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Ghosts' Dream World Sandstorm Team

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Who Ya Gonna Call?
Hi everyone, this is my dw team, it was orginally supposed to be a joke team, but it was pretty succesful, peaking at around 1298 points, and it needs improvement so that's why I'm here.


Tyranitar @Shuca Berry
Sand Stream
252Hp, 96Sp.Atk, 160Sp.Def
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast
-Ice Beam
Pretty Standard ttar, except with more sp.atk investment so I can hit pretty hard. Sets up rocks, and is one of my two leads.


Skarmory @Leftovers
252Hp, 196Def, 60Spe
-Brave Bird
Skarmory is my other lead, and I really just spam spikes or roost and Brave Bird weakened stuff or breloom.


Gastrodon @Leftovers
Storm Drain
252Hp, 4Def, 252Sp.def
-Ice Beam
Gastrodon is the second half of my defensive core, and is a lifesaver for this team. Since I'm immune to electric and water, plus resist a bunch of other types, Gastro is perfect to counter starmie, and can take down some offensive threats like dragonite or gliscor.


Garchomp @Yache Berry/Lum Berry
Sand Veil
252Atk, 252Spe, 4Def
-Fire Fang
-Swords Dance
Garchomp is (one of) my physical sweeper(s), with sand veil hax prevailing to dodge attacks at crucial moments, garchomp has won me quite a few matches. After a sd, you can't take down garchomp if you tried, I only take around 53% from adamant band scizor's bullet punch, for example, and can ko back with fire fang.


Landorus @Expert Belt
Sand Force
252Atk, 252Spe, 4Sp.atk (Iv's: 31/30/30/31/31/31)
-Hidden Power (Ice)
-Stone Edge
Landorus rounds out the team as a mixed sweeper, and I can feign a choice set with my expert belt, and the power boost on HP Ice is greatly appreciated. Landorus performs very well, though I might switch u-turn for
substitute, as the only time it came in handy was against an exeggutor.


Excadrill @Life Orb
Sand Rush
252Atk, 252Spe, 4Hp
-Rock Slide
-Shadow Claw
-Swords Dance
Excadrill is my sand sweeper, as he can beat lots of common threats after rocks without using swords dance. The moves provide perfect coverage, I might switch Shadow Claw for X-Scissor though, but that means I can't reliably kill gengar and other ghosts.

In Conclusion: My team does not need a special attacker, as it does just fine with all physical and landorus. Some of the biggest threats to my team are keldeo, manaphy, and terrakion. So that's my team, I hope for some advice, and with that, I bid you adieu.


#1 emboar fan
is this dw ou? i think chomp and excadrill are banned in OU. Also, i'd suggest a different item on t-tar. Maybe lefties?

Ghosts of the Forums

Who Ya Gonna Call?
I thought I made it clear that this is a dw ou team, what with the name. And I need shuca berry to survive the oh-so common earthquake and then ko back.


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I wonder why they don't ban garchomp and excadrill in DW OU.. I wonder what keep them balanced.

Why did you put protect on gastordon? if there is a move I dislike it is protect without any aim (like wish leech seed or toxic..) maybe put clear smog (for your keldeo,manaphy and terrakion problems it is the best to clear their stats) or thunder wave/toxic

scarf landorus can revenge kill keldeo,manaphy and terrakion
and why shuca berry on tyranitar? use chople berry fighting weakness is a little bigger.