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GIMP Animation Help


Scary Faerie♥
I need some help animating sprites on GIMP. I tried to animate my Miltank chao so that it blinks, but everytime it finishes blinking, the image goes blank, and then starts all over again. How do I make it so that my chao just blinks, and doesn't go all blank before restarting again?


EDIT: And now whenever I try to post my image, it doesn't show itself, it turns itself into a link. How do I fix that?
it looks like you have a blank image in the project file (I dont use GIMP, I use Photoshop Elements, but when I used GIMP it used the same mechanic for making animated Gifs)

You want there to be two layers in your project file, one of him blinking one of him not....

as for the image not being posted, I'm wondering if images cant be posted on the Technical Help forum... as I cant either

I took the liberty of remaking your Gif for you in Photoshop Elements:



Scary Faerie♥
Wow I never expected that, thank you, your awesome! But I did infact have only two layers, that's what I don't get. The first time I made the animation, it looked exactly the same, but it had 3 layers, so I made a new one with two layers, and it still looks the same... But thanks a lot!