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Gligar's Island (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    or Pokemon meets Gillian's Island. Rated PG-13 for mild violence and quite possibly light swearing.
    RP Thread

    Announcements: We're looking for a Professor and a second Rich Person!

    The tropical Alola region and outlying islands attract many tourists, so it should be no surprise that there are several businesses that cater to them, including one that does tours of the outlying islands. On a clear sunny day, such a tour departed, on a small boat called the Finneon, with a two man crew, and five passengers. You were one of the people aboard this vessel.

    The tour was going well, and ahead of schedule, so after consulting the passengers, the crew decided to take them further out to sea to see if they could see any of the migrating Wailmer. Having checked the weather report that morning before departure, they were confident the weather would remain clear until late that evening. They were wrong.

    The weather quickly got rough, rain buffeting the group, and wind tossing the tiny vessel. The dismayed crew soon realized that they'd gotten turned around while Wailmer watching. They ushered their customers inside for safety and continued their attempts to reorient themselves and return to port. Eventually they managed to find an island, but it looked uninhabited, with a rocky lagoon that could cripple the ship. Still, it seemed safer then staying out in the storm.

    The boat was damaged even worse then expected, and the crew and guests were forced to wade through the frigid water, to the beach. In the chaos, most of their luggage and pokeballs were lost. The crew could only hope to recover and repair the boat after the storm passed, and get everyone back to civilization. In the meantime the seven of them would have to make the best of things, stranded on this tropical island.

    Soaking wet, the group trudged up onto the empty beach, seeking shelter in the treeline ahead. As they neared the jungle, they could see a hazy purple form lingering there, obscured by the heavy rain. 'Is that a pokemon?' someone asked, to which the most scholarly in their small band replied, 'I believe it's a Gilgar.'

    At that, the mysterious pokemon turned and fled deeper into the woods. It was decided not to go after it as the group huddled beneath the sturdiest looking tree, for it was dark, and there was probably dangerous pokemon in the jungle, not to mention the danger falling branches, coconuts, and other debris.

    As morning breaks over the ravaged island, our story begins. . .

    In this lighthearted exploration and survival game, each player is allowed 1-2 pokemon at the start (as the game progresses pokeballs with lost team members may be recovered and wild pokemon may be befriended as well). You may also claim a reasonable number of personal items, keeping in mind that most electronics will likely have been ruined by salt water or rain, and there is no cell signal on the island anyways. You will not be required to keep a running inventory, but the GM might call you on it if something overly convenient appears out of nowhere.

    As you move through different parts of the island, the GM will list resources and pokemon found there (including flotsam such as garbage, pokeballs, and luggage). The pokemon on the island are not accustom to humans, and may react in unusual ways, showing a friendly lack or fear, or abnormal aggression. The key resources you should be looking for include; fresh water, food, firewood and kindling, possible shelter components, and of course your pokeballs and luggage.

    Player List:
    1. (Skipper) - Sketchie (captain Ned)
    2. (Sailor) - Vern (sailor River)
    3. (Movie Star) - Monster Guy (movie star Andre)
    4. (Rich Person) legnak (double champion Legna)
    5. (Rich Person)
    6. (Country girl/boy) - VampirateMace (ranger Bunny)
    7. (Professor)

    Sign-up Form:


    Appearance: +8 sentences

    Personality: +8 sentences

    History: +8 sentences

    Items on hand: 5 or less please

    (Remember the limit is 2 pokemon per character)

    Known Moves: (up to 8)

    Personality: +2 sentences

    History: +2 sentences

    Other: any accessories or appearance differences?

    Lost Pokemon:
    You can list any lost pokemon here, just encase some pokeballs float ashore. You can do a full sign-up for them if you like, but it's not required.

    My SU:

    Name: Bunny Wilson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Occupation/Schooling: Pokemon Ranger

    Bunny has a slight tan from working outside, accented with a few freckles, and chocolate brown hair that she keeps tied back in low twin pigtails, under her hat. Her face is oval shaped with a slightly pointy chin, small nose, and alert hazel eyes. She has a medium, toned build, and is around average height. She has a small scar under her left eye, due to a rock climbing incident during a ranger mission, and another on her right ankle where she got burned while training her Charmander. Currently she also has some cuts on her legs due to the frantic wade through rock and debris littered water in shorts. Not to mention the scratches on her shoulders from her frightened Meowth.

    Bunny is usually dressed in her pokemon ranger uniform, which consists of black shorts and a black shirt with elbow length sleeves, under an orange-red vest. Additionally she has an orange-red hat and boots, as well as black fingerless gloves. She had what she believed to be a sturdy utility belt on which her pokeballs and tools fit, though this got damage while they were abandoning the ship and floated off with two of her pokeballs, and most of her tools including her rope. Her vest was also torn on the right back side due to the same event that ripped her belt.

    Bunny is an active go getter type of person, often rushing into action. Sometimes a little too soon. She's pretty good at figuring out what to do next though, often having engaged in worse case scenario thinking activities and having learned a lot of survival skills both from friends and family, as well as from books.

    She's quite passionate, especially where protecting wild pokemon and natural resources is concerned, and will not hesitate to let someone know they're being irresponsible. She understands humans have needs though, so she doesn't freak out over every little thing, or well established cities and facilities, but she might make suggestions for changing repeated negative behaviors or future protection of pokemon.

    She can be a good friend if you take the time to get to know her, but due to her wandering ranger life-style, she doesn't really stay in touch unless the other person makes an effort to reach her. She does make sure she calls her parents back on the ranch every now and then, just to make sure they're okay, and to let them know how she and her pokemon are doing. She doesn't know if she'll ever start a family of her own, being currently unattached, but she does believe the family she has is important.

    Bunny grew up on a small ranch, with her parents and twin younger brothers, raising such pokemon as Gogoat, Miltank, and Numel. One of her lost pokemon is a female Gogoat she's had since childhood, when it was an undersized Skiddo. At home she learned a great deal about how to care for and nurture pokemon, including many healing techniques. Her country home also gave her the chance to observe and appreciate the wild pokemon around them. Sustainability and protecting the natural world became rather important to her, leading her to eventually join the Pokemon Rangers.

