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Ghost Pokemon - A Species or Ghosts of Pokemon Gone?

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I actually believe Nincada is simply a growing Ninjask with a shell that Ninjask constantly pumps energy into (to move, eat, ect.)

When the Ninjask grows up, it leaves the shell (still with any remaining energy from Ninjask in it) behind, which promptly is sucked into a pokeball as by its dex description. During this process, the shell miraculously becomes sentient (perhaps it has something to do with the cybernetic shrinking and data transfer of a pokeball reacting with the remaining energy in the shell and anything left over from the surge of energy involved in evolution, like how trade evolutions work).

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I say that ghost pokemon are a species because if they were real ghost then nothing would hurt them. Meaning they couldnt lose in pokemon battles cause all the attacks would go right through them.


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...not like we can actually hurt the GHOSTs they just have the ultimate spammy ability, 'Get out, Get out!' (tell ya what if GHOSTs were real pokemon and could even just learn Pound, Lick, Tackle, and Leer they would be invincible, lol)

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I think ghost pokemon is dead pokemon and therefore there always are ghost pokemon in pokemon graveyards. Wrong to battle and catch pokemon in their resting places though.


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It's quite a surreal situation.
Since ghost pokémon can breed, it is a living specie. This means that ghost pokémon can die too. As for ghost pokémon at cemeteries, I suppose they just like the vibe of it, so they make it into their hangout spot.


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i think ghost is just a type so ghost type pokemon have ghost-like abilities, but i dont think they are dead

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although the conclusion is pretty obvious (they're a species), I still like to go into detail about how we know this.

To know wether they're real ghosts, or just pokemon species, we have to know how they came to life. Since you can breed i.e. two gengars, and get a baby gastly out of an EGG, we can draw the conclusion that they're just species.
If they were ghosts, we would have to kill a pokemon in order to obtain a ghost pokemon.

BUT, there is a catch. spritomb's dex entry says it's made out of spirits, so that makes it a real ghost, doesn't it? now you can breed a spiritomb. the babies come out of eggs, so these would most likely not be made out of spirits.
or do they, when they are born, get life energy from these spirits? that they die once the energy of these spirits is all used up?

now there's also the pokemon tower. remember the pokemon tower in kanto? you couldn't find real wild pokemon there. only (pokemon) ghosts, which scared your pokemon so much that they couldn't battle.
at the top of the tower, there was mother marrowak. also a ghost. or at least a spirit.

so we come to the conclusion that ghost pokemon are just pokemon species. but there also are pokemon ghosts. the spirits of dead pokemon. these can not be caught.

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I was just reading some of these responses, and most of them made me laugh :]
Like the fact that Arceus is "god". It is unclear what Arceus is! Nothing is known abou arceus except the fact that hes some pokemon that people hack to get.

Now, to answer the question..
Id say that they are types. If theyre what you say they are, then when magikarp dies, he/she will turn into a gengar? lawl

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Goodness Gracious, ppls. Most Ghosts are Dead Pokemon.
Except for Ghastly, which is, in this case, a type of a gas with a face.
Give it a rest, will ya?


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ghost pokemon = species
but the sighting we have like lost tower etc are ghosts of dead pokemon?
omg i think i've just confused myself :S
The pokédex is wrong, it is just some sort of myth or legend how Spiritomb came into being. It has nothing to do with what they really are: just a specie like any other. [/in-universe-perspective]


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and in the anime spiritomb is pure evil and water goes though him...
which we know you can do in the games and stuff so the pokedex is just hyping it up
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