world, or as the residents call it, Genesis. The world of Genesis is very diverse, with many different climates and species that are constantly evolving and changing. Now, those cities are Kuzol (Kuh-Zul), the Futuristic Haven of Technology, Yurocil (Euro-sil), The Shadowy Garden of Sin, and Artimata, the Clouded Boundary between Genesis and the afterlife. Though, not all is peaceful in Genesis, as each of these three cities is at war with each other, creating one of the Largest World wars that would in the end, called by its survivors, Ragnarok.

    What originally sparked the war was due to low supplies and greed from all three of the city-states. For the most part of the early war, it was just small raids trying to get the supplies from other city-states for the particular city to survive. Though, the main focus of the war was shifted towards the Valkyries. During what marked the real beginning of Ragnarok, a team of Scientists from all three states that were neutral in the war discovered in the deep ruins of Yggdrasil’s civilization a working Valkyrie. Shocked by the discovery, they sent one messenger to each of the leaders of the city-states, Sir Rainheart of Kuzol, Lady Alluxia of Yurocil, and Angel, the gatekeeper of Artimata, about the discovery. This instantly sparked them to each reach the Valkyrie first, for various reasons. This led to them to officially declare war on each other, and have the world fall into total chaos. Now, the ghost of Yggdrasil beckons to a few young soldiers of the different city-states to meet together, and secure the Valkyrie themselves.

    What was so important about that specific Valkyrie was a mystery to each of her visitors, but they knew they had to find each other, and not let their leaders get there hands onto that Valkyrie. The journey will be tough, and they will face many enemies on their way, but in order to bring to equilibrium of the world back together, they will need to recover that Valkyrie.

    The Cities:

    Now, let me tell you about each of these cities, so you can understand why they’re at war with each other.

    Kuzol is a futuristic city of darkness. It’s permanently covered in an eternal Deluge, making the people who live there more adept to darkness and water, and staying indoors. Everything in the city is made out of malicite, a type of dark material that never breaks or gives out, and is illuminated by a neon blue glow of orihalucm. The orihalcum is also used as energy cores to levitate things, and connect materials together without them actually touching. The city from a bird’s eye view, well, when one can see through the rain clouds, is like an eye. It’s a circular city, and in the middle is a giant Spire that pierces through the rain clouds, most calling it “Babel”. The people of the city are of thin stature and have ashen skin. There hair colors are normally darker blacks and browns, and there eye colors various shades of blues and blacks. Their clothing is normally of leather coats and some sort of armor. They’re also in medium heights and statures, and are overall the thinnest of all the races. Since they can’t get food for themselves, they’re dependant on the other cities for food, in exchange for their weapons and technologies. Since the other cities have been greedy, Kuzol was the one to initially start the war to try and feed its people.

    Yurocil is an underwater palace. The city seriously looks like a castle that has gone underwater, but it is also the only city that can supply meat. Most of the grounds in this castle city are covered in grass for animals to feed, and the have a medieval theme to all of there buildings. The castle city was built from all the sandstone that was under the sea shore of where they are located off of, and they used other underwater materials in building there houses. Since they are constantly exploring the ocean around them, they’ve been getting a lot of wood from shipwrecks, and metal from them to. Since metal and wood are very rare, outside of the Sacred Orchard and Mine in Artimata, they have been making spears and axes for weaponry. These have special properties as slowing down opponents and dealing out a lot of damage. Though, there is a reason why this is the City of Sin. Prostitution is one of the more common jobs, and the people have no decency. They don’t really were clothing that much, and they’re all adept in one skill of thievery or not. The city also has a lot of gangs and a mafia as well, so survival for an outsider is hard. Though, the upper class is void from all of that, and dress like people of the Victorian era. They naturally have tanner skin, but not overly brown or black skin, and common hair colors there are blond and red, though the rare white does occur here and there. They’re most likely the tallest of the three cities, but they’re body is about medium sized. They entered the war wanting more technology from Kuzol.

