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Ginga Densetsu Weed?

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by bluesonic1, May 21, 2008.

  1. bluesonic1

    bluesonic1 Bird, Wolf, Dragon~

    Anyone around here watch Ginga Densetsu Weed?
    If you would like to watch it, I have a link to a online streaming site(not illegal btw...) where you can watch all of them. Just ask me for it ^^

    If you don't and further more don't like it, please don't reply saying so and putting me and the anime down. Keep those negative comments for yourself thanks :)
  2. Mustasiipi

    Mustasiipi Nose or GTFO.

    Can't... hold... overflowing...

    The opening was cool, it had a nice feeling in it. I had waited for months the first episode to be released. Then it came. And I watched it.

    I felt like crying tears of blood after watching the whole series. Nothing like Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Nothing. It spits on the older series's face, among using other liquids. The series is one massive FAIL with its animation. It is so bad. It would have been an OK series if it would've been done properly. But it wasn't. The plot was also quite rubbish, Weed is being too goody-goody compared to his father who just brutally slashed head off from a giant bear at the same age. I guess they've cutted out quite a lot from the plot when compared to the manga.

    Should get the episodes again, just for the sake of screencapping that mind-blowing quality. Oh god those canines would really need a vet to put them out of their misery.

    One thing was better though than in Silver Fang - the enemies were dogs, not bears. I dislike the bears.
    Last edited: May 21, 2008
  3. MegaTravis

    MegaTravis Pokemon Trainer

    I used to watch it and it was awesome. I haven't finished the series but will someday.
  4. Opal Pikachu13

    Opal Pikachu13 Well-Known Member

    I watched it too! Very good series, yeah alot of things from the manga were cut, but it was still good nonetheless. I enjoyed it.
  5. Rave

    Rave Banned

    Hahaha, no.

    Everyone will obviously disregard that statement.
  6. bluesonic1

    bluesonic1 Bird, Wolf, Dragon~

    I hope not!

    I agree though that Weed is too soft >_> Jeez, I have moments where I'm like screaming "Just kill him!" and Weed just lets the dog go! My favourite character is Jerome, he looks so cool and I love his personality!
  7. Mustasiipi

    Mustasiipi Nose or GTFO.

    That old dog who ripped balls off from his opponents was cool. Pity there wasn't more of him.
  8. kapslock

    kapslock Well-Known Member

    I finished the whole series the other day. It felt, sorta wasted. But I'd recommend it to anyone who likes talking dogs with their jaws hanging open 24/7. (sorry if it sounded too sarcastic, but I really do know people like this kinda anime irl xD)
  9. Haritsuki

    Haritsuki Active Member

    I've seen it. It's a sequel to Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, but it has got a different group making it, and the plot and animation feels just rushed at times. The personalities of some characters were somewhat good, but I agree to Weed being a bit too nice. The ending in it has to be one worst ending ever, when they had actually changed it a lot from what it originally was in the manga. I kinda liked some parts in the anime, but there are parts that could have been a lot better.
    In the anime, the main villain Hougen climbs to top of mountain and gets struck by lightning at snowstorm, really comical.
    If I remind right, in the manga the original owner of Hougen happens to find him and shoots the dog.
    I would really prefer watching Ginga Nagareboshi Gin instead. It's a classic, and the plot makes more sense. It has got a great soundtrack too.
  10. P-fan

    P-fan Storm Trainer

    I only read the Manga.

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