    Though technically on vacation, with other rangers helping out in her usual patrol area, Bunny was still in uniform with her tools at hand, ready to go encase any pokemon or people need her help. Which given the current situation, paid off, except for being in shorts (because her legs are a bit cut up), and losing most of her tools.

    Her Meowth, Petra had been riding on her shoulders during the tour and therefore was still with her during the accident. Her belt with her other pokeballs and rope on it, got ripped during the evacuation, as well as her vest. She tried to grab for the belt as it floated away, but only managed to pull off a pokeball, which turned out to be her Sableye, Amythest.

    Items on hand:
    Multi-tool, waterlogged tour ticket, half a pack of waterlogged gum, some loose change


    Name: Petra
    Species: Meowth
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Pickup
    Known Moves:
    Scratch, Bite, Fury Swipes, Taunt, Payday, Dig

    Personality: Petra is sassy and a bit clingy. She's happy to battle, but also wants to be cuddled and babied at times, liking to ride on Bunny's shoulders. She tends to tease other pokemon, especially during battle, and therefore gets along better with humans then other pokemon.

    History: Petra is one of Bunny's oldest pokemon, second to her Gogoat, Juniper, who is currently lost. Bunny was given her for a pet well before she ever became a pokemon ranger, but found the young cat was interested in battling. This is what started Bunny as a trainer. She is probably close to evolving.

    Other: Petra is an original form Meowth.

    Name: Amethyst
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Stall
    Known Moves:
    Foresight, Nightshade, Knock Off, Power Gem, Payback, Flash, Cut

    Personality: Amethyst is somewhat shy and hesitant, not overly eager to meet new people and pokemon. She prefers to watch others silently from a distance for a bit first, much like she did when she met Bunny. She hesitates in battle too, giving her a bit of a disadvantage, but making good use of the move Payback. She's really a sweetheart once she warms up to someone though.

    History: Amethyst is Bunny's newest pokemon, the two of them having met in a cave in Bunny's patrol area. The two of them had multiple friendly encounters before Amethyst expressed interest in joining her. Bunny taught her Flash with an HM so the two of them could journey deeper into the cave where Amethyst once lived.

    Other: Nope.

    Lost Pokemon:
    3) Gogoat (Juniper, F)
    4) Charmeleon (Sulfur, M)
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
  2. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    *SLAMS FIST ON THE TABLE* May I please reserve sailor? I'd have to completely rework his history, but I would love to use my Neddy.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @Sketchie - you got it.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Thank you for reserving me in advance!

    Good thing I have insomnia tonight.

    Name: André Bellamy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Movie Star


    Appearance: André is a tall young man, standing at exactly six feet. Although he doesn't like to do so, he excersises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob, and is physically fit and toned as a result. He doesn't spend too much time in the sun, so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair short, and neatly styled at all times. There is never a hair out of place. He has a round boyish face, a small nose, and large baby blue, almond shaped eyes, which he claims are his best feature. His mouth is usually in some kind of smile, which shows off his perfectly white teeth. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body. He's also pierced his earlobes so he can wear earrings.

    André is very much into fashion. He likes expensive designer clothing, and he usually dresses more formally than most people his age. Being famous, he has a certain reputation to uphold, so he makes sure to look his best wherever he goes. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He even wears a tie and blazer often. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans. His wardrobe contains a lot of different colors, but pink is by far his favorite. These days, André wears all pink from head to toe. His current outfit consists of a frilly pink dress shirt that fits him well. In place of a tie, he wears an elaborate necklace made from pink pearls. On top of that he wears a magenta trenchcoat. He also wears a pair of pink diamond cuff bracelets around both wrists, and a diamond ring on a pink band on his right ring finger. On the bottom he wears tight magenta trousers held up by a fuchsia leather belt with a gold buckle. His choice of footwear include a pair of fuchsia dress shoes with bright pink spats on them. He accesorizes this with his signature pink beret on his head that has a magenta heart barette attached to it, and a pair of pink diamond stud earrings decorating his ears. He carries around a pink heart shaped messenger bag that has a magenta ribbon tied into a bow attached to it, and he wears a pair of pink cat's-eye sunglasses, with diamond studded rims.

    André has developed a taste for diamonds and gemstones. He will often be seen wearing various pieces of jewelry, regardless of whether it was intended for a man or not. He enjoys experimenting with fashion, and likes trying out many different things, including wearing women's clothing, wigs, and sometimes make-up. He feels women get nicer clothes than men do, and it lets him get away with wearing more jewelry than a man can. He can pass for a convincing woman when he's all made up. He often wears rose scented perfume.

    Personality: First off, André has tastes that are usually considered femmine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really emabrrased by it. He really doesn't understand why boys in this country have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their masculinity. André is very obsessed with beauty and looking good. As a movie star, he feels he has to maintain a certain image, and because people don't want to be friends with an ugly person. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. Because he puts so much effort into looking good, he hates getting dirty, as it ruins all the work he put in.

    He really values his relationships. He doesn't like to be alone, so he goes to great lengths to make friends and fans everywhere he goes. He often attends parties to meet new people. For the same reason, he also likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

    He can be charming and manipulative when he wants to be. He uses his charm, charisma, and the occasional bribe to get what he wants from people. He knows just what to say to win people over, which sometimes helps him get his way in many situations. While he is polite and well-mannered, and typically acts friendly towards others, he treats people like objects to make himself feel better. He can be self-centered, and disregards how other people feel and what they need if it's not benefiting him somehow. It's not something he does consciously, it's just how he is. He was brought up believing that people's affections can be bought, and it's worked out for him so far.

    Having become used to being given whatever he wants, André has been spoiled by wealth. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He wears expensive clothes, drives around in fancy cars, takes exotic vacations, and freely spends money like it grows on trees. He is very generous with his money, since he has so much of it, trading a a few dollars for something better is no problem. He's also found it much easier to woo people with money. He especially enjoys being famous, and being adored by many. He doesn't mind the the craziness that comes with being a cleberty either. Bad publicity is still publicity, as long as people are talking about you, then that's all that matters. André has always been accustomed to life on top. His worst fear is losing it all, whether that be ruining his movie career, or losing his hard earned friends.

