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Ghoul Daze (558)

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
The creepy demon girl was interesting, especially since it tried to lure Conway off a cliff. However I'm glad that dusknoir came and saved the day.


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The freaky girl almost killed Conway! I want to kill the girl/ghost/whatever she is! I now need to have a tribute to Dusknoir on my wall in my room.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Dusknoir was really strong... Ash should have caught it


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EXTREMELY sorry about that. Realized I had done the wrong episode just as I submitted it, and tried to cancel it, but then couldn't get back on the forum. Extremely, extremely sorry about that.

Yikes, the fact that I forgot the last episode must mean I'm not justified to review it.
I didn't actually re-watch this episode before writing this...it's the first time I've done that in a while.

The misunderstood pokemon is a staple in this anime, particularly in the movies. It's gotten to the pt, I think, that there's very few ways to make the story original. I guess this episode finds one of those ways, by making the evil girl supernatural and seemingly ready to kill our heroes, if not for the efforts of Dusknoir. This isn't a slap on the head for being mistaken about the true intentions of an honest, trying-to-help pokemon; Ash and Angie almost lose their lives for ignoring Dusknoir. That's one way to get the attention of the viewer.

I guess the moral of this episode, as it is in most of these types of episodes, is that you shouldn't judge someone just off of appearances. Dusknoir seems like it should be a scary pokemon, so it's easy for Ash and Angie to accept right away that Dusknoir is trying to harm them. I think this episode does have an interesting pt to it in that intentions are misinterpreted twice. Dusknoir is the obvious example, but Ash is another one. When he tries to save Angie, he tells her that'll he try to protect her, even if he gets dragged along with her into the cave, and she takes that to mean something special. And, I don't blame her for that, b/c the reason, I think, she takes it that way is b/c she would never say a thing like that unless that's what she meant it to be. Saying something like that, for her, would be a heartfelt expression of her feelings, not just a need to help someone out as what's driving Ash. And that's what's so special about Ash, but also what's so frustrating about him as well. I guess nobody knows how long his travels will go, but even now, it's funny how Ash attracts these girls(and no, I don't mean it like that; in BW, there's a guy, too) who want to travel with him all over a region. And I think it's because of this quality, that he's willing to help anybody, and not just willing for the fun of it; he believes it's his responsibility to do what he can, and I think he feels that's the right way to live his life. But people like that, I wonder how sincere they are. It's hard to be honest with people like that, and I think it's rare that those people are honest themselves. For Ash, that's not a bad thing since he doesn't do this to try to act cool (anymore), which I think is even a more special thing. But b/c of this aspect of his personality, I don't think he and Angie become the type of close friends that they could have been. Angie acts the way the she feels; Ash is a bit more guarded (or seemingly, a stereotypical character): Ash will act the same way with anybody.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Dusknoir for the 1st time. That ghost girl was really creepy... It was cool to see Dusknoir actually be the hero, when everybody thought Dusknoir was the bad guy trying to take people away with it. Conway looked incredibly creepy when he was a zombie.



'Dis ma game face!!
This episode was extremely creepy. Nuff said on my part.

Pokegirl Fan~

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A kinda creepy, but funny episode. Conway was still funny and almost was led off a cliff by that ghost girl. That girl was really creepy too. Also Dusknoir trying to protect everyone from that girl was pretty awesome, even if everyone thought that it was bad at 1st. Dawn seemed to show some concern when she found Conway unconscious by Dusknoir XD. I give this episode a 10/10.


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This was a genuinely creepy episode; I haven't seen anything like it since the Sabrina episode waaaay back in Kanto. The ghost girl tried to kill Conway by leading him off a cliff...and lure everyone to the spirit world. As soon as I saw that hand coming out of the bush, I knew it was about to get real. Enjoyed this episode. 9/10


Pokémon Connoisseur
Dark episode...I like it LOL
Kinda reminds me of the Sabrina episode back in the first season.

Pokegirl Fan~

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I just watched this episode again. It really is one of the darker and creepier episodes of the entire series, and it was pretty good too. I love the adventurous aspect that was in this episode with that competition, it seemed really fitting for a summer camp type of episode. 10/10


I screamed when that wild Haunter grabbed Angie's Shinx's tail, but it was nice seeing Brock feed Gastly, Haunter and Gengar some food when he and his partner found them. Dawn's partner made me cackle as well given his cowardice, and I felt bad for Conway being hypnotized by the ghost girl. Meowth's Banette costume was adorable by the way.
There has to be a different concept of time in the Pokemon world if it get's that dark at, technically, not quite seven in the evening, during a season that looks nothing like winter.

Pokegirl Fan~

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Beautiful and entertaining episode. I loved the bgm used in the episode as well as the episodes plot. Plus that girl was creepy.


Mega Altaria

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One of my favourite dark episodes of the anime. Yes the girl was freaky but at least Dusknoir defeated her in the end. Honestly surprised that it was actually good, like the movie Darkrai. And Meowth's Banette disguise was funny.


Dusknoir is my fav Sinnoh Ghost type so I was happy that it was portrayed as a hero here at the camp and not as the bad guy. 7/10
Omg, this episode turned out better than I thought. That ghost girl was freaky, and had it not been for Dusknoir, she would've led Conway to his death lol. And after Dusknoir hit the ghost with the attack and sent it back into the Spirit World, it was definitely one of the coolest DP moments.