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GO Recent Happenings Thread

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Met my friend and drove him around while he played on both of our phones for a couple of hours, then dropped him off at home after the servers went down. We managed to find a Dratini in the mall, since it's right by the river; he was pretty excited about that. My best 'mon is now a 463 Jynx, which isn't terrible, I guess.

Since I've got an extra incubator now, I'll work on getting my Eggs close to hatching, and then evolve with my Lucky Egg active.

Currently at Lv. 10, with a Dex at 41.

JX Valentine

This past week, I was considering restarting my game because although I'd picked Valor (because my Ingress friends were going red), I actually really wanted to go with Mystic at the beginning.

Unfortunately, this past weekend, I wasn't able to do much work on my new Mystic account, so instead, I worked on Valor while hanging out with some folks around lure-laced hotspots. In the process, I'd evolved a few Pokémon, caught a wild Haunter, and amassed an army of Drowzee (the most common species in my town for some reason).

It was only just a couple of hours ago when I was finally able to log into my Mystic account, and I realized when I did that I had four incenses. So being the bored individual that I was, I decided to throw down an incense while I was working on fic to see what would happen.

Two Dratini and an Eevee happened. Between these and a Squirtle and a Haunter I'd caught in a park on Friday, I get the feeling that the game kinda wants me to be Mystic. Y'know. When it lets me log in as Mystic.

Tl;dr, did a whole bunch of farting around on Valor and a whole bunch of hoshiz what on Mystic. End result is Valor account is currently at level 16, and Mystic is on level 9 ... with a crapton of Pokémon I wouldn't mind powering up.


Active Member
Level: Reached level 13 late yesterday
Hatched: Last egg that hatched was a Mankey.
Caught: Between Saturday, Sunday, and my commute this morning, I picked up a Venomoth and a Koffing.
Saw: Grimer ran away :(

While I caught a couple more Pidgeys Saturday before the login servers went belly up (I'm aiming for 55 total, but need to catch around 140 more for candies) so I can make the most of a lucky egg, Saturday was a pretty empty bust for me.

Also, I've found that my Pokeball count keeps getting dangerously low*; at one point Sunday, I got under 10 regular 'Balls. I am kicking myself for having trashed Pokeballs, instead of potions.

*At level 12, I keep having <50CP Pidgeys and Rattatas escape throws! What's up with that?

I went to Red Bank Battlefield in National Park, NJ, and was informed by a Park Ranger that several hundred people were present playing PGo! I ended up not staying.

Grey Wind

Well-Known Member
Had a fairly productive day today. Hit up a bunch of Pokestops and now I'm overflowing with eggs (hatched two of them, got a Weedle (ugh) and a Shellder) and got enough experience to get to level 11. Captured a Poliwag (which I've wanted for aaaages) and a Squirtle, and saw Magnemite, Jynx and Electebuzz nearby but I couldn't find them (Electabuzz was near like... a power plat or something and I think I would have been trespassing if I went in :U). I still have like eight eggs to hatch so I'm gonna try and get those done tomorrow.

Nightmare Fuel

Comin' for Ya
I got a little Nidoran male I'm hoping to either train up or toss aside like the 1000s of poison types I find are being donated to
Venomoth got some more candies, my psyduck hatched and I evolved him shortly after...

Oh, and I took a nearby gym for the Valor cause.


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I guess this could count as "recent happenings", so I'm going to post it up.

All right just for all of you not in the know yet, a hacking group called PoodleCorp has shut down the servers so nobody can get on. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates.

Total BS, no self respecting hacker would do a ddos on a system failing via dos from normal traffic, nor would they attempt to take credit as there would be no way for them to even know if their own system worked or if it was just the massive user base. I think that group is just some idiot looking for attention with zero actual abilities.

Iris Mist

Hylian Princess
Managed to go for a little walk today, approximately 1 km, and nearly hatched one of my eggs. Hit pretty much all the pokestops in town, as well as took over one of the gyms. I was going to attempt to take over the second one, but the pokemon's CPs were a bit too high to attempt it right away.

Didn't run into any pokemon during my walk, although a Meowth's shadow showed up in the nearby box. I hope they fix the footprint bug soon.

Might go back for another walk tonight if my foot doesn't bother me too much, and if it doesn't rain.

EDIT: Egg finally hatched into a 282 CP Ponyta :D
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Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Went into town to find three Poke Stops in a row had lures set up, with probably a dozen players milling around.

Got up to Lv. 11 and caught some Water-types from the first Stop, though once the other two went up, I didn't get anything but the usual schlockmons.


