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Give the poster above a Dex entry!

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Queen of Charizards!
Robincool98 the soul Pokemon

This pokemon can take the for of everything. It can also take over someones body. It must however avoid the Soul Eaters


aka Shiny_Feraligatr
Pamizard: The clone pokemon.

Pamizard is the result of a scientific expiriment fusing a human and a Charizard. Not much is known about it...


mattman324 - the FeraliPokegatrmon

This Pokemon wears a Feraligatr disguise and befriends all the Croconaws in the Australis region.


aka Shiny_Feraligatr
Dooplussotto: The Pidgeottokrow pokemon.

Dooplussotto is a morph between Pidgeotto and Murkrow. It silently awaits for the night when it will find a Dusk Stone and evolve into Honcheot.


Well-Known Member
mattman324 - The Shiny Feraligatr Pokemon

This Pokemon is basically a shiny Feraligatr named matt324.

Lazy post by Skull-Kid.


When totodile attack
Skull-Kid the chillin pokemon.

This pokemon has a very relaxed nature and has a hobby of collecting skulls. It won't stop till it has collected every pokemon's skull.


Well-Known Member
Magic eevee - The accident prone Pokemon

Despite being a magical Eevee, it gets attack frequently by Totodiles.


Queen of Charizards!
Skull Kid the Volcano

This Pokemon is a real life looking volcano. It has created camerupt from a previous explosion*


A Jesus Freak
Skull-kid-the laziest pokemon
This pokemon likes to sleep all day, rarely talks, looks like a normal camerupt, except on the side appears to be the numbers 581. This pokemon appears in the games forum.


Back from the depths
Lucario7777777 the guy who i dont know pokemon
this pokemon is always ignored because of his ability to do nothing.


gameboy350 - The Portable Pokemon

It can fit to anywhere: Pockets, shelves, and even your hand. It's designed to play GB games.


aka Shiny_Feraligatr
Dattebayo - the Banyo pokemon.

Dattebayo always finds a need to go to the bathroom, even when it doesn't seem aplicable.
mattman324 - The gibberish pokémon.
All he says is: frgdivknjfrwtedbiw gsbzfsfsdbfdvejddydsaod ffsrnev gre


Or is it the bagel?
Rhyperior vs. Sharpedo, the Knowledgeable Pokemon.
Despite leaving its family whilst, this pokemon has a greater knowledge of literature and interaction than most species its age.


That Photography Guy
Shadow Ninjask, the Shadow Pokemon.
He transforms into a Ninjask when with his group but becomes a Sceptile when around chicks.
Drybones446 the Dry Bones pokemon.
In the first Mario games he looked like a swan. Now he gets to have his revenge!


Rhyperior vs. Sharpedo, the Terra Australis Pokemon

This Pokemon inhabits the Australis region, and enjoys watching Sharpedos and Rhyperiors fight. It is knowledgeable and mature for its age.
Dooplissotto, the Australian pokemon

This pokemon appears in the games forum, but manages to have 220 posts. No one knows how this happened.

Possesed Deoxys

Do the Pika Dance ^^
Shiny Hunter Reece , the hunting pokémon

this pokémon is known for its capability to find shiny pokémon, after finding them, he eats them and keeps their fingers.
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