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Gijinka Project: Reborn

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by [ACE] Zero, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. [ACE] Zero

    [ACE] Zero Just Sayin..

    Hello all, this is PokeLegends RPG brought back by popular demand after the Original Poster as gone AWOL, I will do my best to make this a great, fun and memorable RPG for the users.

    1. All SPPf rules apply.
    2. God-modding is not allowed, except by the Owner (myself) if it is necessary to cause the plot to progress.
    3. Controlling others' characters is not permitted.
    4. Flaming is prohibited.
    5. People are forbidden from controlling NPCs which are created by other people without their permission (save for the Owner).
    6. Legendary Pokémon are not allowed (not yet, at least).
    7. Make an attempt to actually use proper English in this game.

    Lately in the world of Pokémon, everything has been going excellently. Humanity has been rescued from the brink of ruin several times. The world has been turning clean, and, for the first instance in human history, all nations have been exhibiting a glimpse of willingness to attain world peace. At the very least, that's how it all seems...

    What follows is the story of several Gijinka.

    In the recent age, Gijinka are recognized as atypical people; people with the hearts and souls of Pokémon. For the most part, they're all treated normally; no differently from one human as one to another. However, they are noted as being quite interesting; occasionally, some of them can even take on remarkably less human forms which are much more similar to the Pokémon they are truly. Despite all their differences and abnormalities, Gijinka are primarily considered to simply be... interesting.

    Frequently a Gijinka may arise to reach a high, respected standard in modern society (such as N); however, what is far less common is for a gijinka to be of a specific type variety (or, as N was, a gijinka of all Pokémon in their entirety). They may be appreciated as productive individuals with unusual personalities or, at their worst, absolutely detested as abominations of nature and thought of freakishly. Typically they would appear to be almost completely ordinary, with only a mild semblance of their Pokémon personalities in addition to an extent of such a Pokémon's abilities. They would also, in a regular society, perhaps be given various jobs to suit their capabilities (such as a Pikachu line Gijinka typically being expected to be a sort of electrician or something similar, like an electronic innovator or mechanic)...

    ...but that is not their story.

    A young adult awoke to find himself immersed inside a stasis tank in a certain remote scientific laboratory.

    What... the f*ck?!

    He noticed around him several other subjects, all of which were trapped and contained similarly. At the center of the room he noticed someone - a somewhat younger girl - also restrained likewise, in a different type of tank, chained back against a wall. Multiple scientists and researchers in lab coats were standing nearby. They took note of the young experiment awakening.

    "...how are you?" one of them, a woman who appeared to be quite young and acted subordinately to all the others (perhaps a college-age intern), kindly asked him.

    "Who the hell are you? What-"

    He was interrupted suddenly; the wall of the lab to his right was blown apart. Multiple troops from a certain region all started pouring in immediately. The scientists sent out their Pokémon; the numerous soldiers readied their weapons and did similarly.

    "Wait; no!" the scientist who was looking over him exclaimed; she was immediately shot.

    Several of the experiments began awakening. The soldiers and even the scientists were all shooting at everything. He caught sight of the girl in the center.

    "Goddamnit; now we have to get rid of everything!" one of them who was standing in the center near the girl in the tank began shouting. "Quick; terminate all the experiments and take everyone out of here!" Several of the experiments began awakening. The soldiers and even the scientists were all shooting at everything. He caught sight of the girl in the center; she was waking.

    "Agh! W-what are you doing?!"

    He tried to beat the glass keeping him imprisoned furiously; it was cracking slowly. The head scientist from earlier stood over her. He brought out a knife. There were several mechanical limbs operating inside her container. She was being forcefully withheld by her chains. He opened her cell door and stood over her.

    "Someone, help!" she screamed.

    He finally managed to break out of his tank; he began gliding across the room over to their general vicinity. The scientist gripped her neck and brought his arm back, preparing to stab her. The test subject gripped his arm suddenly. He wrestled with the scientist and they fell back onto the fluid-covered ground. The experiment got above the researcher and kicked him in the face. He proceeded to the girl. He tried to concentrate.

    The soldiers gained a new attention towards something. They began to shoot down all the test subjects, breaking the glass tanks. A few of them tripped out of their cells and got moving. Some of them walked around for a moment, wondering what the hell was going on right before getting gunned down. A few of them caught understanding of what was happening and managed to escape. Still others were shot up in their tanks and never got the opportunity to go on living.

    Amidst the chaos, the young adult used a type of aura to break her chains and set her free; they made their escape quickly.

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (any.)
    Species/Type: (Self-explanatory.)
    Abilities: (Gijinkas may have up to 7 abilities.)
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least 2 paragraphs; was your character born a Gijinka or did he or she become a Gijinka?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Materials/Equipment: (Optional.)

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (any
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least a couple of paragraphs; how did he or she get mixed up in this?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Materials/Equipment: (Optional.)

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (any.)
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least 2 paragraphs; what nation and region are they from and how did they join the military?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Weapons/Equipment: (Required; typically a 30-round 5.56 millimeter assault rifle.)

    Also, there are 3 different nations operating secretly against each other currently: Tohjo, Unova, and Orre. Hoenn and Sinnoh will become involved in these matters gradually. Fiore and Almia may also be used as your characters' home regions. Kalos is an independent, neutral country that (as of yet) has no reason to be belligerent.

    * Changes- 1.- Mega Evolutions are available as far as it is actually confirmed IRL news, such as the recent Mega Kanto Starters evolutions.

    2.- Also GEN 6. Pokémon as also available as they are revealed, if no movesets are known keep it realistic with current moves until new information is provided.

    3.- I opted against changing the plot since it seems like a working formula, VM me any concerns.

    Thanks, Zero

    Current Characters-

    PokeLegend *Co-GM* - Jon Theou, Jacqueline Leaf, Cpt. Misos Diabolu

    Vivian Fletcher - darkjigglypuff

    Billy Mays - Cid Garrison aka DJ $T33L

    TheSketchQueen - Anna "Zeke" Meyer

    cmats4020 - Emiliya Garde

    Delta Hunter - Halt "Lock On' Stratos

    Cometstarlight- reserved

    493pkmns - Alex Tempest

    Kanima - Alec Sorciere

    Beirut - reserved

    BugPokemonMaster316- Keith Stone

    alteredegox- Sora Harkin

    Matoro- Ignika Mahri

    cometstarligh - Reserved

    The Lord 67- Marcus Liamson

    Avenger Angel - Ken White

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  2. darkjigglypuff

    darkjigglypuff Borderline Troll

    Name: Vivian Fletcher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24

    A young woman who's seen too much, Vivian is a fairly tall lady at just a smidge under 5'11 in height. Her frame is muscular, toned through years of fitness, but her physique is hidden under an apparently near-constant hunch she has whenever not at attention. Family members say she used to be an attractive girl, but her pale, elongated face has had its femininity eroded by years of work and apathy to her own appearance. A short mop of light-colored brown hair peeks out from either a cap or helmet, and there seems to always be a weary look in her dull brown eyes.

    She wears, even when off duty, the digitized camouflage of the Unovian armed forces, its color faded from extensive wear over the years. Her rarely-heard voice is somewhat scratchy, and her tone is always low, giving the impression she does not fluctuate at all from a serious, no-nonsense line of thought and speech.

    Personality: Jokingly, ironically, referred to as 'Little Sally' by her comrades, Vivian is a woman who has little left in the world but her sense of humor (morbid as it might be), and the comradeship between her and the people and Pokemon in her unit. She's often quiet, with little to say, preffering to observe situations and take in information rather than chime in, at least until she finds she has something figured out. Otherwise, it's difficult to get much out of her that isn't banter or a deadpan quip. She's known to have something of a soft side in dealing with her Pokemon, but for the most part, she's quite surgical and pragmatic in her method, as a result of having seen and done what she has. She's highly analytical by nature and practice, and shows an acute interest in deconstructing the way things work. She's been noted as being unnaturally calm under extreme stress.

    History: Born in hte lowest rungs of poverty in the Unovan slums, Vivian lived as the oldest of four siblings with her single mother until she was thirteen years old. Her father having left her failing family when she was only six, she acted as a surrogate parent to younger siblings for much of her life, and her dream of escaping this life to become a Pokemon trainer was delayed when her mother fell into invalidness from depression. For years, she watched as children her age, and even older, went about their carefree adventures, gaining fame and friendship while she struggled to work to support her family. At the age of 13, a severe argument with her mother and oldest brother drives her away from home, to never see them again.

