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Get Your Rotom Running! (573)


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This episode was very funny. Rotom is very mischevious. Seeing all of it's forms were cool. A Rotom debut and a good opening to the series.


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I've seen this episode a while ago, and I though it was okay. I find the humor in Rotom transforming into those appliances and chasing down our friends and enemies.


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It was probably one of the best fillers of the series, freaking hilarious.


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This episode was really funny and The Rotom was evil. I lol'd at the scene where the Rotom was chasing Ash and Dawn. Brock with the Rotom-fridge was funny, the chase scene with Ash and the Rotom-Lawnmower was funny as well.

I liked the scene where Rotom Zapped Ash, Dawn and Brock, making their hair a puffy mess. Dawn was like "Oh no, my hair!" and Ash was like "What about mine?", LOL for once Ash agreed with Dawn about hairs. I really liked Ash and Dawn's interactions in this episode. I'm glad they got to eat the delicious food at the end.

It's a good episode to begin Pokémon Season 12: Galactic battles. The opening song "Stand Up" was far better than the opening song of Season 11.


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Watched this yesterday, and I'll say it was very enjoyable, rotom's antics were hilarious


I liked that Professor Oak had a small appearance here and I appreciated seeing the mischief that Rotom caused, particularly among Team Rocket with that candy bar at the Old Chateau. I screamed when Mow Rotom chased Ash, Chimchar and Pikachu as well as when Frost Rotom messed with Brock. Brock finishing the Old Gateau was great though.


Rotom's form changes and chase scenes as a lawn mower were funny as hell and I kind of wish it had gotten caught by Brock. 8/10

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Well at least we finally saw the Old Chateau and I liked Rotom changing forme and scaring Ash's friends constantly. It zapping Ash's group was funny as well and at least Brock got to cook Old Gateau. :D
How unusual that suddenly the Old Chateau was in Canalave City, but my favorite scene was when Ash got chased by the lawnmower Rotom. :)
Omg this was actually a good episode, although I was expecting the Rotom Fan Forme to appear more. But nonetheless, I enjoyed every single scene in it, from the scene in the garden with Mow Forme to the one in the corridors of the mansion with the Toaster Forme.


For once, everyone got to do something fun and it didn't feel like any character was ignored. The main three did what they're best at and in the process got haunted by Rotom, and Team Rocket gets punished for not sharing the food they found.

Mrs. Oreo

How unusual that suddenly the Old Chateau was in Canalave City

I didn't mind how the location of the Old Chateau mansion changed. At this point Ash's group wasn't going to visit the Eterna Forest again any ways ha ha, so I liked that the mansion was now in Canalave.


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This episode sets off season 12 a great start. Rotom and the characters were all hilarious inside the mansion (with Ash being outside for a bit). Great way to show off all of Rotom's forms.


Mio City had so many fun episodes, and this one was no exception. I loved Rotom's antics, especially how it was messing with the Rocket-dan and Satoshi by undergoing its form change with appliances.


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This episode was more on the comedy side. There were a lot of funny scenes mainly due to Rotom's form changing. There was not much going on plot wise. The music and animation were good.


In hindsight, I do wonder why the Forest Manor's location was changed from Hakutai Forest to Mio City's suburbs. It was an interesting change, but one that made the geography of the region slightly less consistent.


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Rotom did the forme change thing that it does in the games much easier because the mansion here had appliances all over the place.

What I liked was how the old gateau cake from the games played a big part in why Brock wanted to stay in the mansion.