The Empress
Staff member
Went to the park today and it was full of PokeStops and more than half of them had a lure module on them. I got some pretty cool stuff, like a Hypno and a Nidoran male. There was also a Electabuzz nearby and I walked around looking for it but couldn't find it.

Next, I plan on spending the day in town. I hear there a lot of Eevee's atound and I'd love to evolve mine.


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Took a family walk around the lake at Furman University. Caught: Slowpoke, Psyduck, lots of others I already had. Dratini popped up by the gym... ap froze - GRR! missed it. Boy had to go potty - caught a Squirtle in the men's room. We were leaving and Dratini showed up again. Caught it this time. Oh yeah!


Keeper of Slurpuffs
Had a good GO day today!

I started off my day by loading up the app at my house. I caught a Squirtle at home.

Even though it was hot out and bad thunderstorms were coming, I journeyed to the next town over again and walked around for about an hour and a half.

I caught around 30 Pokemon. I already had most of them, but I managed to catch my first Clefairy, my first Bellsprout, my first Caterpie, my first female Nidoran, my first Oddish, and my first Krabby.

I also managed to find two more eggs at Pokestops: one is 2 km and one is 5 km. Close to hatching the 2 km egg I found last week.

On my journey, I ran into my cousin who was doing the same thing I was. He was busy so we didn't have much time to chat. It was nice to see him though :)

I also encountered a group of boys who said that there was a Charizard down the road. They didn't give me specifics so I didn't go looking for it. The rain was coming anyway so I decided to end there.

I ended up getting to level 7.
Just walked into work, the server issues have meant I haven't got to any Stops this weekend and I'm low on balls. Decided I'd only catch new or rare things. Found a Paras, easy catch. Little bit further on I found the Haunter that had been on the tracker all the way through town. After three balls the game froze, reloaded and it has caught! Still haven't found a Gastly, but I'll take it. Hopefully I'll be able to play on my way home, my team (Mystic) has a gym a little out of town that is level 3 and only has two weak (less than 400 CP) Pokėmon in it. Problem is I finish at 3pm, and the servers have been down at that time for the last three days.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
Tonight a Alakazam showed up! I was about to go to bed, but I saw him on my nearby list, and I ran outside. It was right down the road. I live out in the middle of nowhere, so this was a pleasant surprise.


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Hello! I just started playing Go this weekend and I'm already hooked. My first walk on Sunday was just around my neighborhood, I caught 14, and my first catch was a Tauros! There were a wide variety, even a Zubat (in the middle of the day!) and a Staryu (nowhere near any water). Yesterday my game seemed to be super-glitchy, it kept freezing or the touchscreen stopped responding. I only caught 11, even with the help of an incense, and it was all Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Weedles. This morning I took a walk to the pokestop closest to my house, which is about a 20 minute walk away. I was out for about an hour again, and only caught three, though one was my first Eevee. I also got my first egg! It is a 5km one, so I have some more walking to do... I hope it goes back to the encounter frequency from my first day, I'm a little disappointed to only find three in one hour.

Important: Remember sunscreen and bug spray! I have lots of mosquito bites now...


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Yesterday at work was unfruitful, as was my commute home.
Didn't get anything new. Just continuing to stock Pidgey for an evolve-bomb.
I'm running dangerously low on Pokeballs. I have to keep tossing Potions, Supers, Revives, and Razzberries in order to keep a modicum of 'Balls in stock.

I've kicked myself a hundred times (at least) for trashing over a hundred Pokeballs.
I went for a walk to these 3 pokestops all close to each other. Had to walk 20 minutes to get to my nearest pokestop. Got some pokeballs, walked back home. I caught 2 Pinsirs one was CP 84 and the other was CP262, I got 6 pokeballs from all three of the pokestops and ran out catching the Pinsirs. I wasted 3 of them on the CP262 Pinsir.

It's really a pain for people to walk a lot to get to their nearest pokestop. I submitted a ticket to add a new one close to me. Hope they'll add it in the update.

Iris Mist

Hylian Princess
Managed to hatch another 5 km egg today, turned out to be a Krabby. When going to the store this morning, I ran into a Gloom, which I caught. I also caught my first Meowth this afternoon. Caught a bunch of Pidgey, Rattata and Spearow as well, and with a few evolutions, managed to gain a level. I'm now at level 11.

My mother is supposed to come for a visit tomorrow. She's been having an awful time finding Pokemon, so I might set up a lure to help her, and myself, out. She said her friend found a Pikachu today, I'm so jealous. I only saw its shadow once in my nearby box, but never encountered one yet.

I also saw an Abra and an Alakazam shadow in my nearby box today, but didn't get a chance to actually search for them. Maybe I'll encounter them tomorrow when we go for a walk.