    Her life afterwards was no better. Without the aid of proper upbringing, she struggled in the World of Pokemon, failing to manage to even befriend any seriously until she was fifteen as a result of her caustic, cynical personality. Her Magneton would be her only real friend for years more as she worked herself to the nail in odd job after odd job just to feed herself, but never letting her situation tread on her pride. At the age of 18, she found herself butting heads with soldiers in a local pub where she'd been working as a waitress. An intoxicated private attempted a scuffle with her, which ended in the young man getting kicked out with a broken nose.

    The rush of the fight got to the girl's head, and she quit her job the next day. Within the week, she had pushed and shouldered her way onto a boat headed off for Unovian Armed Forces boot camp. The girl who had known only survival, and never adventure in her life, would find her calling among the ranks of soldiers, their mission, pride and camaraderie becoming the jaded young woman's creed and honor. Six years in that service has pulled the impoverished girl through the muck, and into the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant, and her career seems to be her only focus in life.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Sergi
    Gender: Genderless (treated as Male in conversation)
    Age: 17
    Species: Magneton
    Appearance: Segi has a very worn, dull armor surface. A series of marks are etched into his lower-right sphere; some are carved through various objects like trucks and antennas and represent kills.
    Personality: Sergi, unlike most Pokemon, shows very little, if not no aversion to the killing of human beings. Very methodical at heart, the magnet Pokemon finds its use as a weapon to be the only purpose it finds worth fulfilling, and seems to take pride in following orders from its master, Vivian, its only real friend, to the letter.
    History: Befriended by Vivian as a Magnemite; was her first Pokemon.

    Name: Ayaniel
    Gender: Genderless (treated as female in conversation
    Age: 23
    Species: Starmie
    Appearance: Ayaniel is a bit larger than most Starmie.
    Personality: Ayaniel is something of an enigma; not much about her is known, other than the fact that her silence makes even Sergi uncomfortable. She spends much of her time simply 'meditating', if her inert, but waking state could even be called that. She does seem, however, incredibly defensive of Vivian.
    History: Only a year ago, Vivian found Ayaniel at the foot of her bunk. To her surprise, it had been floating through the base for days at night, stealing and scavenging food. It had been strong enough to quickly knock out guards which had been trying to intercept in, and was apparently searching for something. Vivian managed to surprise the
    pokemon by wrestling with it, and stunned it with an elbow to its core jewel. She made quick work of capturing the thing, and she seems to have grown to take a liking to it.

    Name: Labetes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Species: Nidoking
    Appearance: Labetes, a play on a foreign word meaning "Beast", is incredibly large for a Nidoking, easily 5'8, and has substantial bulk. Its purple carapace is a darker color than most, and its face is locked in a near constant scowl.
    Personality: Unlike the previous two Pokemon, Labetes shows a lot of emotion, though most of it is rage. Labetes is naturally agressive, a result of very real 'testosterone poisoning'. Highly aggressive, Labetes is constantly looking for a fight, and is often found pacing around uncomfortably otherwise. He enjoys eating raw meat, and seems to only relax under repreated prodding from Vivian where, in private, he can become quite affectionate with her.
    History: Originally, Vivian found herself and a small squad of soldier deatched to detain or destroy the Nidoking, around four years ago. He had been a major problem, scaring and injuring people in a small village and killing local livestock, and destroying public property. When local trainers failed to find or stop the beast, the Unovian military detatched Fletcher's unit to make quick work of it. The Nidoking, while incredibly vicious, proved cunning enough to evade the soldiers, until it chose to attack Vivian herself when she was cut off from the rest of her unit in a cave. It turned out to be a mistake, however, when what was supposed to be a quick suprise attack turned into a twenty-minute wrestling match between the two. Unable to land a decicive hit, Labetes was eventually stunned enough by an uppercut that Vivian was able to press a military-grade pokeball to his body and catch him. Since then, he has been an invaluable member of her team.

    - G3A3 Battle Rifle, with attatchments varying depending on the mission, most typically a low-power (x3 or x4) scope.
    -'Dragonite Skin' Ballistic Vest; digital camouflage
    -Ballistic Helmet
    -Digital Camo fatigues
    -Gunnery Sergeant Cap
    -Serrated Combat Knife
    -Numerous Survival supplies such as a canteen, compass/paper map
    -Two-way radio
    -2 Orange-colored smoke grenades
    -1 Fragmentation grenade
    -Five additional magazines of ammunition per mission
  3. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    *copy pastes sign up from original sign up*

    Name: Cid Garrison, A.K.A. "DJ $T33L"

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Type: Steel

    Sturdy: Cid is naturally sturdy thanks to him being a Steel Gijinka. This makes him overall more resistant to damage and injuries. The thicker and more static the body part is, the more study it is. His bones for example are so tough that they're practically made of metal and take extreme amounts of force to break.

    Iron Defense: When Cid uses Iron Defense, he trades mobility in order to make himself resistant to damage. Though his movement is rather sluggish in this state, his skin is super hardened to the point that even bullets will simply harmlessly bounce off him. His skin becomes more solid and more metallic looking while in this state. Iron Defense is a lot less effective against types that are strong against Steel, or things that imitate said types (like Fire type attacks or a flamethrower, for example). This move and Autotomize cannot be used at the same time, and if one is used the other will lose its effect.

    Autotomize: Cid loses his natural sturdiness but in return becomes much more swift and agile than usual. Though he's only as study as a normal person in this state, his speed and dexterity are heightened greatly, allowing him to move at blinding speeds and jump great distances. His skin becomes very smooth and shiny while in this state. This move and Iron Defense cannot be used at the same time, and if one is used the other will lose its effect.

    Bullet Punch: Cid unleashes a flurry of punches at blinding speed. These punches aren't really stronger than a normal punch, but Cid makes up for it with speed. When Autotomize is in effect, Cid can punch even faster while using Bullet Punch.

    Flash Cannon: Cid absorbs the light around him and unleashes it by shooting a ball of energy from his hands. When Autotomize is in effect, Cid absorbs more light thanks to his shiny skin, thus increasing the strength of Flash Cannon.

    Heavy Slam: Cid slams against his opponent, using his weight to inflict damage. If Iron Defense is in effect, Cid's bulkiness makes him a lot heavier, thus making Heavy Slam much more powerful. Unfortunately, this works both ways, as using Autotomize makes Cid lighter, and as a result weakens Heavy Slam.

    Meteor Mash: Cid's strongest attack. Cid gathers up his strength, hardens his fist so it is as hard as steel, and punches his opponent with all of his might. As his body is already hardened when using Iron Defense, if Iron Defense is in effect it becomes easier for Cid to use this attack.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Cid stands at exactly 6'0 and weighs about 140 pounds. Cid has a rather thin build but despite this he is fairly in shape, just not the body builder or six pack abs type of "in shape". His hair is a bright silver color and is fairly long and messy, which causes it to get in his face often. Like his hair, Cid's eyes are a shiny silver color. Cid's skin is a very pale white, and is smooth and cool to the touch, as if it were made of a soft metal.

    In terms of clothing, Cid's favorite outfit of choice is to wear blue jeans, a grey hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath, dark grey fingerless gloves, and black and grey boots. Cid will often wear a black backpack when traveling, and he's almost never seen without his favorite pair of black headphones, whether he is listening to music or not.

    Personality: Cid is a charismatic and laid back guy, who loves freedom and having a good time. Calm by nature, Cid is very patient and almost never loses his cool. His calm nature can often make people think he is rather emotionless and doesn't care, but this is far from the truth. He has a simple way of thinking, and as such he doesn't tend to worry much or over think things, though this also means he can be somewhat absent minded. Still, Cid is pretty much always well meaning even if he doesn't show it, and is unquestionably loyal to his friends. He also can be a bit of a flirt with the ladies, although he knows when to stop if he goes too far with his advances.

    Cid is practically shameless, so he'll do nearly anything for the sake of himself or his friends. He also is very open about himself, and is proud of who he is. To him, Pokemon are friends and comrades, so he doesn't treat his Pokemon very differently than how he would treat his human friends. Cid also has an affinity for music, and can constantly be seen playing music on his headphones or whistling a tune to himself. His favorite type is Steel (for obvious reasons), and he hopes one day to become a Steel type gym leader.