    History: Born in Lumiose City, Kalos, André's childhood is not what one would consider normal. His parents are both famous actors, and since his birth he's been in the lap of luxury. Due to his parents being famous actors, and therefore often busy, André rarely ever saw them. He was also homeschooled for a while, and was rarely able to leave the house. He felt lonely being in a big empty mansion with only caretakers that were too busy to keep the kid entertained. André's parents brought him expensive toys to make it up to him. For a while the shiny new toy would make him feel less lonely, but soon he would get bored of it, and the loneliness came back. He thought something better would solve the problem. When his parents announced a new trip, the young boy cried, and of course, his parents brought him a new, better, more expensive gift once they got back. The same thing happened, it would make him feel good for a while, but soon he'd get bored again. He would continue to ask and receive more and more expensive things throughout his childhood. It was great, and André grew accustomed to wealth and having anything he wanted on a whim. It was nice, but it still wasn't enough, the bad feelings still didn't go away.

    André recieved his first Pokemon from his parents. He asked his parents for a sibling so he would have someone to play with. His parents laughed, and said they would work on it. Shortly after that, his parents brought home an adorable Cleffa that he named Jolie for their son, and the subject of wanting a sibling was dropped. André bonded with this Cleffa quickly due to their similar natures. She is the only gift his parents gave him that André hasn't grown tired of. She is the closest friend André has ever had.

    At some point, his parents thought it was a good idea for him to start interacting with other kids, so they enrolled him in a private school. When André started going to school, and meeting other people his age, he got a lot of attention from them due to the fancy toys he had that they couldn't afford. At recess, every kid wanted to play with him. Being with others made him feel just as good, if not better, than opening up a brand new toy. It was then he thought that if new toys won't help, then maybe people will. He made lots and lots of friends, and Andre was happy for a while. Soon his family had to move away, and André was transferred to a new school. Having lost all the friends he made, André was upset for a while, but he soon worked to make new friends in this new place, and he was happy again. Then his parents moved once more, and the cycle continued. He was never truly content though, because he always had to leave all his friends behind.

    At the age of thirteen, André's family moved to Virbank City, to further their careers. There, his parents encouraged their son to follow in their footsteps, and become an Actor. They put him in acting classes, and used their connections to pull a few strings, and get him and his Cleffa a starring role in a major film. He didn't want to do this at first, but did it anyway to please his parents. While making the movie, he came to enjoy being on a movie set, and acting. When his first movie went to theaters, and became a box-office success, he enjoyed all the fame and attention it brought him. Or more specifically, he liked all the adoring fans. He also enjoyed the piles of money, expensive things, and all the glamour that being a movie star brings. He decided to pursue a film career, while also attending school when he wasn't filming. After doing that for a few years, he became as famous and successful as his parents. He is often chased by Papparazzi and crazed fans, and he is also often the subject of ridiculous rumors in gossip magazines. Usually, they involve him spending absurd amounts of money on something lavish, being seen at a party, or romance rumors with various other celeberties. (Not long after hitting puberty, he discovered how attractive people were, and the joys of love. Although he's never had a serious romantic relationship, much to his disappointment.) He doesn't mind all the craziness that much. As long as he has all his adoring fans, then all is well.

    While playing with Jolie one day, she suddenly evolved into a Clefairy. André was very excited by this. Jolie had turned into a more adorable Pokemon than she was before. After doing research, and learning about the Fairy type, as well as the complete lack of male Fairy type specialists, André decided he would specialize in Fairy type Pokemon.

    André has everything now, devoted fans, a luxurious life, and piles of money at his disposal. Despite this, he still isn't satisfied. He feels like something is missing, but he isn't sure what that is. He decided to take a vacation for a little while, he went to the tropical islands of the Alola region. He had only gone there for work related reasons, and never as a tourist. He thought taking a tour of the region was a good vacationy thing to do. He even agreed to see the Wailmer, even though he wasn't particularly interested in them. He, and his Pokemon, were completely unprepared for what would happen, even though he had been in a movie about a ship capsizing, and being stranded on a deserted island. He was not happy about it one bit, and knew he should have said no to the Wailmer watching excursion.

    Jolie and Jeanne were both with him when the ship capsized. The rest were in his bag, which got lost.

    Items on hand: 2 Pokeballs, his wet boarding ticket, compact mirror, comb. (His messenger bag containing his wallet, wet smartphone, other Pokemon, and possibly other items, is lost with the rest of the luggage.)


    He speaks with a French Kalosian accent, and uses French words in his speech often, but is still able to speak English just fine.

    Pokemon Party:

    Name: Jolie
    Species: Clefairy
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Known Moves: Disarming Voice, Sing, Sweet Kiss, Magical Leaf, Softboiled, Attract, Metronome, Flamethrower


    Personality: She is very much like Andre in a number of ways. She has starred in several movies with her trainer, and is also a celebrity herself. She likes being the center of attention. When no one is paying attention to her, she will do something cute, to get noticed. In general, she likes to dress up, and she enjoys using her cute looks to get what she wants. Aside from that, she is a friendly and playful Pokemon, who really loves how much her trainer spoils her rotten.

    History: She was André's first Pokemon, given to him by his parents. He asked his parents for a sibling one day, and they gave him Jolie hoping to drop the subject.

    Other: She wears a large red bow on top of her head, and a diamond studded collar around her neck.

    Name: Jeanne
    Species: Sylveon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Pixelate
    Known Moves: Heal Bell, Wish, Protect, Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Baton Pass, Attract


    Personality: Jeanne is a friendly and sociable Pokemon. She is very affectionate towards her trainer, and anyone she considers her friends. While she enjoys the spotlight and attention that comes with being a celebrity Pokemon, she's not a diva, and is much more down to earth than her trainer is. She does however, like to keep herself well-groomed. Although she can battle, she generally prefers healing and supporting her teammates then getting her paws dirty fighting herself. She likes to flirt with male Pokemon.

    History: Eeveelutions were all the rage. Everybody who is anybody just had have one. André was somebody, so he had to have one. So, he caught an Eevee since there were plenty of them to be found in Kalos, and evolved her into Sylveon.

