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Go for Dream! Goh's Road to Mew!! (1215)


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Go for Dream! Goh's Road to Mew!!

A shadow is sneaking up to Goh's Rotom Phone while Ash & Goh sleep in Wyndon during the Masters Tournament. Through the Rotom Phone, we will learn all the top secret data on Project Mew as well as on Goh's Pokémon. In addition to that, a new radio show will be airing

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Anta Baka!
Decent enough for a recap episode with some new graphics but ultimately one we didn't need. Hopefully it's bought enough time for the animators to finish up Ash v Leon and any extra content we get.

Was hoping for some previews of Ash v Leon but to no avail. Nonetheless, onto next week.


Out of the 3 clip show, this one was the most interesting. At least it covers all of Goh's major developments so far, even if stuff like the Raboot phase or the initial issues with Horace being only mentioned in the passing.

Clever not bringing up the Suicune thing as it seems to be a polarizing thing even on Japan.

All in all, not much to say but it was a decent watch at least.

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ACTUALLY not an essay time.
Yup, as expected it was another smeefing recap episode. Yugioh Vrains is laughing right now, considering that series didn't have 3 recap episodes in the span of 8 episodes, though its 3rd recap episode came 29 episodes in.
Anywho, until it was revealed that Grookey was messing about and hanging up on Tsurugi, which I thought was amusing, especially when he rightly assumed Grookey did so based on its cry, the episode played out as if the viewers were jailbreaking Go's Rotom Phone. The only other thing I found amusing was when Asahi was talking about Gary's achievements, specifically in tournaments, my immediate response was "Worse than Ash though, on BOTH occasions."


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I think the whole Eternatus thing is one big preview clickbait.

Have a feeling that Leon will just battle Eternatus with his Charizard, and win this time, simply for the Leon's Charizard hype sake.


Lmao He has no pictures of Raboot and Drizzile

Drizzile I understand but no Raboot? How strange
We know he's got at least one selfie with Raboot from way back in that fake farewell episode. I like to think it's one of photos Goh holds most dear given the lessons he's learned that day

Also, considering how the bunny was back in the day, it does make sense Goh doesn't have much photos of him.