    History: Cid was born and raised in Castelia City. His father was a highly paid corporate lawyer, so Cid lived a rather comfortable life in the city. He was always the envy of his school friends, as he was always the one who got the newest and coolest toy or game first. Although his parents has always suspected Cid was more special than just a normal human being, neither them or Cid himself figured out he was a Gijinka until he was about 10. Of course it wasn't as apparent that Cid was a Gijinka like other ones, so Cid could've easily hidden his true self to everyone. But, that definitely wasn't Cid's style. Instead, Cid almost immediately revealed it to everyone he knew; to his parents surprise though, most people accepted him. Probably because he didn't look too...Gijinkaish for a Gijinka, but regardless they were relieved to know Cid didn't become an outcast because of who he was.

    Cid had always been interested in music, but it wasn't until about 13 that he started to attempt to make music himself. It...didn't go to well for him at first, but when he tried making songs with a DJ table, he soon grew to love it and began to practice. Within a week, his songs were actually bearable to listen to, and within a few months he was making and playing his own songs like a professional DJ. At just the age of 16, Cid was invited to play as the DJ at a local dance club. Under the name DJ $T33L, Cid played his own songs to the club all night (or at least until curfew), and quickly grew a reputation in the streets of Castelia. Within a year, Cid became one of the most well known faces among the club scene in Castelia, and even started to gain some recognition throughout Unova as well.

    However, about a year ago Cid decided to leave Castelia in order to go on a journey with his Pokemon. His hopes were to become a better trainer, so that he may one day become a gym leader.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Scimitar
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bisharp
    Appearance: His arm blades are longer and more curved, like the sword he's named after.
    Personality: Scimitar is a cold and rough Pokemon. He tends to keep to himself, and won't usually respond with anything other than a cold stare. He only takes orders from Cid, whom he's unquestionably loyal to.
    History: Scimitar was Cid's first Pokemon, which he got as a gift from his parents at the age of ten. He's been by Cid's side for 9 years now, and would follow him to the ends of the earth.
    Moves: Night Slash, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Mean Look
    Ability: Defiant

    Name: Scout
    Gender: Male
    Species: Durant
    Appearance: Scout is a shiny Durant, and has a large scar going across his left eye.
    Personality: Scout is...pretty unresponsive as a Pokemon. Generally, he simply flat out ignores people and Pokemon alike, and only does something when Cid commands him to do so. Like Scimitar, he's extremely loyal to Cid.
    History: Cid's second Pokemon, he caught him during a trip to visit his uncle in Opelucid City. He had saved Scout from a Heatmor who was attacking him, which was what gave Scout his scar.
    Moves: X-scissor, Iron Head, Dig, Thunder Fang
    Ability: Hustle

    Name: Hal
    Gender: Genderless (referred to as a he)
    Species: Magnezone
    Appearance: Nothing about Hal's appearance makes him look distinctly different from other Magnezones.
    Personality: To put it simply, Hal really doesn't have a personality. He acts robotic by nature, and is about as cold and emotionless as one to boot.
    History: Cid's third Pokemon, he caught Hal at the Virbank Complex while he was in Virbank to play at Roxie's gym. Hal had been a Magneton for a long time, but recently evolved when Cid was traveling through Mt. Coronet.
    Moves: Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Magnet Bomb, Magnet Rise
    Ability: Sturdy

    Name: Caesar
    Gender: Male
    Species: Empoleon
    Appearance: Unlike other Empoleons, Caesar's trident beak's prongs are all the same length, instead of the two side ones being shorter.
    Personality: Caesar is a proud and prideful Pokemon, who tends to think he's superior to others. He has somewhat of a rivalry with Scimitar, though the two secretly grudgingly respect each other as well. Cid is the only person Caesar treats with respect.
    History: Cid's fourth Pokemon, he was given to Caesar as a Piplup while he was in Sinnoh.
    Moves: Surf, Drill Peck, Metal Claw, Waterfall
    Ability: Defiant

    Name: Diamond
    Gender: Female
    Species: Skarmory
    Appearance: Diamond's wings are a more dull red than most Skarmorys, and her tail is much longer as well.
    Personality: Diamond is rather brash and is quick to anger when she's upset. She tends to be aggressive to people and Pokemon, but if you gain her trust she'll be a lot more respectful to you.
    History: Cid's fifth Pokemon, he caught Diamond while at Stark Mountain.
    Moves: Steel Wing, Fly, Stealth Rock, Roost
    Ability: Sturdy

    Name: Titan
    Gender: Genderless (referred to as a he)
    Species: Metang
    Appearance: Titan's spikes are less jagged and pointy than most Metangs.
    Personality: Titan is a very calm Pokemon, but follows orders without question and when infuriated is a real force to be reckoned with.
    History: Cid's sixth and most recent member to his team, Cid caught him on route 228 in Sinnoh.
    Moves: Bullet Punch, Psychic, Magnet Rise, Take Down
    Ability: Clear Body

    Materials/Equipment: Cid has some supplies in his backpack, including some first aid supplies and food for both him and his Pokemon. He also has his headphones and a music player with all his favorite songs on it.
  4. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    C/P! It's a WIP, history's lacking, but I'll finish it later.

    Name: Anna "Zeke" Meyer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species/Type: Zorua/Zoroark (Dark)
    - Illusion: Anna is able to make herself "transform" into different people by using illusions. She is also able to change the area around her using illusions. She does this by either clapping her hands together or hitting the ground with her palms and concentrating. If it's an illusion on herself, she can withstand three-four hits before the illusion wears off. If it's an area illusion, it wears off eventually, but is sped up if she gets hit.

    - Night Daze: Anna sends out a shock wave of dark energy, hitting everyone on the field besides her allies. When she uses this power, she raises her arms, her eyes glow blue, and she shoots the shock wave from her body.

    - Punishment: Anna uses dark energy to form a whip, then hits her opponent with it. The energy disperses soon after she used it.

    - Night Slash: Anna directs dark energy into her arms, making small blades. She then dashes up to her enemy, and slashes at them. The energy disperses shortly after.

    - Agility: Anna directs dark energy through her body, making her faster for a period of time.

    - Hone Claws: Anna sends a quick burst of dark energy to her arms, temporarily increasing her strength and the power of Night Slash and Punishment.

    - Scary Face: Anna uses her illusion powers to make her face scarier, usually by making her teeth longer and sharper, and making her eyes glow and look more animal-like. This scares her enemies for a moment, making it easier for her to attack.

    Appearance: Anna's body type looks much like Zoroark, more so after the experiment. She has a triangular head, with a very pointed chin. Her hair is long, going down to her knees, and mostly red, exept for a thick black strip near the bottom, and black tips wherever her hair pokes out. She usually keeps it tied in the middle of the black strip with a teal bangle. Her bangs seem to be separated into three locks of red, with black tips at the end. Her hair feels soft, almost like fur. Her eyes are cold and European, her irises are a bright blue, and her pupils are a little more slanted than usual. Her nose is small and petite, and flips up a little at the end. She has ruby red lips that are always turned up in a smirk. Her body is muscular, but still skinny. She has a very feminine shape (to her dissapointment), and she sports (normally) wide hips and d-cup breasts. (Before the experiment, she looked more like a zorua, her hair being completely black except for a tuft of hair that always flipped up, and the tip of the tuft was red, and she had smaller hips and breasts)

    Anna's clothes are usually black or gray, and they almost always come from the mens' clothing department. She wears a black t-shirt, dark gray cargo pants, and black converse shoes. She always looks like she's wearing pale red eyeshadow, so she applies dark red eyeshadow over it. Her fingernails and toenails are always painted red.

    Personality: At first glance, Anna seems mean and selfish. And when she first meets someone, she'll usually act that way. She doesn't trust anyone until they earn it, and she loves messing with them until they do. But once they earn her trust, she will be by their side forever, unless they do something to make her not trust them again. She's very loyal, and if she says she'll do something for her friend, she'll do it. She loves playing tricks on people, and teases everyone, friend or not. She loves a good laugh, and tends to be a good sport when tricks are played on her. (Her teases to her friends aren't mean spirited, though.) She's very tomboyish, and loves to get her hands dirty, and she mocks anyone who's afraid to get dirty. She loves to wrestle and play fight. She's very impatient, and hates planning- she'd rather come up with things on the spot. Her first response to conflict with the enemy is a violent one, but she doesn't want to kill anyone if she doesn't have to. She always says her opinions loud and proud, and isn't afraid to hold back, she's very blunt about what she says, and doesn't sugarcoat things.