    Artimata is the last city, but most likely the cleanest of the three. It looks like ancient ruins, and time doesn’t flow (Like, evolution of technology). Most of the people here are more religious and have a good sense of justice, always helping each other and the city as a whole out. The three main attractions of this city, only reachable by airship, are the Sacred Orchard, Sacred Mine, and the Portal to the Heavens. How this world’s atmosphere works is that it’s like a wall, allowing air and light to come in as it pleases, put anything that isn’t of those sorts just hit it and bounce right off, well, besides one spot. This spot is like a gate to space, and it’s useful to get rocks and other elements that don’t exist in abundance on the plant from the moon orbiting the planet. The sacred orchard has every fruit imaginable, which leads constant shipment to the other two city-states in return for meat and technology, and metals as well. Though, the city isn’t just also sweetness and roses. Angel, the leader of Artimata, makes enforcing the rules strict, and there are guards constantly everywhere. That, and they’re the only city with access to guns and bows, making them vary devastating from fighting from afar. These weapons also are very powerful, and dangerous. The people here are the shortest of the bunch, normally averaging at 5’ 4”. The main hair color is Brown, but they also can have black hair. They’re skin tones are also very dark, ranging from chocolate to a very deep black, but the uncommon paler skin does exist. They were the neutral party in the war, well, before both of the cities decided to overtake the city, which led them to be in the war through self defense.


    There are two main classes for each city. I will explain them now so you can understand them better

    Fencers- Fencers are your run-of-the mill sword users from Kuzol. They wield the special blades from their city, and are quite powerful when they learn sword arts. They’re able to also charge their blades with the electricity generated from the Orihalcum cores. These electrified blades are very deadly to opponents and are very hard to counter. The blade itself is an interesting kind; it is made of two parallel pieces of a bronze alloy that meet together at a V type tip. The blades are then tampered with so they have a futuristic look to them, and have blue lines running through them that give them the ability to return to the sword once it’s broken apart. If the wielder of the sword touched the core, the blade will split apart, but will be levitating, meaning that how it’s wielded is a lot more different then a regular sword. First of all, the v tip comes off, and functions much like an arrowhead, second of all the two parallel pieces of metal become twin blades in their own right, and are detached from the tip. The fencer can use these to do range attacks, and deal a wide amount off damage to the enemies, but it drains both the cores power and the user’s energy when in this mode. They also dress in leather coats the have huge collars, and then a tunic with a belt connecting the part of their belly to their shorts/skirt. All in all, the Fencer has all around balance in offense and health, but they’re quite lacking in defenses and endurance.

    Pilots: Pilots are the other class hailing from Kuzol that wield daggers. Of course, their daggers have special properties like their sword counterparts, but not in the same way of as the swords. The daggers are specially modified do they’re able to multiple at a fast rate, making very deadly, unavoidable attacks possible at the expense of the user’s stamina and endurance. The dagger has a simple look to it, like most daggers, but the edges are outlined by the electric current like most of the Kuzolan buildings. The inside is of pure malicite, making it almost impossible to see in the dark, unlike the luminescent glow of the sword. Higher ranking pilots get special daggers imbued with the city’s symbol, a blue lightning bolt to show the honor of obtaining one of these blades. They also carry walkie-talkies around with them, so they can contact private forces who work under them to drop down supplies to their allies, or call in bombings to their enemies Another useful thing Pilots know is that they know how to operate and tinker large automata, and other similar machinery, making them very good at supporting their teammates and allies on the war front. For appearances, they have large white hats that seem to fold over their heads on one side, and for a uniform they’re in tunics wrapped in two belts that show of their medals, and their pants are white like their hats, making them different from Fencers. Though, those higher up ranking exchange their bright color schemes for the blue and blacks that the county is known for, and a more refined uniform. They don’t have high health or endurance, but their defenses are top notch, and their offense varies, depending on how high up they’re ranking.

    Pirates- Pirates in Genesis aren’t necessary evil, their just warriors adapt in wielding spears and fighting on the ocean or with water. They hail from the higher classes of Yurocil, making them trained and primed to combat from and early age. They have a special ribbon died to the part connecting the spearhead and the shaft, which functions in a variety of ways in conjuring water and putting opponents in difficult situations. The average spear of the Yurocilin Pirate is a simple driftwood spear attached with a long vine of specially farmed kelp, and the head an iron head made in the shape of a trident, though, the more powerful the family, the better the spear the Pirate wields. They also are skilled in thievery, and the spear can be turned into water to steal things from their enemy, such as armor to even their life, making them very deadly when attacking on brute force. For appearances, they carry the standard Pirate hat, but made to be more regal to fit with the glamorous flair of the nobles of Yurocil. They were tunics with their family insignia on their back, and where slacks under them. Though, female pirates dress… Less appropriately, and most male pirates where a very short shirt and shorts as well, but those of Yurocil don’t naturally have a lot of body hair, so they can, mostly, get away with it. They have very high offense and endurance, but their defenses and health make them physical glass cannons.

