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Ginji's Rescue Team

Hello! I am new to the forums. In other words, I recently found out there is a Manga based off of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I found places to read it but every place only has volumes 1-4. Does anyone know where I can see volume 5-6? I'm sorry if this has been asked, I'm pretty sure it has. I've done lots of research and cannot find the rest of the Manga. If anyone would be kind enough to show me where I could read it or even scan it for me, much would be appreciated.


Petal Blizzard
Sorry I don't know but can you tell me where you found the first 4?
Sure... I forgot the links so I'll upload them myself. Give me a while. I find it odd volume 5 and 6 are no where. I've spent over 2 hours looking for them.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
1-4? 5 and 6? It's a single-volume comic! And so's the as-yet-untranslated MD2 comic.


Procrastinate Today!
Anyway are these in english?!

Yes, they are.

Actually, I'll buy it. Best way anyways. I could scan it for anyone when I get it.
Scanning and distributing manga is a nono, especially here. Besides, if you get it used, you're getting it for about 3 dollars which is almost entirely shipping and handling, so anyone who wants it really doesnt have an excuse not to buy it.


6 volumes? yeah, you got your self mixed up

but yes, I've read the book (got it the same day I had gotten the best of yellow) and I found it pleasently different even though I've never played the mystery dungeon games. How does the Ginji's team compare to the games.

a second Mystery Dungeon, when is it suppose to come out


Trying out new games
Ahh I remember that manga they gave 3 chapter every week with buying a jetix magazine. I normally never buy it but I wanted that manga. It's 1 volume that has 9 chapters if I remember it well. Been years since I read that manga. Was actually the first manga I got since manga in my country in quite rare you need to know which shops sells them and were.

The Wallflower

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They had this in Nintendo Power a few years ago lol.


Blazing Dragons
yeah i've been searching everywhere for those chapters 2.
Guess I'll just buy it when I get a bit of cash. Great so far by the way! highly recommend to any mystery dungeon fans.
here's a link for chapters 1-4 for anyone that's interested. http://www.comic.p3kb.com/pmd/
enjoy! (by the way am i even allowed to post links to things like this?)