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Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (11)


This movie seemed like a very forced method of shoving Pokemon Platinum down our throats, what with the new Shaymin and Giratina formes, Gracidea Flowers, and the Distortion World. But I liked how we saw Regigigas in the end.


I did have some more extensive thoughts on one element: Zero. Some similarities with Lawrence III become obvious immediately - pasty and light-haired, obnoxiously big air ships, as blind to repercussions for screwing with Legendaries as Ash is to girls’ crushes on him.

That's a good point regarding Zero's similarities with Jirarudan, although Zero was much more developed and seemed more involved with the plot of this movie, unlike Jirarudan who was a passive villain.
I laughed when we saw Zero get his just desserts since he was a whiny villain. I just wish that Regigigas had done so much more.


I laughed when we saw Zero get his just desserts since he was a whiny villain. I just wish that Regigigas had done so much more.

Regigigas did seem to be quite neglected, although it received the funniest scene in the movie during the end credits when it attacked the Rocket-dan.


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As much as I love Shaymin's Sky Forme thanks to this movie, it's not even close to being the best movie. It kinda lacks absolute emotion that isn't kinda hushed in and Regigigas was a completely lame addition, only to serve as a savior when the heroes were in a pickle. It's nowhere near bad though, with awesome animation, the Distortion World being neat and it being truly the only appearance of Shaymin in it's fully fleshed out form, even if it's Land forme is obnoxious (although that's funny at times).

Fun fact: Shaymin Sky was voiced by the same voice actress as Timmy Turner in the Dutch dub of this. Is it good? No. Is it memorable? Yes.


In hindsight, this movie could've benefited from having Giratina serve as the main villain with no human villain involved at all since Giratina looked sinister enough on its own.


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I really liked this movie. I love Ash and all, but it was funny to see him get abused so much in the movie. Shaymin was also a good mix of a jerk and cute. Zero was a great villain too and I liked how much backstory we got with him. I also liked that Newton got to help take him down.


Daizy said:
Shaymin was also a good mix of a jerk and cute.

That's what made Shaymin stand apart from other cutesy Mythical Pokemon like Jirachi and Manaphy. I was pleased by Shaymin's versatile vocal performance in particular.


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Wow, I've just seen this for the first time and it was absolutely amazing!!!

It is one of the top Pokemon movies, along with 4ever and Lucario & The Mystery of Mew.

The plot was interesting, the story was great, I loved the reverse world. It was awesome seeing both formes of Giratina.

Shaymin was amazing, I loved her sassy attitude. I wish that Dawn kept her at the end as I think she would have been awesome in contests and she got on well with Dawn.

Regigigas' appearance at the end was a big shock but it was awesome to see.

Also, it was funny how Shaymin thought Giratina was trying to it her.

I love that Giratina turned out to not be a villain also.

I really enjoyed this movie!


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This movie is one of the best DP movies along with Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Shaymin is precious.
I absolutely love the ending song, "This is a Beautiful World". It teaches us to appreciate the world around us even in tough times like the world is going through right now.

So open your eyes
It's easy to do
Just take the time
And look around you
Never forget:
This is a beautiful world