    Beastmasters- Beastmasters hail from the hunters and treasure farmers that live in Yurocil. They’re adept in taming beasts, and using them to their advantage in the battlefield. They brandish large axes with a chain attached to the end of the axe. The axe normally signifies which animal they’re the best at using, as in dragons, giant octopi, unicorns, wisps, ligers, demon cows, and so on. How they signify it is by having the skull reside on a groove made in the head of the ax. The axe is made of steel, like most of the spears, but most of the time diamond dust is rubbed onto the edge, making them some of the hardest hitters in Genesis. They chain also goes with some deadly uses, mainly swinging the blade around like its butter, and lassoing opponents in to lead them into a gruesome demise. The chain can also be used for other uses, like taming animals and acting like a noose to enemies, and allies who are suicide bombers. For appearances, they generally will wear furs and outfits that resemble their preferred animal, like those who like to tamer Saber Wolves with have the top of the wolf head as a hat, will, cleaned and all the other stuff of course. They tend to have good offense and defenses, and health and endurance, but they’re not really good at anything either, preferring for their animals to attack for them.

    Chemists- The first job that hails from Artimata are the Chemists. It seems weird that summon who works with chemistry is wielding a bow, but it’s not at all, actually. They wield bows made from the best wood, and arrows that will always replenish. Though, these arrows have a very special function in being able to change shape into other objects. Meaning one minute the Chemist can be assaulting enemies with arrows, and then the next shooting syringes at allies to heal them. This makes them very dangerous fighting against, as they’re versatile ammo make them deadly. They also are able to make potions and poisons from natural materials to either help aid or harm allies and foes. This makes the Chemist on of the most versatile and unpredictable enemy of genesis. For appearances, they often wear hooded wear and light cloaks and tunics. Chemists have great defenses and health, but their offensive skills and endurance are something that’s lacking.

    Elementalists- Elementalists are perhaps the most dangerous of the two Artimatan classes, and perhaps in all of Genesis. They wield guns, making them dangerous already, and what makes them special is that there bullets are imbued with certain elements. Like Electric bullets are made from Orihalcum, Water bullets have a small amount of water in them, earth bullets are heavier and often contain rocks and pebbles, fire bullets have more gunpowder in them, and ice bullets are frozen. Air and Dark bullets are the rarest, but they are still quite accessible. They have special combinations when certain bullets are fired in certain orders, common ones include large attacks of three of a kind shot, Water and Ice Bullets create a blizzard effect, Water and Earth bullets make a swamp area, fire and ice bullets create a haze that makes it hard to see, Fire and earth create a large explosion. Air and Dark bullets create a sort of deadly environments, and the combinations are endless. If five bullets of different types are shot, a special skill called evangelince is activated, making a devastating attack, if all six known, and the last, special bullets are shot, it creates Seventh Heaven, one of the most powerful attacks on Genesis. The gun itself is unique, as the magazine is a circular design which allows a lot more then normal bullets to be held in the gun. It also has a wing attached to the end, as Angel is a bit of a narcissist when it comes to weapon making in her domain. The Elementalist also gets a pair of metallic, futuristic-like wings that hover on their back, allowing the temporary flight. In appearances, they wear feathered caps, and have rustic, woodland like tunics they where. They have great offenses and defenses, but their health and endurance is one of the worse, making them the units who can’t last almost at all

    1. All SPPF rules apply
    2. This is rated PG-15 for violence, moderate alcohol use, sexual references, and possible drug references and drug uses. Please be mature and be overall mature in this RPG
    3. Please post in third person. I just like it consistent.
    4. We will have six people join only, one from each class, so first come first serve
    5. Please follow the posting minimum of the rpgs.
    6. Please be descriptive, but not overly descriptive. I don’t want filler posts.
    7. Please try to be active. Since I’m having a limited number, I want active people
    8. Also, please try to keep the gender ratio to 3:3, I will allow 2:4, but nothing higher than that.
    9. Please, use new, original characters!
    10. Have fun!


    Gender: (Explanatory)
    Class: (What class are you? One of each)
    Appearance: (Also explanatory. Please have it fit with your character, and how they live in their country, look like to fit their class, and so on. Please try to have at least 2 detailed paragraphs for each.)
    Weapon Appearance: (is your weapon special? Please elaborate)
    Misc. Section: (Anything else you would like to add to the character?)