    Anna despises feminine things (besides her red eyeshadow and nail polish). She hates when girls go completely gaga over a boy and won't shut up about him. She hates it when girls cause unnecessary drama. She hates dresses, and getting dressed up for anything, and if she does get dressed up, it's a black button-up blouse and slacks. She hates makeup (besides what was mentioned before). She hates the fact that so many girls think they "need" to be sexy to be accepted. If anyone brings it up, or if anyone compliments her on her body, she tends to get very angry. She would rather be liked for her personality, and not for her looks.

    History: Anna was born to a young, newlywed couple living in Snowpoint City. When she was two, she was figured out to be a gijinka. Her parents were very proud of her.

    Other: She loves to sing, and she can occasionally be seen doing it. Her favorite song is 'Boats and Birds' by Gregory and the Hawk.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Feathers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Weavile
    Appearance: Her eyes are more of a yellow color.
    Personality: Feathers is much like her trainer. She loves to pull pranks, and tease other pokemon. Unlike her trainer, she is not much of a good sport when she's pranked, and tends to throw a temper tantrum. She loves to battle, and she has a slight crush on Caden.
    History: Feathers was born on Mt. Coronet. When Feathers was 10 (and still a sneasle), she came down to Snowpoint to see what she could see. And then she found Anna. The two hit it off instantly, and as soon as Anna got a pokeball, Feathers became her first pokemon. After intense training at the lakefront, Feathers evolved.
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Beat Up
    Ability: Pressure

    Name: Caden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Gallade
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Caden is up-beat and happy. He has an obsession with sitrus berries, and likes to slash at them for no particular reason. He's very optimistic and supportive. Feathers really gets on his nerves.
    History: Caden's history is a mystery. He just showed up one day in Snowpoint (as a Kirlia), shortly after Feathers, and met Anna on the lakefront. Feathers and Caden trained together (Feathers pulling trick after trick on him). He found a dawn stone in the grass, and after Feathers evolved, he evolved too.
    Moves: Psycho Cut, Slash, Leaf Blade, Night Slash
    Ability: Justified

    Name: Schicksal (German for Doom)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 49
    Species: Hydreigon
    Appearance: His eyes are a bright blue.
    Personality: Schicksal is quiet and reserved. He's the oldest of the group, and probably the most respected. He's a very good tutor, and helps with training the other pokemon. He doesn't like the spotlight, and would rather someone else take it.
    History: Schicksal was Anna's mother's first pokemon. He went around and did gym challenges with her, and when she settled down in Snowpoint, she decided that she would give Schicksal to Anna when she was ready. At first, Schicksal wouldn't listen to Anna, but eventually, the two came to trust eachother.
    Moves: Outrage, Dragon Rush, Crunch, Headbutt
    Ability: Levitate

    Name: Hadley
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Gengar
    Appearance: She's blind in her right eye, so she keeps that eye closed.
    Personality: Hadley is bold, brave, and brash. She's not afraid to show of her skills, although she can start to brag. She's very confident, maybe even too confident. She loves to prank as well, and Feathers is her BFF.
    History: As a ghastly, Hadley attempted to haunt Anna's house. However, her haunting skills were no match for Anna's finding skills. Eventually Anna got tired of Hadley's feeble attempts, and caught her in hopes that her strength lay in battle.
    Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Shadow Ball
    Ability: Levitate

    Name: Damion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Lucario
    Appearance: His spikes are a little longer than usual.
    Personality: Damion is the tactician of the group. He's very resourceful, but very cautious. He doesn't do anything he thinks might get Anna or him in trouble or danger. He's very strategic, and occasionally disobeys Anna because he feels that whatever she told him to do will turn the tides against them.
    History: Anna met Damion as a Lucario as she was traveling through Sinnoh. All of her pokemon had fainted, and in running to the pokemon center, took a wrong turn, and was ambushed by a couple robbers. She didn't know how to use any of her poke-powers against them, and was completely defensless. Suddenly, Damion came out of the shadows, and took out the robbers. Using telepathy, he told her that he had felt a special bond, and he wanted to join her. Anna accepted, and the two began traveling together.
    Moves: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Dark Pulse, Metal Claw
    Ability: Steadfast
    Other: Can use some little telepathy to communicate with Anna.

    Name: Chase
    Gender: Male
    Age: 6
    Species: Dewott
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Chase is very naive. He's curious about everything, always wanting to touch stuff. He thinks of Caden as an older brother figure, since the two both use blades. He also has a strange obsession with fish. Never show a fish to Caden.
    History: After Anna finished her pokemon journey, she went back to Snowpoint. A couple days later, she stumbled upon an egg. Angry that someone would abandon an egg like that, she took it in as her own. It took a while, but eventually it hatched, and Anna began to train it. Eventually, it evolved into Dewott, where Chase is now.
    Moves: Water Pulse, Water Gun, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter
    Ability: Torrent

    Materials/Equipment: She keeps a pistol in a secret pocket near her knee. Lately, however, she's been keeping it in her bra.
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  5. cmats4020

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    Name: Emiliya (pronounced Em-ih-lee-uh) Garde
    Nicknames: Em, Emily
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species/Type: Shiny Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
    -Trace: Emiliya can copy any Gijinka's main ability or abilities of her choosing as if they were her own.

    -Telepathy: Emiliya is able to read thoughts and speak mind-to-mind with humans, other Gijinkas, and Pokemon.

    -Calm Mind: Emiliya calms herself and focuses herself to the extent that her [special] defense and attacks are greatly enhanced.

    -Moonblast: Borrowing the power of the moon, Emiliya blasts a powerful ball of energy at her opponents.

    -Psychic: Emiliya can move and throw objects/enemies with her mind. She can also create telekinetic barriers and fly utilizing this ability.

    -Thunderbolt: Emiliya can fire a beam, or multiple beams of yellow electricity from her body at her opponent. She can hit multiple opponents with this move.

    -Teleport: Emiliya is able to rip through the fabric of space using her Psychic powers and teleport to a distant location. She can teleport others as well, however, this uses a lot of her energy.


    Emiliya looks somewhat like a Shiny Gardevoir. Standing at 5'3" and weighing 105 lbs, Em even has the same body type as one. The difference is that she has long blue hair opposed to the short bob, with bangs that she usually covers her left eye with. She has orange eyes with a fair complexion, and is petite with long arms and legs. While her arms and legs are pretty thin, Em is actually stronger than she looks due to years of dance.

    Although she likes dressing formally, she usually doesn't, especially while she's out and about. Em's normal clothes would include white or blue jeans; blue, orange, or white shirts or over shirts; and either white or orange hair accessories. She does sometimes wear clothes of other colors though.

    Personality: At first glance, Emiliya may look snobbish, but she is actually very down-to-earth. When you talk to her, at first she can be very quiet and unsettling to some, but is very loud and outgoing once you get to know her. She deeply cares what other people have to say or thinks and always tries to cheer people up when they are sad or depressed. She may have become anxious to make people feel better because she never really had the chance to in her early childhood. Her friendship is easily obtained, but is hard to lose. Em is very protective of her friends and would do anything to save the ones she cares about, possibly even risking her own life.

    However, Em doesn't care too much for vain people, or people who only have a liking for superficial objects. She also has quite a temperament when you anger her, though she doesn't lose herself too easily. Furthermore, she loves to play with her Pokemon, and she likes to playfully insult people. Em is also very confident in her abilities as a Pokemon battler, and is very over-competitive in dealing with the sport, but tries to hide this trait as best as she can.

    History: Emiliya was born in Agate Village but grew up in Phenac City. When she was a child, she adopted the passion and sport of dance, and continued with it until her present age. She loved her life in Orre, however, with her being a Gijinka, she didn't have too many friends and mostly focused on her schoolwork, dancing, and singing, making her somewhat quiet and distant. Her only friend was her neighbor, Justy. When Justy went to Hoenn as a child, he caught a shiny Ralts just for Em, and she cherished it as her first Pokemon. She eventually caught a Shellder and a Wailmer, and her grandmother gave Em her shiny Petilil; adding them to her small circle. She never really wanted to become a Pokemon trainer, but with the influence of Justy, she took on the challenge at an older age. However, she never left the region after defeating the Orre Colosseum.

