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Ghoul Daze (558)

I think this might be my favorite episode of the arc so far.
It made me realize how much I love Ghost Pokemon.
But I seriously wish Dusknoir was evil... But of course it just had to be "misunderstood", like Darkrai... :/ Though the girl was verry reminscient of Abra and the Psychic Showdown, and was pretty cool.
I mean, she almost made Conway walk off a cliff! That's a bad thing in my book, but still cool. /morbid/
Oh, and that guy who paired up with Dawn was hilarious. And his pecs... xDD

Overall, very amusing episode. And I loved Conway and this. But what else would you expect...


What the heck AM I??
The creepy ghost girl looks like Dora o_O
I"m glad all the ghost pokemon were shown! Haunter and Misdreavus were good ones-I wish Ash and Angie didn't run away from them!! >.<
The guy Dawn was partnered with was very...awkward. Its funny how he ran...and hid behind Dawn. Smooth move. Yup.


Well-Known Member
Just saw the episode. The Spirit World reminded me of Giratina.


This episode was kinda creepy, yet very entertaining at the same time. That ghost girl reminds me of Sabrina's younger form from the 1st season, and Dusknoir's was awesome in that episode, Ghost pokemon FTW.
This episode also reminded me that there are some seriously disturbing PokeDex entries out there and I probably need to update my fic in which I discuss said entries... ;;

What's funny is that according to the PokeDex, Drifloon and Dusknoir basically have the same job (dragging people to the spirit world). They should've just replaced Dusknoir with Drifloon.
...And they never found out what was up with that girl, did they? Because I turned on the computer and missed the last part of the episode...



This basically reminds me of them being ethereal spirits whose sole purpose is to make us miserable; ghost Pokemon, however, aren't like that, & this proves it to me. Guess that Dusknoir sure did stay true to what the Pokedex says; it keeps dead people inside the spirit world, & other people who are still a long ways to go out.

Creepy... but it ain't Silent Hill...

*continues to linger around*

Warped Reflection

Active Member
-Takeshi gets paired with some random stranger. Maybe next generation.
-Hikari has some pretty good senses.
-Takeshi is too macho for ghosts.
-Movie 10 BGM is a nice keep.
-Dusknoir is too macho for anyone.
-I didn't take anymore notes for this episode. I was too focused on it.
-Besides these two notes that is.
-Happy Hanto BGM and silence.

This episode was really well done. I have to rank this as one of the most enjoyable episodes during Diamond & Pearl so far on my personal list.


Fanfic Author
The creepy ghost girl looks like Dora o_O

Hey, you're right! I didn't even think about that until I just read that.

This episode was great! Any episode that uses the cool "Darkrai appears" music is all right by me!

You know, Ash and Angie sharing a pose together reminds me of the ridiculous amount of emphasis Shadows of Almia put on the whole "Ranger Pose" thing.

Dusknoir looked seriously cool! I'm a little disappointed by the lack of Mismagius though.

Specially-made Ghost Pokémon food? I'd hate to see what goes into that.


Beyond repair
Okay, so... what were the characters' names? Kensuke's (the guy who paired with Dawn) and Mitsuki's (the one who paired with Brock)?


100% Rebel Time Lord
Dawn's partner's name was... Kendal. I forgot Brock's... I think it might of been Mitchel, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, this is my favorite episode in the arc, simply because of it's creepyness. That little girl made the episode. But those Ash and Angie moments were a bit corny (even for me). Good thing she's only got one more episode and a filler.

Overall: 8/10. The dub did a nice job.
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Beyond repair
"KENDAL??? That's a girls name! The translators knows nothing about naming, do they!!!!"

Yes, it is.

I expected him to be named Kenneth because such gender-neutral name like Kendal doesn't fit such "macho" guy. Hoever, when I was thinking possible names for him (I'm a name-prophet on Bulbagarden) I also considered Kendal. So, I'm not so disappointed on the name.

Now's the question: is it spelt with one or two L's. If it was Bulba, someone would watch the episode with Captions on. Well...

And still, waiting for Mitsuki's (Brock's partner) dub name.
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Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
This episode was actually pretty good, I loved that ghost girl, expecially the part when Dusknoir killed her, that was pretty awesome. That guy Dawn was paired with creeped me out, the way he moved his chest up and down like that. Mitchells voice annoyee the heck out of me.
does anyone know who did the dub voices for Kendal and Mitchell?

I wish I knew too, but...that stinking Star Wars preview made the credits all squashed up. Also I thought today's episode was really...spooky and awesome! I think I'm starting to like the ghosts Pokemon for some reason...Dusknoir seems such a cool ghost type.


Your Big Buff Bro
This episode was actually pretty good, I loved that ghost girl, expecially the part when Dusknoir killed her

Well...he didn't really kill her, but that was awesome. :) He just closed the connection to their world from the spirit world, so her spirit just died with Dusknoir closing the entrance. Hopefully, they entrance can no longer create a crossover to their world, that was heart pounding. :eek: I'm glad Dusnoir could be a good guy, and save Ash, Angie, Pikachu, and Shinx. But then what happens next? He dissapears, unknowningly if he was happy/sad/both.


I'm clueless ♥
I wonder if that girl really is based off that girl in the Eterna Forest mansion...

This was a good episode. They shouldn't have shown the ghost more though..