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Genetic Mutation

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If you could be any Pogermanz out of them all, what one would you like to reincarnated into? Personally, I would like to be either a Cyndaquil or a Mudkip.

Cyndaquil for it's cuteness, it's nimbleness and how I can cook food and burn enemies at will. Mudkip for the ability to use sonar, the amphibious nature and again the cuteness.

EDIT: Is this supposed to be in Pokepolls?
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Better Than Thou

Oh wait, that isn't an option.

Then Metang I guess! I'd have supercomputer intelligence, the nifty ability to float, a steel body, no nessecity to eat, and psychic powers! I would also look really cool while at it!


One of the first ones I think of is Mewtwo. I've always wondered just how utilizing psychic powers (in accordance to the anime and games) works out; does it strain your body, or only your brain? How do you "activate" them? Do I think, and it happens, or is it much more complicated then that, kind of like how we move our fingers to type without really HAVING to think about it?
Also, the added bits of being able to fly (awesome), and having the ability to rewind time would be just as good.
And yeah, since I know I'd probably get hunted down by the greedy militaries of the world for my immense powers and being such a "unique" creature, having the powers I do, I could easily flip them on their heads and fly to Brazil to hide out in the process. No immediate threats from them any day soon. :b

Darkrai'd be another good one; hiding in the shadows would be really neat. And again, I cannot imagine how it would literally feel to slink around places doing that... nor being able to tamper with dreams.

Wish I could say ones like Charizard or Lugia, but they're either too big or could cause environmental damage that I'd rather not go with it, sadly...


I would be a chrizard or rayquaza. something that can fly


I would be a mew, simply bcoz mew is epic and can transform into any other epic pokemon =)

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I do not believe the title means what you think it means.

The obvious one is Arceus, which provided it avoids masterballs and 10 year old kids has the power to create universes. Which is a pretty good trade off for becoming a llama (even though I hate llammas with the fire of a thousand suns) with no opposable thumbs.

Otherwise, a Snorlax. Eat, Sleep, disrupt traffic. Brilliant life.


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There's already an "If You Could" sticky in Poke Polls that asks this question.
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