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Gimmick/Novelty Pokemon - Discussion

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Hi, this is for discussion of novelty/gimmick Pokemon. We have all seen them, and some of us love them and some of us hate them. But the fact is, they exist and deserve just as much attention as every OU powerhouse out there.. so here it is, the thread for the discussion of gimmick and novelty pokemon!

Please note: This is NOT a favorites thread. There is a staple post for that.

For a general list of novelty pokemon and what defines them, see this article from the lovely Bulbapedia: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Novelty_Pokémon

Everyone has different opinions of what a novelty or gimmick pokemon is, and that is okay. For me, a novelty pokemon is a pokemon with something that makes it unique or special.

For example my favorite pokemon, Castform. This little guy's form changes with the weather. It has a unique ability, forecast, which allows this. It also has a unique move, weather ball.

There are many gimmick pokemon. Cherrim, a pokemon generally considered weak, has the ability to change form in the sun. Stantler could be considered a "Christmas gimmick." Ditto might be called a gimmick due to its ability to change into other pokemon, same with Zoroark. Others might include Spinda, Unown, and Smeargle. And, as I was just reminded, the ever so troll-ish Margikarp and Feebas.

Everyone's opinion of what defines a gimmick pokemon is different. Bulbapedia presents the following general guidelines for what defines a gimmick or novelty pokemon, though each person might have their own opinions.

"A novelty Pokémon, also referred to as a gimmick Pokémon, is a term for a Pokémon that usually possesses at least one of the following characteristics:

-Does not evolve into or from another Pokémon
-Has a movepool limited to very few moves
-Has a unique Ability
-Has below-average base stats
-Was made to introduce a game mechanic
-Has another unique feature"
^Credit to Bulbapedia

So to get the ball rolling on this discussion I will present a few questions.

1) How do you feel about the gimmick pokemon added by Game Freak?
2) Do you ever use them in battle, in-game or competitively? Why or why not?
3) Do you think that if more gimmick pokemon are added, the current ones won't be as cherished?
4) Would you like to see the current gimmick/novelty pokemon rise in popularity or even have a new "gimmick" tier created for competitive players?
5) Have you ever used a gimmick pokemon without even thinking about the fact that it might be a gimmick pokemon?
6) Do you think that these pokemon deserve more credit in terms of usefulness and strategics? (In my opinion, a team of gimmicks would be quite powerful)
7) Which pokemon do you consider to be gimmicks or not to be gimmicks? Why or why not?

Please note: you don't have to answer these questions. They are just to facilitate discussion.


For a quick look at the powerfulness of a fully gimmick team, I will throw out an example.

Imagine a team looking something like the following:

1) Kecleon
2) Cherrim
3) Castform
4) DW Ditto
5) Zoroark
6) Smeargle

Gimmick teams have the element of surprise. The opponent has no idea what is going on. Kecleon's type is constantly changing, Cherrim is bouncing back between forms, Castform's type and STAB can be fire-water-ice at any given moment, DW Ditto and Zoroark are dealing out fast damage and confusing the opponent to no end, and Smeargle's moveset is ridiculously unpredictable.

I am not saying that this has a competitive use, nor am I recommending you use this team. I came up with this team in under 30 seconds and barely any thought went into it. I am just trying to display the fact that gimmick pokemon do have a place when used properly and when strategy is used.

Gimmick pokemon have the factors of variability and the element of surprise, and that is why I love them.

Discuss :)

I am very sorry about the fact that this thread is a wall of text. I wanted to avoid this and make it colorful with sprites and pictures, but unfortunately I believe you cannot add those currently. I tried to mix it up with varying fonts and text sizes. Thanks for understanding.
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Face Oblivion
Why did you forget the ever so trollish Magikarp and Feebas? XD


How could I commit such a crime? *gasp*

I have edited in a little mention of those two fiendish fish :)


Combee does seem like a bit of a gimmick, especially with its ability. Vesipiqueen is a pretty cool pokemon though.

Unown is often considered a gimmick.

I guess some might say that Beldum is a gimmick, but it is not to be reckoned with when it is a Metagross.


*Le bump for le gimmicky pocket monsters

Treecko's Awesomeness

Treecko is claimed!

Sometimes, gimmicky Pokemon are fun to use in-game. Mostly because you could win every in-game battle with a single Magikarp if you trained it enough.


This is a title.
I just read the whole gimmick thing on bulbapedia x'D

Okay... I am using spiky-eared pichu, emolga, plusle, pachirisu, eevee, togepi, marill, feebas, abra, and manaphy in PMD2.
Gimmicks are fun to use especially the electric rodents... I don't think they're that weak.

I am planning to use wobuffet in my next emerald replay xD

MISSINGNO. rufflet_is_gag

Dark and bird lover
1) They're cute and cool.
2) I use Chatot, Delibird and Farfetch'd. Because they're cute.
3) I think they will be cherished like they are now.
4) Yes.
6) Yep. My Focus Sash Delibird and Hyper Voice Chatot pwns everyone.
7) Honchkrow and Mismagius. *cough* Dusk Stone and meh stats *cough*


Forever now
Isn't Arceus gimmick too?He's playing 'god'?



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Smeargle is an awesome gimmick. I use one pretty often in-game.
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