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Thanks for accepting me! I'm willing to bump his age up to 6, although I don't want to have him any older if that's all right.


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@Pokemon breeder chris: would it be alright if I did my entire description as a story instead just have my being found in that format? I will make it as clear as I can about crucial info ie: name by bolding them

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Hmm, I'm interested. I generally prefer not to reserve a spot, and write on the spot, but it's 23:40 and I have to be awake in 7 hours for work, so I can't spend the time required to write a proper form now. So I'd like to put down a reservation for my favourite legendary pokemon, Registeel. This is one of the most recent samples I have, from Kamotz Pokemon Ultimates RPG

Conrad ran into the action, following Eve as she focused all her attention on Rhino, the largest of the criminals, who's name was well suited to his appearance. Rhino wasn't wasting anytime, dropping his head and charging at the two straight away. Thankfully Eve was faster, throwing a massive burst of fire at the lunatic, engulfing him in red flame heating his armour up to melting point.

"Conrad, move your Pokemon into position!" Eve shouted.

Conrad nodded and was about to call his pokemon into play when Rhino burst free form the flames. Conrad missed what happened exactly but a shockwave dispersed the flames and knocked him onto the floor. Eve didn't bat an eyelid though, and went back to throwing fire balls, followed by massive jets of water which she then froze, encasing Rhino in a massive block of unmoving ice. Eve took a long heavy breath before turning to look for Conrad.

"That should hold him for a while," she started, when the sounds of ice cracking caught her attention. Somehow Rhino was cracking the ice around him, that suit he was wearing had more than one trick besides being massively powerful. Eve erected a psychic barrier, and with all attention on her Conrad managed to scramble out of the way. Leaving Eve to take care of Rhino, Conrad found an unoccupied spot and drew out his pokemon. Roswell the Magnezone and Rex the Nidoking materialised. At the sight of the rival pokemon, Rex made a guttural sound that did nothing but make Roswell roll it's main eye. Rex started to growl when Conrad waved a hand in front of his face.

"Hey! Enough!" he said, catching Rex's attention "We don't have time for these petty displays of manliness now Rex. Now I asked Zetta to explain this to you while you were in transit, so I know you're aware of what's happening. You are the only pokemon here who is strong enough to stand up to this Rhino guy. I need you to focus on what has to be done."

Rex's growl subsided and he nodded. Beside him, Roswell hadn't moved.

"Now listen to me. Rex I need you to pull Rhino off Eve, keep him distracted while I try and help her. Roswell you're back up. Stick with me, if Eve is hurt then I'll do what I can for her, but we'll be unprotected. I need you to..." A massive cracking noise and a rumble that travelled through the ground cut Conrad off. He ran back to where the battle was to see Eve on the ground, bleeding profusely with Rhino marching towards her, barely even breaking a sweat.

"Don't boast unless you can back it up," Rhino growled, as he stalked towards her "I'll put you out of your misery, and then I'll take out the rest of your pitiful team."

Rhino raised both his hands above his head, clasping them together into a massive fist, ready to slam them into the ground. Before he could do so, Rex wrapped both his arms around Rhino's pulling the criminal backwards and lifting him off the ground. The Nidoking roared, a deafening cry of anger and defiance, before twisting around and throwing Rhino back the way he came, thirty, forty, fifty feet until he crashed into, and through a brick wall. Conrad ran up to Eve and knelt beside her.

"I was.. *cough* .. wondering when you'd get here.." she said, wincing as she tried to move.

"Oh sh!t, don't talk. You're bleeding too much from the wounds you have, it must be internal too. Crap crap crap.. can you heal? I mean Espeon can heal itself during the day, so maybe you can too? Roswell, use Sunny Day then get down here. I want you to use Mirror Coat to make your metal body as reflective as possible and try to amplify the sunlight so Eve is bathed in it as much as possible. Just keep your eyes on what's going on. If you get in trouble, keeping Eve protected is your primary concern."

"Conrad.." Eve said as he started to move away "Rhino's suit doesn't stand up well to Dark based attacks. You should be able to use that to your advantage..." Conrad nodded and chased after Nidoking, who was currently hand in hand with Rhino, each trying to force the other over "..and thanks..."

"Rex! Sucker Punch!" Conrad cried. Rex roared, pushing Rhino backwards just that little bit, throwing him off balance for the tiniest of seconds. The timing on tis move had to be perfect. If Rhino wasn't going to attack, then Sucker Punch wouldn't be a good hit, the energy surrounding it would just disappear. Bit if Rhino made a move, then the darkness around Rex's claws would be amplified, and the result would be devastating. Rhino may not have been a total fool, but being pulled away from his prey by a Nidoking was enough to distract him. He made his move to attack and Rex slammed his fist into Rhino's chin, delivering a massive uppercut of dark energy. The blow back was amazing, Rhino didn't see it coming and ended up on his back groaning in pain. Something crunched when he landed. The suit looked intact, which meant either the damage didn't show or it was inside.

"Yes! Good work Rex!"

"You little sh!t.." Rhino said from the ground. He rolled over and stood up. Blood was leaking from the corner of his mouth. He reached inside his mouth and pulled out a tooth which he tossed to the ground. "You're going to pay for that.."


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Cdra1617's Evaluation:

Thanks for accepting me! I'm willing to bump his age up to 6, although I don't want to have him any older if that's all right.

Tumbleweed93 - Make it seven and we might have a deal. Though, if there is appropriate explanation to the age of six, I'll think about it. Six is the most critical age for the brain, that is technically the smartest a human is when they are six because the rapid growth and maturing of braincells. If not that, I do know the age of six is critical for the growth of the brain. So it is possible. Though I would prefer seven at the least, Thank you.

@PokemonBreederChris: would it be alright if I did my entire description as a story instead just have my being found in that format? I will make it as clear as I can about crucial info ie: name by bolding them

Rabidmunclax - It depends on what you mean. I would accept a story in any field, though that could be confusing, as stories "Show" instead of "Tell." Else I would just like you Telling me about your character instead of Showing. However if you mean by making it a narrative, first person for example, than I would have to say "no."

First person is a rather hard narrative to master as it is the easiest one to scare away the readers. There are some that are exceptional, Huckleberry Finn for example, while others fail: Twilight. I talk about the writing styles more than the stories, if some are to disagree with me.

I think you meant "first person" as judging by your previous posts. I am sorry but I would have to say No, request denied. You can write your sign up in the fashion as everyone else, I do not doubt your abilities to do so. If I am wrong to assume that you meant "first person" than go right ahead, and do it your style, as long as it fits the criteria, it could be accepted. Just no "First Person" please.

RaZoR LeAf - Registeel - Reserved until January 26th, 6:47 pm EST

Sign up Form:

Name: Rain
Legendary: Lugia
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Rain, Lugia, female, twenty seven, interesting. Twenty Seven is older age, which is alright. Nearing those autumn years though, ever so sooner. I like the uniqueness of the age, too many people play "The Primal" ages of 17-22. Also, thank you for BOLDING the Categories.

Description: Rain is an extremely tall woman, standing just over six foot. She is very thin, though her actual weight is hard to ascertain. Despite this thinness, she does not look weak—her limbs actually look strong, but only after a close look. She isn’t petite, but her body isn’t incredible at all; she isn’t very well endowed, though her waist is proportionally thin (her ribcage is pretty broad, and her hips are wide, so she has the illusion of a nice waist). If one were to find thinness attractive, Rain would then have a very nice body. She has extremely pale skin, of course, as she seems to be albino. It is pasty, and near white, though somehow that doesn’t make her look sickly. She’s just really pale.

She seems to me, an old fashioned model, with that height. What I can say here is, I'd like it if you talked more about the physique or skin. As "look strong" or "look weak" could be many things. I like the Albino bit, rather creative; I kind of see it in my head. Here in this paragraph, you give two extremes, and say they are in the middle of the extremes. I personally would like it more if you talked about the middle of the extremes, and not how she isn't 'this or that.'

Rain has beautiful hair, of a perfectly pure ivory tone. It is fairly long and flows smoothly around her waist; no matter the weather, no matter the bad hair day, her hair always stays perfectly straight and soft-looking. Usually she pulls it back in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon, as it is quite long. Even so, her bangs—which happen to be dark blue, for some strange reason—refuse to stay out of her face. She doesn’t pay them much mind, though she is sometimes seen absentmindedly trying to put them back behind her ears, where they absolutely won’t stay for very long. Her facial features are rather sharp and cool, with eyes so starkly red that Rain does get a few looks just for them. Her eyes are a little slanted, only adding to the sharp look of her face; however, they always look calm, despite their brilliant coloration. Most people assume that Rain is an albino with dyed bangs.

I like the hair, nice descriptors. I got a nice picture of the face too, and some personality. What I do get confused on is how you say "Sharp and cool." What is this "cool?" Do you mean something such as "laid back? Relaxed?" Things are acceptable here, I'd just like that minor change in finding or describing a different word. Else this is acceptable.

Rain’s choice of outfit is a bit curious, but she’s very attracted to the colors, so it works. She wears a tight navy blue tank top underneath a light bluish-gray zip-up hoodie over her torso. The hoodie is about two sizes too large, hanging frumpily over her thin frame. Of course, it has deep pockets in the front, and a hood on the back; the inside lining is a royal blue color, like her bangs, but not as dark as her shirt. The sleeves pretty much always cover her hands because they’re simply too long. On the back of the jacket are three “V” shaped marks of royal blue, sitting with extremely obtuse angles in a vertical row. Her pants are a little baggy, but not nearly as much so as her hoodie, and colored white. Her pants also have lots of pockets—cargo pants. In order to keep her pants on for sure, she wears two belts sideways over one another: one of them silver, the other royal blue. Her shoes of choice are strappy navy sandals which expose her pasty pale feet with painted blue toenails. She wears the same hoodie constantly, only exchanging pants and tops for very similar ones, as she only owns about three of each. Well, she also has one hot pink tank top, but she only wears it on laundry day.

The clothing description was nice and vivid with color. There could be more use in textural description of the clothing, but I got a nice picture of it. The humor with the pink tank top, laundry day, intriguing.

Personality: Rain is a very quiet individual. She is fairly calm and level-headed, but sometimes, she seems irrationally skittish of everything. The fact behind this is rather simple: somewhere in her heart is the ingrained idea that humans are bellicose and ignorant. She doesn’t know where this notion came from or why she goes along with it, and therefore, she often fights against this notion by being around humans. She is curious about her lost memories, but not voraciously so; she has no intention of obsessing over them, though she is somehow compelled to find someone who understands her. She doesn’t get very excited about anything, but rather takes it all in stride, except of course interactions with unfamiliar humans. There she has a strange phobia; however, despite it, she is working hard to get over it.

Got a nice view on imagery again, with social habits involving Humans. Nothing to change here I think, as you told the social behavior well rounded.

Rain is rather introverted, spending her time swimming and wondering rather than seeking company. The rare times she does go out on the street, she rarely speaks to anyone but rather just hums to herself as she watches them all go by—she doesn’t want them to look at her, even though they do. If she were to find someone who she didn’t feel so skittish around, however, she quite possibly would open up more, and be more accepting of company. For now, she really only enjoys the company of Will because he takes such good care of her, and is kind enough to her such that she doesn’t feel afraid around him. She is thoughtful and wise, generally kind despite being shy, and has a deep belief that her destiny will come one day and make sense of all this.

Well got the idea of the introverted personality based on the first paragraph, so technically much of this could be considered filler, however you go more in-depth and give vivid examples to her introverted personality, along with a potential opening up.

Fate and destiny are also concepts ingrained in Rain’s soul. It would seem that she is highly intelligent; however, she does not show this, because she has a slightly limited vocabulary and some of it is just words she learned from songs, which isn’t quite accurate. She isn’t necessarily a serious persona or a jesting one, but rather she is somewhat neutral. Rain also feels the urge to become responsible for others, especially if they help her or she thinks she knows them somehow. In this way she is a bit motherly, though it’s more of a friendly responsibility for everything than that of a mother. She is obsessed with both the sky and the sea, and likes to watch birds fly by. Culture still eludes her in many ways, though she is trying to learn about it little by little.

Fate, destiny, the metaphysical realms people have often contemplated and failed to find reasoning. This personality is alright, can't ask for anything more. It brings your character more alive, though I still see her as calm, with little emotions. I think that is your character though. There is no passion, from what I can read, but than, there is no need for passion in your character design as your character's persona does not require a large spectrum of passion.

Origin: The tide continued to ebb and flow, ebb and flow as it always had. The water was cold, but it was always cold. There was nothing unusual about the shoreline today, the lone man thought to himself. He was still wearing his business clothes: a gray suit with a red tie. His black hair had fallen unkempt from the breeze, and swished lightly around his face as he stared at the ocean. His silver-blue eyes were only half open, but still, they managed to catch on to something highly unusual…

Nice descriptors for setting the scene, though they be more of the color image. Using the other senses in description would be nice too, like scent, noise, taste, texture. Sight is a good sense to use, but there could always be more.

