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Getting Your Wii or DS Online

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I can't seem to get my DS Lite nor the new DSi XL I received for x-mas (love my GF BTW :p) to connect to my WiFi. I have gone through all the troubleshooting I can think of. Checked my router against the ones that work; it's fine, even tried their suggestions and nothing changed.

It seems to be able to identify to the router but can't access the net beyond that. When testing connections the signal goes green and my router recognizes "Nintendo DS" as a connected device but it always pops up with error code 051300. The Wii never has an issue with this, nor has any other device I use/have used.

Any ideas? :confused::confused::confused: I'm desperate!
What's the make and model number of the router? Are you using WEP or WPA? And are you able to get to the DSiWare shop on your DSi XL?
My DSi keeps giving me the error code that my WEP code has changed but I checked my settings and I am using the right WEP code and I've input the code exactly like 5 times. And it's also doing that thing where it will get the signal but lose it at the last moment. Do anyone know what's wrong bc I know I don't :p


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(sorry if this has already been asked) I know in the first post it says the Internet speed but what about upload speed (mines slow so that's why I'm asking)


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Hi everyone. I just got Pokemon Black for the DS Lite and I'm trying to get online to get the Liberty Pass so I can capture Victini. My only problem is that my folks set up the wireless router to WPA encryption, and my dad's paranoid as heck and thinks that lowering the security settings to WEP will make it open season for hackers.

I heard someone say that it was possible to create a guest network for certain routers. My home router is a Linksys WRT54G with a G-type signal. I'm thinking I might just create a second guest network with lowered security settings for use with my DS. Does anyone know if this would work with this type of router?

Also, I've been looking into the Nintendo WiFi USB connector as a backup plan, but according to half of Nintendo's website, the device has been "discontinued until further notice." Does anyone here know why? If I were to buy a USB connector from a third party, would it still connect me to Nintendo WiFi?

Thanks, and have a great day.

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PS: I managed to get into my router settings, but it doesn't look like it will work. I do have a question, however. Is there a way I can maybe buy a second router for my own personal use, and have that router secondary to the main router? From the looks of it, the router we have now is hosting our internet connection; however, based on the options I saw when screwing with the main router, it looks as though I can buy another router of the same model and have it connect indirectly to the Internet thorught the first router. Then I might be able to set the security settings to WEP for the second router and have my own little wifi spot.
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So buying a DSi or 3DS won't let me use WPA even though they're compatible? Am I just out of luck? I've been trying to conduct a trade for the past like 6 months and I can't get a connection at any restaurants or book stores who advertise it, and just today my parents got a WPA router...ugh.

Also, can anyone explain to me why I see the red and blue locks instead of the grey lock that is supposed to indicate WPA? Considering I have WPA I'd at least like the DS not to give me that false hope...
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Ok i was able to use my wifi w/ black and white, and now its not working anymore to connect.

I keep getting error code 52700 with the msg Nintendo WFC Configuration Transfer.

Everytime i try to test my connection that happens. please help.


I also got this funny thing that I used to be able to trade Pokémon with people (Pokémon White) in the Wifi Club Room, but now, one day later, I keep getting error codes and messages saying the person I'm trading with ain't able to respond. Anybody familiar with this, or know what to do about it?


Ok wtf. Did the Wifi Club Room just multiply or...?


I can't seem to trade with ANYONE on my Pokemon White Version.

When someone tries to contact me in any way I keep getting error code 86420.

I already turned off my firewall and everything :/


I got exactly the same problems as Regret. Though the strange thing is, I sometimes, though pretty rarely, AM able to trade succesfully. Bus mostly, the connection just dies out or something :s


my error code problem is: 61020...
Any ideas help or tips to get past security. Or whatever causes it. DSI first connection


I have DSI error code 61020

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I'm trying to get Wi-Fi working on my DS Lite. It's worked before but then may parents changed my internet connection to WPA. I was able to use my neighbors WEP connection for a little while but then that went away. I went as far as getting a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector but it's having problems installing.

First I tried following the instructions in the packaged booklet. I inserted the install CD into my Windows XP without the USB connected and firewalls off. I waited for the prompt telling me I could insert the USB and I did. Afterwards the Found New Hardware Wizard started up and went ahead and tried installing it on it's own. Then once the CD installation process reached "Setting up Internet Connection Sharing" an Error message appeared saying "Please insert the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector into your computer's USB port." with only an option to hit OK. Once I did the installtion window says "Application Error" and the only option again is OK.

I've tried downloading updated installation software online (Version 1.06/1.07) and the same error occurs. I've even tried the instructions the OP posted and there is a warning saying "This driver is not digitally signed!" and another saying it "has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify it's compatibility with Windows XP." It ends with an error saying "The system cannot find the file specified."

Every time I have tried to install and failed I made sure to uninstall the USB by going into my Control Panel, System, Harware, Device Manager and then uninstalling the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB.

Any help would be great, thank you.
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I guess this is the place to ask. Ok, I've am having two different problems in regards to getting wifi access on my DS Lite. (Oh, and I've tried to read all this stuff about routers but I still don't really understand it that well and I am not very techy/computer techy, so please put up with me and dumb things down for me ok? ^-^)

1) Need wifi at home (short-term problem):

Background: At home we used to have "linksy's" (or at least that was what it was called when I was searching for an access point. Then the last time I went home for break it was changed, now to 2WIRE and my mom gave me a password for my laptop so I could get on the internet.

So now when I try to go on the GTS and I find that the new 2WIRE is not compatible with my DS T_T and I don't understand what to do in order to make it compatible. In two months I will be going home for summer break, and if I could fix that then summer would be my primo trading time.

2) Need wifi at school dorms (long term problem)

So basically there is wifi on campus and just outside the dorms (no wifi in the dorm rooms). I tested it out with my laptop on campus and was able to access the internet, but when I tested it out with my DS, I could not find an access point @_@. What can I do to make the campus wifi compatible with my DS?

**All I want to do is to be able to trade over the GTS
**I don't live near any hotspots


I keep getting the stupid error code 86420 when I try to trade with people. I'm pretty sure my 3DS is good to go with my router since I can use Dream World and everything else just fine :/
Maybe servers are laggy? Sigh. I want to trade :(
I had an odd problem today, I tried to trade in the wifi room with someone and we both had each others friend codes correct but for some reason neither of us showed up on each others games, anyone have any clue why this might have happened, I use a dsi in case that helps
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