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Gible! Get It! (625)


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Heehee, I love Gible in this episode. He really loves to chew up everything. :) Funny that only he and May's Munchlax have eaten or destroyed twerp pokeballs. Plus, there's Barry, making this episode even better for me as always. And Ash owes yet another person a bike after this episode. At least only Misty continued to give him flack for it. At least Iris and Cilan didn't own bikes. Granted, that gag was getting mighty old anyway. Plus, I love the boss fantasy in this episode. At least it's actually something useful, getting rid of junk and going green. Great episode.



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I am just amazed how Fukamaru can digest wood and metal for this Pokémon. It is quite funny to see that Fukamaru wants to follow Satoshi but he ate the monster ball. This Pokémon is surely powerful but much of the spotlight is being taken by Pikachu/ Goukazaru in the later stages so we never saw a Gaburias which is one of my favourite Pokémon.


Um, mecha ninja blastoise, that's interesting.....

and gible just ate it, okay....... RIP stomach.

didnt skip the intro this time, the scene of chimchar, pikachu, and grotle is cooler than I remember, even if charchar was already a monferno a this point.

And Ash tried to catch a pokemon without weakening it first, quick, hiss and call him names :rolleyes:

Brock and Croagunk's gag. Didnt really miss it tbh.

Barry crashing into Ash was pretty funny, too bad Barry had to start speaking afterwards.......

Cute scene of Ash and gible at a cliff, nice :)

WTF moment of Ash learning extremespeed.

TR wants to throw Ash over the cliff, kinda dark actually 0_o

Barry's first win against Ash comes post gym 7, and using his ace vs. Ash NFE newly caught pokemon, which didnt even listen to Ash, makes me happy that Paul was around.

Kinda fun episode, the battle was shockingly well-animated for being in the last 5 minutes, and gible was still cute, 8/10.
Huh. This thread still has the episode's JPN title. After all these years too ;)

This was a fun episode. I'm a big fan of Ash's Gible; he's hilarious. Thank goodness he wasn't caught by Barry. All of the gags at Barry's expense were amusing. Also even though Bible lost, he didn't do that badly against Empoleon despite being recently caught.


Barry showing up and wanting to catch Gible was annoying since this was the second time some one wanted Gible when Ash did. 6/10

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Hee hee, Gible biting Ash, Barry and Jenny and eating that bicycle was funny to watch. I liked when Draco Meteor hit Piplup as well as when Barry and Ash battled, but too bad that Empoleon won it. ^^;
Ash capturing Gible was great since his team needed to get complete, but Barry showing up and wanting Gible seemed like a waste of time. :(


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Good episode and I'm glad Ash caught Gible.
I loved that Gible bit Ash's head so many times lol. Also enjoyed seeing Piplup hit with Draco Meteor. I cackled at how Gible ate Ash's Poke Ball and ate Barry's bike. The awkward silence between Gible and TR was also silly.


The battle between Gible and Empoleon was actually really good, even if it was one sided. Though, I get why Ash decided to jump the canyon to catch up to TR, but why didn't he just send Staraptor down to save Gible when it was stuck?

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This episode was quite a funny one, especially with Gible. Funny to see Gible eat a Poké Ball that Ash threw at it and Barry's bike. It was also funny to see Gible use Draco Meteor but instead of landing on Barry's Empoleon, it landed on Dawn's Piplup. Still happy at least that Ash caught it.
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An enjoyable episode, Gible's got a rock-on personality, and it looks like it'll bring some more funny moments with it. Oh, and anyone else love Empoleon's "what are you on?" face when Barry was going nuts?


Good episode and I'm glad Ash caught Gible.

I just wish that Satoshi had caught Fukamaru when he first encountered it, instead of the capture being delayed this much. I didn't mind the wacky antics here, but I wanted things to be over with.


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Finally, my boy Ash got the Gible who had stalked him. And I was so glad that Barry had won against Ash this time, although I would like it if he used his Roserade or Heracross instead of Empoleon again.


Jun's win against Satoshi seemed kind of late in the region, and it was also somewhat spoiled by the fact that Satoshi used his newly-caught Fukamaru, which stood no chance against Emperte.


Jnmisty said:
I guess in some ways Gible takes over with bitting Ash’s head from Turtwig.

I do think that the gag was passed on to Fukamaru now since Satoshi's Naetle had evolved and no longer had the head biting gag to call its own, so the writers recycled that quirk.


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
So many many years later, I happened to watch this episode again on PokémonTV and no one ever commented on the fact that Officer Jenny just sorta dipped after Barry showed up. No one brought her up, she didn't say bye. It's hilarious in hindsight.


WaterShuriken said:
So many many years later, I happened to watch this episode again on PokémonTV and no one ever commented on the fact that Officer Jenny just sorta dipped after Barry showed up. No one brought her up, she didn't say bye. It's hilarious in hindsight.

It kind of shows just how pointless having Junsa around is since she doesn't really do anything noticeable most of the time, and she wasn't really needed here in the first place.