    Apparently, Em was born a Gijinka, but wasn't discovered as one until she started uncontrollably reading people's thoughts. Justy was the first one to speak up to her about it, but claims that he knew well before Em's telepathy ever manifested. Emilya battled with Justy a multiple amount of times when they were kids, and when he became a gym leader; he taught her everything she knows about battling.

    Em was kidnapped while traveling to Gateon Port and taken to a facility where she was forced into a stasis tank. She escaped along with many other Gijinkas (if she wasn't the one who was saved in the first post) during a raid, unscathed.

    Other: Emiliya loves to dance. Her favorite dancing includes ballroom dancing and ballet. She also sings, and loves to swim! Em is also noted as being one of the best professional Pokemon trainers in Orre being one of the first residents to defeat Justy and the Orre Colosseum. She borrowed two of her grandparent's Pokemon to accomplish both feats: a Snorlax and a Sudowoodo.

    Em did have a crush on Justy, but seeing his large fanbase of girls discouraged her to move anything forward in their relationship.

    Em's Ralts was stolen by Cipher and was returned to her by Michael after he purified it and used it to purify Lugia. The two became friends, and she visits Professor Krane's lab every now and again to see how Michael and his family are doing.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Gallade
    Poké Ball: Cherish Ball
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gallade
    Appearance: Shiny and is taller than average Gallades; around 5'8".
    Personality: Gallade is very adamant, but jolly! He loves to cheer Em up when she's down, and always tries to make her feel better. He's very fierce and focused in battle though, and doesn't like to lose. He also loves to dance.
    Moves: Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Close Combat, Psycho Cut
    Ability: Justified

    Name: Cloyster
    Poké Ball: Dive Ball
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cloyster
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Cloyster is a huge prankster. Emiliya first met him as a Shellder when Wailord and her were swimming and he Icicle Speared her. It was a blunt spear, but still, it hurt.
    Moves: Shell Smash, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Razor Shell
    Ability: Skill Link

    Name: Lilligant
    Poké Ball: Heal Ball
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lilligant
    Appearance: Is Shiny.
    Personality: Lilligant is very timid, and is very protective of her flower on top of her head. When frightened by Pokemon or humans, she tends to accidentally release her Sleep Powder. She loves to dance though, which is one of Emiliya's favorite qualities about her!
    Moves: Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, HP Rock
    Ability: Own Tempo

    PC Boxed Pokémon:

    Name: Wailord
    Poké Ball: Heavy Ball
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wailord
    Appearance: He has a fifth spot right on his blowhole.
    Personality: Emiliya's Wailord is usually very timid or calm, but not when the food arrives.
    Moves: Surf, Selfdestruct, Ice Beam, Water Spout
    Ability: Water Veil

    -Poké Balls
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  7. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Name: Halt ‘Lock-On’ Stratos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Halt’s face is a mystery for the majority of the tour duty he’s had, as he was often part of the Special Operations. His face, though, is very gruff. From a childhood event, Halt’s face is heavily scarred and burned, missing his entire left ear. The hair as well on the left side of his head is all gone, and his neck and left shoulder have aches on the occasion from the burn marks down along them. He has a pair of goggles that has a rubber strap to wrap around the back of his head, and often hang down on his neck when not in use. His right eye is an electric blue, while the left eye is more robotic in appearance, having a white star pupil and having a steel look. It’s a robotic eye created to replace the eye he lost, and it’s the one he uses as his primary sniping eye, with a built in zoom and lock on feature.

    The general coloration of Halt’s body armor and long clothing underneath is black, with the small symbol for being part of the Unovian Special Force being covered up with black tape. Same with the symbol on the helmet, which is modeled after the old world war, with a small spike on the top. This is in order for Halt’s specialty in night missions to go even smoother. His pistols have the Unovian forces special camouflage along them, which is why they aren’t used unless Halt absolutely needs to. His combat boots have no cameo on them, but have steel toes.

    Personality: Halt is a very sort of distant man to anyone that isn’t a part of his section, and even then, barely anyone knows why he hunts down gijinka so zealously. He refers to himself as a benefactor of the gun against the scourge of the evil gijinka. He says ‘evil’, to avoid appearing like an idiot, seeing as he has a daughter gijinka. Anything against his homeland of Unova, his daughter Sabrina, or against someone who hasn’t been proven innocent will be concerned evil and a target. Ad he never misses his mark. His sniping skills have made his right eyes much stronger than his left, and he often squints to look at objects close to him because of that.

    However, he isn’t all evil. His daughter is the apple of his eye, and he often plays with her when he’s not in the middle of a tour or when he’s on leave from duty. Halt can be funny, cracking jokes to his Pokémon and teammates before the mission starts, but once it hits the fan, he becomes dead serious. He’s been nicknamed ‘The Gijinka Hunter’ for his ruthless dispatching of any evil ones he finds, sometimes torturing them. He’s very closed in about his past, keeping it under heavy wraps, especially from his daughter. Unlike a lot of his allies, he doesn't see anything wrong with shooting his targets' Pokemon, often using this as a method of breaking their psyche in order to line up the perfect shot through their heads, and end their rain. He does, however, have difficulty shooting Gardevoir gijinka, as he can't help but picture his daughter as them.

    History: ‘Halt’ was actually born under the name Harry, in the fairly big city of Nimbasa. He wasn’t someone that people would soon learn by sight and call a freak, except for his constant company of a Gardevoir gijinka. They knew each other from school, both around the age of five, and never seemed to deviate far from each other’s sides. Harry’s parents weren’t too thrilled to see their boy hanging around an ‘abomination’, so they choose what seemed the most obvious to the military parents. Remove the girl from Harry’s life and force him to join a new agency that they were developing. It was called the SWA, social welfare agency. It specialized in the capture and torture of mongrels and gijinka for political ties, anger, and wealth, as they could also kidnap people for experiments on stopping the fifth of gijinka.

    One day, at the age of ten, Harry and the girl, Sara, were relaxing in the desert resort, having found a partially secluded spot to relax together and chat. They were having a nice time, almost on the verge of talking about a possible future together. It was mostly play talk, but a hit man had been nearby. He tossed a grenade into the spot, and detonated it quickly. Harry was knocked unconscious and on the verge of death by it, with the girl dying in the blast. He awoke in the agency’s hidden base, having been saved and partially fixed from the grenade, with his left eye being removed and replaced with a robotic zoom one. His life turned 180 as he was told the girl was dead, killed by her father and other gijinka, and he needed to get back into shape. For the next six years of his life, Harry was subjected to specific training for his missions, learning multiple martial arts, stealth practices, camouflage, and his personal favorite of sniping. For two years after that, with his face mask and goggles, he went out and carried out morelly suscipious activities, such as murder, kidnapping, and torture. He personally killed five innocent gijinka before he assassinated the family of a baby gijinka Ralts. He was about to kill the baby, but something stopped his hand. It wasn’t something that could ever hurt him, it was just a baby, someone in need of a hand. He ran from the SFA that night, with the bundle in his arms, and changed everything about him. He used his burn scars and eye to pass through tests, and took the name ‘Halt’ and made the family name ‘Stratos for himself and his adopted daughter Sara.

    He joined the Unovian military, and was promated quickly to the Special Operations division due to his training and speciality in stealth and night. However, he remained tightlipped, and used his goggled and face mask to hide his wounds. He was given a Houndoom as a hunting Pokemon, and the pup grew lolely to his new master. When Halt gives the call "Locked on", the target will be dead before the casing of the bullet hits the floor.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Alpha
    Gender: Male
    Age: adult
    Species: Houndoom
    Appearance: Alpha is missing his right horn on his head, and his jaws have been improved through the use of metal canine teeth, making his Bite and Crunch deadlier.
    Personality: Alpha is as dangerous as his name might suggest. A subject of various tests to make a stronger biting hound has made him mad as hell. Surpassingly, while other trainers were too afraid, Alpha took to Halt immediately, nd follows the orders he is given to the letter. He even acts tamed for Sara, though only barely.

    Weapons/Equipment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CheyTac_Intervention
    Military standard issue Kevlar vest
    Insulated face mask
    Tinted goggles, made for swimming
    Camouflage helmet, with Unova’s symbol
    Dual semi-automatic pistols, with bayonets attachments. Silencers also included

    This character will shot all ya pokemans and gijinkas
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  9. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    Name: Alex Tempest

    Gender: Male

    Age: Eighteen

    Species/Type: Riolu/Lucario

    Heal Pulse: Alex has altered the energy of his projected aura into a beneficial version, which can heal his allies, or at least that's what he thought until he figured out he'd just learned heal pulse.