There was something different about the shoreline today, after all. There, in the shallowest point of the tide, was a woman. She was completely nude, her perfect pale skin and gleaming white hair giving her the look of an angel… or maybe a mermaid? The man on the beach ran over to her, finding quickly that she was no mermaid, as she had long, slender legs. Indeed, her body was thin and beautiful, in an unearthly way he found. He approached her, and unconsciously reached up to brush her dark bangs out of her eye. However, at that instant, her red eyes opened, and she shrank back. Afraid. That was the word… she felt afraid. She retreated slightly into the water, ducking away from the man.

I can see the scene, nice description again. There is a sense of alluring beauty, alluring mystery in this scene.

He looked at her curiously. “What are you doing here?” he asked, and she shook her head. She didn’t know what she was doing here. She only knew that… she was afraid of this man. And she wanted to stay in the water. That made sense. And yet… her body felt wrong… she didn’t know where she was. She was scared. She curled up in the fetal position and stared at him with cold eyes. “Not very talkative, are we?” he asked.

Nice start up with the man. Got a nice picture of the scene still, and with the exchange between the characters, and the internal look within Rain's mind, nice scene.

She responded with a small moan, just, “ah”. As though that was all she knew how to say. And then, she looked him nervously in the eye, as her arms frantically covered her body. “…n… naked?!”

“Yes, you are naked…” he muttered. “Where are you from? Who are you?”

“A…ah…” she muttered again, nothing at all. She had no idea where she was from, who she was. She couldn’t have answered even if she knew words. However, this man seemed intent upon comforting her.

“Look, come on, we’ve got to take you to the authorities. I have no idea where you came from…” he looked away. “I guess you should get some clothes first…”

“Ah!” she exclaimed. People. No, she didn’t want to see people. She was afraid of people. They were… she didn’t really know. Then again, it appeared that she was… a person, too. Why was she afraid? She had no answers, only questions. She shook her head violently. “C…clothes. But… not authorities.”

He stared at her questioningly. “Why? You on the run or something?” She shook her head again.

“Ah… afraid. Can’t… remember.”

I enjoyed the dialogue, gave nice picture to the scene, and more of the inner workings going on within Rain's head.

He blinked at her. She was just afraid of people. Well, that was obvious enough, she was looking awfully shy… except that she was naked in the ocean. And maybe she had amnesia… “Well, I do know that sometimes amnesia goes away with time. If you don’t want to meet anyone, why don’t you just come to my place? My roommate’s out on vacation for a few weeks, so you can stay in his room. I’ll get you some clothes too.” He extended his hand. “My name’s Will.”

Personally I find the sudden kindness of a stranger to offer his conveniently available room a little too superficial, however this is nice. I think Will could have some internal thoughts going on in his own head, with only action being shown to the reader about this strange naked lady on the beach, but eh, with him just offering a hand and saying "come with me." That's alright.

She looked at him skeptically. “Oh… okay, Will.” She took his hand and stood up, still shaking a little and covering her body. He realized then how tall she was, but quickly averted his eyes. Will didn’t want to stare at her, and she didn’t really want to be stared at. He put his jacket over her and walked down the shoreline, up into the alley, and to his apartment. It only took a few minutes to get there.

That is always awkward for a man when a female is much taller than him, it kind of emasculates them. That being said, Sympathy and Power towards Will. Though on the trip to the apartment, I ponder of what the journey in between is, as surely eyes would be judgemental, mouths would be curious, but this is unimportant.

One Will and the mysterious girl arrived at the apartment, he immediately showed her to the shower and turned it on for her, trying not to stare at her naked body. He did notice the strange birthmarks on her back… maybe he could use those to identify her. But not now; first, she needed to remember some things. He put on some soft rock music—some of his favorite bands—and changed into his relaxed clothes. While he was at it, he grabbed some for the girl, though obviously they wouldn’t fit that well… she was much smaller than he was, albeit just as tall. She had been in the shower for a long time when Will finally came in, asking, “Are you drowned in there?” He was holding the clothes.

Okay, same height, than no emasculation. However I could more see Will putting on his nice cashmere bathrobe, smoking a long pipe, putting on some suave romantic rock, lighting a few candles, dimming the room's electric lights. I got that image by this paragraph even though it has nothing to do with it. Blame my imagination. Good Good imagery.

She was smiling at the shower head and letting the water run as she hummed along to the music. When he walked in, she looked down. “Rain,” she nearly whispered. “Rain is familiar… Rain is comfortable.”

Will just looked at her. “Hey, don’t use up all the water… you think your name may be Rain?”

She shook her head, no. “But… it’s as good as any name.”

And from there on, she was Rain.

Legend Origins: Lugia, dun dun dun "Rain."

Will gave her some of his clothes for the night, but the next day he went and bought her some of her one—well, tried to. She took a liking to his hoodie and wouldn’t give it back; he decided she could just keep it. He did manage to get her to buy some underwear and a bra, as well as some actually fitting pants, shoes, and tank tops. Rain didn’t like many colors, but all the same, the things she picked were pretty cheap. Will has since been trying to help Rain recover her memory; after he gets off work each day, he meets her out by the ocean, where she is typically swimming in her underwear. He gave up on keeping her out of the ocean several days ago, because honestly, she wouldn’t even consider it. He still thinks she might be a mermaid, especially with how she sings. He has a large collection of rather easy-going music, which Rain has taken a liking to and listens to constantly. When he heard her sing along, with her beautiful voice, Will started to consider that she might be a mermaid who got her legs but lost her memory for it…

Interesting. Good for Will to help. Though I find rain not adjusting to underwear or other clothing that well for some reason, but than again, Will probably had a few feuds with Rain in the mini episodes between the lines of writing.

As of now, no one knows that Rain lives with Will. She eats ramen and other bargain food gladly, so she’s not a financial burden, though she has offered (since learning enough of the language to speak coherently again) to try to get a job. Will is fresh out of college working at an accounting firm; he makes enough money to support her pretty easily. His roommate will return in a few days, but he’ll explain when the time rolls around for that, he’s decided. She tends to wander short distances from the apartment, exploring the streets and trying to overcome her fear of other people, which she finds irrational. However, most of her time is still spent at the sea, or standing on the balcony enjoying the wind. Often, Rain dreams that she’s flying… or watching someone fly through their eyes… and falls into the sea…

Nice closure on the Origin, and we got to see a little of Rain's personality shine through as well. The Origin was nice.

Miscellaneous: Rain retains a few marked talents from her old self. For one, she has a lovely singing voice, hauntingly beautiful and rather captivating. She has taken up singing for her keep because of this. She is also an excellent swimmer, not getting tired easily. She can hold her breath for a very long time for a human, but it’s not necessarily superhuman—just unusual. Rain has a bizarre fascination with the sea, and always is swimming, diving deeper and deeper into the cold water… which also doesn’t seem to bother her. She loves soft rock music, just like her current keeper, Will. In fact, music has taught Rain many words… though sometimes that gives her a weird definition for things. She doesn’t know a lot of things about American culture, simply because she hasn’t been able to absorb it.

Rain must always get prune-fingers and toes as she is always in the water. Interesting Misc. items, acceptable, and balanced.

Aura: Rain’s aura is rather inconspicuous… usually. Quite simply, the air around her is more humid than usual, and often she gives off the feeling of an incoming storm. Animals act somewhat irrationally around her because of this aura, but many humans don’t even notice it. However, they do notice the humidity. Rain’s hair stays perfectly straight despite this aura, but some people’s hair curls up from the change in the air. When others are in the rather distant vicinity, there can be a bit of wind around her as well, further lending to the birth of a storm. However, if others like herself are very close indeed, Rain’s aura will act up, bringing, well, rain. It comes in various quantities depending on which others are nearby, how many of them there are, and how close they are. If they’re very close and have great familiarity to her old soul, Rain will cause a rather nasty thunderstorm, but that’s as bad as it gets. It seems to cause her pain when it gets stronger.

For the Aura, I find it reasonable. If I don't keep getting a server error, and remind my self to "CopyPasta" I'll get the list I had about Auras written down. Your aura is nice, though perhaps more could be added, just summoning rain, and affecting the humidity is fine, but I'll allow more if you so desire it. Aura's are what make you "superhuman," after all.

Rain’s tattoo is on her back, in the form of six slanted rectangles forming a 3 horizontal by 2 vertical larger rectangle. They resemble Lugia’s notable scales. However, rather than being blue, they’re only a darker tone than her skin, kind of brown compared to her white skin. They look more like birthmarks than tattoos, though they’re quite identifiable. The “visible” form of her aura is a translucent white color. It surrounds her body and extends her arms with wing-like shapes of aura. These tend to be flared away from her arms, as well, and down a bit. It also makes her eyes redder.

Description of the Aura, acceptable, nice details.


Your sign up, was very nice in description and detail. I enjoyed reading it. There were some slight errors in description, involving mostly clarity but nothing to extreme and is only something to change for reading.

I find Rain, the Lugia, Acceptable. Welcome to the RPG, Cdra1617. I hope you have fun.



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Looks like a lots of my friends are joining this one. I would like to reserve Moltres. I hope this sample alright, it's one of my more recent ones.

Clover Dracen

Clover was having a strange dream in her dream there was shouting and screaming over some kind of legendary plate and there were sleeping people around her. The people talking were a bunch of dark faceless shadows. Then suddenly they came closer and started picking up the unknown people, one lifted her and whispered, “Why did I have to get the heavy one…?” After that she suddenly found herself in a helicopter above a forest area and the shadow people began literal dropping people into the wood. As her turn came she suddenly heard a flock Starly chirping before she was shoved out and quickly began falling to the ground. She suddenly felt herself being shaken.

“Ah” she grunted snapping to an up position after her nearly hit the ground in her dream. Her heart was accelerating and she breathed out, “That was a weird… dream…”

Consciousness had return fully and slapped her with sudden realization; this wasn’t her room, and this didn’t even look like her neighborhood even though it was still blurry without her glasses. She began feeling around hoping to find her glasses nearby she, was next to blind without them. Feeling around, she felt foliage and warmth of things other, certainly the grassy ground... Cold and metallic, she had found it. Sighing with relieve, she put them on, getting a clearer vision of the green forest around her… It was small woodland like areas around though none were this untouched clean or nearly as large and who the heck were these sleeping people around her. It was too vivid and detailed too just be a dream, could it. All of her dreams she could clearly tell it was dream but this was different. It seemed too real to be a dream yet too unreal to be a reality… She was in a dark blue nightgown with rhinestones that made the American flag in the center of her busty chest. She was a little more happy this was her longest one instead of the short one for summertime.

The eighteen years-old stood she stretched her arms above her head feeling the strands of hair sticking out rubbing again her skin. Even though she couldn’t even see it, Clover knew her black hair well enough to know it a mess especially after she goes to sleep. Patted down it sprung back up into it previous location, the thick hair was stubborn and refuse to stay down until a comb was rack through its roots. Giving up on her bed head, she noticed another person awake and moved over to him. He seemed quite panic as he was waking other people, asleep on the forest floor.

“Hey… excuse me” She spoke out to get his attention, he didn’t even looked at her and there was a pause of silence as tad of shyness overcame her afterwards. She notice another person, a girl “Um… You wouldn‘t happen to know where the heck I am, would you?” She put on a smile to hide the fact she had butterfly going crazy in her stomach or maybe that was just hunger.
Man, hope I'm not too late. May I reserve Entei if there are still spots available? Of course, I didn't come here empty handed. I have a sample from cdra's Nonsense Game (which I need to make a fresh post in).

Loup In Boots and Arken/Mikhail
Clearing Beside The Pond

A black figure laid in a field of flowers. The pasture was circular and only a few meters in diameter, the outer edges turning into short but lush green grass and slowly stretching out into a wall of trees. Beside the congregation of flora was a small pond, glistening under rays of light falling down from the sky. The forest around it was undoubtedly quite a formidable sight. Most of what was around was covered in shadows, barely broken by sunlight breaking through the dense heads of gargantuan trees. Despite its almost scary appearance, the ambience was softened - almost changed completely - by the sound of the singing songbirds, the rustling leaves and the whistling wind.

As other figures that were humanesque or otherwise started to move, either through outward stimuli or self-choice, the black figure stayed still. Players and their companions paid it little to no attention, either not seeing it or ignoring it.

And suddenly, out of the trees came a blur of red, dashing past other characters. If they looked closely enough, they would have also seen a tail ending with a single blue flame and a set of teeth that could have ripped apart an elephants leg and then play catch with it. It was rushing right towards the black figure with a purpose…and crashed right into it, sending the object flying into the pond with a splash and a…gyaah?

“See, I told you I could move Loup!” the red blur, a red lion-like creature with tribal tattoos all over his body and yellow eyes, announced to the air. He wore a joyful expression which then turned into a confused one. “What are you talking about? I was doing- but you said to- well, I already- that was uncalled- well, you’re a- now that’s just mean,” he finished with a frown, seemingly talking to air.

