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Go West, Young Meowth! (072)


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I loved this episode so much~ Seeing Meowth go from a common dirty streetcat to a walking talking Pokémon was so awesome. I'd always wondered how he came to be as unique has he is. I felt to endeared to the little guy. He's so awesome, he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Stupid Meowzie doesn't realize how good she could've had it.


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Geez, a sad episode that almost made me cry. It was sad to see that the female Meowth didn't return Meowth's love. And the ending with Meowth on the roof looking at the moon really touched me.

Besides that, I enjoyed Meowth's backstory. 10/10


It was a sad episode.
Meowth's past was really mean to it, it was awful how Persian hit it.
and i liked how Ash and his friends really enjoyed in the big city.


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This was a very good episode. Learning about Meowth's past and how he learned to walk upright and talk was great! The story was very sad however...



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This is my top 3 favorite episode. It's so tuching and sad and i had to pinch my eyes not to cry. And the title is soo epic, Go west young Meowth!
makes me want to leave home and just walk....

Best episode ever 100/100


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This was a really touching episode. I liked how we got to learn about Meowth's past and how he got to learn how to speak. It was sweet how he tried to impress that female Meowth, but I was always sad because of how she always rejected him. She was a jerk to him. >_>

I thought it was weird how this episode took place in Hollywood. I always thought the Pokemon World was "separate" or something from our world.

Ashley Miley

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I cried when I first saw this episode. I felt so bad for meowth.


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I liked this one, but i feel so sad for meowoth.


A good attempt but no. I didn't feel bad or anything like that for Meowth in this episode since he'd already been established as a bad guy through and through for me when I was young. If anything, I was happy to see him struggle even more so then he does now with Team Rocket.


I'll do my Lilliest
I used to watch this ep every night before I go to sleep on my DS - its a GBA thingy
I hate Meowzy and Persian. Thats why I never let my Meowths evolve in my game, nya~


aka Lamia
This is one episode that I always remember the most out of all in the series. Probably because I think it's one of the best! It was nice to see the past of Meowth and how many struggles the poor Kitty had. It was funny how he fell in love with that Meowth who had the really scary looking lady trainer. But she then motivated him to learn to speak. One of the weirder things in Pokémon, because then surely Trainers could just teach their Pokémon to speak? There was some Pokémon abuse in this episode too lol. Poor Meowth getting battered after stealing fried chicken. It was sad that Meowth got rejected again lol, but funny to watch at the same time!
Did anyone else think Meowth singing was just weird? lol


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Great episode. I feel so bad for Meowth.

That meowsie was a real b*tch
I love this episode so much. Good to see how Meowth learned talking and walking like humans, and sad to see that Meowzie still didn't like him. After seeing this episode for the first time back when I was a little kid, I started developing more sympathy for Meowth. This is a funny and emotional episode at the same time, 10/10.


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This episode was nice learning about Meowth's past but a little boring since they barely showed Ash, Misty & Brock. LOL they were so cute in hollywood, Delia was hilarious too with that white dress and then it was all their imagination.
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The diction school was run by people from New York.

Now, this episode was my favorite episode out of the entire Kanto Sage. The theme and back story were so greatly implemented that I enjoyed this episode every time I saw it. Just the awesomeness of finding out how Meowth learned to talk and got into Team Rocket was well-executed into a interesting synopsis. A true classic!


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Great to see the background from Meowth. I assume I wasn't the only one wondering why Meowth was so unique and felt more like a human then a Pokemon.
Meowth is proving a really good point here and that is the fact if you really wanna learn something then you can do it. I love all this scenes with dreams/vision and how to work for it.