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Getting, Skipping or Canceling Pre-Orders (Poll)

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by PocketMonsterRealm, Aug 17, 2018.


LET'S GO getting the games, skipping these games, or decided to cancel your preorder.

Poll closed Nov 15, 2018.
  1. pre-ordered Let's Go Pikachu

  2. pre-ordered Let's Go Eevee

  3. pre-ordered both

  4. skipping these games

  5. canceled pre-order

  1. PocketMonsterRealm

    PocketMonsterRealm Since Crystal

    So I heard about the drop in pre-orders from people canceling them.
    Curious how many here have.

    -->Comment below after participating in the poll to tell why you are getting, skipping, or canceled. <--
    Feel free to express your opinions about the games so far but I do ask to mention something both positive and negative.

    What would change your mind on getting or not getting these games?
  2. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Normally I don't preorder games because its unnecessary. Why should I give my money to a company who's product won't be released for months/years and then it could be delayed or canceled. Plus theres usually more than enough copies on release day that you can pick one up anywhere.

    But in terms of Pokemon Let's Go I have no interest in visiting Kanto again. I'm tired of the region and Generation 1 as a whole because nostalgia only works so many times. Additionally the fact it takes inspiration from Pokemon Go doesn't convince me I need to play it. I'd rather just wait another year for Generation 8 games to come out.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
  3. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    I'm skipping these games. I don't have a Switch yet, I don't have pokémon GO, nor a phone compatible for it, and a large part of my enjoyment of pokémon games is battling and trying out new combinations. These games are just too far away from my personal interests in a pokémon game, I'm too far away from the target audience.

    I guess it's nice to have a version of Yellow that's not infested with glitches and broken mechanics. Not really sure what else to say about it that's positive, I'm just not excited for them at all and haven't really seen anything to hype me up or get me interested, certainly not enough to pay that much money.
  4. I'm skipping these games for several reasons. I do own a Switch but I absolutely hate the fact that they put pokémon go's mechanics in it. Basically deleted wilt pokemon battles, has even more handhelding than ever before (you need a type advantage to even get in the first gym), only has the first 151 pokemon, etc.
    I know you asked for something positive as well but honestly, there's nothing positive to these games in my opinion.

    It seems like a desperate attempt to save pokémon go. Most core players will probably not get it cause it's too casual. Most Go players that don't happen to own a Switch won't get it cause they won't buy a Switch just for this, so the target group is pretty small.

    It'll probably still sell since it's pokemon, but I doubt it'll sell as well as other pokemon games including spinoffs.

    Either way, I'm waiting for the 2019 games.
    Redstar45 and Bolt the Cat like this.
  5. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    I don't preorder games.

    Skipping those games, in any case; I don't buy remakes usually (didn't get ORAS, for example) and have no interest in Kanto, so there's nothing in those games that appeals to me.
  6. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Blizzard Maiden

    Skipping these games, I am getting a Switch this year but the game I have my heart set on is Smash Ultimate. Not interested in going through Kanto for the third time especially since they are sticking with the original 151.
    Bolt the Cat likes this.
  7. ArtFenix

    ArtFenix Well-Known Member

    I'm skipping these and I hope many others do the same. This should send GameFreak the message to stop rehashing Gen I, playing it safe and making cheap games when they have every single resource and support to make something truly outstanding and innovative with the price tag of 60$ that is actually justified.
    I can enjoy replaying Fire Red/Leaf Green in the meantime. Those are cheaper and offer much, much more, despite being more than a decade old.
    Bolt the Cat likes this.
  8. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    That’s intensely silly. Skip these games to your content. That’s entirely your prerogative as a fan and as a consumer. But the notion that you hope “many others do the same” is petty, bitter, angry, born of no reasonable thought and exists solely because you don’t want to see other people enjoying something harmless and pleasant that you’ve decided to hate. What’s the benefit of thinking like that? How are these games hurting you?

    Kanto has headlined three (pairs of) games in twenty-two years, the last of which was in 2003. If you’ve been around the franchise long enough for THIS to be a “rehash” of Generation I and for the concept to be THAT offensive to you, then maybe these games were never for you in the first place?

    Cheap? What? Where are people getting this notion that this is some sort of low-quality discount effort?

    This is the first Pokémon game for new hardware. As they do with every new hardware, they likely had to design any number of elements completely from the ground up, which takes no end of development effort. Elements that, by the way, were probably also developed for...