“Is that you, Arken?” the black figure, now proven to be a sentient being that looked like a large Labrador with unusual features, including but not limited to a pair of cartoon-like gloves, a feathered hat, and a pair of boots. “What was that for?” he asked, standing on shaking legs. It wasn’t that he was cold, no. In fact, he actually felt quite warm. It was just that he, as a creature who used to walk on two legs, absolutely had little experience on being a quadruped.

“Miki – no, I won’t stop calling you that – here told me that I couldn’t make you move, so I proved him wrong!” the lion-like creature, Arken, told the wet bundle of fur that was Loup In Boots. He made no motion to go help in out of the water. For obvious, to Loup, reasons, of course.

“Ooh, I told you to leave me alone until I woke up from this dream,” Loup said, having quite a bit of trouble walking from out of the pond and back onto the flower field. Just a few feet away from Arken, he tripped on a hidden rock and flopped onto the floor. He was fortunately cushioned by the mass of flowers underneath him. It still hurt though. “This awfully painful dream. Aren’t I supposed to wake up yet?”

Arken rolled his eyes before walking over to the fallen canine. He bit him by the collar and pulled him up, helping him to his fee- er, paws. He let go of the Labrador and said, “We’ve told you already, this isn’t a dream. You heard The Orchestrator. We alrea- alright, alright, Mikhail already explained everything to you. I mean- oh, look I see a bumble bee!”

With no warning, Arken jumped over Loup, startling him, and started chasing around a little yellow and black bug that was indeed a bumble bee.

Loup shook his head. “What was I thinking when I made him that way?” Loup asked himself, and then took on a thoughtful face. Or he thought it was thoughtful; he wasn’t used to having the facial muscles of a dog, either. “I believe it was because I was trying to make a comic relief character. It was also because I needed an opposite archetype to work with Mikhail, despite the clichéd twins with polar-opposite personalities. It was a hard trick to pull, but my readers seem to like it, especially when I got them to argue. Plus, it also served to allow me to be creative and with my characters and to explore what I can do with them, traits in myself which I needed to polish to become the accomplished writer I want to- gyaah!” he yelled for the fourth time – the first time was being sucked into his computer, while the second time was meeting Arken/Mikhail for the first time. You already know the third time.

The reason for his impromptu shout was Arken stepping on his apparently sensitive tail, which also caused him to somehow jump many feet into the air. His leg strength, though he wasn’t familiar with it, was also quite apparently strong. He landed back on the flowery floor with a thump and with legs outstretched. He looked like an unusually thick and very uncomfortable custom-made throw rug.

“Whoops! Sorry, Loup,” Arken apologized, once again pulling the canine up.

Loup glanced at him. “Remind me to make you less scatterbrained,” he said as he tried to stand properly.

“Yeah, yeah,” the red beast replied, looking away and noticing that their actions had caused them to get some attention. “Hey, look, there are other players here!” he announced with obvious glee. He then looked at Loup.

For thirteen seconds and fifty-three milliseconds, Loup and Arken just stared at each other. The former wore a ‘you want me to talk to them don’t you?’ look complete with a raised eyebrow, which looked mighty strange on his doggie face. The latter had a look that said ‘yes, I do, and you’re going to do it because you kno~w you want to because you want to finish this game as soon as possible, and also because you’re a bit curious about the game itself.’ Yes, all that in one look that had a slightly maniacal grin on it. Don’t ask me how.

At the fifty-fourth millisecond of that thirteenth second, Loup relented and sighed in defeat. “You win,” he muttered, slowly trudging across the field of flowers as Arken capered – yes, he capered, and if you can imagine that, you must have a mind as crazy as a loon – along.

Of course, to Arken, Loup was being too slow, so he nudged him forward from time to time to make him move faster. Every few nudges, Loup would ungainly fall flat on the floor only for Arken to pull him up and start the whole process of trying to make him walk all over again. However, it was with expressions that said different things on their faces.

Just to make sense of Arken, he has someone else living (sort of) in his head that he talks to. No one else can hear him except Arken.


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Valid point...seven it is!


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Valid point...seven it is!

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The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
Reserving Raikou, I'm halfway through the Sign-Up, just don't have enough time right now.

Impressive. He was out of breath, but this was to be expected of a virgin Keyblader. Even so, his cocky gasp of "That all you got?" came closest to his desire to send the kid headlong into a true gauntlet designed to test endurance to breaking point. His mission was to test the kid, not murder him. It was as expected; his fighting style was clumsy and improvised. As of now, he was no real threat. He may as well have given the weapon to a chimp, if he could. He clapped his hands together in a brief round of sarcastic applause.

"Truly fascinating. This is going to be enjoyable." He clicked his fingers again. The boy's body tensed, anticipating another round of attack; but Lexan wasn't cruel. Instead, a deep black void opened in the space of time and space, darkness continously entering and exiting.

"This portal leads to the Radiant Garden; it's a safe haven. It's tricky walking through there so keep thinking you exist or else you'll just fade away. Oh, and if you're worried that I'm tricking you, once I give you my word - like now - I'm bound for all eternity, cross my heart -" He placed a gloved hand across his heart, the light catching the silver cross sewn into the black fabric - "and hope to die." And with that, he clicked his fingers a second time, forming a secondary portal nearer to him. First objective done, second objective in progress.

"Oh, yes, before I forget," Lexan suddenly remembered, reciting the warning, "At your present state, you will not understand. There is so very much to learn. You understand so little. Nevertheless, doubtless the time will come when we will meet again." And with that, with no real intention to see what the Keyblader thought about this development, he disappeared through his own personal portal.


Sunset Hill
Twilight Town


The train would make its way under the bridge from here. Fortunately for Lexan, the citizens of Twilight Town's internal clocks had forced them to hit the hay; as such, Sunset Hill was deserted. He smiled. Perfect. Time for action. With catlike fluidity of movement, he ran from the hill overlooking the railway, and with a graceful jump, landed on a patch of grass by it. The train would have to come through this way. Better make the most of it.

From within his sleeve, he drew out - literally from nowhere - a medium-sized sword bayonet from the hilt, its elegant reddish-gold blade glinting fittingly in the twilight. Now for the trick: the bayonet split into three identical copies, two of them forced between his fingers for safekeeping. He could throw them into the air and catch them when done, but what mattered was getting the job done; theatrics could wait. The first bayonet's blade emerged in size, to the point it resembled a claymore greater than a sword that could be carried about with ease. He stabbed it into the ground, swung one of the bayonets into his spare hand, and leapt on top of the hilt of the oversized bayonet. It was just a matter of waiting.

Patience truly was a virtue. Eventually, the mystical train started puffing its way into view, painted in a rather handsome shade of purple and gold, the funnel being its owner's dark blue hat adjourned with stars and moons. It was almost a shame to put it out of commission. But put it out of commission he must. He stretched out his arms, the bayonets facing outwards, the blades at their sharpest and most durable. The train wheeled forward -

- and it came into contact with the blades. The first carriage was cleaved in two, but the bayonets - and Lexan's arms - shuddered with the impact. His limbs felt like they were on fire, but he held on all the same. During the small gap between carriages, he was granted a moment's reprieve, only for it to be snatched away as the next carriage got sliced. Eventually, the train was effectively derailed. The steam had died. The three bayonets vanished from existence. His mission was truly complete. Without a click, he disappeared through a portal of darkness. And boy, were his arms tired.


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Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
Name: Timothy (Tim for short)
Legendary: Kyogre
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Description: Tim stands at a tall height of around six and a half feet. He is muscular in his upper body; however the middle part of his body, around the stomach and hip areas, has more fat and bulges out. He has bright blue hair that seems to have two half-inch strands that stick up all the time near the center of his head. Tim's face has grayish-blue mustache that is somewhat thin and is pretty thin so those that do not look carefully will not notice it with his pale complexion. Tim's eyes are a deep topaz color while his pupils are quite small comparitively to his irises and sometimes seem invisible. His nose is well-rounded, yet it is short and blunt. His face can seem wide because his cheeks are puffed out and his chin and forehead are flattened.

His arms and legs are muscular as stated before; they are large around, however the circumference of his upper arm is notibly smaller than his shoulder. They are also long. His hands, however, are large horizontally, but are not so much vertically. His fingers, which add on to the vertically shortness, are blunt yet have smoothly-rounded tips. His feet are also the same way; the heel to the knuckle part of the toe are wide, but the toes themselves are also blunt. They however, are not well-rounded at the tips like the fingers, but rather they corner sharply.

He wears a blue, white, and red plaid shirt with buttons that range from the top to the bottom. He usually buttons up the entire shirt with the exception of the very bottom button. The shirt covers over the top part of his wore-out denim jeans, and his very light tan belt. His boots have a distinctive pattern on top that eerily similar to the pattern of Kyogre's tail, where it seems to go down toward the outerside of either boot and part in two ways.

Personality: Kyogre or rather Tim, is a rather kind individual under normal circumstances. He helps out others as much as he can, though, he has been known to give tough love too. He truely does care for others, maybe because others have cared for him. He will go out of his way to make sure that someone is feeling okay. This side can be taken advantage of though by a rather lazy individual who would rather watch. He is not entirely gullible though, he can use common sense to figure out that something is hurtful or harmful towards others. Timothy also knows when to attack and when to back down from a fight. He is not above picking a fight with someone else; usually this is to protect someone or because this particular individual is mean to others. He also is normally a happy man with a few jokes and puns, most of which are terrible and cause others to cry.

He does not have a large temper, but does have a drive to protect those that are indeed worth protecting to his view. While he does not remember much (or rather anything) about his past, this does not cause certain memories from surfacing, namely the one with Groudon, and will show disdane to those memories. It does seem as though, he does not want to remember who he is and that he would rather be what he is now. He wants to provide for those that have provided for him; he hopes the same is true for him.

Origin: A man awoke from unconciousness and looked about his surroundings, he could see what looked like a large city off to his left. The first thing that he wondered was exactly what he was doing. As he stood to his feet, the images in front swaying back and forth. He finally was able to keep his senses together long enough to picture the plains in front of him. As the blue haired man walked about he started to question where he was, and for that matter why he was there, but the most important question in his mind was why was he naked. As he walked pondering on things that confused him, he heard a cry for help. "Help!"

Instinctively the man ran to the source of the scream, a young lady caught on a rock in the middle of some rapids was squeezing the rock tightly as she screamed time and time again. She was obviously battered and bruised, perhaps by some rocks that she might have hit or maybe the current threw some debris at her. Behind her were some very dangerous and pointy rocks probably planning to slice and dice her, who is to say what a rock thinks. Some drift wood was hanging onto the front part of the rocks, adding on to the danger that she was in. Anyways, trusting only his instincts and not really using a lot of sense like grabbing a vine and pulling her in or something similar, the man jumped straight into the water and swam toward the lady. Unlike other swimmers who would get caught in the current, he actually was somehow able to turn his body so he could reach her without much trouble. Afterwards, he grabbed her and swam back toward shore, her holding on to his back for dear life. The two got to the safety of the bank as he laid her down onto the ground. Exhausted, the mysterious man felt the forest once again swaying back and forth as he fell unconcious.

A few hours later, the man awoke from this and found himself next to the lady that he saved. They were not near the river but outward a bit. She was resting, breathing heavily. He looked back and forth as he was trying to ponder on what he did. Three other people, two men and one woman ran out to where the two were. One of the men, an elder gentleman came and yelled, "Marica! Are you all right?"

"Yeah," replied the young lady that was saved. There was definite exhaustion in her breath. "I'm fine, just a bit tired." The other woman helped her to her feet. "But," she continued, "I don't know if things would've been all right without him..." She pointed at the man.

"What happened?" the younger of the men asked.

"I'll tell you on the way," replied Marica. The younger man helped the strange man up and allowed him to use the man as a crutch. Then the older gentleman took off a coat that he was wearing and helped wrap it around his legs and hips. After that, Marica explained about how she was out near the river just having a little fun, taking a break. A meteor or some sort of object struck nearby and caused her to lose balance and fall in. She then explained how this stranger came from practically nowhere and saved her from certain doom. She looked at him and asked, "So who are you?" She wondered who her savior was and the other three with them couldn't say that they were not curious either.

The words soon came to the blue haired man's thoughts. What was his name? He tried to remember but could not. Each time he tried it seemed nearly impossible, something lingered there, something but he could not remember. "Sorry, I-I don't know."

"Ah, I see," replied the older man. "Well, I'm Ramon, the man helping you is Dirk; that's Susan, and you already met Marica." The group approached a watermill nearby. He said, "Well, we better get you dressed up at least. And then we'll work on some sort of name. As they entered into the mill a plaque on the front read a founding date of about 40 years ago and below it read "In loving memory to Timothy Drakes".

