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Glory Blaze! (519)


Zamin said:
Ash asking Chimchar to join his team reminded me of the first season when he gto Charmander who had been abandoned by his trainer.

I think that was done on purpose since Hikozaru's entire story arc up until this episode was like a longer and more complex version of Hitokage's background, which I liked for the most part. But there was something more satisfying about this instance of Satoshi getting an abandoned Pokemon from my point of view, because he hadn't gotten a new Pokemon in a very long time.


Alola Shill
The power, intelligence, the international implications this episode and story arc have….yeah it’s a wrap for everything else.

Real damn tears in my eyes like omg. Everything just makes sense and hits, every scene and decision made by the characters in the narrative is written so well and flows so naturally. Crazy how we used to get this level of intentionality in Pokémon’s writing, just another reason why DP will always be #1


Generation 4 was how I got into Pokémon
This was the episode that made me HATE paul so much. I get why he pushed Chimchar so hard to get that power he saw when they first met, but seriously he was tying so hard that Chimchar nearly could die. Maybe Paul did the right thing releasing Chimchar because he knew that it was going to be a waste of time and who knows what will happen if he decided to keep Chimchar longer. Now I know why he was looking for Fire Types because I think he was now realizing that Chimchar is not really the best as it seems. Its not Chimchar's fault but its the way Paul was so obsessed with that kind of power that he thought he can just use it to win the Pokemon League when that is just not true.

Paul really acted so cold and heartless. He didn't seem to care what others were telling him to let Chimchar rest and heal up. He straight up just took Chimchar out of the Pokemon Center when it wasn't fully recovered and forced it into a battle. Then to add insult to injury Paul just straights up turns his back on Chimchar leaving the poor thing in a bad state, but Ash was able to command it and get it out of that situation. At the end of the day at least Ash will take care of Chimchar. Screw Paul and him abusing the poor thing.


Call of Fate
Great episode. I liked seeing Chimchar's backstory, and it was cool to see a Zangoose use Razor Wind. Paul's training methods were brutal, and I loved it when Brock tended to Chimchar. Paul not letting Chimchar fully recover was disgusting, as was him having the Chimp Pokemon hurt Turtwig. I liked seeing Chimchar protect Turtwig from a Fire Blast and Turtwig stopping Crush Claw with Bite. It was great when Ash decided to give orders to Chimchar to win the battle. The cliffhanger was promising, too.