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danger chili pepper
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!!! Please READ everything before posting !!!

  • Ask the mods if you need help.
    • While this forum is moderated, you can post any thread as it does not require approval. However, if you have questions, you may ask a moderator before posting a thread so they can make sure it follows the rules.
  • Appropriately label whether your thread is a contest or a giveaway.
    • Giveaways
      • The participants do not have to do any real work, such as "the first person to PM me with the right answer to this question gets it," "the 20th poster of this thread gets it," etc.
    • Contests
      • The participants compete against each other in some way to win and the host picks a winner, such as by creating the best picture caption, making the best banner, etc.
    • If you are not sure which label is appropriate, ask a moderator.
  • Do not spam or post off-topic posts.
    • The threads should not devolve into chatting; all posts must pertain to the giveaway/contest at-hand.
  • All participation is confined to SPPf.
    • You cannot require anyone to use or sign up for a different website or email/message you anywhere besides on SPPf.
  • You may not ask for any real money, real-world items, or Pokemon from the games in exchange.
    • The point of this section is to give away Pokemon with nothing in return. You may ask for things like a banner for your guild or something in the form of a contest, but that's about it. If you are not sure whether or not you can ask for something, once again, ask a moderator.
  • Hacked Pokemon are forbidden.
    • You may only give away Pokemon or items that can be legally obtained within the Pokemon game.
  • You must be giving away something substantial.
    • Obviously this is subjective, but we don't want someone making a giveaway thread for breeding rejects with 3IVs and poor natures or something. Small giveaways of less-than-stellar Pokemon can be done in the Small Giveaways Sticky.
  • Be specific about the Pokemon you are giving away and include all information in the first post.
    • This includes what Pokemon it is, its level, nature, IVs, attacks, and so on. Don't say "see my sig for info" or anything like that.
  • Give what you promised.
    • Your prize/s must match your description exactly and you must actually give them away to people. Do not make a contest to get something (such as a banner) for free and then not pick a winner for your prize/s.
  • Include an end date for your giveaway/contest.
    • You also should select a winner within a week of the end date you provided. If this is not done, your contest/giveaway may be closed.
  • Please ask a moderator to to close your thread once it is over.
    • This is to prevent people from reviving dead threads or asking about expired offers.
  • No begging.
    • If someone has already given away what you wanted or awarded a prize to someone else, do not beg them for anything else. Everyone here is giving away stuff for free and they are not obligated to give you anything extra.
  • Scammers are strictly not allowed.
    • If you have a red badge from scamming, you may not participate in anything in this forum.
  • Restrictions on entry are allowed within reason.
    • If desired, a giveaway/contest owner may make small restrictions on entry, such as disallowing people from entering if they already own the Pokemon being gifted, won the last giveaway, etc.
  • You may have one giveaway/contest open at a time.
    • Your old one must end before making a new one. You may also bump once if you are the thread owner and it has been at least 48 hours with no posts.
  • All SPPf rules apply.
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