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Gimmick of the Generation


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My triple battle pokemon.
Abaggora@Muscle Band
Adamant/Solid Rock
-Wide Guard

Wide Guard protects my teamates while they attack. Normal/Water coverage only resisted by Burunkeru, Nattorei and Empoleon. All hit at least neutrally by earthquake.

Roopushin@muscle Band
Adamant/Iron Fist
-Hammer Arm
-Stone Edge
-Bulk Up
-Wide Guard

Are you getting the gimmick? these to pokemon stall with Wide Guard while the other stat boosts. Hopefully this works in triple battles.

Shanderra@Wise Glasses
Modest/Flash Fire
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball

I need a special sweeper and this is it. Superpower it with CM to Deoxys levels of power and behind a wall of rock and sweep like no tomorrow.

Still curious on whether Wide guard will work or not in a triple battle, but in double battles this gimmick will be unbeatable.


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I was going to let someone else go first, but never mind...

Anyway, wide guard seems broken when setting up, like you are here. Just keep in mind that the description says:

It protects all its teammates from attacks for one turn. May fail if used in succession.

As soon as someone figures out what to do, they can TBolt your turtle on the turn it uses wide guard (or psychic roopushin), killing it and then work on the other 2. You might want to give Roopushin mach punch to murder anything before it gets picked on, possibly killing a threat. M.P over hammer arm.
Swampert can learn wide guard and is probably the bulkiest user of it (excluding bastiodon). Machamp could also work.


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I'm a bit iffy about Wide Guard.
Doesn't it protect its teammates only from attacks that hit all of them? Like Surf and Earthquake?

Also when triples, Wide Guard + Follow Me is a better, more solid gimmick.