    Lost Pokemon
    Ralts (Pierre M)
    Sophie (Marill F)
    Angelique (Togepi F)
    Clé (Klefki F)
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES



    Name: Eduard "Ned" van Houten
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Occupation/Schooling: Captain, Business major
    Theme Songs: Drawn to the Blood // Sufjan Stevens, Mental Illness // Goodnight Neverland

    Appearance: Eduard is broad and intimidating. He's built like a tank, with broad shoulders and a wide stance. He's pretty tall, at 6'3", and his perfect posture seems to hold him up higher. His face is sharp and bony, with a strong jaw and cheekbones. He has a large nose, straight and pointed and down-turned, accenting a strong brow. His eyebrows are thick but tidy, and only a little but darker than his light brown hair. His hair is often styled spiking up (similar to this? oh wait this is basically him hha), though when left down his hair brushes down to just above his eyes. His eyes are a deep, piercing green, though there is often a hint of softness about them. He is somewhat tanned from his adventures out at sea, but he's still clearly Dutch-white. While his skin is mostly clear of blemishes, he is fairly scarred. He has a small, vertical scar on his forehead above his right eye, a couple long scars on his right shoulder, and various scars on his forearms. He is quite muscular, and has well built arms, legs, core, shoulders... if he has muscle there, it's toned and strong. His hands are calloused, rough, but kind and soft in use. As as sailor, he refrains from getting tattoos or piercings... but he does have one tattoo. It's a simple black and white tulip design on his inside left ankle. What a basic white girl. His voice is low, a baritone kind of range, very smooth and with a faint Dutch accent. (Listen I don't CARE if Nederland is never going to be used as a region inspiration, let me live.)

    Eduard's clothes are simple, but well-fitting and refined. What he usually wears doesn't matter, so we'll skip to the good part. He is currently wearing a navy tank top, and tan pants tucked into dark brown combat boots. Over this, he is wearing a brown overcoat that comes down to almost his knees. He is wearing his precious scarf, striped top to bottom blue-white-blue. He will not be seen without it.

    Ned looks worn. Not necessarily older or wiser, he still looks mid-twenties, but he looks worn and world weary.

    Personality: Eduard acts like a tough guy, but he's a big softie at heart. He's just a really sad and broken one. He is very confident in his skills, don't get me wrong. He knows what he's doing, you can be sure of that. He's good at acting rough and intimidating, because a part of him is. He has a bit of a temper, and has a very cold kind of anger. He's not exactly a wordy person in the first place, he likes to say only what needs to be said. He's blunt. He won't hesitate to say something if he feels it progresses things in some way. This doesn't mean he'll say everything that comes to mind, only what he finds practical, productive, and necessary. He's never flustered because of it, he takes pride in how he feels and thinks, and how other people feel about that doesn't matter. He knows how he feels, who cares what other people think. (He's also very stubborn.) He can be a little controlling, he likes being The Leader. That's why he's the captain. He likes feeling in charge of himself and his surroundings. Eduard is a fantastic businessman, and is very wealthy because of his entrepreneurship and skill in playing the stock market. Not that that matters right now, but it should be said that the guy is amazing at this whole economy thing.

    Ned is a huge softie. He's very loving once you get past a cold exterior. He's incredibly kind, and doesn't mind giving a helping hand or two. (Or three, if he had a third.) He's protective of those he loves, and tries to shield them from as much hurt as possible. His love is as deep as the ocean. He has a soft spot for cute things, and gets along with children quite well. He gets along with people quite well. He has a more diplomatic way of handling disputes that he's been dragged into, and tries to get all sides of every story before expressing judgement. He wants people to get along, and really hates it when people start hurting each other. He can be pretty funny at times, and is usually up for a good laugh or two. He wants friends. He doesn't like feeling alone. He doesn't like other people feeling alone. He is very grounded, sturdy, stable, and a good shoulder to cry on. Ned's willing to listen. Ned's willing to help.

    The ocean is the number one thing in Eduard's life. He's always felt a pull to the sparkling water. He's a fantastic navigator, and rarely ever gets lost. He can track the stars like they’re part of him. He knows the sea. (He's actually pretty angry with himself and the sailor for getting lost at sea.) He's fond of stars and the night sky, and can often be found (literally) staring off into space on clear nights. Aside from the sea, he does have other hobbies. He's a very good sketcher, and spends a lot of time either journalling or sketching in the notepad he keeps in his breast pocket. Sketching brings him some well needed peace. He adores flowers. He kept a garden outside his house (yes, they were mostly tulips, shut up), and has become very good at gardening over the years. While he won't admit it, Ned also loves romantic poetry. Again, he's a huge softie, and loves romance. He will not admit this, but you can see it on his face around those obviously in love couples. He has a deep appreciation for music, he sings and plays the piano with ease.

    Eduard is a storm. While he tries his hardest to relax, he just... can't. He feels as though if he unwinds, he will surely come undone. Sketching, gardening, and sailing are the closest things he has to peace. While he wants love, he really does, he feels like it is impossible, unattainable. He constantly feels like a square peg in a round hole, like he just isn't made for this world. This leads to some pretty bad isolationist behavior, and he has a bad habit of shutting himself off and away from other people, especially if he's sad or anxious. Eduard can come off as cold, even though he doesn't mean to. He beats himself up over the little things, he's incredibly self-deprecating, which worsens his isolation habit. Eduard shows signs of a depressive disorder. He goes through periods of extreme sadness and apathy, mostly leaning on the apathy side. He doesn't sleep well, almost ever. He's naturally a pessimist, but he tries not to be. He does truly try not to let the sadness and negativity get to him. It doesn't mean he always succeeds.

    Eduard wants a place in the world. He wants to interact with people in a way both people understand. He's trying to find his corner of the sky, so to speak, and he wants people to be with him in that corner. He sometimes hates that people are often intimidated by him, he doesn't mean to be that way, he doesn't want to be that way. He's trying to learn how to be warm and inviting. He wants to mean something, he wants to matter. But, I guess, whatever, he's stranded on this island, so there's not much of a point to that anymore. Better get these other people to safety.