"Tim-o-thy?" replied the stranger as he enunciated the word. "Maybe that should be my name."

A tear fell down Marica's face. Tim asked, "What's wrong?" She explained that Timothy was her grandfather who built this watermill some time back, and while it's now only used as a historical monument, Timothy felt close to it. She then explained how she was very close to him before he died. It was a touching story, and Tim felt more compelled to keep the name, more as a momento to the story and so he could remember those that helped him, just in case.

The elder said, "Well, we better not travel any further." He looked out to the west. "The sun is setting and there's no way we can make it back to the house tonight. Plus the fact that these two are probably in deep pain."

"You want us to stay at the mill tonight?" asked the younger man as the group approached the entrance to the mill.

"Correct, I'm sure the owners won't mind," he said. The group entered into the mill and explained to a man looking after the mill about what happened and asked if they could stay the night. The next morning the group went to Ramon's house, it was a short distance from the mill but still a bit far. A few days later, Tim felt rested enough to help out Ramon with his work which was a lot of heavy lifting to the nearby houses, it wasn't big enough to be considered a town, but the neighborhood still had quite a few houses nearby.

Miscellaneous: Hmmm...well, I still say that he's an excellent swimmer for lack of a better word.

Aura: Tim's aura allows him to increase and decrease the pressure of water to his will. He can cause water to cluster together to slow a current to a standstill, but he can also cause the water to dissipate and the water will lower height wise as well as increase in speed. Tim's water increasing abilities can also allow him to cause even the most sinkable of things to float like the Titanic XD. He can also use these abilities on other forms of liquids as well, for things that are as hard to swim in as tar or quicksand (yes it's still very hard to swim in it) to calming waves down in the middle of a storm.

His tattoo is found on the back of his right hand. It looks like a large circle in the middle of the hand with four lines leading towards his fingers. These lines end at or near the knuckles. The lines are not straight though the two on the far left and right both go diagonal then suddenly streak downward toward the fingers. The two in the middle, however, go straight down toward the fingers with a fifth line connecting them in the middle. (see the mark on Kyogre's main fins for visual)

Now just waiting for the either pending or denied...ehehehe... -_-;
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Manaphy Mare

1000 Words
May I please reserve Mew? My sample is below, thank you.

A teenage boy in white, silk robes was sweeping outside one of the shops near the market, His platinum blond hair was longer than usual, falling around his hips, and fluttered in the light breeze. He looked up to see a teen, not much younger than himself, seeming to pay his respects to the girl that was stoned to death yesterday. She was skilled in elemental magic and divination. He knew her well, she would often forewarn him of when a ship would get caught in a storm; more so he wouldn't have to patrol whenever he saw a storm brewing, a trait he learned from his life along the Silk Road. He looked up into the sky, and saw the clouds. He then turned his gaze towards the coast and noticed that they became gradually darker as they moved away from land. His eyes widened as something clicked in his mind: He would need to patrol the waters near Venice for some of the fishing boats that could get caught up in the storm. He ducked inside the the shop and set the broom down and called out, "There's a storm brewing, I'm going to check for fishing boats." before he bolted for the residential district. When he arrived at the right house he rushed in the house and hurried up the stairs to his room. When he arrived he threw off his shoes and the robes. He soon pulled on a pair of cheap, white breeches and threw on a top that would remind most modern people would say resembled the outfit of the male Selkies from the Crystal chronicles series; however it lacked the fur trim at the bottom. It was as white as freshly fallen snow and cut off around his midriff, exposing his abdominal muscles. He picked up a flute and two rosaries; the first had crystal beads, while the other was made from sapphire. His hand paused over a third, ruby rosary, but he ignored it and rushed for the door, 'I'll be around water, I don't think he's do too well.' Was all he thought as he grabbed a bandage and used it to bind his hair behind him in a low ponytail. He kicked on a pair of straw sandals, not even bothering with the socks, as he rushed by the door. He whipped out the flute and wrapped the crystal rosary around his right hand and began to play a tune he knew by heart. When he ended the song he looked up to see a winged unicorn standing before him, the two met eyes and he she nodded. Without wasting any time he mounted her back and she took off.
"We need to get to the docks as soon as possible, Casta. There are possibly fishermen and sailors that need our help." He said as they galloped through the skies. When they arrived he leaped off and played his flute again, this time he had the sapphire rosary around his hand. The Leviathan soon appeared in the seas; startling everyone but the locals, they cast him a knowing look. Fifteen minutes passed before he returned, a handful of fishing boats formed the leviathan's unofficial entourage. The Venetians cheered as they were returned safe, the leviathan disappeared soon after The teen dismounted Casta. She flew off, secretly deciding to keep an eye on the teen, just in case. He calmly walked around the docks, enjoying a little time to himself. He soon found himself near a dark alleyway, a hand reached out of the shadows, and pulled him in.
"Say, what would it cost for some fun like you?" Asked a young man, he seemed to be in his late teens or early twenties.
"I-i don't know what you're talking about." Stuttered the teen, he was starting to get nervous.
"Well with how many boys like your self..." he then began to lean in for a kiss, only for the teen to push him away and back up.
The teen looked up, hoping to see Casta swoop in and save him like she normally did whenever he wound up in danger. The man approached him menacingly, finally the teen realized what was happening; his eyes widening in shock. He soon found himself against a wall, the young man still advancing on him. He shut his eyes and, at the top of his lungs, screamed for help. He silently prayed that someone would save him in time.


UnlimitedBlade Works
CyberBlastoise's Review:

Name: Timothy (Tim for short)
Legendary: Kyogre
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Age: Twenty three, interesting. Slightly older in the "young adult spectrum." Interesting to see no one has really gone the teen route yet.

Description: Tim stands at a height of 6'6" and weighs around 200 lbs. He is quite muscular in his upper body; however the middle part of his body, around the stomach and colon areas, is a bit more pudge than muscle, though it does not hinder his strength much. He has bright blue hair that seems to have two half-inch strands that stick up all the time near the center of his head. Tim's face has grayish-blue mustache that is somewhat thin and blinds into his pale skin. Tim's eyes are a deep topaz color while his pupils are quite small comparitively to his irises and sometimes seem invisible.

Starting off with your description, I would recommend not using actual numerical values on weight or possibly height. What I meant with weight is more so the mass of your character even though weight measures more how gravity has an effect on you. Mass just correlates to weight, for us humans that is. According to the BMI however your weight is in the 42nd percentile, you weigh less than the majority of people your age. I wouldn't think that to be pudgy in this percentile.

You say he is quite muscular, than I would also think he would weigh more, muscle weighs a lot, and if he is "quite" muscular, I'd assume he'd be more buff than pudgy. Also fat really doesn't "hinder" strength, it it is not muscle, so it won't add on, but fat is mass, and mass can hurt with gravity backing it up. So if he wanted to use full force of his body, fat could be a nice cushion. "Buttock" would suffice better than "colon areas" if you meant that cushion. Or if you mean the all around area, "hips." I think you could use a little better clarity on the description of the physique. It is appropriate, but doesn't leave that much of a visual trail. I see it more a "2D" figure, without 'life.'

The hair is alright, no complaints there; but with the mustache: I find it creative, and fun. But The mustache that "blinds" in with the face, I do not understand, it could use more clarity. I like the idea of the mustache, but how you wrote it, it is more like filler. Emphasize on that. The eyes were alright, acceptable, though odd for a human to have, so I think if he did have eyes like those, he would nee a pair of glasses to hide them.

His nose is well-rounded, yet it is short and blunt. His mouth, and with that his face, is quite wide yet not as tall, but still maintains the shape of the average human head.

This seemed like filler as well. Nose is alright, but when you talk about his face "quite wide, yet not as tall," that is vague. What is the average human head? does he have a long forehead? flat-wide chin? Puffy cheeks? You could emphasize more on the other features of the face to describe the 'wideness.'

His arms and legs are well muscular as stated before, but not to the point that he looks like a bodybuilder; he looks more like just a stronger than average human. His arms are about 1'6" from the shoulder to the elbow and 1'3" from the elbow to the wrist. His hands are quite large, his fingers on the other hand (no pun intended) are short and almost flat at the tips. His feet are somehow the exact opposite. The main part of the foot itself is quite thin and narrow while the toes are longer and can be mistaken for the ends of flippers.

There are many points to the physique with muscles, sure bodybuilders probably have the largest of the physiques, but then we have people who simply like to keep fit, we have the athletes of different professions, muscularity can vary a lot, so I would like better description on the physique here. What does a "stronger than average human" look like?

Again, you don't need to give out exact measurements for the arms. Also, don't make your characters too mutated different from the "average human." They should still look very human with slight resemblances to their legendary counterparts. People would oddly talk and probably call certain institutions if they saw a "humanoid" figure rather than a "human" figure. "Almost flat to the tips" and "Flipper" feet would be rather disturbing to see on someone; and as the toes are key parts for a human to balance, your character's balance would be off and they'd have trouble walking. Walking with flippers for the first time is very hard to do. I would like to see better description; I get a vague sense of what your character looks like by piecing together your description, but he still remains blurry on certain parts such as physique, and certain facial features.

His choice of clothing might seem odd to some, though not all. He wears a blue, white, and red plaid shirt with buttons that range from the top to the bottom. He usually buttons up the entire shirt with the exception of the very bottom button. The shirt covers over the top part of his wore-out denim jeans, and his very light tan belt. His boots have an oil spill on top that eerily similar to the pattern of Kyogre's tail, where it seems to go down toward the outerside of either boot and part in two ways.

I like the clothes, creative, with exception to the boot. The boot is creative, but I find the stain a little too superficial. Instead of a stain, just give the boots that design through fabric or take it out, is my suggestion.

Overall with description, I think it could use some improvement. There are some good parts but yes, he remains blurry in some parts and could use some better description toward the face.

Personality: Kyogre or rather Tim, is a rather kind individual. He helps out others as much as he can, though, he has been known to give tough love too. He truely does care for others, maybe because others have cared for him. He will go out of his way to make sure that someone is feeling okay. This side can be taken advantage of though by a rather lazy individual who would rather watch. He is not entirely gullible though, he can use common sense to figure out that something is hurtful or harmful towards others. Timothy also knows when to attack and when to back down from a fight. He is not above picking a fight with someone else; usually this is to protect someone or because this particular individual is mean to others. He also is normally a happy man with a few jokes and puns, most of which are terrible and cause others to cry.

Nothing really to point out here in personality, everything seems A-OK. Maybe perhaps adding some physical personality into description as others have done could work, but the start up for personality is alright.

Tim does however have a pretty nasty temper when unleashed. He will act without much though and usually ends up either hurting himself badly and/or hurting someone else even worse. Tim's anger is usually triggered by either being hit hard, normally in the nose or facial area, insulted deeply, the apparent harm of friends, or the presence of Groudon or human-Groudon. Tim's anger issues can be quelled as easily as it is triggered. Normally, his new family can calm him down by just talking with him, but sometimes a strong slap to the face can quite literally "knock some sense back into him."

So, Tim's bipolar? This paragraph contradicts with the previous one, as it is almost the opposite. I would like you to rework this paragraph. It is alright to have a bipolar side, a side where he completely changes personalities, but the triggers I think could use some reworking. For one thing, if an insult got him to this, I would have to deny it, words could be poisonous, but not manipulative enough to send one over the edge, unless the words were continuous and kept on fueling the anger. Or he was mentally trained to snap at a single word due to past life. That word could be "Groudon" for instance. Also, I think it would need to be more than a few punches to bring Tim into this state. He seems too easily able to enter his "bipolar - angry" state. If he is truly bipolar than he could easily snap, but you did not convey it well for me to understand such as that.

For the personality, I find it acceptable, but there could be some work on the second paragraph, clarifying more. Bipolar is fun and unique to RP as, but tricky as you never know the inner psyches of when that character might switch to their different mood.

Origin: In a forest nearby a small town, a man awoke from unconciousness and looked about his surroundings. As he stood to his feet, the images in front swaying back and forth. He finally was able to keep his senses together long enough to picture the forest in front of him. As the blue haired man walked about he started to question where he was, and for that matter why he was there, but the most important question in his mind was why was he naked. As he walked pondering on things that confused him, he heard a cry for help.


The setting is New York City, the meteors crashed near or around. Sure there are small towns and such outside the city, but many many miles away, him then getting to New York City, would be rather difficult, maybe. The cry for help, the caps not really needed. You could of addressed it differently. Such as {: He heard a wailing noise in the distance. As he turned his head to the causer of the noise, a someone loudly screamed in panic "Somebody, anybody help me!" } would be a better choice to bring forth the attention to the cry. It is not me to judge how you are to address action and suspense in your writing, but I would find it better if you chose a different way to approach it.

