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Global link scizor


Off and On Trainer
For any of those who go to pokemon league and attended events during aspertia gym, were you able to retrieve your scizor in your ds game of the global link? I attended but I can't pick up the scizor


Where's my fanfare?
Not sure if you got this fixed, but:
Do you have your Pokemon Player ID linked to your account?
If so, did you get credit for participating in the Aspertia season of League?
If so, is your Player ID linked to the same account that your GL/Dream World account is on?
If so, when did you check? I believe the Scizor was made available on the 20th, but some people had to wait a little bit.

If you got this fixed, then great! If not, and everything above is correct, then you should contact the support, but I believe they're out on holiday.