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Gible! Get It! (625)


The one and only.
Excellent episode for a finale.

A lot happened right in the begging of the episode. TR shows up, just about to ambush the group, and out pops Gible right in front of TRs. Those awkward moments were just awkward. ._.
Soon enough, Gible starts chomping away on the mecha and blasts off TR. Not in the team yet, Gible is already starting to keep up with old routine of blasting off TR.

Gible finally reaches the group, harasses Ash, then Jenny, and off he goes to who knows where. Then Jenny takes Ash and Co. to a nearby park where it looked like some land shark just took a bite out of everything.

Still acting naive, Gible shows up again, takes a bite on a bench, then Ash, and off he goes again. Ash follows up but Barry comes out at 30 mph and pulverizes Ash.

As both Ash and Barry talk it out, Gible helps himself to snack and eats Barrys bike. Yet another Bike destroyed but this time it was not by Pikachu. At least this was free of charge.

As Ash explained about Gible still being wild, Barry jumps into battle mode and launches out Empoleon for a battle against Gible, hoping to catch Gible. The battle ended quickly as Barry blasted off Gible to the distance. As Gible flew off, Ash and Co. went to go track him down, leaving Barry feeling proud with his battling skills but disappointed for taking out a strong Pokemon.

Soon enough, Ash finds Gible at the bottom of a cliff, wedge on a branch. As Ash tries to climb down to rescue Gible, the terrain breaks and Ash plummets to the earth but was quickly saved by a near miss as Gible reaches out to catch Ash. Moments later, they both scaled up the mountain and was safely back on solid ground.

TR then shows up again, only with a newly modeled mecha. They grabbed hold Gible, blasted the group with smokescreen, and fled the scene. Ash quickly catches up with TR by foot but TR was lucky enough to find a road block to jump across, hoping it will stop Ash. But brave as he is, Ash high gears it and and manages to catch some major air to jump across somewhat to be a canyon length cliff. He manages to get 3/4 across until he started dropping but was still able to latch himself to the other side of the cliff.

As Ash reaches the top, TR quickly grabs hold of Ash and Pikachu. Brock and Dawn finally caught up but was confronted by the road blocked. Brock was clever enough to find a bridge near by.... there's a word for this....

Ash quickly figures out a plan and orders Pikachu to Thunderbolt the mecha along with him and Gible, yet Gible wouldn't be effected. Ash was successful in breaking out and as TR gave it their last shot, it backfired and out TR blasted off.

A few moment later, Gible finally agreed to join the group, letting Ash catching him without a fight. Barry later shows up, ranting about Gible being his and then challenges Ash to a battle.

Battle between Ash and Barry was very well done. Nice technique to launch a Hydro Cannon to take out Gible out of the hole. Poor Piplup is still taking failed Draco Meteors hits. Something's telling me that this will be a thing for Piplup from now on. Extra kudos for Gible learning how to use Dragon Pulse. In the end Empoleon was victorious.

And this episode pretty much wraps things up from here.

There you have it. A short review for the final episode of the Galactic battle season.

Overall, I give it a 9.5/10.

Cue the Sinnoh League.


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Great episode loe Gible its so cute and its antics are so funny with Pipli. Barry makes me laugh so much love his character and his rivarly with Ash is funny. Haha Gible ate his bike and his card. Looking forwrad to seeing Ash train Gible. And yeah not surprising Ash lost he only just got Gible


The last episode had left a burning question in all of our heads: Is Ash going to acquire a Gible for himself? We shall see...

