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Ghoul Daze (558)


I liked that this segment of the summer academy took place during the night, and I chuckled when I saw how much of a coward Hikari's teammate was. Takeshi appeasing the Ghost Pokemon with food showed his knowledge, and I liked the twist about Yonoir being the good guy who was fighting against the ghost child. Nyasu's Jupetta costume was splendid, too.


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The episode started out very promising, but I don't know why ghost girl was trying to to lure people into going to the portal when trying to drag Angie and Ash into the portal.


The ghost child here was so creepy that she made Yonoir and the wild Ghost-types in the woods seem cuddly by comparison, which I guess was the main point of the episode since it humanized them.


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I really enjoyed this episode, it was very funny and interesting. The ghost girl was an interesting character and it was scary how she tried to lure that boy to his death.

I wish we got to see the spirit world as I reckon it would have been a cool place to explore.

I felt bad for Dusknoir being misudnerstood at the start but I'm glad they eventually worked out he was a good guy.


This episode once again demonstrates Satoshi's Character, him saving Aoi (making her selflessly fall in love with him and her getting inspired). We never get to see that side of Satoshi's Character these days. They just use him for comedic gags, give him DEMS to win battles, more plot armor, rushed evolutions and undeserved wins instead of showing things like this. Poor guy.