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Go Go Ludicolo! (343)


Haha i watched rgis episode not to long ago. Like 3 days ago maybe? I thought it was cool, especiallu because it had a Mexican guy in it :]. Because I'm Mexican duh! Lol


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Pancho reminds me of Pedro the South of the Border guy.

South of the Border is a tacky Mexican-themed tourist trap just south of the NC/SC state line in Dillon, SC. I went there once. Half the rides were down, the motel looks like a time warp to 1972, and the 12 or so stores all sell the same overpriced souvenirs. They have huge billboards every 2 miles or so all up and down Interstate 95 in North and South Carolina, most featuring pictures of Mexican mascot Pedro and some corny pun..


I like Ludicolo. I like that episode too.


Ludicolo was great in the battle vs Corphish.
i loved how Poncho gave the food to Ash and the friends, it was very nice.


Not my favorite episode because of stereotypes.

At least there was a battle in this one. 2/10


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Yeah some stereotypes (some of them wrong but yeah it's not that important), but they weren't evil i guess, in fact they tried to make that character fun.


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This episode was OK.

The battle between Ludicolo and Corphish was enjoyable, but there wasn't much going on in this one.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Ludicolo for the 1st time. It was interesting to see that Corphish was getting jealous of Grovyle. It was cool to see Corphish trying to prove itself. It was cool to see an episode centering around Corphish. Ludicolo is very strong with good attacks. It was cool to see Torkoal battle Ludicolo, even though the end is unknown... Corphish vs Ludicolo was also cool to see.

I enjoyed the scene where Team Rocket stole Torkoal, Corphish, Tailow, and Pikachu, especially since we don't have any of those scenes in BW. It's kind of nostalgic. :)


Yeah, Pancho. Pretty cool guy right there. I didn't really care for Corphish's jealousy to Grovyle's new found popularity within the group. I sort of enjoyed the beating Corphish received at the hands of Ludicolo.


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Hmm, I think this episode had some things that were enjoyable to watch, but it wasn't anything interesting that could be called exceptional. I did like the Mexican stereotype in a way and seeing Corphish and Grovyle in this episode - those two are hilarious together.


I wasn't a fan of Poncho since they him a Ludicolo of all things. Seeing Ash's Corphish struggle and eventually lose to Ludicolo made me cackle and I also liked that we got an explanation of how Lombre evolves into a Ludicolo. I screamed when Ludicolo and Poncho acted so casually about being trapped by TR and I liked seeing Torkoal vs. Ludicolo at the end.

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I thought it was awkward how we got a Cotd here who was stereotypically Hispanic just to showcase Ludicolo. ^^; I liked how Ash's other pokemon reacted to seeing Grovyle however. :3

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Lmao, me too. I was more ticked off that Brock's Lombre didn't evolve here, though. :mad:

I'm glad that he didn't evolve here cuz it would've seemed kind of early for that in my opinion since Lombre hadn't done much so far. This was just a simple Ludicolo debut episode. :3