- Oh, wonderful, we start this thing off with TR inside their new "ninja" mecha.
- Then, they come across that same Gible that devoured their last mecha.
- They tell it to scram, but they're reminded of that fact as Gible chomps their mecha up in the matter of seconds, leaving only their bridge intact.
- Where is the catastrophic explosion? Where is it?! ...oh there it is!
- The explosion is heard 'round the entire area, & it even grabs the attention of Ash & the gang, but seeing that there's not much to see over there, they move along.
- Gible manages to catch up with the gang & immediately goes after Ash's head.
- After a few more painful moments, Ash gets the idea that the Gible wants to travel with them.
- Thing is, that dip#@$% Pokemon mistakes his Pokeball as an article of food & starts munching on it.
- To make matters worse, Officer Jenny comes crashing their charade, but this time, it is to ask them what was happening out in the park.
- They rush to the park, & find out that this place had become a feeding area for a certain wild Pokemon... now who could've done that...?
- Turns out that Gible has been eating every-damn-thing in this park, but seeing as to how he's still wild, there's not much anybody could do about it...
- In the meantime, TR is plotting on how to get their sweet,sweet revenge on Gible, since they're presumably planning on having him eat up all the metal scraps that are all over the TR HQ. That, for me, seems farfetched, as I believe that these junk parts could be better used by, oh, I don't know... re-smelting them into blocks of solid metal or something?
- Anyhow... they've built up another mecha of similar design to their last one, but this time, it's much more durable, & is supposedly able to withstand any attempts of anybody having it for breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert.
- Back with the gang, Ash is trying to get Gible to cooperate, with not much success. For the most part, he just likes biting on people's heads.
- Then, from out of nowhere, here comes Barry, the Hyperman!! Da da da da!!
- He happens to be speeding along his bike when he crashes into poor Ash. *sigh* %@$#ing clumsy oaf...
- Since he's none too pleased about crashing into Ash, he challenges him to a fight. Then, when Gible is brought into the discussion, Barry plans on getting it first.
- Did I also mention that he brought his bike from Eterna so that he would be the first one to challenge Fantina? Well, what bike??
- Uh oh! Looks like Gible had it for dinner, much to Barry's chagrin.
- Just when Barry starts going bi-polar, TR rears its ugly face, snatches Gible, & last, & definitely least, they begin reciting their motto. *mutes the television* Somebody, shoot them!!
- Turns out, their mecha does happen to be all that, as Gible can't chomp his way out of it this time.
- Ash then rushes to his rescue, but as they come to a wide chasm, their mecha easily scales over the gap.
- What will Ash do? Well, it's not what you'd think... Instead of using Staraptor to fly himself to the other side, he takes a more... drastic approach: he dashes as fast as he can, takes a flying leap, which doesn't clear the gap all the way, but does get him on the cliff on the other side, & scales that up to the top. The crowd goes wild!
- Not amused with his stunt, TR then has the balls to snatch Ash himself!
- As he is struggling, Ash then gets a brainwave: Gible is a Ground-type, so he's immune to electric attacks from his Pikachu.
- He then orders Pikachu to zap this thing to kingdom come, which reduces the TR mecha down to just its bridge.
- But there still is no explosion! ...or is there...? There it is! In the words of Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman: "Bye bye, TR!"
- But... this comes at a bit of a price: Gible then ends up stuck on a tiny little branch on a cliff.
- Ash manages to down-climb towards Gible, & only just manages to get a hold of him when an outcropping he's on gives way, & he ends up falling to his death.
- Of course, Gible gets a hold onto him, which meant that the tables have turned; Ash needed to save Gible, but it turned out that it was the other way around!
- During this time, Gible finally makes up his mind on traveling with Ash. So out comes a Pokeball, & it seals him up without a fuss.
- Now that all is said & done Barry rejoins the group, & flips out over the fact that Ash has acquired Gible. To vent out his frustrations, he challenges him to a fight.
- Gible VS Empoleon: FIGHT!
- Empoleon utilizes his Drill Peck, Gible meets him with a Rock Smash head on, but he get sent flying.
- They both spam the same move used previously, but this time, they're both canceled out.
- Empoleon then uses its Steel Wing, & spams that to kingdom come. Since he can't jump to avoid that, Gible Digs himself out of trouble.
- Empoleon then fires off the SBC, & as Gible digs out of it, Empoleon fires a Hydro Cannon, the aquatic variant of the SBC, into his hole, thus effectively flushing him out.
- In frustration, Gible preps up Draco Meteor, in spite of Ash's orders, but again, proves to be nothing more than a mere shadow of what it's supposed to be.
- Empoleon then handily redirects this feeble attack towards poor Piplup.
- Gible fires off a Dragon Pulse, again disregarding Ash's orders, & Empoleon dodges that without a sweat.
- Worse still is that Gible collapses from exhaustion. Dead Pokemon Walking!!
- Empoleon puts him out of his misery with an SBC. *sigh* It's a shame this had to end this way...
- As everyone is planning on their next destinations, Gible gets the last laugh by devouring Barry's Hearthome Gym Challenger card, & boy is he flipping out over that!

