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~~Gilbertman's Pokemon Drawings~~

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Gilbertman, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    well some people said i should do pokemon drawings in addition to my character drawings, so heck here i am with pokemon drawings, im going to do every pokemon both in regular and shiney so let the adventure begin:

    #43 Oddish

    #110 Weezing

    #131 Lapras

    #197 Umbreon

    tell me what you guys think! i got some more to post including Lugia, Entei and Raikou
  2. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario

    cool. I like how you included the Shinies in there. Can you do Plusle, Minun, and Jirachi?
  3. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    thanks! sure i could do those pokemon

    well here are a couple more:

    #1 Bulbasaur

    #249 Lugia

    #244 Entei
  4. PorkYouPine

    PorkYouPine Guest

    Ooh, they're pretty, I especially like Entei and Weezing. And, may I ask you... do you think you can do a Banette? ^_^
  5. Dsboy

    Dsboy Guest

    Those are awesome could I request a couple of Pokemon? If so then I would really appreciate if youy drew Politoed, Delibird, and Porygon2. Any of those would be great or all.
  6. Omega

    Omega Guest

    I'd just about die if you made a Mewtwo. Your work is even better than the official Sugimori Art! 10/10!
  7. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    well i would say better than Sugimori's art, cuz he's got a style all his own, but thanks so much for the comment!

    also thank you all for the comments as well!
    here we go a couple more:

    #260 Swapert

    #374 Beldum

    #151 mew
  8. May Onaise

    May Onaise Banned

    Requesting permission to use as artwork for a few fake TCG cards

    EDIT: Requesting Ho-oh as well
  9. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    I love Mew, I love Umbreon, I love...Eh hell, I love them all!
  10. SilverGrey

    SilverGrey Guest

    OMFG!! your drawings are excellent!! ^_^ can you draw deoxys?
  11. RocketMeowth

    RocketMeowth Guest

    HOLLY ****!! THESE SO FREAKIN ROCK!! I cant wait to see what you can do with Meowth if you ever do him. Otherwise I like Umbreon, Lugia, and Entie the best!
  12. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    yes you have my permission, as always like with anything just dont forget to give da credit where da credit si due

    and thanks everyone for thier comments! glad you guys like them!

    and as for requests for perticular pokemon, i can give no guarentee i will do em soon cuz i usually just pick a random pokemon to do but ill keep all your requests in mind

    andway here are a couple more:

    #243 Raikou

    #358 Chimecho

    #147 Dratini

  13. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    Aww, the Myuu is soo kawaii. I like the Entei too. They are all so good. Great job!
  14. Skiks


    YAY!!! Gilbertman I love the umbreon. Plus you included the shiny ^^. You made my Day. All the pics are just awsome. ;D I see no flaws.
  15. #1PokemonFan

    #1PokemonFan Guest

    Holy Crap! Go Lugia wee!!!! but seriously do more!
  16. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?


    well im glad i made your day :)

    dont worry ill do more

    in fact here is more:

    #7 Squirtle

    #252 Treecko

    #190 Aipom
  17. Jessie_James

    Jessie_James I have returned!

    There is my Treecko and Chimecho...these are awesome...Is Seviper there somewhere?
  18. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    thank you! no, no seviper as of yet

    new drawing!

    #133 Eevee

  19. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    Awesome work, I love the eevee.
  20. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    thanks master lugia!

    another new one

    #104 Cubone
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