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GO Recent Happenings Thread

JX Valentine

This thread is for posting about your outdoor adventures with Pokémon GO. If you've seen the other Recent Happenings threads, you know how this works. b)'')b

1. Don't spam.
2. Questions go to Simple Q&A (or ... pretty much anywhere else).
3. Each post must contain three sentences or more. Please don't just say that you caught Pidgey, and that's it.
4. While screenshots are OK (and encouraged!), please note our rule about them.

Have fun!


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I finally figured out how to get pokestops to actually work (why doesn't it tell you that you need to spin them...) and there's one in my clinic's building so I got 9 eggs and a ton of poke balls/revives/potions today. I also caught a nice 250 cp primeape (haven't caught any mankeys yet though) from my neighbor's house right when I got home and got some other decent stuff. I was a little disappointed when someone in the apartment complex near my work used a lure and all I got was several ekans/pidgey/rattata that I alresdy have a ton of, but I suppose at least I'm getting candy and exp. Maybe once I get my own lure I will get better stuff from the one in the building that I can just spam when I'm on break.
today I hatched 4 eggs got a squirtle cubone staryu and magmar caught a scyther. I also took over a gym for team instinct . I also visited several pokestops in my area and got more eggs. almost forgot I have almost maxed out my pidgeot it is at cp 628
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Iris Mist

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I haven't had a chance to properly experience it, since my foot is in a cast (very limiting), but I've been finding several Pidgey and Rattata around my house.

Finally got a chance to go for a drive today to scout out some locations, found 2 gyms, one unoccupied, and 6 pokestops in my town. Not too bad considering I live in a tiny village, but it kinda sucks since they're all in the same area.

Because of my limited mobility, all I've managed to catch are Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Zubat, Spearow, Paras and Raticate. I'm still only at level 4, trying to level up so I can access the gyms.


So, today other than making my Ekans evolve and catching and Omanyte, I managed to battle with a friend together against a gym. It felt so awesome that we connected and were fighting against the same Pokemon simultaneously. I'm the Arbok, Growlithe's the one I'm fighting and right behind it is my friend's Ekans! You can see the multiplayer icon under Arbok's CP and next to it the amount of players currently fighting. It made me recall the Mewtwo battle from the trailer and felt like anything could happen in this game.



From the East Sea!
I leveled up from 8 to 10 today. I went to a local liberal arts college to walk around its various Pokestops, ended up getting over 100 Pokeballs throughout the day and a bunch of other items which is good since I ran out of Pokeballs completely yesterday! (Which really sucked when I ran out during a Clefairy encounter...still haven't caught one)

Today was the first day I trained at friendly gyms which was a lot of fun. There's mostly Red/Blue in my area, Yellow doesn't have much of a hold. I'm Team Mystic/Blue. I walked nearly five miles today, hatching two 5 mile and one 2 mile egg. One of the eggs was a Pidgey, one was another common I can't remember, and one was a Slowpoke, which was awesome! I was also finally able to evolve one of my Eevees, a Flareon that I've stationed at a gym and has stayed there for about four hours now! I learned about the Gym Pokemon bonus when I got home so I'm hoping that since I left it in a rural area where a lot of young people don't typically walk (I was on the bus when I left Flareon), I can keep that bonus for a bit. The gyms in my local downtown area have been switching teams very frequently.

As far as Pokemon caught and evolved, today I caught a Dratini (!! low CP but still a cool and rare find) and Mankey (have only encountered the one so far).

I'm glad this thread is here! I don't have a lot of friends in real life who are playing and are excited as I am.


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At Fort Belvoir Community Hospital there are 5 stops (front fountains, relaxation fountain, murals near ER, and 2 of the plant info signs by the gardens) and 2 gyms (one on each side). Kinda weird to have multiple stops and gyms in one building. Kinda weird landmarks as well.


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I've leveled up from level 2 to level 4 through pokestops. Pokemon do not spawn in my area so I have to walk to the nearest pokestop (1.8km away) in order to get exp. It's slow, but sure...

All the local gyms are claimed by trainers that are level 10-15, with one that is level 18. I don't know how.
I hatched another egg this time got a geodude I caught ekans and asomeone took over the gym I took over so I got my tauros back.

Nightshade Aran

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Player leveling: Got to lvl 11
Caught: Scyther [23cp], Tangela, Horsey, Squirtle, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Poliwrath, Abra.
Evolved: My second Eevee after much farming which turned into Flareon [698 CP], while my first Eevee I evolved yesterday was a Vaporeon that now has 843 CP.
Hatched: a couple of 5km eggs, the one 10km I had turned into Onyx, with terrible CP.
Battles: Went around and took control of 9 gyms, which made the daily gift give me 4500 Stardust and 90 Pokecoins.
Things I saw but couldn't find where they were exactly: Rhyhorn, Golbat, Dratini, Exeggutor, Omanyte, Cubone, Grimer, Meowth, Dodrio, Beedrill, and Gloom.

I usually go play after I get off from work (midnight) so it works out great, but if some of them are time sensitive that'll make it pretty rough for me. I'm dying to find a bunch of Growlithe's for an Arcanine. =(


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My squad and I went to sell at a convention for the first time, convention itself turned out to be awful and a bit of a scam, but afterwards we went on a long walk and managed to track down a 600cp-ish Lapras, which I hadn't found before. I'm the only one with Pokémon GO out of us, so far, so I caught it, but we had fun talking pictures with it and all.

Took a couple of PokéSpots on the train (3 hour journey there, and 3 hours back home orz...). Would love to go out today and wander about my home town for Gyms but my chronic pains playing up from such a long day yesterday. I'll just... capture the abundance of Drowsee that seem to congregate in my house...


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Finally evolved my Eevee into a Vaporeon! My current pride and joy. He's been knocking out most of the gyms in my area.

The goal today is to hunt down that Magmar that's been taunting me for the last few days. I keep losing him at 3 steps.
My second, and ultimate goal is to hatch my 10km eggs... I've got to get a Mr. Mime.


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So went to meet my firends in town. Set off at roughly 11am. Got their very late but turns out we all did. Spammed lure modules around the place and circled round them catching Pokèmon and picking up items. Others caught on and joined in, was quite the sight.


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so apparently someone looking for Pokemon ran into a dead body
how inconvenient


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Hatched two 5km eggs back to back. Got Growlith and Vulpix. Found it funny. :3


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Caught many different Pokemon today when I went for a walk, such as Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Spearow, Weedle, Horsea, and a Tentacool. I'm gonna charge my phone and then go out again.

Also went up to three different PokeStops today and got three eggs. I also reached level 4.
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Went to the docks in my town for the first time with the game, and was pleasantly surprised with three Magikarp... before finding out it takes 400 candies to evolve it. Aside from that, caught a bunch of Pokemon and hatched a Paras and Oddish during my Lucky Egg half hour, so jumping to half way level 10 from 8 was nice.


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I evolved my Pigdeotto into a Pidgeot and realized it's special move was Hurricane. I haven't seen anything on the moves page about it yet, but then again, it just got created so there's bound to be a few missing. Also, caught a Pinsir today : )