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Get The Show On The Road! (277)


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Get The Show On The Road!

Arriving In Hoenn with only Pikachu, Pikachu is sick and Ash finds out that there is no Pokémon Center in the first town. Worried, Ash calls Professor Birch and asks for assistence, but while Pikachu was being helped...he ran off and it's up to Ash, Prof. Birch and a New Trainer, May to get him back. Can they do this?

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Shiny May

A nice introduction of the chara May if I may say so myself. I like the new personality since she hated pokemon at first. Something we'd never seen before if I am correct. I also liked how she was shy in the beginning she met Ash and how unknown she was with Pokemon even though her father is a powerful gymleader.

The Mudkip spraying water in her face is funny !! I could understand why she didn't want it as a starter. Torchic was a good choice. I also loved the scene where she looked at Ash and saw how good friends those two were. A great episode


I LOVED this episode. I accidently recorded it one day and I saw it again and again. It's a charmer episode and it is a preview on how great Advanced was. I loved the starting song, which made quite an impression on me and the opening scene where we see May introduce herself.
Then there's Prof. Birch who cracked me up. I like him a lot. Also a good impression. I liked Ash's new clothes and they seem like comfort to my eyes and everything just has this cool feeling and I love it.


aww the starter pokemon are so cute...it was weird that Ash thought that Treecko is a water type i mean come on it's green and it dousn't look like a water type it looks like a grass type.


Yeah it was great to see new Pokemon! I'm glad Pikachu was able to get better and all is well in Pokemon land. I like May better then Misty. She isn't as sore about her bike. :D and yeah Ash's new clothes are pretty cool.


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It's sad how much they screwed up with the dub music in this ep.
Replacing the Regi music in the Pikachu-falls-off-a-cliff part was already a big mistake,
but the BGM in the next scene, where Ash climbs up that cliff on the rope just takes the cake.
This scene was supposed to be emotional, almost dramatic may I say. And what do the dubbers do? They put in some adventurer wannabe music from the second movie, which was completely out of place. Well done <.<

About the episode itself, it was very good. How ironic that Team Rocket, who had caused Pikachu's illness, were also the ones who healed it. I liked that^^
Strangely, my favorite scene in this episode was a totally insignificant one; the one where Jessie made some soliloquies, unsure whether she should attack or not. I don't know why but I had to laugh about this.


I do agree that the music was poorly done for this episode, but enough about that.

Everything else seems perfectly fine. I liked May's reaction to her bike because it was different from Misty's.

Yeah, it was ironic that Team Rocket cured Pikachu... as soon as I found out they were the ones who made it sick in the first place!

My dad couldn't help but make remarks about Pikachu exploding.


This was a great episode. I liked Jessie in this episode, how she was doubting their ways. I loved that May got her bike fried, as well.

it was weird that Ash thought that Treecko is a water type i mean come on it's green and it dousn't look like a water type it looks like a grass type.

Yeah, that was an odd statement from him.


The first episode of Advance Generation......Not much, but it did have some good moments:

The introduction of Haruka (one of my favorites :D)
The introduction of the Hoenn Starters
The introduction of Prof. Birch (great advertisement for R/S/E)
The start of Satoshi's new look and his new adventure.


Lack of decent non-filler plot. (to much like a filler)

This is a great first episode, but not as great as the original Pocket Monsters first episode. 8/10
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All I could think was great Ash and Pikachu now owe someone else a new bike and well all know how long the last one took before a certain someone get hers back. :D As for the episode itself ehh too much of an Ashy and Pikachu episode. I did like seeing Ash's new look though. and yeah Treecko come one that's pretty common sense that it's a grass type.


Team Awesome
It was so weird when I was watching this episode. I have the tape of the rerun of this episode (not the special showing from months earlier), and I still noticed that May's voice sounds a little different. I've gotten so used to her voice, and it was kind of strange. It's funny how inexperienced she was with pokemon too, like Ash was in his first episodes. At least both of them have gotten better over time. I re-watched "Lessons in Lilycove" the same night and could really see the differences in May. At least her inexperience here was pretty funny, especially when the mudkip watergunned her in the face. LOL

The whole thing with Pikachu being sick was a good dramatic storyline too. I'm glad that Team Rocket actually cured Pikachu unintentionally, after they were the ones who made him sick in the first place. I liked it when Pikachu fried May's bike too. LOL :D I liked how May reacted to it differently than Misty did. She may have still been upset, but at least she has never mentioned it after "There's No Place Like Hoenn".

Overall, great episode.

The Phantom Thief

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I got the first volume of Advanced the other day and this ep is one of my favorites. I thought that May was introduced nicely. Its kind of amazing how she's matured and is much better as a trainer/coordinator now. I liked when Pikachu fried May's bike but atleast she didn't make a big deal about it. May might get a new bike someday but thats another story for another time. Well, May & Misty have one thing in common.

Prof. Birch was had a nice introduction as well. He made a pretty good impression on me. I also liked Ash's new look. I think he needed one too. He wore his original outfit for 5 seasons so I guess they thought it was time for a fresh look for him.

Pikachu being sick was pretty good storyline. Team Rocket caused him to be ill and then they cured him which was a pretty good concept.

Over all I'd give this episode a 8/10


This episode made me fall asleep. I can't watch it now. It's just boring. I mean come on like we don't know Pikachu is gonna be all better and well in the end?


Yeah, ok!
Who cares about that? That was just a subplot of the episode. The main point was to introduce May, and I thought the episode was an excellent way to kick off AG.


Well since were scoring I'll give it a 6/10. Could've been better.


I loved it, 9/10 is what I rate. Anyway I loved the Advanceshipping hint of May going with Ash when he said he was traveling alone.


Yeah, ok!
Why do people find first episodes boring? Do kids these days need constant action and less story to be entertained? God forbid they introduce May's character to us, show her first interactions with Ash, and show her pick a Pokemon.

This and the first episode of the series "Pokemon: I choose you" were brilliant introductions.