Instinctively the man ran to the source of the scream, a young lady caught on a rock in the middle of some rapids was squeezing the rock tightly as she screamed time and time again. Behind her were some very dangerous and pointy rocks probably planning to slice and dice her, who is to say what a rock thinks. Anyways, trusting only his instincts and not really using a lot of sense like grabbing a vine and pulling her in or something similar, the man jumped straight into the water and swam toward the lady. Unlike other swimmers who would get caught in the current, he actually was somehow able to turn his body so he could reach her without much trouble. Afterwards, he grabbed her and swam back toward shore, her holding on to his back for dear life. The two got to the safety of the bank as he laid her down onto the ground. Exhausted, the mysterious man felt the forest once again swaying back and forth as he fell unconcious.

So you address his reaction to the cry here, alright. Though for rapids, the closest major river to New York City, is the Hudson River, with the few tributaries and waterways off it. From what I take it, this happens away from civilization, so somewhere further north of city in wilderness. Acceptable, but remember, don't be too far away from civilization/the Big Apple, as that is where the initial setting starts.

Also, how is there a random lady stuck in rapids unscathed as it seems? Also, with the swimming against the currents, I found potential aura abilities.

A few hours later, the man awoke from this and found himself inside a small hut. He looked back and forth as he was wondering where he was, and where that lady went. Or was it all a dream? He noticed that he was now where some clothes: a plaid shirt and a pair of denim jeans. His feet were still baren though.

Okay, so he wakes up in a mysterious hut, where he rescued a lady from near death experience, and who I assume was also very battered and exhausted from the rapids? This is starting to sound superficial.

As he rose up he heard a voice, "Oh you're awake." He turned to see the same lady sitting at a small table nearby the bed he was laying on. "Thank you for saving my life, mister." She gave him a very sweet smile as she grabbed a wet cloth and rubbed it against his forehead. He could not help but smile back. The woman asked, "Are you feeling better?"

I would find it more realistic if he awoke in a clearing in the wilderness then a shack that she also seems so comfortably in.

The man nodded his head and replied, "Yeah, though I'm still feeling a little groggy." He lay back down to recollect his thoughts and to gain more strength. He noticed that the hut's ceiling was made out of some mud compacted into straw.

Mud, straw, you do realize this is America that it takes place in. Very high standard of living, shacks like this are almost non-existent, especially near New York. New York doesn't have super high taxes for nothing. Mud wouldn't be a good building material for New York climate as well, mud is more for arid dryer climates. New York is not the right place for such material to be in a building.

"So who are you?" she asked out of curosity. Two other strangers came in, a man wearing a straw hat, a similar looking plaid shirt, a pair of jeans that seemed to be hanging together by a thread, and a pair of boots, and a woman, wearing a pair of glasses and a similar attire as the man with the exception of the hat. The second lady looked just a bit older than the first lady.

Here come new characters? Perchance a family of hillbillies, as that is what I am depicting right now.

"Is he alright, Marica?" asked the man as he came in with what looked like a bucket of water.

"I believe so, he just now woke up," replied the young lady. She turned to look at him again. "What is your name?"

The words soon came to the blue haired man's thoughts. What was his name? He tried to remember but could not. Each time he tried it seemed nearly impossible, something lingered there, something but he could not remember. "Sorry, I-I don't know."

"Ah, I see," replied the older man. "You're free to stay here for as long as ya need. Just try not to stress yerself too much." He grabbed the pitchfork nearby and told the older lady, "All right, Susan, I'll be tending to the fields." The woman nodded her head as both of them left.

Pitchfork? Wait, how did they get to a farm? Forest to Rapids to Farm? I do not see the process between them. Also farms would not be made of such materials, farmers aren't paupers, they do make quite a living tending their fields with their nice big fancy houses and big red barns. I find the male's reaction to your character fake. I mean, I would think they would probably first try to find reason of why he has no memory instead of "ah, I see." It is human to naturally wonder "why?" It is just too convenient for the man to offer free room and boarding just like that.

"Well, we got to call you something," said Marica. "I know, how about Timothy?"

"Tim-o-thy?" replied the stranger as he enunciated the word.

"It was my grandfather's name. He...passed away recently," a tear fell down from her face. Tim saw this and felt her sadness, though he did not know this Tim-o-thy, he still felt sad as well.

The origin of the name, excellent. Though I wouldn't think if a tear fell down her face that easily, she would so easily give up her grandfather's name. Perhaps he could see a picture of "Tim-O-thy" question about it, and well, he adopts the name himself, that is only a suggestion however.

A few days later, Tim felt rested enough to help out with the older man, Ramon, with his work on the land. Ramon was a resident farmer who only had the help of his two daughters, Susan and Marica, the older and the younger respectively. Tim felt indebted to these people and decided to help. He helps with tending the fields and things of the similar. Soon, he became a full fledged farmer-in-training. Maybe this is what he needed to remember his history, maybe there was a reason he was there.

How did they so easily get to the farm in the first place? I honestly wouldn't think the woman he saved strong enough, or have the energy to carry Tim in all his bulk toward the farm through wilderness as what it appears to be the rapids.

For your origin, I just don't find it as realistic enough. You need to be more realistic from point A to point B. The farm idea is nice, but random to how he got there.

Miscellaneous: He is an excellent swimmer, with or without memories. Nothing else comes to mind.

Just an excellent swimmer? I would think he would be a superhuman swimmer, able to defy almost any current beyond the deep ocean. What about him being submerged into water, can he hold his breath? And with swimming, is it the speed, or stamina that is what he is so good at? He is much more than an excellent swimmer as you stated indirectly in your Origin.

Aura: Tim's aura is very calming and relaxing. It makes the air feel all nice and cool yet it also seems to be affected by his emotions as well. Tim's aura seems to cause even feuds to relax for a bit, maybe even put to sleep for a couple of days, but it does not work all the time nor does it last forever. His red aura, as seen by other legendaries, can also do the opposite when Tim is mad, it can cause feuds all around him without his knowledge. This "anger aura" heats up the air around and makes it seem that storms can come about quickly, though this is just the feeling that it brings. This aura does bring about its uses though, for one when in the "relaxing aura" it allows breathing to be easier, and can somewhat allow one to last longer in places that otherwise could not breathable best example is underwater, while the "anger aura" makes Tim and others around him to get more tired more easily.

Interesting Aura, but I will have to ask for you to change it. It doesn't seem "Kyogre" enough. This Aura sounds more for the "Emotion" legendary pokemon, rather than the Titan of The Sea. What I can see more as an Aura for Kyogre, is something similar to Lugia's Aura mentioned. Something to do with water. Perhaps manipulating the water currents? In your origin you mentioned he could easily evade the currents, which gave me this idea if you would like to brainstorm, that he could simply bend them to his advantage. So if there is a source of water nearby he could control the intensity, speed, and power of that water source's "stream." That type of ability is more for Kyogre, from what I see, so I'd prefer an Aura of that nature. You could even still use the "emotions" aura but had it relate to water in someway, not metaphysically. The anger/calming aura however is an interesting aura. Perhaps for an emotion pokemon if I allow others to make double sign ups?

His tattoo is found on the back of his right hand. It looks like a large circle in the middle of the hand with four lines leading towards his fingers. These lines end at or near the knuckles. The lines are not straight though the two on the far left and right both go diagonal then suddenly streak downward toward the fingers. The two in the middle, however, go straight down toward the fingers with a fifth line connecting them in the middle. (see the mark on Kyogre's main fins for visual)

Physical tattoo description, acceptable, and vivid in visual.


You had an interesting and creative take on your sign up, however I would have to say Pending. Reasons being, you did adequately well, but on the fields you had some contradictions and clarity issues. Also the Aura, from what I thought, could use a revamp, as it did not seem Kyogre enough. The origin as well, had some missing links and superficial happenings which I think could be edited. I will give you a three day extension for a "Pending Reservation" so you still hold Kyogre.


CyberBlastoise - Kyogre - Pending, has till January 26th, 12:20 am EST
Manaphy Mare - Mew - Reserved until January 27th, 9:46 pm EST

The Jewel of Life

A Gift From Arceus
Okay, I finally got my sign-up revamped, and I sure hope it is good enough this time as I am going on a ski vacation tomorrow that will take four days, and If I get pended again I will only have three. I tried to edit everything that you mentioned was problematic, so go ahead and take a look. Thank you for your troubles. I like cats. Sorry, that was random.

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
all right, I'll fix her up. Sorry about that, I had moments of writer's block, plus I somehow completely missed that the setting was New York, New York. I will fix that up and finish it. Sorry for wasting your time with that sign up, but hopefully I'll do better.

EDIT: I fixed it up, is it all right now? how about now? Now?
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UnlimitedBlade Works
CyberBlastoise's Review: Part two:

Okay, I finally got my sign-up revamped, and I sure hope it is good enough this time as I am going on a ski vacation tomorrow that will take four days, and If I get pended again I will only have three. I tried to edit everything that you mentioned was problematic, so go ahead and take a look. Thank you for your troubles. I like cats. Sorry, that was random.

The Jewel of Life -I find the changes that you have made, acceptable. I find no new quarrel with it, however since I am a dog-person, I am sorry but I will have to DEN -accept you.

Welcome to the RPG, bringer of Nightmares, "Tiana" the Darkrai.



all right, I'll fix her up. Sorry about that, I had moments of writer's block, plus I somehow completely missed that the setting was New York, New York. I will fix that up and finish it. Sorry for wasting your time with that sign up, but hopefully I'll do better.

EDIT: I fixed it up, is it all right now? how about now? Now?

CyberBlastoise - Here is your Review on your sign up, I mainly focused on the parts you still could use some work on, other paragraphs, and sections were omitted if you had them correctly based on my standards:

Description: Tim stands at a slightly tall height and is considered overweight for his height. He is somewhat muscular in his upper body; however the middle part of his body, around the stomach and hip areas, is a bit more pudge than muscle, though it does not hinder his strength much.

You still have some clarity issues. I cannot read your mind, I don't know what you define as "slightly tall" or "somewhat muscular," or "a bit more pudge", or "hinder strength much." Those sections need more details to give precision to how you want others to view your character. If you told this description to an artist, you are giving him much of the creative lee-way, as the detail is not precise and those words you used are defined in different spectrum to each individual person.

Though I had previously stated that using exact numerical values is not necessary, people often to it for height alone to help depict them standing as we all have the basic idea on "size." Weight however, can differ per person, as it is only the affect on gravity per person, each person's body structure weighs differently, no matter the shape.

You need to better describe your character in avoiding the words such as "somewhat, "like," "very," "much," "such," "slightly," "more," etc. Those words are vague measurements, and I would like a vivid imagery of description. Not necessarily detail, but what is needed is imagery.

His arms and legs are well muscular as stated before, but not to the point that he looks like a bodybuilder. His arms are quite long and have a stretched out width. His hands, however, are quite large; his fingers on the other hand (no pun intended) are short and almost flat at the tips. His feet are somehow the exact opposite. The main part of the foot itself is quite thin and narrow while the toes are longer, so he does not walk as well as he can swim, without some sort of footware.

Again you state "well muscular" what exactly is "well muscular?" Is it buff? Sayings such as that is what I would like you to edit, as I mentioned in your first critique. "Quite," is another that you should avoid. You use it both to describe arms and hands, you should choose different descriptors for each, or combine the two together, as "quite" can't mean more than one definition in the same paragraph unless specified. You also say "almost flat" what is "almost flat?" I believe I had specified this in my previous evaluation.

His choice of clothing might seem odd to some, though not all.

"Odd to some, though not all" is not really needed, as the reader can tell if the clothing design is "odd" based on your descriptions. Telling the reader this means that you don't need to further describe it, unless you answer "why?" Personally I did not find the clothing "odd" at all, as I know people who have that style, so to me this style is not "odd."

For your personality, I found nothing that needed heavy editing, it was alright. I saw some edits to it, but personality I am here to ramble in this paragraph. I do think you should more talk about his "bipolarism," I still see the "wrathful destroyer-benevolent helper" side of him as unrealistic, and only convenient so you can have the personality of your desire come certain events in the RP. I personality do not like this double-edged personality as it is not worked out that well. You should rework it to make it more "real" and less "epic heroic." You can't pull a personality off based on convenience. Even with the "it's easy to quell his anger" motive on the personality I find way to superficial. Anger never dies, it is only passed on, as the saying goes. Rayquaza could possibly "calm" Kyogre down, but that is in its own ability, so it would not be superficial this way. I think you should either delete the double personality, or simply add a new paragraph more explaining your character's quirks and a better explanation of this double personality. Else, take one of them and make that the dominant with a minor side of the other one. I do not think you want your character to be bipolar which your character still seems. If you want him to be bipolar, add that to the personality.

Aura: Tim's aura is very inspiring for lack of a better word. It seems to bring about determination and strong-will to others. It allows him and others around him to feel like that they should put more effort into what they are doing (like say keeping the sea from falling to the land...) and also can make the strongest work seem much stronger and easier to do. It also allows him to defy water currents allow him to swim about in it as if the water itself was just still or even helping him toward his target. He can also this ability to allow him to swim in things much thicker than water like say tar or perhaps quicksand. Maybe even in a pool of blood, I hope that we don't have to figure out if the latter is true or not.

