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Give the poster above a Dex entry!

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When totodile attack
Killer Squirtle the revenge pokemon

Because of it's violent and disturbing behaviour, only the most cold - hearted trainers could ever tame it.


magic_eevee - the Genie Pokemon

When released from its pokeball, the user will be granted 3 wishes. All of the said wishes attempt to backfire.


Follow my lead!
Killer Squirtle the revenge pokemon

Because of it's violent and disturbing behaviour, only the most cold - hearted trainers could ever tame it.

Dattebayo the rebirth pokemon
After generations of the exact same appearance the species underwent a spontanious overhaul!


Yes, I'm still alive
Killer_Squirtle:the muderer pokemon,if your walking down the street on a foggy night it will be your last and your body will be found butchered the next morning


Back in the OLDEN days...


It forages at night, eating wild berries found on low bushes. It glows brightly, even when not evolving, allowing Pokespotters to distinguish it from regular EEVEEs.


Pikalax - The Fusion Pokemon

When a Pikachu and Munchlax does the fusion dance, they become one. They can only evolve with a combination of being lvl 25 and a thunder stone.


BlackDarkness102 - Game Breaker Pokemon

It doesn't read the rules of the games and posts random things that does not have to do with the game. It likes to use Game Breakers in various games.
Dattebayo, the feet-adoring Pokemon.

This Pokemon adores everything that has feet, or something like it. Its signature attack "Ultra Feet Lick" is capable of licking feet, even through shoes.
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Smart Cookie
The Introductory Pokemon

This Pokemon is cheerful and friendly to faces it has never seen before. If it sees someone it has met before, it will enchaant them with it's sense of humour.

(remember me?)


Chibi_Muffin - The lol Pokemon

It laughs at every joke known to man, even if they're not funny to begin with. It is rare for it to die laughing.
dattebayo - the yesteryear pokemon
Has never been seen at the right time. if you see it, it is from a year later.
it, however, is a paradox


Shockingly electric!
j-master, the disguise pokemon

It will try to deceive you by warning you of danger and to always be alert, but once it has built up your trust it will violently kill and eat you.

super riolu31

AKRy100, the number and letter pokemon

As this pokemon seems and acta really smart, it is as smart as a rock

Lucario Wish123

Mechanics Lover
super riolu31 the super Pokemon.
This Pokemon is a Riolu that has super powers. However they can't control their powers so they end up killing their selfs. There are only 31 of the species left.
Lucariowish123:the Hopeful pokemon.
It is a Pikachu that wishes it was a Lucario. It is GliTCheD# and&%* is GT^$88 often *pokedex explodes* trainer: o_O

Lucario Wish123

Mechanics Lover
shadow togepi the shadow smile glitch Pokemon.
This Pokemon likes to glitch electronics. YoU knoW What IT gitCHED By tHE BlacK-PixaliZed SMILE ON the Electronics. Once IT Glitches IT It Makes The ELECtrOnic EXPLODE!)MG IT usu@lly LE@ves a BURNT:)SH@PE On IT>.hvchzzncnzcbzscnzxdgcszdnfjdgcxncfhdcb xjdfgsxjbfdhzbsdchvdzshvnsabncvbzs *black pixallized smile appears on the Poke'dex screen and Poke'dex explodes*
Poke'dex: Malftion#@@! Ma4756! $^&*^%^$@%! %$^&^%%$! shadow togepis rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Poke'dex explodes again*
Me: o_0


Lucario Wish123 - the Joke Pokemon

Making jokes is what Lucario Wish123 likes best. Its favorite victim is Indragon.
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