    History: Eduard van Houten was born to an alcoholic and a prostitute living in Dendemille Town. He had a twin sister, Emma van Houten, but even from the beginning, she and Eduard never really got along. Eduard and Emma lived with their parents for some time, but their home wasn't exactly a loving one. It was small, broken down, barely any food on the table, but it was something. Emma was loud and brash, a trouble-maker from the beginning. Eduard stayed out of the way, preferring his own path away from his family. He felt so alienated from the people he was supposed to care about, and his sister didn't help. They would bicker and fight all the time, and sweet little Eduard usually found himself on the losing end. Their parents never interfered, they were so disconnected from their children's lives that they barely noticed. Eduard had few friends at school, keeping to himself and drawing in a small kindergarten journal. It's not like he didn't want to make friends, he just really didn't know how.

    He made his first friend when he was seven years old. Coming home on a cold winter's day, Eduard found a tiny little scrap of fur shivering under the porch. He and the tiny Buneary became fast friends, Eduard using whatever he could find to nurse the pokemon back to health. Not having a trainer's license, he couldn't make the Buneary truly his, but he named it Bunbun anyway. This made his sister very jealous, she thought the cute pokemon should be hers, but Bunbun stood by Eduard's side.

    At ten years old, he applied to become a trainer. As it wasn't a good idea for ten year olds to be wandering around on their own, a program was made for young aspiring trainers to begin training with an older trainer, a mentor of sorts. Both Emma and Eduard applied, but only Eduard got in. He was overjoyed -- he was getting out of his house. He took his Bunbun and set off to Sinnoh. He was placed in the care of 27-year-old Jeremy Fischer, a sailor who lived in Canalave City. Canalave was a wonder for the boy, everything was so new and bright and warm. It was so warm. He loved the smell of the sea. He loved going with Jeremy on sailing trips, to the mines, to Newmoon Island, even just out to open sea. Jeremy and Eduard got along very well, and they became as close as brothers. Eduard enrolled himself in a school in Canalave, to hone academic progress as well as honing training and sailing with Jeremy. He was a fantastic student, constantly at the top of his class.

    While Eduard was officially released from Jeremy's custody when he was 16 years old, he stayed in Canalave to study. He graduated at the top of his class, and was even valedictorian of his class. He was accepted in a top Sinnoh university in Jubilife City, and left his home in Canalave. He spent breaks in Canalave, on the sea with Jeremy. He took to finances, and studied to be a skilled businessman. He graduated early, but felt the pull to the sea. He moved to the Alola region, far away, and started a fishing and touring business. He worked for another company on the side, working through the magics of the internet. So we're pretty caught up. Bunbun's pokeball was in Ned's breast pocket, as well as Glacier's -- the other pokeballs were on another part of his jacket that had been torn in the accident.

    Items on hand: Small notebook and pencil in his breast pocket, a pack of cigarettes, lighter, technically his scarf belongs here but SCARF.


    Name: Bunbun
    Species: Buneary
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Limber
    Known Moves:
    -- Baby-Doll Eyes
    -- Jump Kick
    -- Quick Attack
    -- Dig
    -- Swift

    Personality: Bunbun is sleepy and lazy. She likes to eat, she likes laying around, and she likes to be warm. She spends a lot of time in Ned's inside breast pocket sleeping. She's pretty calm and laidback when she's awake, a go-with-the-flow kind of pokemon. She and Ned are very close.
    History: Mentioned in Ned's history, Bunbun is Eduard's first pokemon. She was chased out of her litter for being the runt. She hopped her way to Ned's house, and hid underneath the porch. Ned found her, and she immediately took to him. The two have been inseparable ever since.
    Other: Bunbun is tiny. She was the runt of her litter, and is very small for a buneary.

    Name: Glacier
    Species: Dewgong
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Known Moves:
    -- Surf
    -- Ice Beam
    -- Aurora Beam
    -- Aqua Tail
    -- Dive
    -- Blizzard

    Personality: Glacier is tired and done. He's apathetic, salty, and just a little dead on the inside. His theme song would be "Bring Me to Life" by Evanesence. He's just really tired and done with everyone's bullsh*t, wake him up tomorrow. But, if his friends are going along with something, well, fine, he'll go too.
    History: Glacier was found by Ned when he was 15. He was taking a swim, and ran into a seel. He wasted no time in catching it, and named it Glacier because... well, he already had a water theme going, why not? Glacier joined Ned's official team, and through hard work and training, he evolved into a magnificent Dewgong. (Glacier didn't much care. He's dead inside.)

    Lost Pokemon: (fills every out because why not)

    Name: Triton
    Species: Empoleon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Known Moves:
    -- Hydro Cannon
    -- Surf
    -- Flash Cannon
    -- Drill Peck
    -- Bubble Beam
    -- Metal Claw

    Personality: Triton is loud, flamboyant, and very, very proud. He's King Triton! He is focused on lookin' good. He's a very Lance Armstrong character, he wants to help others, but he is always right! Everything goes well, even if it doesn't. He can be a tad stubborn.
    History: Triton is technically Eduard's first official pokemon, though the second befriended. Triton was gifted to Ned when he was accepted into the Sinnoh track, and he's never left the team.
    Other: Triton's horns are longer than the average Empoleon's, and he's quite the regal pokemon. He is the only one that can pick Eduard up.

    Name: River
    Species: Milotic
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Competitive
    -- Surf
    -- Aqua Tail
    -- Hydro Pump
    -- Aqua Ring
    -- Dragon Tail
    -- Dragon Pulse
    -- Avalanche

    Personality: River is much like Rarity from My Little Pony. River is incredibly vain, and loves beauty and aesthetics. He hates getting dirty, mostly just hates squalor. River is graceful, but he can act like a bit of a mom sometimes. He's protective, nothing's gonna get to his babies! But he can be fussy, too. Rip River.
    History: River came into Ned's life on a trip to Mt. Coronet. He was outside the mountain as a 17 year old, randomly fishing in the river when HOLY HELL IS THIS A FEEBAS?? It was, Eduard caught it, and painstakingly went through the toils of making it "beautiful" so the little thing could evolve. He hopes that keeping River on the team was a good idea.