Still going with the "emotion/mental/spirit" type Aura, I see. I do find your changes acceptable for the latter half of the Aura, but the first half, I don't agree with personally. Add something like the manipulation of the "currents." Defying the currents is more so physique than Aura. Also blood isn't that thick, and a lot of people could swim in tar or quicksand if they had the strength as those items are rather solid more than liquid. So add better descriptions on the Aura in the ability itself and not what he can or can't do with it, but what it is, how he does it, what the affect is, etc.


You have fixed many of the errors that I have previously mentioned, however there are still some errors that still exist that still give you the pending status. Also, might I suggest you working on your sign up via a word processor, as there were quite some grammatical errors such as spelling, structure, and format. Word processors help in limiting them.

I will not grant you a pending reserve, this time, opening Kyogre up for competition. You still have first-rights to Kyogre and are not discouraged from still editing your sign up. I can tell you are a good RPer based on how you wrote your Origin. I have no complaints there now as it is near perfection. You need to really only work on clarity toward description that is the major reason for the pending on your Sign up. Aura and Personality, for me personally, I would like some changes, though it is acceptable.

Thank you for your continued interest, and I do hope you will continue working on your sign up!

GM NOTE: As this week and probably the next week will be busy for me, I am pushing all current reservations beyond the time I originally gave them. All reservations are now due by January 27st, 11:59 pm EST due to possible inactivity on the GM's, my, part. However I would appreciate if people would get their sign ups completed on the time I gave them. Greywolf123 has informed me that he has had a busy week due to personal reasons, so he keeps the reservation that became inactive yesterday.

Also, I will later be revamping slight details to help give a better understanding of the RPG, such as what the aura is, what the legendaries will do, what is the real world and now? Nothing to extreme to affect the plot, but things to help with better clarity as quite a few people have asked about this Aura. I hope all who are working on their sign ups, steadfast hope, and good cheer, and for those curiously browsing, a 'poke, poke, nudge, nudge.'

There are still many spots open, and I do not wish to actually start this RPG until there are 10 sign ups of people, so get the Rotom's running!

Thank you,

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Oh noes.
(xD Wow, I never really noticed all the humor I try to put in there until you pointed it out. Anyways, it's redone. Hope it's up to your standards!)

Name: Soul Muzic

Legendary: Rayquaza

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: If you looked directly at Soul, no doubt the first thing you would notice would be his pure yellow eyes. Not the bored or irritated expression on his face, not his normal nose nor ears nor well defined chin, but his glowing eyes that seem to cut you in half with a single glance. These eyes, in the dark, even seem to be slightly oval-ish, like a reptile’s should be. But in the day, the pupil’s seem like any other person’s, save the yellow filled iris around it. However, the color complements nicely against his lightly tanned skin and face (No, he's not "Twilight" pale. Sorry Ladies).

Although not tall enough see over the crowds which fill the New York Streets, Soul stands at a moderate 6’0’’. However, since he is slouched over most of the time, it seems like he is a few inches shorter, 5’10’’ or 5’11’’ maybe. But, with an athletic build like most soccer or basketball players (muscular, but sleek and fit to run) he can navigate through the mobs with moderate inconvenience, what a person with a different physique or attitude could not do.

Jet black hair covers Soul’s head in an intriguing fashion. The top, while fairly longer than the sides that just cover the tips of his ears, sticks up slightly in the front and on the top, giving others the impression that he just staggered out of bed. No matter how much time or how many times he combs it, it will ultimately return to this way in mere moments. However, despite this, the hair on the back of his head is the polar opposite; always looking like it is combed neatly down

Soul is, to say the least, different when it comes to his fashion. He wears a green polyester sport sweatshirt, where its high collar goes up slightly past the bottom of his chin, but covering his mouth if he was to glance down. However, it’s not tacky, being perfectly even all the way around his neck. The front of this sport has a thick white stripe the width of his neck traveling vertically down the center, while the back is covered in an ornate gold-threaded design. This extravagant sown design, somehow on clothing as inexpensive as this, consists of two chains traveling vertically down his back from his shoulder blades, both in perfect symmetry all the way. He almost never rolls up the left sleeve, annoyed by or afraid of the judgment others will pass on the grotesque, yet elegant-looking scar on his hand*. Underneath this is a plain black t-shirt; However, you’ll have more luck finding a seven-eyed, albino, fish with three legs and no gills than see it in public. Around the back of his neck sits a pair of retro earphones, despite not having anything to plug it into. You know, the ones that actually go over your head. As for pants, he wears a pair of knock-off “Celtic” basketball shorts. These white shorts have a solid green stripe going down each of the sides; however, they lack the team’s signature “Clover” logo. Unfortunately, he doesn’t wear the same, nice sort of shoes. Instead, Soul wears a pair of worn-down, black sneakers found in the lost in found at the Empire State Building.

* See Aura Category.
**For Aura "sign" see "Aura"

Personality: For the most part, Soul is a fairly calm person, and can often be seen slouched over with his hands in his pockets or his retro earphones on his head in a vain attempt to keep people out. Not really the one for company, he doesn’t have the drive to go out and make friends. Often, it makes him seem semi-angsty. However, due to a competitive part of his personality, he loves the games this world plays and their sports, and could stand to work in a team as long as it was for a common goal or to win. Really, when he wins or watches games, he seems to momentarily forget his normal personality, becoming nothing more than a stereotypical competitive fan. Because he gets things quite easily, Soul can be quite punctual and is irritated easily by some mundane things, mostly explaining something he finds easy or repetition, and he becomes facetious. When forced to talk, he finds a dry, but witty joke usually shrivels up the conversation. However, get him frustrated or angry, and he will snap.

Other people are no more than an inconvenience to Soul. The only person he thinks is important enough to look out for is himself. True, he does feel some sort of obligation to those that help him, but nothing too extreme. However, this does not mean he doesn't empathize with anyone; he is just less willing too. Unfair or unjust situations always annoy Soul, believing that everything should be on even ground. If he sees something like that, he puts in more effort than usual.

High up places are Soul's sanctuary. He always feels better with wind the on his face and being able to see everything around him. On top of that, give him a song to listen to and he could stay somewhere for hours. Music is his escape. To this day in this world, Soul has not heard a song he hasn’t enjoyed. Jazz and blues is currently his favorite genre, but this penchant seems to change weekly. He loves the sky, particularly the night sky, again and most of the time can be often found just gazing at the stars.

Origin: Another perfectly freezing night in New York, especially on the top of the Empire State building. This giant stood taller than any other building in the city now, meaning it got the most frigid of air, especially on the top floor. Hardly a place you want to be during a chilly day, imagine if you had to stand there at night.

Such is the case of Mark Falss, the new Security Guard at the building. If it weren’t for the recession, he wouldn’t even be in that awful situation at the present. He ran a hand through his black, perfectly combed-back hair and tightened the belt on his slim waist. Then again, if it wasn’t for his cousin, he wouldn’t even have job, unlike a growing percentile in New York. Even so, the cold breeze blew just the same. How long until his shift was over again? Mark glanced at his watch, finding his shift was still in the first five minutes. Again, he sighed and combed his hair back. It was going to be a long night.

Walking over to the edge of the building, he looked down at the glowing streets below with his tired brown eyes. The bustling city never slept, and tonight was no exception. The thousands of people under him seemed like ants compared to him. Rushing, racing from place to place, dodging traffic as they crossed the congested street, and all to fill the needs of the falling economy. And he was just one of them. Another poor soul caught in the unexpected drop. Mark began to tap his fingers on the rail of the famous building. On a frosty night like this, a cigarette would’ve been perfect. He had only given up the habit a week ago, just long enough for the cravings to be at their peak, but so his clothes still reminded him of the smell. Again, he couldn’t help but curse the government for his lack of money and therefore, his lack of pleasantries.

Another cold gust blew in from the east, bringing along with it the smell of the rapid pollution. Mark grabbed the edges of his Security Jacket, pulling it closer to his body in a vain attempt to stay warm. It was then, if only for a second, a strange feeling came over him. Like something strange, something different, was watching his every move. Hand on his gun, he quickly turned, only to see nothing behind him but the lonely roof of the building. With another sigh, the guard took his hand off of his belt and walked towards the other side. He didn’t even bother looking at his watch; it would only discourage him further.

“uh… Yo…”

Mark flinched, rapidly turning back around and looking close to where he stood before, to where the noise had come from. A man, probably in his late teens, sat stark naked against the door to the roof (Granted, he did have his hands over… ya know) . However, the first thing Mark noticed wasn’t that, it was the kid’s eyes, those strange eyes. Yellow, unchanging, alert, and staring straight into him. For a moment, Mark believed he was having some sort of nicotine-withdrawal. But as the image stayed, and the cold air hit his face, he had to accept it as fact.

“What- What are you doing up here son?” The guard nervously asked, mustering up all of his strength against the strange phenomenon. It was like a scene from “The Twilight Zone”. He was half expecting the teen to disappear any second.

The boy looked from side to side, bringing up a hand to his eye, rubbing it like he was tired. “I… don’t know.”

Mark stared at the kid, careful to avoid his eyes and… the other regions. How could he not know? After a moment, he formulated this thought into words. “What do ya mean?”

“I don’t know. Where am I anyways?” The teen answered with another question, now staring at his hand.

“How the hell do you not know?! And aren’t you cold?”

The teen shrugged, replying in a monotone voice. “Not really. And I don’t know.”

Again Mark sighed (he seemed to be doing that a lot lately.) running his hand back through his hair. “Great. So what’s your name?”

“My what?”

“What people call you?!” The increasingly frustrated guard yelled, his breath appearing against the cold air. This had gone much father then a simple prank.


Mark couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. The kid had practically shown up out of nowhere on the top of the Empire State building. One, how did he get past the first floor; Two, how did the last shift miss him; and three, why the Hell was he playing dumb (not to mention naked)? Was he a crazy teenager in the aftermath of a party, an unfortunate victim of a cruel NYU prank, or something else? Whatever the case, Mark had enough initiative to know that something was wrong and needed fixing.

“Just Come on,” He said, approaching the teen. Mark couldn’t help but notice how the cold wind seemed to disappear, changing to something more temperate as he approached and grabbed the kid. However, no sooner had he done so, the guard rapidly recoiled back. Scars, or tattoos, or something covered the boy, all the way from his left hand to his right back, stopping only to coil around his left bicep. These marks seemed to glimmer off the light, reflecting in a golden gleam. The teen glanced at the arm nonchalantly, somewhat confused by the security guard’s response. Mark tried to shake it off, again approaching the teen, but this time, taking off and throwing his brown, “Empire State Security” jacket over the boy before grabbing his arm. He could feel the teen tense up a bit as he led him to the elevator, repeatedly pushing the “down button” in hopes it would come faster. The guard momentarily thought about taking the stairs, but reminded himself he was on the top floor of the tallest building in the US.

It seemed like forever before the elevator arrived, and Mark couldn’t have been happier when it did. Although it wasn’t as cold as before the teen came (Strangely enough), the temperatures still were getting to him. However, the teen didn’t seem to care, (granted, he was shivering slightly). Hastily, he dragged the kid into the ornate elevator.

As the elevator descended and they were forced to listen to the cheesy blues music they created in the 20s (Damn Manager, wanting “Authenticity”.), Mark leaned against the wall. What the hell was he going to do? The kid obviously had no idea what he was doing, I mean, who in the right mind doesn’t know where New York is?

“What is this?” The teen asked, simultaneously pointing to the ceiling and derailing Mark’s train of thought.

“The what?”

“The… noise.”

It took Mark a moment until he realized the teen meant “the cheap Blues music”. “It’s music. Soul music or Jazz probably.”

An awkward silence filled the lift, the only sound a “ding” for every floor it passed and the cheesy blues in the background.

“I like it.” The boy said, breaking the silence before repeating the same trend. “That’s what you can call me, “Soul Muzic.””

The guard stared at the ki- excuse me, Soul. “Music actually has a- Nevermind.”


Mark eventually took Soul in. Although it makes money tight, he was fearful of what adoption center he would be placed into. Currently (And after much explanation), Soul is looking for a job to help Mark out. However, with things how they are, most of the time, he just wanders around the city.

Miscellaneous: Adores most music and loves heights.

Aura: As you approach Soul, an unnerving feeling seems to infiltrate your mind. Not because of his stature, or the way he’s dressed, but because of the air. Around Soul, most weather conditions appear to lull; not great extremes, but still somewhat calmer. In buildings, this effect is more pronounced. Here, the room he is in seems more temperate, even if only by a few degrees. Outdoors, the same feeling and effect does not apply as strongly. Instead, a slight sense of power envelops Soul, directly clashing with the calm feeling, like something deep inside him is irritated at the world currently around him. Other legendaries can see this aura manifest as a long green reptilian tail originating from the base of his spine and coiling around Soul.