    Pilot- Reserved Lost Requiem
    Pirate- Reserved *Jean Grey*
    Elementalist- Reserved Monster Guy

    Pending Reservations-
    Samantha Sparks
    Billy Mays
    Aura of Twilight

    NOTE: All SU's must be at least 1,000 words in Word. I will be Copy-pasting to check.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'd like to reserve an Elementalist please.
  3. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hmm, alright... Though, I'm going to have to monitor you. It's a job class I'd prefer someone I knew have, since it's easily power abusable

    I would prefer if you choose a different class for now. I'm going to put your reservation at pending.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Reserve for Beastmaster. Just to ask, what does ashen skin mean? Does that mean white skin?
  5. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Reserve me as a Pirate. XD
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Can I snatch Elementalist then? :p

    If not, then Fencer...
  7. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    I'd like a reserve for the Chemist please (Female, if possible). This looks intresting.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  8. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hm...shoot. Um...can I reserve Fencer if Monster Guy doesn't take it? If he does, I will reserve whatever if left...I think pirate.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  9. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, Here's how my Reserve's are going to go

    Mon- Elementalist. Reasoning: I know mon pretty well, and I know he doesn't abuse power in RPGs and overall brings joy and cheer, but not enough to make it overkill. Samantha, I have nothing against you, it's just that I'm worried that some people would get power drunk with the class.

    Jean- Pirate. YES! We need our sexy pirate from Jean.

    Mays, Aura, Soul- I would like to reserve you guys, but I know how you guys aren't really active at times, and all three of you were in A&S as well, and it died from inactivity. I'm going to put you guys down, but I'd prefer you think it over for a bit if you'd be active active and not disappear. I'm reserving you guys as pending.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  10. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Hey I see how you're doing reserves and whatnot, but perhaps I could take Chemist?
  11. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hmm, Alright. Whoever gets done first I'll accept, if both are done in a reasonalbe time span, I'll accept the character I think will fit the current cast better. I'm putting you under Pending Reserves. THis will be the same for all reserves for now on. So get those Sign-ups in quickly, I want to start of the 3rd.
  12. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Name: Ian Blackwood
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Class: Fencer

    Personality: Ian views himself as simply an extension of his sword, which means that he is cold, emotionless, and above all, deadly. Ian views any and all emotions as a weakness, a way with which his enemies can exploit him. Everything Ian does is designed to either further his position, in whatever it is he is doing, or to reveal a weakness in those around him, meaning Ian is an almost perfect killer.

    Shunning emotions means that Ian often has a hard time understanding those around him, and human emotion in general. Thanks to his lack of understanding of people, Ian often says things that are offensive, and doesn’t mean them in such a fashion, and also misinterprets the meanings behind others statements. The closest Ian gets to showing emotion is moderate annoyance, which he seems to feel towards everything. This is exemplified nicely in his customary remark, “You are human…therefore I don’t like you.” Ian combines his abject dislike of humanity with his absolute lack of morals, in an attempt to become the closest thing he can to a human weapon.

    Ian has no distinct opinion on the people, who live in the other cities, in keeping with his lack of emotion. He feels that the raiders are weak foes, and not worthy of mercy, but beyond that, Ian really doesn’t care about them in the least.

    History: Ian’s early life was not exactly stellar, his father an expert sword user, who was determined that Ian would be the same. Ian’s mother died when Ian was five of natural causes, and after than, Ian’s father pushed him more and more to follow in his, Ian’s father that is, footsteps. When Ian was nine, he watched a pair of starving Fencers brutally murder a woman because she actually had food. The fact that Ian was carrying a small amount of similar provisions home was not lost on the young man. Living along the outermost edges of the city, such events where commonplace. Despite the somewhat destitute nature of the area around them, Ian and his father were fairly well off, usually having food to eat, and decent clothing to wear, meaning the pair of them were often the targets of such attacks. Ian usually completely ignored these events, feeling that such things could not happen to him; however that night, Ian couldn’t help but feel that he could have died in that alley. As a result, later that night, Ian went to his father, and told he that he was willing to learn whatever his father could teach him, in an effort to never end up like the woman he saw murdered.

