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Get Your Rotom Running! (573)


Aura Fist
hah funny wanted me to get the rotom card badly!


I also expected Rotom to be bigger.

I found this episode to be funny, and that isn't common. Rotom taking all the formes of the appliances was great.



Aura Fist
I liked it when Brock got shocked or something and had his hair all up. I feel bad for rotom he was probably all lonely until he played pranks on everyone!


Rotom's forms were cool, especially the wheel form.

And i loved to see Dawn's pokemon appearing.



Team Awesome
This episode makes me wonder if it was a rotom that made the lawn mower go berserk in the fourth movie short, "Pikachu's PikaBoo". Since the grass-type rotom is a lawn mower, it wouldn't be too farfecthed.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It was hilarious, and the freak-out by the twerps over all the appliances coming to life made me LOL (interesting that Team Rocket never got to see any of the possessed appliances apart from the first time). The part where Team Rocket kept hiding the snacks they found and rotom appeared to eat them was funny, as was the part where Brock kept turning to look at the refridgerator, and rotom kept disappearing every time he looked. LOL :)

Overall, a good start to the season. Too bad the credits with Team Rocket appearing in them three times only lasted for the first part of the season. :(


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
This episode had a ton of laughs, though.. I don´t really feel the need to rewatch it.. so it I didn´t find it as funny.. the Draco Meteor episode, was better in my opinion.

Team Rocket and the threat to Dawn´s life by the Fan rotom made this episode for me. Brock and the fridge was good, but it only made me chuckle a bit.. then Ash and the lawnmower.. that didn´t impress me much..

So I´d give this episode a 6 out of 10..


sensible hearts
Best part was seeing all three main characters with puffy hair. Hilarious


I’m Back...
Rotom was hillariously awsome in it`s debut.One of my favorite pokemon is Rotom.I say this is one of may favorites.



Man of Mystery
This episode was just OK to me. I didn't really find anything funny or truly entertaining about it.


Well-Known Member
regular rotom is ADORABLE i like his voice he's all "dududududu"


Cyndaquil Master
Good episode. I am still laughing thinking of it. It is also funny seeing Team Rocket trying to get the food in the case, just for it to be fake.

Is Rotom still legendary or is it not anymore?
Lawnmower Rotom reminded me of those chain-chomps from Mario games. Probably because of it's big teeth at one point.

I've always felt that that small legendary Pokemon like Rotom, and, I guess, Shaymin, never really seemed Legendary. They seem too small to be legendary. Only the big Pokemon, to me, seem legendary.

Entertaining season premiere by the way. To me, nothing too major to write home about, though.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Great episode Rotom showed its formes in a naughty way...

Tyranitar Rules

Pokemon Fan =D
Good episode. I am still laughing thinking of it. It is also funny seeing Team Rocket trying to get the food in the case, just for it to be fake.

Is Rotom still legendary or is it not anymore?

It never was legendary, a few fans just consider it legend since it can only be caught once


Well-Known Member
Watching every episode and doing a review is a little harder than what I did over the summer, where I already had a good idea of the trends I wanted to write about and what episodes were important for that. But I'm not familiar enough with these episodes to know where the "important" scenes (for me) are. I'm not quite so sure some of these last few review are really worth anything.

Onto the episode. I've seen this episode many, many times (enough to hopefully be able to write something decent w/o having seen the episode today), and that's b/c this episode has a aura of rewatchability to it, if there is such a thing. If last episode was Legend of Zelda type episode, this one is a Scooby Doo episode, full of chases and funny scenes. We even have a Ghost type pokemon to play the part of the ghost.

Part of the charm of this episode is that it seemingly shows what's a normal day in the lives of our heroes. Brock is in charge of cooking, allowing Ash and Dawn to do some training. Ash decides to train outside, while Dawn goes to some room inside the building, and even though I don't think it means anything beyond allowing for 2 different scenes in which Rotom can cause mayhem, it's interesting to see-like all of the characters need some private time every once in awhile. It probably was just a coincidence, but it's fun to imagine.

I guess the ending of the episode is my favorite scene, where Rotom takes advantage of its cute appearance (I've been thinking about that today, how Ash's pokemon next region really rely on their cute appearance to attain likeability-all of the pokemon are so short and loveable looking; there's no uptight Buizel or anything there, so far) to get Ash, Dawn, and Brock to lower their guards, before shocking them for it. I guess it's funny b/c of how many episodes there have been where there's been a misunderstood pokemon, with Ash and company forgiving it and telling it it's okay (the last new episode we got was something like that). This one seemed to be going the same route, before Rotom showed that it really was a prankster, and got the last laugh. It's a nice change from the norm.


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was cool to see Rotom for the 1st time. Rotom's many different forms look so cool. It was funny when Pikachu hit Rotom with an electric attack, Lawnmower-Rotom looked like it had Jaws-like teeth and then ran after and chased everyone. It was odd to see an oven eat Pikachu, it was an oven-Rotom however. All of the chasing scenes with Rotom's different forms were very funny.