    Aura Sphere: By concentrating on the aura energy flowing through his body and the energy around him, and then shunting it into a concentrated orb in front of his hands, Alex can create and launch a sphere of pure energy through the air.

    Thunderpunch: By charging the natural electrical field of his body and concentrating it in his fist using aura, Alex can deliver a punch which results in a powerfulljolt to the recipient.

    Ice Punch: By using his control of the aura, Alex can not only concentrate his aura in one area of his body, but also siphon all the aura from one area. In this case, his fist, which causes a field around it to become icy cold due to the absence of aura.

    Shadow Ball: In the same way that Alex learned Heal Pulse, he initially transformed the kind of energy of his aura sphere away from fighting and towards the more ghostly. Later, the ghost energy became more pronounced, allowing him to use shadow ball.

    Flash Cannon: Increasing the charge of all the aura energy in his body and then releasing it in a blinding blast of steel energy, Alex can fire blasts of destructive light.

    Magnet Rise: Alex uses his aura to boost his body's natural electrical field, which he then directs outwards all around him in a display of magnetism, which interacts with the magnetic field of the Earth and allows him to raise himself into the air, immunizing him against ground attacks and otherwise come close to flying.

    Appearance: Alex stands at 6'1" and is built a bit less sculpted than the way you would imagine when you think 'lifeguard'. While not muscly and burly, Alex is still well built, with muscles visible, though not necessarily through clothes. His eyes switch regularly between green, grey and blue, but whenever he uses his pokemon powers, they glow with a different hue of blue, the same color as his aura sphere. His hair is short in the front and on the sides, but longer in the back, and dark blond. His skin is fairly, pale, though not as though he never went out in the sun, which is definitely not true. The exception to this are the dark strips on his face, which wrap around his head just over his ears, going over his eyes, and then another one going straight down from the center, in line with his nose. He is a good fighter, well balanced in agility, strength, speed and focus. Despite his being good at it, Alex has never enjoyed violence.

    Personality: Alex is calm, quiet, collected, and always focused. His control over the aura is tied into his emotional state, as is the case with almost everyone who wields that kind of energy. He trained in meditation which allows him to control his emotions, something he decided to do after very angry caused him to lose control of his own aura and injure innocent people. While his focus allows him to suppress his anger, and he could also do the same to other emotions, he chooses to only keep the tight reigns on his violent emotions that would make him lose control, such as hatred. Alex likes to keep to himself, mostly since he never had very many chances to not be when he was younger, and then his tendency maintained throughout his maturation.


    Alex was born the way he was, with the ability to perceive the aura, and with the dark stripe of skin on his face, although the former only really emerged when he got older, around four, growing in strength as he got older. When he was six he could perceive it without difficulty, and influence it, though barely. By eight he could control the flow within his body, and by nine he could make it materialize outside his body. He only started being able to do actual moves, very very weak versions, by age ten. After that there were no major breakthroughs, except when he learned new moves. Besides the moves, his power grew slowly as he aged.

    Early life:
    For the first, longest part of his life, Alex lived in Mauville city. His parents were always very kind to him, and did their best to protect him and keep him sheltered from the cruel verbal potshots thrown by the other kids, and even adults. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long, and Alex was orphaned a month before he turned six, when his parents were killed in a car crash. He stayed in the house for two days before anyone thought to check on him, at which time he was brought to the orphanage. The only thing of his parents he got to keep was a golden locket with a picture of them in it, and their aura imbued it. He attended trainer school until he was ten, at which time he left on his journey, not wanting to stay a second longer.

    Trainer school:
    When Alex was in trainer school he never excelled, but he wasn't a bad student either and he never struggled. He was picked on for being different, at school and at the orphanage, which ne never came to think of as his home. He attended trainer school for longer than most, and was well versed in status effects, type advantages, and strategies. One time when he was eight, a group of three boys, all ten but too bad at school to be able to journey, took his locket from him, and were playing keep away while teasing him. They got him so upset and angry that he exploded, almost literally seeing as how aura energy burst from his body and slammed them all backwards. One suffered a broken arm, another a concussion, but the other got away with only scrapes and bruises. After that he made an effort to rein in his emotions, though he lacked the discipline he would gain later.

    First journey:
    From ten to fourteen, Alex travelled with the pokemon he received from professor Birch for graduating as his inital companion, Treecko, who he nicknamed Vines. He journeyed around Hoenn for a year, challenging gyms. The last gym he faced before going to the league and losing in the second round was Wattson's in his home town of Mauville, which he would have preferred to avoid, but it was required if he wanted to get his final badge. Over the course of those first travels through Hoenn, he made friends with a Taillow, a Trapinch, and a Bagon. A bit dispirited from his early loss in the league, Alex travelled to Johto to compete in the league there. He disembarked in Cianwood and quickly defeated the gym leader before travelling to and defeating the gym leaders of Olivine and Ecruteak. From there, he did the Johto circle, defeating the Goldenrod, Azalea, and Violet gym leaders in that order. He went to Mahogany and defeated Pryce, then went to Blackthorn and earned Clair's respect, and her badge, by defeating her entire team with only Salamence. Next he travelled to the pokemon league, losing this time in the finals. Instead of the disappointment of his first loss, he felt enouraged by how far he'd gotten, and resolved to do even better in the Kanto league, which was the closest region he had access to. It took him a long time to get there, however, since there was some sort of incident with the waterfall that normally gave access to the adjacent region. He trained in Blackthorn City since it was close to Tohjo falls, and because he considered Clair a friend. Two months before the falls reopened, he was given a gift; a pokemon egg. After taking care of it for a long time, it finally hatched into a Cyndaquil. Upon finally arriving in Kanto, he didn't have time to challenge every gym before the league started, leaving him a year down without any major accomplishments, save his pokemon getting stronger. Though he caught other pokemon during his journey, he released them fairly quickly each time after not sensing a bond with them like he had with the others. The year after, when he was thirteen, he pushed through the Kanto gyms with relative ease and had to wait for the league to start. He again lasted until the finals, and this time tied with his opponent. After that he returned to Hoenn, his desire to battle a little low. He travelled the circuit again, though not challenging gyms, simply revisiting the sights he'd seen at the beginning of his journey. He returned to Mauville last, reluctant to see the place he'd grown up. His worry turned out ot be founded, since he came across the bullies who'd provoked the explosion of aura the first time. They confronted him, picking on him again, apparently not remembering how the last time had ended. The result was the same, Alex lost control and blasted them all with Aura, against his will. The three boys ended up in the hospital, and many other people were injured less severely because his strength had grown a lot since the first time. Fleeing the authorities who were investigating the incident, he ended up in Verdanturf, where he was encouraged to stay by the locals. Taken in by their quiet way of life, he settled into an area just inside the small town. The people there were very kind to him, and he felt at home there, for the first time since his parents died. He made many friends, and confided in a few. It was one of them who encouraged him to go to Lavaridge and meet the people there, who might be able to help him control his emotions. He trained with sages, old people and monks until he turned seventeen. During that time he released all of his pokemon friends, and told them he would be done several years later. His quilava decided to stay with him, refusing to be released since it felt at home in the volcanic region, and Sceptile did the same, though simply because he wouldn't leave his trainer and lifetime friend. The others all left, but when he set foot outside of Lavaridge, they were all there waiting for him, having returned to rejoin his team, save Flygon who'd returned only to say goodbye because he had a family.

    Second journey:
    At seventeen, his team now comprised of Sceptile, Quilava, Swellow and Salamence, he travelled to Sinnoh to run the circuit. During a trip to Iron Island, he found a particularly strong aura presence, and spent hours searching it out, discovering a Lucario hiding deep in the caves. Alex had never encountered another being capable of manipualting or even sensing aura, and was fascinated by this pokemon, not realizing just yet that he had a deeper bond with the species than just their shared ability with aura. He fought and caught it, nicknaming it Spike and making him a permanent member of the team. He caught his sixth pokemon, Phanpy, just before facing his eighth gym challenge. He trained it and used it in that battle, though he knew it wouldn't do particularly well. The battle was hard, but Phanpy learned a lot. On his way to Sunnyshore from Pastoria, when he was stopped off at lake Valor, he was challenged by a trainer, then clubbed violently from behind while he was distracted and focused on the battle. The last thing he saw and did before blacking out was calling Spike back from battle before he smacked down onto the ground, then the other trainer smirking that he had succesfully distracted Alex.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Vines
    Gender: Male
    Age: Nine
    Species: Sceptile
    Appearance: Vines is a slightly blue-er shade of green than most Sceptile. While not shiny, his skin color is about halfway to the shiny color, though everything else is normally colored.
    Personality: Vines is similar to Alex in that he's quiet and not very sociable. The exception to this is Alex and his team, with whom he is very comfortable and open. Even though he's the pokemon who's been with Alex the longest, he doesn't have any specific post above the others, preferring to be just part of the team. He is Alex's all-around hitter, the one he turns to in a pinch.
    History: Vines was one year old when Alex got him, and they stayed together through their entire journey.