History has been made today, people! Ash has acquired his first ever Dragon Pokemon! & because Gible has filled up the space that Gliscor left behind, now the chances of Gliscor being forgotten are now virtually imminent, much to the chagrin of all you Gliscor fans out there. My only gripe is that Gible is not packing 'Quake... T_T

Anyway, that's a wrap for the Galactic War-Zone; next stop: the Sinnoh League! RAAAWR!!!

& for all thoes skeptics, I've confirmed Barry's Empoleon's move-set:
- Drill Peck
- Steel Wing
- The Torrential SBC, a.k.a. Hydro Cannon
- The original SBC, a.k.a. Hyper Beam


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This one was my favorite of the season people.
It had so many LOL moments in it than I could count.
I love Ash and Barry's interaction, its always the best.
There just so funny.
How the heck did Ash make that jump though? It was incredible.
Some one sign this kid up for sports, he'd be perfect for it.
Hate that were on a break now.


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Just watched this earlier. It was a fine episode. Gible sure liked chomping metal stuff and biting on Ash's head. It was also nice to see Barry, too. He sure likes fining stuff.

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A Pokemon that can't control itself, with the brain of a Slowpoke, joins Ash. It's typical of him to take in deficient Pokemon. A trainer doesn't pick Pokemon, they pick him. Literally.

Shadow XD001

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It was a nice end to the 12th Season of Pokemon. Barry appearing was funny because acting like a goof, I liked it when he freaked out about blasting off Gible. :D

Also, it was cool that ash caught Gible as his first Dragon Type, and hopefully Gliscor will be like Charizard, but just with more appearance.

How did Ash almost make that big jump?



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Wait, Gible has two more moves! (Unoffical!)

Here are his moves in order:
-Dragon Pulse
- Dig
- Brick Break
- Draco Meteor
I SWORE Roar blasted Team Rocket off! How did Gible learn Roar?
I guess it was with breeding a Garchomp and another Pokemon, and one of them learned Roar!
You know, breeding results?
;444;+;328;= Gible that knows Roar!
Correct me if I'm wrong about the moves!
Sorry for being off topic, but I saw a portion of the episode.


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Did anyone else think Ash's dub voice was perfect in this episode/ I love when he said "Gible make up your mind. Which is it?" or to Barry "7 of 'em!"
So, Ash has his first dragon Pokemon, eh?

It's about freaking time he has one! I expected him to get one long ago!

Well, here's to Diamond/Pearl: Galactic Battles, ladies and gentlemen! It's been a fun ride hasn't it?

Here we come, Sinnoh League!

I've just noticed something: Bikes on this show either get destroyed by Ash, or they just break whenever he's in the same place. Even if it's not physically by him. Bikes and Ash sure don't mix, do they?

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That was not a good battle... Gible was wild and newly caught while Empoleon was experienced and fully trained


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Good episode - a good way to end Galactic Battles and lead us into Sinnoh League Victors. Thrilled with Gible, he's a cutie that's for sure. This was definitely one of the funniest episodes for a while, there were quite a few moments where I actually did laugh out loud. The battle with Gible and Empoleon was slight overkill though. But yeah, bring on Sinnoh League Victors!


Gible is awesome. Team Galactic battles were interesting as any other villainous battles.



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This episode was ok... It was funny when Gible ate the Pokeball instead of being captured. This time Gible added biting Officer Jenny's head. Once again Draco Meteor fails hit Piplup. Gible ate another TR robot, wow that Pokemon sure can eat a lot! It was great that Ash finally caught the Gible. Gible definitely is very undisciplined in this episode.



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Yippie even more Barry. Overall I very fun episode. Man can Gible eat!. Glad Ash caught Gible instead of Barry. Just a Psychic,Steel,dark and Ghost type and Ash will own all the types
Gible should have beaten Barry's Empoleon. I don't care if it was a new capture.
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I seen this episode and I thought it was funny. Mostly because I find the humor in Gible eating up robots, stuffs, a bicycle, a ticket and a pokeball. Well, I got to see Barry in action here. And I think it's funny for Gible to chomp on Ash's and Barry's head. I wonder if it hurts. OH well.
Gible should have beaten Barry's Empoleon. I don't care if it was a new capture. But, I guess Gible had to lose so Ash would train him to master Draco Meteor.
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This episode was funny. I liked that Gible was caught. And I'm glad Gible was beaten or it would make Barry look like a weaking which he obviously isn't.