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Giratina,Cresselia,and Lucario's creation...


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"According to ancient Sinnoh legend,Lucario was the result of the fusing of two mythologic beasts. Cresselia,bringer of life and hope....Giratina,god of blackness and death...Giratina unwrapped his body,throwing to the bloodied bands to the ground,Cersselia shed her shimmering tears.As the two materials mixed...something began to appear....it swelled,seemed as if growing out of the air itself.But,there was no air,only life an death brought together as one."

Don't mind the words at the bottom,kay?I've redone it and gone over them,this is the older version.Lucario reminds us of Anubis...does he not?
It seemed all too fitting that he would be born from wrappings of the pokemon death god himself. He should have been the "judgement" pokemon,instead of an "aura" pokemon! ^_^ hehe...I like the first one better.


This picture would be so much nicer if you photoshopped it, the colouring is overly sketchy.
I suggest then when you colour you should press on alot harder so the colours look fuller.

It has potential to be a nice picture though.


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It's a shame I don't have photoshop or anything like that...*sobs* I agree with the colors,I've only just begun to experiment with them.(I've used pencils in the past.)