    Name: Feather
    Gender: Female
    Species: Swellow
    Appearance: Feather is slightly smaller than most others of her species, and is more streamlined though with a larger wingspan, making her slightly faster and more nimble, though not as good at flying long distances.
    Personality: Swellow is Alex's scout, and the fastest of the team. Though occasionally skittish, for Alex or any of the others she would fly through a tornado. That level of respect and admiration for her fellow team members is visible in everything she does, even though she doesn't let herself be pushed around; she is part of the team herself.

    Name: Salamence
    Gender: Male
    Species: Salamence
    Personality: Salamence is usually quiet, but easily angered and brutally powerful when in that state. Salamence is Alex's main powerhouse, able to bust through walls and take down the toughest of opponents. In battle he prefers to take his punishment and dish it back out tenfold than perform tricky maneuvers.
    History: After single-handedly winning Alex's gym match against Clair, Salamence earned her respect for Alex, and mostly because of his accomplishment, the dragon type benefitted from the training of a dragon gym leader.

    Name: Blaze
    Gender: Female
    Age: Six
    Species: Quilava
    Personality: Blaze has a slight crush on Spike, which she mostly expresses in their rivalry. She would never dare to say something, because even though she joined Alex much earlier, she has some issues with shyness and taking her place in the team. Blaze is the technical hitter, using the opposite of Salamence's strategy. She'll dash around the opponent, waiting for an oppening, then slip in and deliver a powerful shot before darting back out again and waiting for the next window.
    History: Blaze was an egg that Alex hatched immediately prior to his making it to Kanto.

    Name: Spike
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lucario
    Personality: Lucario is similar to Vines and Alex, having empathized almost immediately with his trainer, and the pokemon who most resembled Alex. A powerful wielder of the Aura, Spike acts like nothing affects him, even though it does deeply. He has a rivalry with Blaze, wanting to earn her respect because he feels for some reason like he doesn't have it. Little does he know, it's because he also cares for her, in much the same way as she does him, though Spike doesn't realize it.
    History: Alex met Spike in Sinnoh on Iron Island. He caught him after sensing an immediate bond, not realizing that that was probably due to his nature as a Lucario Gijinka.

    Name: Phanpy
    Gender: Female
    Age: < 1
    Species: Phanpy
    Personality: Excited and happy, Phanpy is the exact opposite of Alex, Spike, and Vines. The little elephant pokemon is bubbly and easily distracted, though she has learned to keep her focus when in battle. The youngest, weakest and least experienced of the group, Phanpy hasn't decided her place within it yet, though she greatly looks up to Salamence in particular.
    History: Phanpy hatched from an egg during Alex's Sinnoh journey, not too long before Alex was kidnapped.

    Materials/Equipment: A pistol with two rounds left and the safety on that he doesn't really know how to use. His hoodie and his cargo pants. A pocket knife with two different-sized blades. (Already had the last one, it was hidden inside his cargo pants in a secret pocket that they didn't think to search.)
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    Accepted, Also I'll change the age limit since you put you're 25.

    Yes, that is fine, enjoy your dinner!

  11. Pyroli

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    I'd like to take a reserve for a civillian! I'll work on it straight away and maybe post a WIP.
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    We can still edit our approved bios, right?
  13. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Name: Alec Sorciere
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species/Type: Mismagius

    - Lucky Chant: Alec can, when humming, cause nausea and headaches, if he's in a bad mood. When happy, the humming bring happiness, and can Cure illness.

    - Thunderbolt: As the name suggests, Alec can use his Magic to summon strong Thunderbolts

    - Will-O-Wisp: Again With the use of Magic. This enables Alec to create small wisps of blue flames that he can shoot from his palms

    - Shadow Ball: By channeling his negative emotions, Alec can create an orb of woe and harmful thoughts, Aka: The Shadow Ball

    - Levitate: For reasons he doesn't really fully understand himself, Alec is able to levitate above the ground.

    - Energy Ball: By calling upon the spirits of nature, Alec can use the move Energy Ball, and blast an orb of strong Magic Powers.

    Appearance: Alec is a slender yet masculine figure. He's a bit above what's concidered to be average height, and his skin is pale and flawless, and make him resemble a ghost or a porcelain doll. His hair is naturally Purple, and kept in a messy, rebelious look. His eyes are yellow, and they glow in a dim light whenever he practice Magic or use his Pokemon Powers. His facial Expression looks mostly serious when he's working, but when he's With friends, it changes to a more lively, flirty one that would enchant almost everyone. Around his neck, he have a silver Chain With Three dim red gems. the gem in the middle is just a bit bigger than the two on its sides, and Alec never leave anywhere without it. For clothing, Alec dress mostly formally in a gothic manner, often in a Purple shirt that he unbutton at top, revealing his pale chest and the necklace. The shirt is frilled by the end of its sleeves, and the frills are more pink than Purple. He also use tight black pants, and stylish black shoes that are just a bit more uncomfortable to wear than he'd want them to be. He believes in style over Comfort, mostly. He dress a lot more casual when out on the town With friends. Then, he just wear a simple Purple shirt, still unbuttones at top.

    Personality: Alec is normally a calm and proper Young man. He's polite, and easy to get along With. Despite being calm and talking in a calm manner, Alec gets angry really easy, though he never show it in the form of real rage. When he gets angry, he really just get mean and evil. his formal way of being is mostly because of his work, and when he's home or With friends, he's enjoying pranking others, mostly sneaking up from behing, scaring them With a high Pitch screech. He also enjoy Reading, and has a weird Obsession With Magic, which he is able to preform due to his 'unusual' qualities. He's also a chatty gossip when With his friends, and he's a real flirt at parties. He's also gay, and don't really care about hiding it. If someone dislike it, that's their problem, and not his.

    History: Alec is that kind of character that don't let himself be bothered With Things. He don't bother himself With the fact that he was born With unusual qualities, and weird resemblences With Pokemon. He didn't bother himself With the fact that he can communicate With Ghost-Types, and he didn't bother himself With self-pity when he found out he's gay. Alec was born into a wealthy Family at the Resort Area in Sinnoh, and as mentioned, he was born With Pokemon qualities that the doctors couldn't explain. His parents were afraid of him the first years of his life, so he learnt to be independent rather quickly. after a whuile, his parents got used to him talking to Things that wasn't there, shooting blue flames everywhere etc. His parents then proceeded With the plan of making him enter his fathers footsteps as a lawyer. Due to his ability to learn quickly, he always had high grades, at the cost of a social life, at least in elementary School.

    when Alec was 14 years old, his parents both died in a freaky car accident near the Skyarrow Bridge while on a buisness trip to Unova. This left Alec all alone in his family's huge mansion. Alec, who now started focusing more on Pokemon training, took a few years to og on a short Journey With his Haunter in order to learn more about Pokemon, and maybe about his own freakish origin. He did, however, not learn very much, and when he was 17, he decided that enough was enough and moved to a Penthouse appartment in Goldenrod City in Johto where he lived as he finished his education. He has now recently gotten a job as a lawyer for Silph Co. and dedicate most of his time to his work.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gengar
    Appearance: Alec's Gengar is a shiny, and is dark blue rather than the normal Purple color. his eyes are also more pink than red.
    History: Gengar is Alec's first Pokemon. He obtained it as a Gastly that lived in the attic of his Family home. He quickly befriended the litle Ghost-Type, due to their similar qualities, and Gastly became Alec's best friend since. He is also Alec's main battler, and they share a very Close bond.

    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kirlia
    Appearance: Kirlia looks just like every other Kirlia without any form of individual traits.
    History: Kirlia, as a Ralts, was the first Pokemon that Alec caught on his journey. He does not use Kirlia much for Battles, but rather have him around when at home or whatever Alec is doing. Kirlia is a bit clumsy in nature, and sometimes trips, Space out or make sudden noises.

    Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Species: Murkrow
    Appearance: Murkrow is a bit darker in color than others of its species.
    History: Murkrow lived in the dead oak tree in the backyard of the mansion. He was Alec's friend for many years before he decided to capture him. He's a proud Pokemon that always encouraged Alec whenever he felt down.
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    You are allowed to edit the profiles, but just say you made edits and where
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    I'll add you to the list.
    Yes indeed.

    Welcome to the team!

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    Guys, if you don't have the GM's permission to restart an RPG they created, you cannot do so. You didn't even give credit to PokeLegend for the plot!

    Sorry, but unless the GM gave you express permission to repost their RPG, you cannot use it here or anywhere else because it is essentially plagiarism. If you don't hear back from the GM, then you'll just have to create your own unique RPG.


    Edit: Also, [ACE] Zero, please do not quote entire SU sheets in your posts, it's totally unnecessary.
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    Since PokeLegend has given permission to restart his RPG, I have reopened the thread.

    [ACE] Zero, I will still ask that you not quote entire SUs so as not to clog up the thread. Otherwise, happy RPing!

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    Thank you very much Psychic, my apologizes if this caused you to spend more than a little time with us.

    Should we report our SUs, or leave them as is?
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    Well, I'll use my old SU, but I'll make some edits later
  20. BugPokemonMaster316

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    Name: Keith Stone

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Standing at the average height of 5' 10", Keith is a broad-shouldered young man with a head of dark brown hair which appears almost black in the sun. Alongside this, is a pair of light brown eyes, that are located beneath a pair of bushy brown eyebrows. His nose sits above a small mouth that is never seen smiling. Moving along, he has a pair of muscular arms with a tattoo of a Braviary on his right one. His upper body is not as muscular as his arms, but is pretty close to it. The lower portion is not very muscular at all, but is strong enough to meet requirements needed to join the army. Keith's legs are the same as his arms, muscular. They end with a pair of large feet, with the right foot missing the middle toe due to it being ripped off by a Kingler. In the clothes department, Keith wears the standard stealth military outfit. The top is completely black with pockets for several weapons and tools. A vest is placed over this, containing more pockets for ammo and pistols. The pants accompanying the stealthy outfit are held up by a belt, with several areas to clip on Pokeballs. Finishing the outfit is a pair of black hiking boots, double knotted so that they will not fall off. The only accessories to be found on Keith are his helmet and Pokeballs. His helmet once again follows the theme of black as do his Pokeballs. He had them custom made, as they are black with a grey button.

    Personality: Keith has rather quiet vibe to him. He stays silent most of the time, even when working with others. He cannot tolerate those who do not follow orders, and despises them. Keith enjoys working in groups and by himself, but states that occasionally his comrades get in the way. Despite his seemingly cold look, he has a warm heart. Whenever he sees a friend that is wounded, he stops everything and runs to their aid. In groups, he tends to follow more than lead, but often takes his own plan into action rather than the one ordered. That being said, don't think he is reckless, as he is anything but that. He likes to carefully plan out all actions, taking all possible outcomes into consideration. Keith acts different around his friends however. He will often try to crack a joke if he can think of one, but it is often responded with silence.
    History: Keith was born into a small family in Driftveil City in Unova. His father worked in the mines, while his mother stayed at home and looked after him and his siblings. He had a sister, who was three years older than him, and a brother that was a year older than him. As a child, he was often made fun of in school and had no friends. Teasing was a daily occurrence, due to him being considered a nerd and fat by the popular kids at school. Elementary and middle school came and went and then high school happened. Here, Keith often heard others speak of joining the military and protecting Unova. He vowed that he would one day join the military and show the bullies just how wrong they were about him. From that point on, he spent most of his time alone in his room. Keith would exercise and lift weights until his arms hurt so much that he could lift no more. His family became worried, and put him into therapy in hopes that they could find why he wanted to spend his time alone. The therapy didn't work, but he did tell his family that he was doing this so that he would show the people at school that he wasn't a nerd. His parents suggested that he spend more time outside, so he took their advice and moved to the Village Bridge once he graduated high school.

    Here, he trained more and found a recruitment officer for the Unova Army. He enlisted and quickly advanced through the ranks and participated in many wars. In the Army, he often saw those that had bullied him as a child, and they looked up to him. Eventually, he was promoted to the Special Ops Division of the army for his excellence in strategy and stealth. It was during a mission at this time that he met the girl of his dreams. Her name was Arianna. He met her while sent to disarm a bomb that had been planted at the P2 Laboratory. They began dating and planned to get married. However, all good things must end sooner or later. Arianna was kidnapped only a week before the wedding and held hostage by an assassin. Keith was held back at the base by the head of security so he would not interfere. However, the agent sent made a small mistake when firing his gun and accidentally shot both the assassin and Arianna. When Keith found out, he went mute for a long time and only performed solo missions. In a way, the event made him stronger, as he now fights stronger for his country.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Edi
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Scizor
    Appearance: Edi's claws are slightly larger than normal Scizor claws. The patterns on them also are darker than usual.
    Personality: Edi likes to work alone, or with Keith's other Pokémon. He is somewhat stubborn and refuses to work with other peoples Pokémon. Edi can also be considered reckless due to his straightforward strategy of attack in battle.
    History: Keith was given Edi as a gift when he was a child. However, he was afraid of the Scyther and never took it out of it's Pokeball. Once he moved though, he found the Pokeball and began training Edi to the point where he evolved.

    Name: Grant
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Rhyhorn
    Appearance: Grant looks like the average sized Rhyhorn, except for the fact that his horn is smaller than most male Rhyhorn.
    Personality: Grant is a playful Rhyhorn, but also enjoys serious battling as well. He works well with others, and tends to fight better when he is accompanied by another Pokémon.
    History: Grant is Keith's newest Pokémon. Keith caught Grant while visiting the Elite Four. In the Champion's Room, a wild Rhyhorn had burst in while he was visiting, so he captured it.

    Name: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Charizard
    Appearance: Blaze is smaller than other Charizard, but can still hold his own in a fight.
    Personality: Blaze is arrogant and often refuses to fight what he considers 'weak' Pokémon. While there is a conflict, he often remains calm and attempts to handle the situation by himself in hopes of getting all the glory.
    History: Keith found Blaze while on a mission in Hoenn. The young Charmander seemed to follow the soldier wherever he went. The result was that Keith decided to catch the little lizard since it appeared to like him so much. While in the Army, Blaze evolved twice.

    Name: Sparks
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Tynamo
    Appearance: Sparks is your average Tynamo, average height, weight, and pattern.
    Personality: Sparks loves to have fun and is constantly smiling. It often pops out of it's Pokeball by itself and begins creating small sparks. Whenever there is danger though, Sparks floats over to Keith and hides behind him.
    History: Keith caught Sparks accidentally while heading to Driftveil to see his family. While in the Chargestone Cave, he spotted a wild Joltik and threw a Pokeball at it. However, a Tynamo happened to float in the Pokeball's way, and Sparks was caught. Keith found that he didn't have the heart to let it go, so he kept it.

    Name: Kakashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Froakie
    Appearance: Kakashi is a normal sized Froakie.
    Personality: Kakashi has a lazy personality. He would much rather sleep than battle, and this has caused Keith to lose many friendly battles when he uses him. Kakashi gets along well with other Pokémon, and will often try to be stealthy.
    History: Keith obtained Kakashi from the renowned Professor Oak, who brought it back from the Kalos region.

    Name: Bruce
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Species: Toxicroak
    Appearance: Bruce isno different from your average Toxicroak.
    Personality: Bruce is a very lively Pokémon and likes to battle. He tends to playfully punch others, but forgets about his poison touch.
    History: Keith obtained Bruce from the Elite Four member Marshall who deemed it too weak to be on his team. Keith took in the young Croagunk and evolved it in a battle against it's original owner.

    Weapons/Equipment: A 30-round 5.56 millimeter assault rifle, along with a small pistol. He also carries smoke grenades in case he needs to make a quick escape or distraction. He also carries a small aerial drone with him to survey the enemy area.
    - grappling hook
    - blowtorch
    - kunai knives
    - stun grenades
    - Charizardite X
    - Charizardite Y
    - Scizorite
    - 3 Mystery Mega Stones. (They are kept secret for plot purposes.)
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