    Ian’s training was brutal, many sessions leaving him with large bleeding wounds, or other injuries. Ian’s father was unrepentant about such things, claiming that it was for Ian’s own good. Ian, in response pushed himself harder, slowly learning the control of his emotions he needed to be able to read his foes movements, and react to them. By the time Ian was fourteen, he no longer displayed any emotions at all, although he still, at that point had them. Then, when Ian was about sixteen, a raid from one of the other cities, to this day, Ian doesn’t know which one, managed to get a little ways into the city, and start stealing from everyone, or killing, as the case may have been. Ian’s father tried to fight, and was overwhelmed and killed. Ian, in a fit of rage, tried and failed to kill his father’s killers. Something snapped that night for Ian, and wielding the sword his father had given him, Ian now simply approaching the situation from the point of view of a killer, hunted his father’s killers to the edge of the city, and this time, managed to kill them, not bothering with words or anything of that sort.

    That day, Ian adopted his creed, emotions have no value, based upon the principle that when he was enraged, and passionate, he could not kill someone, they could best him, but after he let go of his emotions, and simply tried to kill, nothing could stop him.

    Ian has since lived a quiet life, staying in the shadows, killing raiding parties, and generally simply surviving. The people in the slums that he stalks both revere him, and speak of him in hushed fearful whispers, as though afraid he is going to step from the shadows and kill them. Of course, they really aren’t that far off, since Ian usually takes his food and other supplies from those he kills, usually raiders, but if no raiders are to be found, Ian will kill his fellow citizens to survive. Every few weeks he moves to a different hiding place, for reasons that he doesn’t really acknowledge himself.

    Appearance: Ian would be considered outrageously tall for a citizen of Kuzol, coming in at roughly five feet eleven inches tall, which helps to exaggerate his thin body. His pitch black hair cut short in the front, but relatively unkempt, and hangs almost to his shoulders in the back. Ian’s eyes are an icy blue, and are perhaps the only thing that anyone would remember about him, outside of his height. Ian’s nearly albino pale skin is of course common place in Kuzol, although it would be rather hard to see, as he keeps most of his body covered at all times.

    Ian’s body is lithe, and almost unhealthily thin, but it fits his fighting style. He has a number of scars as a leftover from his fathers brutal training, most of which bled in fairly well with his extremely pale skin. One of these scars, which stretches from Ian’s right shoulder to the middle of his tailbone, always appears red and inflamed, regardless of what he does. It has looked that way ever since Ian received the wound.

    Ian’s standard garb begins with custom boots, designed to allow him complete freedom of movement, while still maintaining traction on slippery ground. Fingerless leather gloves are next, giving his a comfortable grip on his blade, while at the same time, preventing chafing in his hand if the blades grip is wet, or Ian is forced to perform more intricate maneuvers with the sword. Ian wears metal vambraces on both arms, and both the upper, and forearm on both sides. Outside of that he wears no armor, instead he wears a simply long sleeved black shirt, which has no identifying marks, and somewhat ragged black pants that are somewhat torn around the knees to allow for easier movement. Over all of this, Ian wears a leather jacket, also black, which is somewhat to large for him, and as a result hangs down to his knees, effectively hiding his sword, which hangs from his right hip, and protecting his body from the oppressive rains that blanket Kuzol. The sleeves of this coat originally hung almost six inches past Ian’s hands, however, he used to sword to cut them down to size, and now the sleeves fit him fine.

    Weapon Appearance: Nothing beyond what you described in the class description, with a black unadorned hilt for the sword. Ian’s blade is about thirty inches long.
    Misc. Section: Ian’s unstated goal is to become the best blade fighter in the world.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    If I get a signup for any one of them, will i get it or should I simply set out since there are so many reserves?
  14. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    You can try, but I think I already have my idea cast. Also, if you do, can you please use another character?

    @Soul, by just looking at the size of the sign-up I wont be staisfyied with the character. I want as much details as possible. I'm going to be adding another requirement now.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Welly then, have fun with your RPG!
  16. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright, I added about 380 words worth of extra details.
  17. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Oops, I added in a rule I forgot to mention earlier. I suggest everyone read that before making your sign-up...

    I'll read yours over once I get mine up SoulMuse, alright?
  18. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    I'll reserve whatever is left or that I can have...I'm pissed I missed the pirate though.
  19. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright guys. I'm allowing Sign Ups for the three non perma-reserved classes in the span of two days of each other. I will read each sign-up, and pick the one I like the best. I have also made a new rule Number 9, so read that as well please. THe last thing I'm adding is that I am creating three new character classes, since this RPG exploded. I am starting this on the sixth, so please, I don't want any stragglers.