    Name: Neptune
    Species: Gyrados
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Known Moves:
    -- Waterfall
    -- Outrage
    -- Ice Fang
    -- Aqua Tail
    -- Dragon Tail
    -- Crunch
    -- Hyper Beam

    Personality: THE VOICE OF REASON. While River can be a mom, Neptune is the Mom Friend. He just wants everything to go as smoothly as possible, and maybe have juice boxes at the end. Neptune likes juice boxes. He's soft spoken, and doesn't want to hurt anything unless necessary. Very kind and tender.
    History: Neptune is Eduard's newest pokemon. While most of his pokemon come from his teen years, Neptune is actually from Alola. They met while Eduard was on a solo sailing trip, and Ned absolutely fell in love with the pokemon. Neptune was welcomed onto the team, and quickly became a much needed voice of reason.

    Name: Ariel
    Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Known Moves:
    -- Surf
    -- Muddy Water
    -- Aurora Beam
    -- Water Pulse
    -- Icy Wind
    -- Brine

    Personality: Ariel can be described using *thinks of the wii shop channel music, dances in office chair.* He's fun and bouncy and excitable, everything is awesome to Ariel! He's all over the place, acting more like a stereotypical Jolteon than a Vaporeon. But, if you get him to attention, Ariel is incredibly loyal to Ned and the team.
    History: Ariel was a gift from Jeremy when Eduard left his custody. He was given as an eevee, named Ariel not after a certain mermaid, but after a island sprite in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Ariel took a while to bond with Eduard, but Eduard had a water stone ready for when he deemed the perfect time for Ariel to evolve.
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  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Monster Guy: You're welcome and accepted. Andre seems shallower then I remember. And it's going to be really fun when he realizes the island has no bathroom facilities.
  7. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Could I snag a reserve on professor?
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Hydrangea: Sure

    Newcomers, we still need a skipper/captain and a couple rich/famous people.
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  9. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    wip wip wip

    Name: Faun Maple (Professor Maple)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Occupation/Schooling: Pokemon Professor/Sketch Artist


    Faun is a little small for her age, only standing at around 5'4" and weighing around 150 pounds. Her body is fair, slim, and lean with muscle from the exercise routine she used to have when she was younger. Her figure is a beautiful hourglass shape, accented by her large hips and above average breasts; her figure lends nicely to her legs, which are slim and lean. Faun's skin is noticeably fair, very pale with darker freckles and markings that her mom always called her little 'faun spots' which is apparently where the young girl also got her name. Her hair is a pale blonde, almost white in certain lights to match her fair skin. It's usually very wavy and seen in an extremely long ponytail that extends past her hips. To accent her light hair she wears a flower crown made of beautiful green blossoms, green being her favourite colour and able to match her eyes quite nicely. Speaking of her eyes, Faun's aren't exactly the best. She wears square cut light brown glasses to correct her near-sightedness and allow her to see normally. The glasses sit above her beautiful big green eyes, which shimmer with hues of hazel and brown when the girl wanders outside.

    For clothing, Faun tends to stick to what she deems as basic attire. Easy to move around in, comfortable, affordable, and of course, cute. For starters, she loves starting the day in a cute little white floral print bra with matching underwear to boot. It makes her feel cute, yet also strong and able to accomplish anything the day can throw at her. Above this, which is what people actually see; she usually wears a green blouse, silky in texture and slimming to her frame. Above this she wears a brown jacket that extends to just above her knees with green plastic buttons lining the outside. It's a rather feminine varsity jacket, in a way. She wears a light brown skirt that she tucks her shirt into, it's raised to just below her breasts where it sits comfortably and sits slightly above her knees (just a little bit below the jacket). To accent her outfit, she can usually be seen wearing which tights and high rise hiking boots in order to prepare for any terrain she may come across in her adventure.

    She carries a green satchel bag, the fabric feeling almost like felt and sits slung over her shoulder; in which she carries all her Pokemon necessities and anything else she may need for her journey. Along with the items within the bag is also a sketchbook and notebook, where she draws the Pokemon she encounters and writes the data on each and every one.

    Personality: +8 sentences

    +8 sentences

    Items on hand
    - Sketchbook & Pencil (Protected in a plastic case)
    - Very Wet Ticket
    - Energy Powder (2)


    Name: Oisin
    Species: Sawsbuck
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Known Moves: (up to 8)

    Personality: +2 sentences

    History: +2 sentences

    Other: In winter form always.

    Name: Douma
    Species: Mightyena
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Known Moves: (up to 8)

    Personality: +2 sentences

    History: +2 sentences

    Other: any accessories or appearance differences?

    Lost Pokemon:
    - Minerva (F) Skitty
    - Pales (M) Cubone
    - Salus (M) Shinx
    - Ceres (F) Espeon
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  10. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    I'm in a huge rush right now, so I don't have time to WIP something. Do we have to go with a skipper\rich person, or can we do something else? I can do a rich person, but I'd rather go with something like a writer, or a traveling trainer, or something like that.
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Vern: It's not precise, but we're going for a rough approximation of the ridiculous social structure on Gilligan's island. So if you're writer or a trainer, you should probably be a well known one, like how the Howells were well known. Someone used to a certain level of comfort and recognition.
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (Hey, Vampirate, I misread "skipper" as another sailor. Is it alright if I switch my reserve to the skipper?)
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Sketchie - Sure, I'll switch it on the list.
  14. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Okay, found some time to get a WIP up. Since the sailor spot is free, I'll happily take that.

    Name: Kite Crawford (Prefers nickname ‘River’).
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Occupation/Schooling: Fisherman/Sailor/Traveller-looking-for-random-jobs.
    Character Song (just sounded like a fun thing to do): I'm Glad You're Evil Too

    Appearance: Kite's hair is long and messy, and is dyed a light cyan blue, parted slightly above his left eye. The dye has faded away a bit over the years, and if you look carefully enough, you'll be able to see a few strands of its original raven colour popping up here and there. In his better moments, his eyes are sharp and have a piercing quality to them, like they can see straight into your soul, but they are often clouded over by some sort of film, making them seem almost empty and out of focus, like a corpse. Either way, they aren't pleasant to look into, and thus he had grown out his hair to partially cover them. His skin was originally very pale, but years of being in the sun without sunscreen on has tanned it a bit. He has several scars on both arms, as well as one on his right wrist and a particularly prominent one on the back of his right hand, but nobody knows the origin of them. He's above average height, but not enough for it to be easily noticeable.

