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Monsters (17)
3x Ghostrick Jiangshi
3x Ghostrick Stein
2x Ghostrick Ghoul
2x Ghostrick Witch
3x Ghostrick Lantern
1x Ghostrick Specter
3x Ghostrick Marie

Spells (13)
3x Pot of Duality
3x Ghostrick House
1x Terraforming
2x Swords of Concealing Light
1x Book of Moon
2x MST
1x Dark Hole

Traps (10)
3x Ghostrick Panic
2x Ghostrick Out
2x Needle Ceiling
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Solemn Warning
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

Extra Deck
3x Ghostrick Alucard
2x Ghostrick Dullahan
10x Decent Rank 3s, 2s and 1s


Ghostricks are pretty decent. What do you think of my build?

i haven figured them out just yet but i generally try to get jiangshi out and build a field using that alongside the field spell.

i lam not sure about 2 needle ceiling and 2 swords of concealing light but there have been situations where i really needed one so i think that the cluttered hands are worth it.

tips and tricks for ghostricks are much appreciated.

as a matter of fact, any comments are much appreciated.