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Gliscor's Return

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Bell56, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. GreatLiver

    GreatLiver Well-Known Member

    Butterfree: Went to start a family
    Pidgeot: Stayed to protect wild Pidgey and Pidgeotto
    Lapras: Reunited with its family

    Those are completely different circumstances than a pokemon being in training.
  2. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    But still, all of those pokemon were left with the promise that Ash would see them again and we haven't heard from them. The same will probably hold true for Gliscor.
  3. SketchFox7

    SketchFox7 Well-Known Member

    Actually, the only one he actually ever promised, was Pidgeot after he traveled to Orange Islands, and never did but remembered him at Falkner's Gym.
  4. GreatLiver

    GreatLiver Well-Known Member

    The circumstances between a release and leaving a pokemon to train are entirely different. They aren't the same thing, so stop trying to convince people they are.
  5. The Blue Taillow

    The Blue Taillow Well-Known Member

    Right, I don't think he ever promised Butterfree he'd come back, I just remember him saying "Don't worry I'll just tell the other Pokemon you've gone on a little trip, and that you'll come back some day."

    I think Gliscor will come back, due to the time he spent training with it. The reason Charizard and Squirtle came back was because of their popularity, and how much time they spent with Ash.
  6. SketchFox7

    SketchFox7 Well-Known Member

    I hope Gliscor comes back, honestly his departure was a surprise after how good a pokemon he was becoming and his ground typing too
  7. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it was a surprise. I don't think it would come back though with Gible being on Ash's team and Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Rock Smash and Dig seem stronger than Sand Attack, Screech, Fire Fang, X- Scissor and Giga Impact, or equal. Gliscor didn't have ground type moves except for Sand Attack which does not deal damage, just so you know.
  8. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    Probably not. I think it's gone for good.
  9. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    I know we are going to gliscor, either in the BF, or in the league. Because this time, it wasn't like Primeape,Charizard, or ambipom. The episode started and ended with the intent to get stronger, so we will at some time be due for a strength increase.
  10. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    I'm still of the idea that he'll return for the league....definitely for the BF and the E4 but maybe not league

    The only reason i'm doubting myself is beacuse it isn't in the opening

    Nearly all the pokemon that didn't apppear for him are powerhouses e.g. bulbasaur squirtle charizard sceptile and swellow but on the other hand no tauros
  11. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    I noticed that the powerhouses were missing. I take it that Ash wants his unseen Pokemon to get lots of screentime. Muk anyone?
  12. The Blue Taillow

    The Blue Taillow Well-Known Member

    Just like Charizard. It left not so soon after it started to trust and obey Ash, and he wasn't able to fully unleash it's power to his advantage.
  13. DaAuraWolf

    DaAuraWolf *grumble grumble*

    In the past,we have seen some pokemon drop of or trained to batlle a Brain.
    Charizard:He battle in the Battle Factory and The Final battle at the Battle Pyramid
    Snorlax:He battle in the Battle Dojo(correct me if i`m wrong).
    Bulbasaur:Final battle at the Pyramid
    Squirtle:Same as Bulbasaur
    Torkoal:Battle at the Pyramid against Registeel.
    Gliscor:probally the battle at the Battle Tower in Johto.
  14. CptScorpion

    CptScorpion Scrafty Artist

    I absolutely think Gliscor will NEVER be seen again. This pokemon is definately been put as part of the pokemon Ash used to have and never will seen again section because it must have been released into the wild (Exactly like Butterfree, except the English Title for DP154 is "Bye Bye Gliscor"), given away forever(Because Ash hated Gliscor), or died during it's rematch against Scizor. And yes, Gliscor lost the first match and died during the second match. You think Gliscor is ever going to win a rematch, but you're all wrong, Gliscor's actual status is that it didn't win, it died during the rematch. I claim Gliscor as Ash's weakest EVER pokemon he ever had and the only ever pokemon without defeating nor damaging a single pokemon(Always easily defeated with just one simple hit). Ash should never had captured Gligar, that's the biggest mistake he ever made if he did capture it. You all think that Gliscor might be oaked or being put for training and will return, but you're all wrong, Gliscor actually died in DP154.

    This post is 100% true.
  15. Grei

    Grei not the color

    It wasn't released, it was given away. I doubt that the Air Master would train a Pokemon to be very agile in the air, only to just let it go and do its own thing.
    Ash did not hate Gliscor. Ash wanted Gliscor to stay, but he also wanted Gliscor to be happy. Gliscor wanted to be with Ash, but he also wanted to be stronger. So, Gliscor took the opportunity to be stronger and went with the Air Master. Simple as.
    Pokemon don't really ever die unless it's a plot point. You're being incredibly stupid, as per usual.

    Wow. Trolling if I've ever seen it. You're making yourself look like a really idiot for saying this--we see Gliscor after the battle. He's alive.

    This is just downright untrue. It has gotten wins before, and it wasn't always beaten with one simple hit.

    Again with this foolishness. Please leave. Don't you have stuff to do with your very unoriginal band?

    Spoilers are for things that aren't false, however.
  16. lutzu

    lutzu Well-Known Member

    i think you just don't like Gliscor,don't post things like they are facts("ash hated Gliscor"LOL)when they aren't,i think it was better to post "I hate Gliscor" then the bashing you gave to Gliscor in your post.
  17. saladbar112

    saladbar112 Gliscor Returns!

    Yea I agree with you. Ash spent a lot of time working with Gliscor and training him. Even a couple of episodes dedicated to just Gliscor. If they do not bring him back.. all those episodes focused on Gliscor or any parts in the series where he was focused on and trained with were meaningless and just took up space.

    I think the writers did not really know what to do with Gliscor. But instead of Oaking him or releasing him, the put him in training, which gives them more room to work with. If he were released, then there really is no point in working Gliscor back into the plot and on Ash's team. If he were Oaked, then he would just be sitting in the lab not becoming stronger at all. However, since he is in training, the writers now have the ability to bring him back whenever they want (because the air master can contact them or something like that) and that will be the exuse on how all of the sudden when Gliscor returns, he is really powerful.

    ummm.... i dont even know what to say to this post but to tell u the truth.. i LAUGHED so hard when i read this... seriously you could not have made yourself look or sound any stupider.

    I mean "Gliscor died!!!"... wooowww um i think we all saw the episode and i am pretty sure that Gliscor was flying at the end of the episode.. i mean unless he all of the sudden just had a heart attack while flying and plummetted down to his death a second before the credits came up.. I am pretty sure he is alive
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2010
  18. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I am almost certain Gliscor will return, it needs to prove itself.
  19. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Sorry, I know I'm a little late to the party, but:

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2010
  20. redrunner89

    redrunner89 Serebii War Leader

    the writers are terrible people and have the anime extremely annoying. Ash isn't a trainer and Dawn isn't any better!

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