    His standard attire is a loose, dark grey t-shirt, paired with loose, baggy pants of a cyan colour similar to his eyes and hair. On colder days, he wears a long, waterproof, windproof cyan overcoat which goes down to his ankles, and when it is too hot to wear it, he tends to tie it around his waist or over his shoulder. He is never seen without a small, silver locket hung around his neck - just a featureless cylinder. There's nothing in it, but he keeps it around him anyways because its one of the few things that reminds him of what you might call 'the good old days'. He also prefers to go barefoot, and only wears shoes when not doing so would endanger his toes. Generally, Kite cares very little about his appearance, and often looks like he had been wearing the same clothes for several days. He has a tattoo of a very strange, circular pattern made out of multiple hieroglyph-like symbols on his back, but he never shows it to anyone, so most people are completely unaware of its existence.

    He generally has a very weary and haggard look about him, like he hadn't slept for many days. His hair is always dishevelled, and his shaving done somewhat sloppily (although that is rarely a problem, as his facial hair grows unnaturally slowly). His figure always appears to have a little hunch to it, making him look shorter than he really is. His clothes are always kind of rumpled, as if they had just been tossed on a floor, stepped on a bit, then put right back on the next day. His entire frame is lean and on the skinny side, but he's still quite physically strong, and is more than capable of handling the heavy equipment on board any sort of boat. People tend to think he's a good deal older than he actually is due to the weary and disillusioned aura he tends to project.


    Personality: Kite is what you might call an escapist. He has essentially given up on reality, and views everything around him with a sort of detached cynicism. To him, real life is like a distraction, an annoyance that will always return to bite him on the behind. He's a man of imagination and fantasy, and it was because of this vivid (perhaps too vivid) imagination that he began to lose interest in reality. In his younger days, he turned to Chuunibyou (of the 'A-demon-resides-within-my-left-eye' variety) to satisfy his desire for adventure and something to spice up his boring, routine life. It has faded now, but you can still see some traces of it in the way he acts and dresses, like something out of an anime or cartoon. He also has many relics from those days, like a complicated sigil tattooed onto his back, which he used to imagine was the mark of a demon that would awaken in him at eighteen. Without a kind of delusional insanity to satisfy his thirst for adventure (an adventure that was not forthcoming), he had fallen into a sort of depression, and will turn to many things in order to forget about his existence in the real world, be it alcohol, sleep, or simple daydreaming. Over the years, he has become obsessed with many things, and is well versed in stories of nearly any medium and genre. Anime? Film? Tv Shows? Novels? Plays? Music? Comic Books? He knows them all like the back of his hand.

    Kite also lacks ambition. He has no drive, no will to get a better life for himself or to make a meaningful impact on society. It's not that he doesn't want to leave his mark - in fact, it's one of his dearest dreams - it's just that he can never muster the energy and commitment doing something like that requires. He's the type that would laze their life away in a darkened room with a computer in front of them, and he might have gone down that route had he not made the fatal decision to leave his home and go on an adventure in search of lost love, something that was romantic and story-like enough to get him moving. He tries to live his life on the principle that he would want to read a story based on it, and his main criteria for making a choice is whether it would make for or potentially set up a good story. He lives by that maxim, and has resolved to continue living by it. As a result, he views life from the lens of a storyteller, trying always to find a plot to advance or a role to fill.

    This tendency for escapism and his detachment from reality has lead Kite to form a very snarky and almost condescending personality, although most of it is hard to detect under his indifferent demeanour. He tends to look upon the troubles and worries of those people caught up in reality as superficial and almost pitiful, and in doing so often ends up at startlingly simple and near mocking conclusions to problems that might confuse the person that is ailing from it. He looks at everything around him as a sort of farce that he can see through (to be fair, he often can, and is capable of immediately getting to the crux of most social problems), and it is difficult to get him interested in anything that isn't a good story. He's also very solitary, and rarely interacts with other people unless he has to. He has formed a very negative view of human nature, and everything he sees continues to fuel that fire. Logistically, he knows about self-enforcing behaviour and all of the other problems he has, being capable of listing them off like an expert, but can't bring himself to change them. He has a generally very low opinion of himself, so he rarely retaliates to insults, and is prone to use self-derogatory humour often. He's also prone to reminiscing about the past, almost like an old man reminisces about the times where he could still walk. He still clings to the past, and still hasn't really let go of the better moments of his childhood, desperately wanting it back.

    When he does get involved in something he deems 'interesting', however, he tends to come alive. His normal lethargic attitude fades away and is replaced by a burning desire to go and have an adventure that would make for something beautiful, and in doing so maybe snap himself out of this funk he's gotten himself in. He becomes less of a disinterested guy in the background and more of a protagonist, actively solving problems and even seeking them out when it means the story will get better. He has no scruples about playing the antagonist when it is necessary. He also regains some of his Chuunibyou tendencies, often referring to himself in third person and using over-the-top-exaggerated gestures to emphasise his points. His plan for his life is to get himself involved in something amazing, and then go out with a resounding bang. In fact, the only thing that has stopped him from offing himself is his desire to be part of a powerful narrative, and so far, that aim has yet to be achieved.

    History: Kite was born in a remote fishing village on a small island off the coast of Unova. His early childhood was uneventful, and he was raised in the same way all the kids in his village were raised - in a fishing boat. As a result, he's completely at home on the water, and being on a boat is second nature to him. At age five, he was presented with his first Pokemon, as was village custom, a little Rufflet which, being the five-year-old he was, he named 'Ruffles'. He was an energetic, lively kid with a great sense of humour, and was well-loved by the people he knew. Throughout his childhood, he was homeschooled, although the effectiveness of that education was questionable. As a result, he's not exactly what you would consider book-smart.