Starting as a circle on the back of his left hand, Soul has a scar-like line traveling up his arm. Strangely enough, the line looks like it has a gold tint to it. This gold tinted mark then wraps itself around Soul's left bicep, alternating between circles and lines ( --O—O—O--) Lastly, the scar repeats continuously in the same pattern around his back and ends at his right shoulder. Although he has no idea what it is, the origin of the blemish constantly fills Soul's thoughts. Lucky for him, though, the whole mark (save the circle on his hand), is covered by his clothing.
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*knows he's gonna kick himself for joining too many RPGs later*

I'd like to reserve Groudon if that would be acceptable. My Sample here is in order.
The professor lost his breath as soon as he entered the castle. Such stunning beauty had greeted him, the likes of which he had never seen! Everywhere, the walls and drapes, and even the furniture was made from incredibly high-class material, and the colors of the Kingdom (a series of bright shades of crimson and gold) stood out, practically blinding anyone with thier eyes open. Then again, he should suspect such beauty, considering he was in the throne room.

He noticed there were 9 others in the room. One was a dwarf, 3 elves, and the others all human. Judging by the cuts and bruises they sustained, as well as a disturbing amount of blood on a few of them, they too had been involved in the tournament.

As was customary, the men and women bowed and curtsied respectively as King Gerard and his wife entered, seating themselves upon the pair of thrones, then straightened as the knights were excused.

"Greetings, great warriors" King Gerard exclaimed in his loud and booming voice. The king was a man of wide stature, although it was all muscle rather than fat. His large brown beard curled within itself several times, reaching down his chest to his midrif. Most impressively, the King wore a set of studded golden armor and a long red cape, giving the feeling of a man who possessed everything around him. "You have fought many opponents thus far to get here, and as a result, you now stand before your king, to be invoked to stand up and face the greatest threats that plague our country." He paused for a moment, as if looking over his new warriors, then continued. "I already have great need of the talents you possess, but first, I would like to hear about what abilities you may plan to wield in order to further decide upon our strategy." He pointed to the Professor. "You there. You hold no weapon. I am interested to hear what you may offer."

Theo gulped. He had never felt such a powerful presence before, but he continued to tell himself that it was no more difficult than one of his lectures. "I am Professor Thelonious Regalus, your highness," he started "but I do indeed have a weapon with me." He pointed to his head "I do not pack much physical strength as I am sure my fellow warriors do, but as a teacher at this city's university, I can assure you I will not be surpassed in intelligence."

"That's all fine and good" The King retorted "but do you have anything else?"

Theo smiled "I can scout an enemy's weakness, sir, and I also am very skilled in both light artes and medical herbs, due to my tutorage in Luin. I believe I would be most useful to the group as a strategist and healer, not as a warrior, sir" he stumbled a bit "unless of course, you wish me to do so."

The king seemed to smile "No, not at all. I can see you are ill-equipped for close-range combat." He glanced at the others as Theo stepped back. "Which of you would like to go next?"

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
I'm going to have to withdraw my reservation for now, I had ideas for Registeel but I can't get them down on paper (as it were) the same way I picture them. I may sign up later with the same or different character though. Sorry for the mess around.


Fire and Ice Combo
*Enjoy making this too much… might have gotten a bit carried away…* Well I hope this is alright… this the most I’ve ever written for a sign-up. It takes so long to proofread, I hope I iron out most of my grammarical errors. Oh… you’re a dog person… *whispers as she looks at the name section*

Name: Cat
Legendary: Moltres
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Description: A tall man, Cat towers over many people at what is believe to be around 6 feet tall. He has a slight muscular built mostly in his arms as other parts of his body are thin and stork-like. He has golden brown, bronze tan as if he had spent much time baking in the sunlight. The shade of his skin is the same color all over with no exception and it doesn’t ever fade. Blazing red hair with yellow streaks through it, it looks like a flame on his head. On the back of his head the hair seems to be cut really short above his neck. The coarse and dense bangs on the left side of his head defies gravity and points straight up without anything on it; though he does add a little gel to strengthen it. If it were to get wet it would fall flat across sapphire eyes. Dark, blue eyes of his seem to fade into black as it goes near the pupil. The iris appears bigger in slightly narrow eye socket; they make emotions such as curiosity and anger all the more noticeable. Relax the eyes it has a stern and dignified expression like the eyes of proud animal. His face has more of define look compare to a chubby cheek kid; with visible points of the cheekbones and the jaw structure. Blonde stubs of hair on his chin contrasts with his darker skin.

Wearing a long sleeve shirt, he doesn’t really remember what it looks like nor does he cares. No one will probably see it anyways since he’s always wearing a winter coat over it. The dark navy blue coat hides his slender body and muscular arms from his neck to his waist under thick, fluffiness. The inside of the coat is light grey normally seen by the hood that hangs off the back. Many people see it as odd since he’s always wearing that regardless season and temperatures while looking perfectly fine. Instead of jeans he wears nice warm sweat pants. They’re actually pretty well fitting lengthwise but big around the waist. Lucky it has drawstrings so he can use to keep it snug around his waist. The pants are forest green color with white stripes going down the sides; the drawstrings are also white and goes half a foot down his long legs. He personally doesn’t like the color himself, but they keep him warm and that’s all that matters. Dark blue socks that aren’t seen often, are worn merely company the silver and blue Nikes with white rubber bottoms. The footgear looks a bit worn from constant use but overall good condition.

Personality: Curiosity like a little kid or better yet a kitten, Cat attention is taken from things he doesn’t know anything about. He wants to learn so much about things he doesn’t understand but he is an impatient guy. He hates waiting, whether it is for someone to come or for food to cook, he just hates it. The whole concept of waiting agitated him; when he waiting his time, his freedom is taken by the person or thing he is waiting for. Feeling chained down by another’s pace infuriates him. But like the other side of a single coin, he doesn’t mind waiting if he chooses to do it himself. He could wait from sunrise until sunset as long as it’s under his own terms. Extremely stubborn, if he decides on something he stands by it strong and proudly; if someone get him to back down his resolve he or she is one amazing, persuasive person. He just cannot believe anything that he hadn’t see or experiences himself. ‘Seeing is believing,’ this is an idea that he tightly holds on to.

Extrovert is a good describing personality trait for him, since he loves to be outside with the sun on his face and wind in his hair. He enjoys being around others; gaining new knowledge from them and a new aspect of life. Cat, however, is not the type walk up to some random person and spill is entire life story to them. He won’t even start speaking to them unless they initiate the conversation or he wants to ask a question. The philosophic line “Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there,” is embedded on his mind. He’s not sure where he heard it but he lives by that phrase. He rejects the idea of sitting around a waiting for something to come to him whether it is good or bad. His road maybe wrong but he refuse to stand still and let chance decide his fate. The guy is pretty selfless, bringing food to homeless animals, helping people when they ask yet he is selfish when it something he doesn’t like. One could beg and beg but if he doesn’t not want to do the task, he won‘t. His stubborn refusing thing he dislikes is near unbreakable, unless he or she knows his weakness. Just a little water is enough to make him succumb to almost anything; though it can’t change his morals and beliefs.

Not really a phobia but he hates water to a point it looks like a fear. Trying to avoid any contract from it, it’s like a hobby as he takes great length to get around a simple puddle. When the dark clouds hangs in the skies and he roaming outside, he grows nervous as he looks for somewhere to take shelter despite the fact he always carries an umbrella. Indoor Cat is at the point of unbearable when it rains. Rude and snappy, the bad mood just doesn’t go away until the rain stops and the skies clears. Just looking at him funny is enough to be put at other end of an insult. He often apologizes right after explaining to random people that rain just agitates him. Hygiene is major problem for him due to his hatred of water. It’s a good thing that the winter jacket contains the stink most of the time. Though when it start to seep through, it’s a battle to get him to take a shower or bath. At this time he is a childish and bratty young adult as he struggles and protests about bathing. He actually isn’t too bad with his keeping his hand clean; as long as he has hand sanitizer, he can tolerant it more than water.

Anger that is one emotion that will see a lot around, Cat. There are so many things that will get him mad: making him wait for a long time, exposing him to water, making him do things he doesn’t like, or merely catching on a rain day. Calling him names and look down on him are other ways to peeve him off. He cannot think things through infuriate, rushing through situation in fury. He always acts first normally anyways though it’s ten times more reckless than in his normal mind set. When things are extremely serious he tends to over think everything making him act too late at times. He doesn’t seem to get sad; he believes that it wouldn’t solve anything and it best put it behind him and keep moving forward.

Overall Cat is many things: as curious as kitten but too impatient at time to learn, likes to feel free and hates feeling chain down, stubborn but can sometimes be swayed yet his beliefs and moral never change, outgoing and refusing to let fate come to him, has hatred of the water that brings the child out of him, he is anger by many things but always lets his actions come first, and he finds sadness useless thus he put it behind him. With that said there are traits not mention: like under that rage there actually is very nice, pure-hearted guy or when he’s determine enough not even a rainstorm can stop him. So much explained yet still much left out but over time it will eventually come out.


Coldness rubbing as well as pricking all over and a strong smell of dirt and vegetation enters the senses. Blackness slowly became brighter and color starts coming. Green from the ground like a small seas not even a foot deep surrounded by large brown structures with more green on top. A breeze makes all but the mahogany color things… trees dance while sending freezing shivers through the body. All these things being taken in by single being, who merely sits there in a dazed, confused.

“Where am I,” he questions himself as he looks up into the azure color sky. “Why am I here? Who am I?” More questions come each without an answer. He looks down staring at the tan skin body resting against the green… grass. Holding up his limp and flexing it, it feels like belongs yet it is somewhat peculiar. He puts his hands on his chest and slowly slides them down to his thighs. Other frigid wind caresses his naked body, and he begins to feel more uncomfortable at his body, bare of everything. He begins to try to cover himself but it didn’t work for all he had are these limbs and nothing else. “Where do I go? What do I do?”

It is almost silent in this woodland area if not for the chirping coming from something around him. He is searching for the source the sound when a new one arises: a snap along with rustling coming from right behind him. He moves his body slightly as he continues to try to conceal his nudeness. Dignified, proud eyes meet other like him with brown eyes with a very curious look. The silence between them, almost tense as the young teen boy just stares. “Are you a nudist? If so you‘ll be the first one I ever met.”

“Nud…ist?” the tan man didn’t quite understand that word, but he guess it had something that is strange about him.

“Guess not… Cool tattoos on you arms by the way.” Something else he didn’t understand but almost instinctively he looks at arms; he notices the color change on them. The red and yellow markings going along the length on his arms, it looks like fire. He lets his fingers stroke one of the ‘tattoos’ and it feels the same as the rest of his skin. “So if you not a nudist, where‘s your clothes?”

“I… don‘t know.” He calmly answers with a rather blank look in his sapphire color eyes.

“Why are you here?” The teen tries asking another question in hope to get some answers and learn about the mysterious guy. However, the answer is the same as before, “Where do you live?” Again same response this situation begins getting to a very alarming point so he decides to try once more to see what he get. “Do you at least know your name?”

“No.” The guy’s voice monotone as he responds to that one. He however continues staring forward with not much change in his facial expression.

At least the teen knew the guy understand what he is saying with that small change in reply. “You sure don‘t know a lot of important things.” He looks concernedly at the man; he looked like an adult in his early twenties or late teens. He concluded that the nude man has amnesia. That or he has his memory erase by an evil villain bent on conquering the world… He chuckles at the second option. This is the real world and things like that just simply couldn’t happen. At least not in America since everything happens in Japan. “So you have no idea where you are, who you are, or why you are here, right?” The older man merely nods at the series of questions. With those clarified he began to think about something as he intently stares that the male. “I‘ll be right back, so don‘t move.”

He turns and goes back through the tall bushes leaving the nameless adult alone again with his nudity and whatever that tweeting sound was. He returns to his quiet isolation as he stares in the location where the boy left. He isn’t sure how long he had sat there staring but for some reason it made him a bit angry to wait for as long as he did. Finally the person returns to meet a glare from him.

“Heh, heh don‘t be mad, I’m sorry I took so long, okay?” He apologizes at the person glaring at him. He notices the change of expression as the eyes looks at the things in his hands. “I brought you some clothes, so now you won‘t get arrested for public nudity.” He came closer holding out a dark blue swimming trunks and a white t-shirt. The man stares at it confusedly. “I’m going to have to help you put them on, don‘t I?” His stares migrated from the clothes to the youthful face of the brown haired boy. “I thought so…”

After several minutes of putting on clothes on a person who seem to not remember how to do this, they left the plot of wilderness with quickly escalates into a more populated area. There are roads outlined by tree and stiff cold things. People are everywhere talking in groups, filling the atmosphere with noise. He spots strange beings of odd color frozen in an unmoving position. All the things around him, he struggles to try to take it all in as he’s being lead by the hand. More interesting in other things he fails notice the looks pointed his way. Some by girls sees him as handsome and other by people that thought it is strange that a tall adult is being lead by a young teenage boy.