    ...the additional core title that’ll be in your hands sixteen months from now. The way people are acting about LGP/E is ridiculous enough on its own, but even more so in light of next year’s release. It’s not taking away your more traditional game, nor is it delaying it - you weren’t getting Generation VIII any sooner than next year regardless. That makes all of this nothing more than anger at the audacity of a game geared slightly more at newcomers.
    Zhydra, Mr. Oshawott and Scammel like this.
  9. ArtFenix

    ArtFenix Well-Known Member

    Er...No? Every fan of anything has "something" which he loves that thing for and when there is no that "something", he or she doesn't want that thing to be successfull because he or she fears all future things will be similar to that which he/she doesn't like. Isn't that natural? Do you think any fan thinks not about their own tastes first and foremost but about other fans' wishes? I think it's an obvious and easy to understand concept.

    Kanto appeared in HGSS, not to mention the clear and heavy Kanto pandering in Generations VI and VII. I'm fed up with Kanto. It's fine if you aren't but I am. And yes, this is very much a cheap rehash. Heck, Sun and Moon got rid of grid based environment just so they could bring it back in Let's Go games. Why? Because it's easier to remake Kanto just the way it was, they don't have to reimagine anything. They're not adding much to the games, but they're getting rid of basic content, a lot of which fans actually love the series for, all while charging MORE for the games.

    Because it is? And they're asking 60 bucks for it.

    Gimme a break. This is the most expensive game franchise in the world. They sure as heck can do better than this, especially being a first party developer.

    And you know it's going to be up to everyone's expectations how? While there's tons of information about Let's Go games, there's literally nothing about Gen VIII aside from the fact that it is indeed being worked on and it's coming next year. That's it. You can't possibly know the scope of it.

    I don't think so.

    Look, you wanna give them your money for these games? Fine, go ahead, nobody's going to beat you for it, but don't act like I and other fans like myself are baseless in our decision to not like the games and skip them. It's your right to buy the games just as it is our right not to.
  10. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    I'm getting the game, but I won't be pre-ordering it. I got too many bills for that. lol
  11. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Goth lady!

    I'd like to get these games but I need to get a switch first and I prefer to buy the games when they're released over preordering them.
  12. Nockturne

    Nockturne Well-Known Member

    I'm actually shocked anybody still pre-orders games tbh.
  13. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Which is absolutely what I said. This baseless fear that LGP/E will "infect" future iterations, and so people are begging for it to fail, even though there's no reason to think the former. It's precisely what I said - baseless, petty, and bitter. I'm aware that "fan" is an ugly enough word now that it means "selfish enough to demand the franchise cater only to them," but what if it didn't mean that for five minutes?

    It would be a valid argument if these games were replacing the more traditional entries, but they aren't. Not even a little bit. They aren't replacing them and they aren't delaying them. They're in addition to, not instead of. "Fans" could just as easily say "eh, not for me, I'll wait a year" and move on, which would be perfectly reasonable. But for whatever reason, it can't be that for some people. It has to be "not for me and I'm actively appalled that the filthy casuals might buy this, and if they do, it's going to INFECT MY POKÉMON GAMES." And that's what's unreasonable.

    Kanto didn't headline its appearances in Generations II or IV, which was the precise wording I used - "headlining," as in "not the focus." And even if you do count that, HG/SS were a decade ago, which doesn't change my point much.

    "Cheap" in this case seems to mean "they made some design choices I don't like, but I can't quantify them, so I'll resort to calling them cheap." Which isn't what cheap means.

    They've gotten rid of wild battles and...?

    DS/3DS titles cost $10 more than Game Boy/Advance titles did. Did you complain about Diamond and Pearl in the same fashion?

    It's a $60 game because that's what Switch games cost. Development is a more complex process for consoles, and games are priced accordingly. You act like they're charging the normal cost of a Switch game arbitrarily, and if you somehow acquired the notion somewhere along the way that these games or their future counterparts were going to cost any less, anyone could have divested you of that nature with this same answer.

    No? The franchise is no more "expensive" than any other franchise's games.

    Oh it's never going to be up to "everyone's" expectations, because "everyone" (that being a certain subset of people) comes in with a laundry list of items they DEMAND to see in the game, and when those demands are inevitably not met in their entirety, there's yowling and complaining. But that's not the point here.

    That's not true at all. They've said repeatedly that 2019's entries will be more traditional, and less like the changes being made for LGP/E. But even putting that aside, of course we don't know anything else about the games yet. They aren't going to reveal that until LGP/E have arrived and settled in for a few months.

    Of course you don't think so. That's why we're having this discussion. It doesn't make some of this behavior any less petty or ridiculous.

    It's absolutely your right to not buy the games. That is, again, your prerogative as a consumer and a fan. It is also your right to sit there and protest the people who are going to buy the games, but just because something is your right doesn't make it inherently reasonable.
    Zhydra and Scammel like this.
  14. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    You do know that Let's GO has been in development for three years now, right?