    When he was ten, he began to get bored. Life in the village was routine, without surprises, and it bored him. He began to get interested in novels, which were rare in the rustic little place, and soon branched out into other forms of fiction. He began to withdraw from the social life being in such a village usually entailed, and began to delve deeper into the worlds created by authors and illustrators. He started to lose interest in reality, and stopped attending village events, preferring to read alone in the small home he shared with his parents. He began to develop Chuunibyou, and turned to wild imagination as a way to entertain himself, and soon he began to be known as the village eccentric, prone to wild and melodramatic spiels about demons and being a chosen one. It was also during this period that scars of unknown origin began to appear on his arm, but nobody thought much about it.

    At thirteen, he fell in love, and that was enough to get him back into the realm of reality. He first met the girl while going to the Castelia City to buy books, and they both hit off really well. The girl, Valerie, was just like him - disillusioned with the world, had a case of 'Evil-Eye' Chuunibyou, and looking for something to make her existence interesting. She gave him the nickname of 'River', and they began to correspond regularly, and soon started to go on wild adventures throughout the city and the surrounding area together to satisfy their want for excitement in their lives. As his relationship with Val pulled him back into reality, his Chuunibyou faded away, and some of the old light in his eyes began to come back. He began to talk animatedly about matters that weren't grounded in imagination or fantasy. His parents supported this relationship, seeing that it was doing wonders for him, and allowed him to take unannounced trips to Castelia City in order to go on adventures with her. It was during this time that he began to develop his sharp wit and penchant for dark/dry humour.

    And then it all disappeared when he became fifteen. Val was forced to leave Castelia City by her parents in order to attend a prestigious school somewhere in the Alola region, and their parting hadn't been a pleasant one. Kite had gone to Castelia City to visit her, only to find her in the midst of a fight with her parents, who all but physically kicked him out of the house with the news that he would never be seeing their daughter again and that he was a bad influence (something he couldn't deny). She came to visit him the night before she was to depart, and left him with an Eevee, an empty silver locket, as well as a promise that they would meet again someday. Kite never saw her again.

    With the one thing that kept him anchored to the real world gone, Kite regressed back more into the worlds of novels and other forms of fiction, and removed himself from the real world. Nothing his parents tried could get him back to the way he was before, so they gave up and let him lock himself away in his room with his computer and books. It remained like that for about a month, before they opened the door to his room one day to find him gone, leaving only a hastily scrawled, almost defiant note in behind, which essentially boiled down to 'I'm going on an adventure to find my girl, and I'm not coming back until I've lived the coolest life you'll ever read about'.

    He travelled around Unova first, making a living off fighting trainer battles (which he was surprisingly good at) and working in stores when that didn't work, using a fake ID the entire time to hide his age (he had the maturity for it, and looked a good deal older than he actually was). The instant he got enough money to do so (he was sixteen at the time), he took a job on a boat that travelled between Unova and Alola, and managed to get himself a job on a boat in the Alola region (which just happened to be the 'Finneon'), where he continued to work for three years, taking on many side-jobs as a way to pay the rent for his tiny apartment and amass some savings he could use on his excursions. He would take time off every now and then to travel around the region, but he never did find what he was looking for, and eventually, on a subconscious level, he gave up hope. He fell once more into depression, and turned to alcohol and smoking as a way to drown his sorrows, since his time-consuming job didn't allow much time for him to bury himself in novels and anime. He'd go to work, the return home late at night, exhausted, game/watch stuff/read until he falls asleep, then wake up early the next day and repeat, wandering aimlessly around the region whenever he had free time, desperately hoping for some miracle to occur.

    And that was how he lived until the accident happened. He only had his two favourite Pokemon with him at the time, having left the others at home to have fun on their own.

    - He's left-handed.

    Items on hand: A rope, a broken glass bottle, soggy cigarettes, a silver locket with nothing in it.

    (Remember the limit is 2 pokemon per character)

    Name: Neptune
    Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Known Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Haze, Surf, Dive.

    Personality: Neptune is probably one of the most affectionate Pokemon you'd ever meet. She gets along with practically anyone, and is never far away from Kite's side. Her personality is pretty much the opposite of her trainer's - she's social, always full of energy/happiness, and generally quite happy-go-lucky. Kite often finds himself wondering at this little thing's optimism, and she is one of the only things Kite openly shows affection for, always being capable of cheering him up (temporarily).
    History: When the Eevee he received from Val evolved, this was the result. He had taken her everywhere ever since he had first received her, and the two had always been together through thick and thin. He named her Neptune after not after the God or the Planet, but a certain main character of a certain game, which her current and original owner were quite fond of (they were quite fond of many, so that's not saying much).
    Other: She wears a faded red cloth around her neck, almost like a scarf but not quite.

    Name: Ruffles
    Species: Braviary
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Known Moves: Brave Bird, Fly, Defog, U-Turn, Roost, Hone Claws, Crush Claw.

    Personality: Ruffles is a simple Pokemon, definitely not the brightest of the bright. All he really cares for is a good meal and a good fly around. He's great at eating, and can devour meals meant for many people without any trouble. He's also kind of stupid and clumsy, often walking straight into traps or slipping off the edge of whatever boat Kite is on, generally relying on his trainer to be his 'brain'.
    History: Ruffles was the first Pokemon Kite received, so needless to say, they have quite a strong bond. At an early age, he fell off a boat and almost drowned, and many say that that's the reason for his lack of intellect. Kite has tried to nickname him Aeolus many times, but he never quite caught on to it.
    Other: He has several distinctive red streaks on his white 'mane'.

    Lost Pokemon:

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  15. Viveshade

    Viveshade What's Next?

    May I reserve a rich person spot? Just in case. I'll try to get my SU on here sometime today.

    Edit: Gah, I'm not able to participate after all. Sorry.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
  16. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Vern: Alright, I'll get you on the list.

    Viveshade: Okay, glad you gave it a try, and thanks for letting me know you've decided you can't.
  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Okay, fantastic, wow, I'm finally done!
  18. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Sketchie: Accepted
    I personally expected the captain to be a little older, but everything looks good.
  19. legnak

    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    Oh! I'd like to reserve a spot please!
    but I do have a question - does the rich person need to be old?

    EDIT: and are we allowed to use native alolan pokémon?
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  20. MoonSong

    MoonSong Frosty the Ninetales

    Can I reserve a Rich Person spot if it's still open, please? I'm designing a character for this one.

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