    @Sheps. Adding you to Pending Reserves.
  20. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    If I remember correctly I was not one of the people who caused A&S to die *looks over to Soulmuse and Aura of Twilight* but any inactivity by me then was caused by me stretching myself too thin or just losing intrest due to nothing happening, neither of which are a problem now since I'm not in many RPs and since there's only six people there won't be alot of waiting around in this RP. Regardless, just to be sure Beastmaster is mine and mine only I shall do my sign up now.

    Name: Thane Bastion

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Class: Beastmaster

    Personality: Thane in battle or on the job and Thane when idle or socializing are two very different sides of the same coin. Normally, Thane is an outgoing and positive person who likes to have fun and is mildly impatient. He is cocky and likes to boast about being a member of the Bastion family line and his strength.

    While fighting or hunting however, Thane is serious and focused. He takes everything seriously and fights ferociously, without fear or hesitation. No matter what his stance is, Thane has a strong sense of justice.

    Thane often finds himself making more friends with animals than people. He doesn't hate people, and people don't hate him (for the most part); he just tends to gravitate towards animals. Thane is a strong believer in the circle of life, and respects all life and nature, though this will not stop him from hunting or eating animals.

    History: Thane was born to a family of hunters known as the Bastion Clan. The Bastions have been hunters and trackers for generations, and every member have close ties with animals. From even an early age Thane trained to hunt and live up to his family name.

    Unlike most of Thane's family line however, Thane has a lighter side to him who liked to have fun, even if he took his job seriously. When the war between the city states started, his family went to war along with the army of Yurocil. Thane however at the time was too young to fight, so he did not accompany them.

    It was on a hunting trip while his family was away at war that he ran bonded with an animals like all of the members of his family line eventually do. He found a pegasus under attack by a smaller dragon and helped protect the pegasus. Although he left it alone afterwards, the pegasus began to follow Thane on his return to home. Thane allowed the pegasus to follow him and gave him the name Ventus.

    Life went on as usual for Thane, though he worried for the safety for his family. This changed however the day he got the news that his father had been killed in the war. Outraged by the news, Thane decided at that moment to dedicate himself to stopping the war and ending the violence.

    Appearance: Thane is decently sized for a denizen of Yurocil, standing at around six foot four. His skin is tanned but not execessively dark. His hair is snow white (though unlike most Yurocilians white hair is actually a common trait of members of the Bastion Clan), which is long in the back but cut short at the sides and front, making it look somewhat like a horse's mane. Thane's eyes are a firey red, which stands out from his mainly white attire. Although he is strong and sports six pack abs, his frame is fairly small which makes him appear slightly younger than he really is.

    What Thane normally wears is generally something loose fitting that shows off his muscles. He isn't one for caring much for clothing, so as long as it covers his private areas, he'll probably wear it.

    When on the hunt or fighting though, Thane wears a special uniform he made himself to wear into battle that is in the style of a pegasus. As a shirt he wears a white sleeveless shirt with a fur collar and white wings on the back (he can't use them of course since they're just aesthetic). His pants are white as well and has a white horse-like tail on the seat of his pants. The boots he wears are of course white as well and the soles of the boots are made to resemble a horse's hooves. Pretty much no matter what he's wearing though, he always wears a brown belt that has a golden horseshoe that he carries for good luck clipped to it.


    Weapon Appearance: Thane's weapon is a large steel one sided axe with the engraving of a pegasus in flight on the blade. There is a long silver chain stretching out of the other end of the axe that is several feet in length that is wrapped around Thane's wrist when not in use.

    Misc. Section: Thane's animal partner is a pegasus named Ventus. Ventus is a nine year old pegasus who has snow white fur. His mane and tail are white as well, and his hooves are more of a golden color. In contrast to Thane's eyes, Ventus's eyes are a sky blue color. For a pegasus (or horse in general), Ventus is fairly big, and strong to carry about three adult sized people at once and still be able to fly. Ventus is often weary of any human other than Thane, whom he trusts and is undyingly loyal to.

    It is customary for members of the Bastion Clan to make their own battle uniforms that resemble their animal partner. Although he has many more distant Bastion Clan relatives, his close relatives are his mother (who's partner is a unicorn), his now deceased father (who's partner was a white wolf), his older brother, Draco (who's partner is a red wyvern, Draco is also Thane's only close relative who has red hair instead of white hair), and his older sister, Winona (who's partner is a falcon).

    Thane is secretly in love with a girl he knew from childhood named Diana, who now works as a prostitute to support her family.

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