    You folks have got to stop accusing this game of being cheap or lazy. It takes years, large teams, and tens of millions of dollars to produce a single Pokémon game, and this was even prior to Gen 6. They bust their asses to make these games, and they're usually making multiple games simultaneously, as they are right now.. You don't have to like the game or buy it, but don't shortchange their hard work because you don't care for the product.

    In other news, I've never really gotten the idea of pre-ordering. It seems kinda dumb to me, but that's just me. I know there will be copies available when it launches, and paying for it now won't make it come any faster. I might as well just wait.
    Scammel likes this.
  15. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair Siren Song.

    Some seems to misunderstand the pre-order concept. If you live in a country where the games aren't shipped or doesn't have official Nintendo distributors to access the game, you pre-order to play the game in its launch date like everyone else.

    I've been pre-ordering from Amazon since Sun/Moon and I actually got both my SM copies a day before the release date.
  16. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    That's understandable.

    I live in the U.S., so shipment usually isn't an issue. The stores get their supply typically within a week of the game's launch, which includes both in-store and pre-order inventories.
  17. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Because of mass production and consumerism there's usually more than enough of a product available. It's only on rare occasions where manufacturers don't produce enough product they run into issues.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  18. AG128L

    AG128L Active Member

    I’m quite excited for these games, but I won’t be able to get a switch until Christmas, so no point in preordering. I’ll be getting Let’s Go Eevee once I have a switch to play on.
  19. ArtFenix

    ArtFenix Well-Known Member

    I disagree. This is not baseless, nor is it petty and bitter. The reality is: everyone wants the franchise to be the way they love. Being a fan is usually selfish in its very nature. And since you are talking about a "what if" scenario, let's imagine: what if Let's Go games sell much better than any previous title? Do you honestly think there would be no influence on THE main series? Is it that unreasonable to not want these games to succeed so GameFreak would not get the wrong message about the direction of the series?

    Doesn't really matter if Kanto was headlining or not - it's been overused to death over the years. No other Generation got as much pandering as Kanto. I get it, it's the first Gen, but it got way too much attention, when other Generations got almost nothing just because they weren't as nostalgic.

    Don't twist my words. I never said or implied I find them cheap because "I don't like them".
    - The graphics are not nearly what the Switch can achieve. It looks like a slightly upscaled 3DS game with a lot of rehashed content.
    - They returned to grid-based world, barely changed Kanto when it already got remade in Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV.
    - They removed breeding
    - Multiplayer features are not nearly on the same level as in Gens VI and VII.
    - They managed to make the games even more easy by almost forcing the player to have certain pokemon types for certain GYM battles.
    - Say hello to your friendly rival, I got a feeling he'll be a piece of cake to beat throughout the whole game.
    - They are clearly making it a very linear experience as opposed to giving the player a choice what to do and where to go next (though, honestly it's not exclusively a problem of Let's Go games but rather a continuation of the trend started back in Gen V).
    - Very likely no held items
    - No natures, no classic stats (HP, Def, Speed etc.), no IVs (the thing that pretty much shapes the meta)
    - Oh, and how can we forget that there's only the original 151 Pokemon (which, by the way, means, less moves and less strategy for battles)? Really now?
    These are just the things that come to my head right away. Yes, these games are dirt cheap.

    No, because thoese games offered more and actually felt like natural evolution for the series. And they actually looked much better than previous iterations.

    Wrong. There's plenty of Switch games that cost less than that.

    Please, get your facts straight.
    You'd think with that much money, they could make something better.

    No, it's because these games offer less and cost more, which I've already stated multiple times. Really, they should have just said the games are spin-offs and made them cost 50$.

    Dude, I'm not protesting, why do you twist my words? I just said I wish if more people skipped the games. I'm not asking or, God forbid, DEMANDING everyone not to enjoy them. :D Enjoy them to your heart's content!
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  20. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    Yes, it is very unreasonable, because that would lead to a decrease in sales.

    The Pokémon business tactic is all about expansion, creating more games to reel in more fans. This is why installments come in two's. This is also why - get this - Game Freak already stated that if Let's GO is a big success, it would become its own spin-off series. They also already confirmed that Let's GO will not be connected to the main series of games.

    You are making a fuss over something that is never going to happen. You are asking people to skip this game over something that is never going to happen. You should probably take note of that.

    And as an added note, I'd like to point out that Game Freak is a company that always plans ahead. This is why they tend to make multiple games simultaneously, even games from different generations. They've already decided what they want for future games. Stop letting your fears tell you otherwise.

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