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Gizmolt and some ghost-types


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The image is bigger than it should be.


Gizmolt was created by me,he's obviously not a real pokemon.^_^Please tell me if you like his design! He would be a Fire/Ghost-type,the counterpart to Rotom.


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wow I like your drawing it's soooooo cooooool and I like the new pokémon is so cooooool
keep up^.^


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Lol at spiritomb getting let out. The shuppet's really good, and rotom is rockin'! I didn't think such a simple design could be given such personality. I love how the lightning bolts coming from rotom's sides look like limbs almost. Not a bad fake either.

The only one I don't think is all that awesome is driftloon. The others are so incredible, but it's just sort of hanging there blankly. Though that's just a small dent in the windshield really, because the others are awesome.