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Global Trade Center Trades - only 1 DS?

Havoc Houndoom

Cascade Trainer
I'm wondering something. I left Pokemon a few years ago before Platinum came out. I did play D/P.

I'm thinking of restarting, but... I don't have a Cube, Wii... and only one DS. (Not DSi so I have a gameboy slot.)

Say I had both Diamond and Platinum. Could I on Diamond put up a post in GTS asking for a specific Pokemon then turn off the DS, slap Platinum in, log in, and finish the trade? Is this impossible... or unwise due to someone snagging the trade in the few minutes it'd take me to finish? Thoughts? Comments?


Also, just using a single DS, is it possible to get just about every Pokemon assuming access to the GBA games and self-trading on the Wifi assuming it works?

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
I tried this while I was cloneing a Mew....I stupidly asked for a Darkrai....& I ended up getting a Darkrai.
At the time, I should've asked for a Shaymin or an Arecus.

Havoc Houndoom

Cascade Trainer
So it does work? I don't want to waste my money getting two Pokemon games... I need a system for self-trading that won't allow someone else to swoop in and snag my pokies. ;229;


< It's Passion Pink!
It's possible. What you'll want to do is have a spare, useless Pokémon, and post IT to the GTS, asking for the Pokémon species you want to transfer in exchange. Log into the GTS on your other game, track down your useless Pokémon, and complete the trade. This avoids risking a stranger taking your valuable Pokémon.

While Bidoof would seem an obvious choice for a useless Pokémon, there are so many of them on the GTS already, you'd have a hard time tracking yours down. Instead, go for something uncommon but just as useless, such as Barboach.


Well-Known Member
i find kakuna and metapod are the best to use for this, theres hardly ever any on the gts, and frankly, who'd swoop in and take that trade? xD


Bum Eyes
The best thing to do is just ask for an impossible Pokemon. Like Arceus or Dailga level 10 or below.


Well-Known Member
I don't recommend this. Eventually, you will lose at least one of your Pokemon. You can't ask for "impossible trades" because then you won't be able to get it.

I'd recommend borrowing a friend's DS and using that. If they have a copy of D/P/Plat, then you won't even need a 2nd cart.

But if they don't own any games and you don't have a 2nd cart, time to go buy one. Plat is only $35. You can probably get D/P for $30 used at Gamestop, or maybe find a copy at Goodwill, Ebay, Amazon, or at a garage/yard sale.

the elite trainer

Warrior Of Darkness
You can but it's very risky.

Havoc Houndoom

Cascade Trainer
I'm planning on getting two games. But I don't want to buy another DS. Nobody I know has one either. Using a high-level Kakuna is a brilliant idea for that - who would want it? :D


The Grand Draconian
Get friend codes from any of your serebii buddies and do an inter-game trade....
Friend takes your diamond team and you get 6 bidoofs onto your diamond...
You then catch 6 bidoofs in Platinum and trade with your buddy again to get your original Pokemon back

Don't use the GTS... unnecessarily risky...