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Go West, Young Meowth! (072)

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
I liked this episode it was really good!:D! Now when Meowth was watching the movie in the begining of the episode called That Darn Meowth does anyone think that the Meowth in it was Meowsy? Because Meowsy's trainer is rich and the Meowth looked like Meowsy.

Bling King

Doesn't post often
While that connection might stand a chance, I doubt it.

You know, if he wasn't a member of Team Rocket, this episode could have made Meowth the coolest character in the show.


Abort, Retry, Fail?
I found it kind of sad how Meowth got rejected. You know there's the part where Meowth tries to learn how to speak? He opened a book to a page with the letter 'r' and a rocket. Meowth says thats one reason why he joined Team Rocket. I wonder what would happen if Meowth didn't turn to that page at all...


Turnabout Pokemon
I really enjoyed Go West, Young Meowth. In fact, I always had a soft spot for the Team Rocket related episodes like this one and Holy Matrimony. It was rather touching to watch the lengths Meowth went to impress the female Meowth he adored and to watch how Jessie and James were willing to defend their pal against the pack of Persians.

Maestro Kinético

Well-Known Member
Brilliant episode, I wonder how did the writers manage to write such good and original episodes. Now the flashbacks are about Harley going wild because May stole his sushi.


*swoons for Noland*
This episode played recently, and I TiVo'ed it because I had only seen it once. I can't believe what a brilliant episode this was! The Meowth episodes seem to be very well written, and they prove some of the better episodes that don't have a lot of battling.

Meowth's past seems to have so many interesting points that I think it could fill a movie without relying solely on the plot of this episode. Too bad its way too late in the anime to do something like this.

Incidentally, Meowth is the first (and possibly only) main Pokemon to have his gender distinguished (Tauros doesn't count because they can only be male). Jessie said something referring to Meowth as "he" or "him." I rewound it a couple times to make sure I heard it right.


I loved this episode. There wasn't really anything that annoyed me. This was kanto at it's best. Comedy+drama=Awsome.

Mewtwo's Apprentice

Master in training
Poor Meowth. He had a tough time growing up. It was so sad how Meowsy didn't like him. I like the episodes that focus on other characters rather than Ash all the time. It's something fresh. Definitely one of my faves.


Well-Known Member
Excellent episode focusing on Meowth's past and how he learned to speak human, sad Meowth didn't get the girl in the end but maybe he would've if he stuck with his old gang instead of joining TR. I also enjoyed seeing Misty and Delia dressing up they looked good even if it was just a fantasy.


Don't die, ketchup!
Meowth definitely had it rough in some parts of this episode. But, hey, he's the villian. The writers never go easy on the bad guys. Still, I can't help but feel bad for Meowth throughout this episode.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
This was really sad.

Poor Meowth, he goes through all that and Meowsie still rejects him.


This episode was kinda made me sad, but not much interested because it only focuses on Team Rocket's Meowth.
Meowth tries to impress a female Meowth, but doesn't. Even if it meant that he defeated Persian, but still he was hated.

I really hated that part.


[Empty Space]
Its sad how team rocket never win like at the end when meowsie tells meowth he's still a freak, that was the best part sad but funny.Thais is one of my favorite episodes.