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Give me a pokemon befitting of the name Elsa (from Frozen)

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Trying to find a good ice type, or a pokemon that can learn ice moves, and has majesty.
btw, Frozen was amazing!


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Well, Lapras has the respect of a great number of fans and it's really impressive. For me, this pokémon is really majestic... And I think that it's really powerful.
Okay, I'll take Lapras in account.

Anything else?

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
Why not Articuno?


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Majestic Ice Pokemon... Majestic Ice Pokemon...hmmmm... well the most majestic and classy Ice types i can think of are Aurorus, Frolass, Lapras, Glaceon and Articuno, also Regice perhaps, it reminds me of and icy diamond or the great magnificence of the ice capped mountains, plus whats more Majestic than having a rare legend on your team, or if you like what about Arceus holding the Icicle Plate


Draco rex
If you ask me, both lapras and aurorus are too blubbery and bulky...ideally, froslass would work the best IMO...but it's all opinionated...personally, I like weavile...then there's milotic...albeit not an ice type...
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