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ghsthawk's trades- lots of shinys and legendaries!


New Member
Shinys: (cloned)
Eevee, Docile, level 5
Mewtwo, Naughty, level 74, Nicknamed EMERALD
Palkia (Japanese), Naughty, level 47,
Groudon, Gentle, Level 54
Magikarp, level 5, Naughty
Latias, level 50, Quiet
Pikachu, level 38, Bold
Milotic, level 70, Quirky
Pidgey, level 15, Rash, nicknamed Pelican
Lombre, level 16, Serious
Chatot, level 10, Naughty
Roselia, level 33, sassy
Gardevior, level 35, Rash

Legendaries: (Legit, uncloned right now)
Dialga level 47, Hasty
Palkia level 100, japanese, Impish
Mewtwo, level 70, Hardy
Latios, level 40, Adamant
Cressalia, level 50, Sassy
Cressaila, level 50, Sassy (different)
Cressaila, level 50, Mild
Cressalia, level 50, Bashful
Deoxys, level 30, Quiet
Lugia, level 50, Mild
Celebi, level 70, Jolly
Jirachi, Level 5, Rash/Lonely
Jirachi, Level 80, Impish
Manaphy, Level 100, Japanese, Lax

Level 1s Currently Availiable:
Porygon, Modest
Togepi, Calm w/ Nasty Plot and Thunder Wave
Bulbasaur w/ Energy Ball
Riolu (male, only one)
Eevee, Gentle w/ Endure (male, only one)
Duskull w/Pain Split
Tailow w/ Brave Bird
Feebas w/ Confuse Ray
Scyther, Adamant (female)
Skorupi w/ Night Slash and Confuse Ray
Vulpix, Quiet (female)
Slugma, Adamant (female)
Female Combee, level 12/10
Male Burmy, level 13

I want:
Good natured, good IV Giratina
Good natured, Good IV Dialga
Good natured, Good IV Mewtwo
Good natured, good IV Moltres
make other offers

Egg moves: (These must be male)
Zubat with Brave Bird
Tyrogue with Bullet Punch + High Jump Kick
Clamperl with Confuse Ray
Snorunt with Block
Tangela with Amnesia
other guys with Egg moves

Shinys: (I will only trade my shinys for shinys)
Ralts, male
make other offers
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Lone Wolf
Shiny Jolteon lv.65 for Shiny Palkia? Or For that Shiny Milotic?


New Member
no thanks, i have a shiny eevee
ive got a modest giratina untouched with really good defense and HP ivs and decent everything else
im interested in ur lugia would u be willing to trade?


New Member
could you list the stats? i very well might be interested.
HP 307 attack 144 Def 193 spatck 167 sdef 187 spd 133
HP 307 attack 144 Def 193 spatck 167 sdef 187 spd 133