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Getting Xbox online in dorm room

Dan The Poke Man

Alrighty, moved into my dorm room yesterday with my xbox thinking i could get it online through the schools wifi. When I try to connect, it says the security for it is different in nature and obviously I cant reconfigure it because it's school wifi.
Could I purchase any sort of device that will allow me to connect to the internet through my computer? I know I can connect the two with an Ethernet cable, but would I need anything else?

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
A few options I see exist. I also note that some internet providers in schools and other public networks will block the access to most gaming services, such as Blocking ports usually used for Gaming.

If you have an Ethernet Port in your Room the Xbox should plug straight in to this. You many want to get a network switch if you have more than one Device and you don't want to constantly disconnect them when switching between devices.

Most Laptops and most Desktop PCs can share a Wifi connection to a ethernet port, and I've done this a few times with a old Xbox 360. While this guide is for Windows 7, most of the steps work for Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows ME.