“Oh yeah, by the way my name is Matthew but you can just call me Matt.” The person finally introduces himself as he looks at him with a smile. Not much longer until the man leaves woodland-like place and enter a newer interesting one. In this new place, large structures seem to touch the sky and these grumbling things that move back and forth on a path, coughing out smog. Lights flickers on and off, all kinds of different sounds and unknown things that are carried in other people’s hands. See through walls contains clothes and many other different things inside. Everything just seems to grab at him and steal his attention; Matt gives him a forceful yank to move him onwards. After walking and riding the thing Matt calls a bus, they arrives at another large structure. This one isn’t nearly as shiny or tall as the other one he has seen. They enter and walk upwards to higher place until they reach a door. After quiet tingling from small metal things they enter the room. “This is my home, I live here with my big brother.”

“Home...” he say that word it as he looks around. Soft, fuzzy ground feels good on his feet more than the cold stone earth and metal ground on the bus. There isn’t much in the home: a grey block thing place against the wall, a four legged wooden thing that was flat on top, a strange green thing with four legs and rose up on three sides, and other larger wooden thing with two matching wooden things on opposite sides of it. Also there are more doors and a large opening without a door with very weird things inside. Examining all of these things of a home, something felt odd about the whole thing. “This is… a home.”

“Yup but this is just my home, different homes look different.” The teenage boy informs the amnesiac man. The nameless tall and tan man nods. The teen really gives him a good look, finally he noticing how much taller that man is compare to him. Scanning the male about half a foot taller, he spots some dirt on him probably for sitting naked on the moist earth. He grabs him around the wrist and pulls him toward one of the doors; his hands feeling cold compare to his bronze skin. Entering the room everything is white: the wall, the floors, the ceiling and the unusual things with in it. Only exception is the small silvery color things and the shiny thing. This became his new interest, as he moved closer an image grew larger. In it there was Matt and other person. The picture of a man with blue eyes and red hair, just imitated his every move. If he strokes the rough hair that juts upward, it did the same and if he closes one his eyes it follow him perfectly. Making all kind of gesture and faces, he wonders how long it would follow him. He notices the other Matt laughing as he turns to see the real Matt laughing.

“Don‘t laugh!!!” He angrily shouts and the look of rage too the place once curious sapphire eyes. Not sure why but that just infuriates him, the thought of being made fun of. And like a natural reaction to anger, his hands clenches tightly into a ball.

“I wasn‘t laughing at you honest,” the brown-eyed teenager lies. Seeing grown person looking of excited in front of his reflection, making faces and such it amuse him greatly. He holds his breath trying to keep his laughter in but his body quivers and a giggle escapes. He could see the tan guys’ fury getting more furious with that single bit of laughter. “Okay, okay, okay I‘ll stop I promise!” He tries to appease the angered one; lucky it worked as the glint disappears. “That‘s a mirror, it reflects whatever in front of it.”

“Ah…” he looks back into it and stares at the face in it. Putting his hand up against the smooth material, he gently strokes the tan cheek in the mirror. “This is… me…” It is certainly a normal human head just like Matt’s yet it feels different. He could not explain why but there is a different between him and the teen, and it isn’t age or appearance but something deeper.

“Whew, it sure is getting hot in here.” Matt exclaims has he uses his hand to fan himself. He knows two people in small room would make it hotter, but it’s sweltering. While the supposedly twenty year-old is actually feeling a bit cold though warmer than before. “Anyway off with the clothes.” He says that a little too cheerfully which gets him a shock look from his new friend with the memory loss. “Ha-ha it nothing bad your just dirty so I‘m going to give you a bath is all.”

“Bath…?” He got the rest of those words that is the only one he didn’t understand. The man could only assume it’s something that got rid of dirt. Obediently, he removes his garments and he stands naked again. An embarrass feeling comes out but a strange rumbling sound distracts him from it. He tilts his head over the large white object on the floor with an opened top; inside had a silver thing with something coming out of it. His eyes widen as he identifies it; but before he could move Matt switch it to the showerhead. He hisses a lot like an angry cat as water spray him. He jumps to wall furthest from the rain maker and tries to shake the water off of him. His bangs droop a bit because of the moister. He glares another infuriated glare at the teen that bursts out in a wave of laughter at that reaction.

The chuckles lasted for a long time, for every time it starts calming down more would suddenly get started again. He squeezes his side as laughing for a long time starts to hurts his sides. He finally stops laughing after a good two-three minutes. As he wipes the tears from his eyes he could see the incredibly peeve look from the person across the room. “Come on it, was you‘re fault sticking your head in it.” That didn’t help his case as the rage burns more fiercely. The only thing keeping the man on the other side of the room is the sound of the running water hitting a surface. “All right now come on here.” He shakes his head in protest. “Come on I won‘t laugh anymore.” The tanned redhead still declines. “It sound scary but it isn‘t, really.” The guy didn’t budge. “It’s just water.” He got a look of dislike when he mentions that and suddenly puts two and two together. “You don‘t like water?” He gets a yes and he couldn’t help but think it’s strange. Did some traumatic happen that even without memories makes him dislike water? “But you’re dirty, so you have to take a bat. There is nothing scary about water.” He grabs his flame tattooed arm and tries to pull him over it but the man of about twenty refuse on going willfully.

“Noooo!!!” He protests; he sounds like a little kid begging mommy and daddy not to take him to school. The match begins as the slick tilts and the guy lighter weight made it possible for the brown-hair teenager to get him across the floor a little, the man being older, stronger and greatly rejecting the idea getting closer to the rain turns the simple task into a tug-o-war. The man bare feet slide on the floor and so he grabs the white thing below the mirror. It had gradable silver things and when he clutches it, it turns. More water came rushing out and gets on his hand. Losing it by suddenly appearance of more water, Matt suddenly got moving as the resistance stops. The teen tumbles along with the adult into the tub. He seriously begins freaking out as the water rains down on him and he tries to get out but Matt still has his hand trap. Seeing the reaction as well as have his arm yank powerfully, he quickly manages to turn the water off with his foot. When the water stops falling on him he starts to calm down again. Trying his best to get water off, his bang hung low as they are just saturated. Shivers climb up, down, and him all over as the unheated air made contact with his drenched body.

They were both breathing hard and both of their hearts accelerates fast, and it feels as if it would just burst of the chest. They look into each other eyes: blue slightly panic eyes and brown very shocked eyes. The silent would be strong if not for their breathing and the sink faucet which was still running. “Geez” he finally sighs heavily rubbing his shoulder as he broke the silence, “You nearly ripped my arm out if its socket.” He just laid there with his soaked clothes only absorbing more water as it slides off the older guy on to him. “I‘m going to call you, Cat sin-”

Right he when is going to explain the reason of his name the door came slamming open. Cat turns his head to looks as Matt lifts himself up to see his pudgy, black-haired brother. His dropped jaw and bugged out eyes looks horrified; he has enter at possible the worst time ever: A strange nude man on top of his little brother, in a bath tub, with water trickling off of them, within a locked room… All that came to Matt’s mind is that this couldn’t possible look any worst; then Cat’s bladder relaxes..... Matt had that coming for thinking that.

“Ahhh… Hello brother, look at what I found.” He nervously chuckles it off which turns the shock into pure ball of rage that is easily portrait on the much older man face. Getting the furious glints all day and he should have been used to it at this point but his brother‘s brown eyes stares is several times more scary to him. “Wait, wait, wait a second, brother this is all a big-”

“I‘m.Going.To. Kill you!!!” Matt is interrupted again by his brother as he temper just explodes and he squeals as the older sibling came towards them. A mouth full from Matt’s brother as well as some hitting and screaming later, the teen finally explains what has really happen and why there is a strange man in their apartment room. Even with that clear up his brother isn’t any happier, not at his younger sibling and especially not about the strange man in their home. “Are you crazy, some kind of idiot?! Why would you bring some nude stranger you find to our home!!!?”

“But Cliff, he was all alone, without even clothes and he couldn‘t remember anything. I couldn‘t just abandon him in Central Park.” The boy has pure morals if not just a little to naïve and optimistic with the kind of world they lived in.

“That exactly what you should have done, he would eventually been found by the police, get thrown in jail for parading around naked and then he‘d would have a home for a few years.” While his younger brother was too naïve, he was just untrusting due to the dangers that surround them.

“That’s horrible; Cat’s not a bad guy I mean look at him.” The both turn to watch him as he examines the kitchen he stands over the sink. The man move the faucet back and forth between the double sinks then looks curiously at the smaller handles next to it. As he turned it water came out and like the previous times he jump back before stumbling to the ground and moving away. He makes that odd hissing noise again.

“…” That argument is hard to beat… he has seen kittens more threaten than that. Only little babies are afraid of water, and that’s only a few of them. “Okay point taken. Seriously we can- Hey that’s mine take it off!” He turns to the stranger in is home now wearing a jacket that he has found in his exploration of the home.

“Aw look how happy he looks.” The older tan, guy arms wraps around his slender shoulders and rubs his cheek against the fluffy navy blue winter coat. The look of content on his smiling face, like kid on Christmas morning that got that toy truck he wanted.

“Make him take it off, now!” Cliff didn’t see it; all he perceives is some tall tan man in his belonging on with mostly exposed skin. Just watching him bury his face in fabric he could practically see the skin cells popping off and embedding itself in the jacket. Then bath tub image came back and he pushes across the line. “You know what, peepee boy can keep it.” The adult decide in disgust, Cat took notice of the tone pointed towards him. “Anyways can‘t let him stay, we don‘t have the room, or money to spend on a large, stupid, confuse guy. So we‘ll bring him to the police station tomm-”

“Idiot.” The older sibling is interrupted, his head turns to the one that had say it, Cat. Standing tall with arms cross he didn’t look please at all. He seems to know those words are insults and he isn’t happy about it. As for Cliff, he just gives him ‘are you talking to me’ look and gesture. “You stupid, idiot, horrible guy.” He glares as the words came angrily. Matt’s black-hair brother wasn’t looking too thrill about what he said either.

“Wow… looks at all the words he picked up from us.” Matt awkwardly laughs, as he tries to soften atmosphere a bit. The amnesiac man, furious stares aren’t helping with it. The thin, tan guy didn’t quite understand the problem of getting mad and calling the one who owns the apartment names. All he knew is he is being talked badly about and he did not like.

“Today, he’s going today.” The older man barks his change decision. He grabs Cat and begins to try to drag him to the door. The man being on shouts out more insults as he did everything in his power from being pulled off. All the short teenage boy did is watch, seeing two grown-up-ish men fighting like that prove to be very odd and funny. After the nice long forcefully removing him from the building attempt, the teen convinces him to go along with them and they got to the police station. Checking his fingerprints and looking through profiles, nothing could be found about him. It is like he just randomly appears in this world. Matt jokes about him being an alien. The police that came up with blanks suggest that he stay in their care as they try to find something on the man.

Cat has matured much since his first memory began; his vocabulary improved and so has his understanding of the world around him. The police couldn’t find anything on him and require money to start a private investigation to try to learn anything else, money which the flaming hair guy didn’t have. With no where to go, Cliff actually let him live with him and Matt until he could get his on his feet. He has a job at a pet shop so he can pay rent for his living arrangements. When he isn’t working, he’s hanging out with Matt or roams the streets of New York. Even without the police’s help, the man is trying to find answers about himself as well as learning more about the world.

Miscellaneous: He doesn‘t even seem to drink water at all but eating lots of fruits seems to make up for it. When surprise by water, he makes a strange hissing like noise, he doesn’t know why he just does. He can make some pretty good fried, broiled foods; his specialty is fries though they tend to be a bit dark and crispy. He enjoys climbing up high and looking at the endless sky and the ocean in the distance; it relaxes him and it give him a strange nostalgic feeling.

Aura: Cat‘s aura is a rather subtle; the air around him just simple feel warmer. In a large open space it can’t really be felt it unless in touching range. With in smaller enclose areas the whole temperature seems to just jump up by a couple degrees. His skin is always warm to touch even if someone manages to get him to remove the jacket. Snakes and reptiles seem perfectly happy when he around or when he hold them. Cats as well enjoy curling up with him. When one of the other origin come close flames appears on the other edge of the arms as well as the center of his forehead; it looks like his arm’s and forehead are on fire but his skin is not be affect by it. It burns strongly; making a hue orange light around him but it never spreads out from the spots it is at. There no smoke or anything. When he is angry it engulfs him and burns so much fiercer like a wildfire and the temperature several degrees higher than his normal aura.

Going down both arms, Cat has bright orange and red patterns that look like flames. The bottom of the flames is orange while the curling top is blazing red. From the wrists to the shoulders covering outer side of the arm it like a thin wings of fire. These by normal standard could never be mistaken a birthmarks for they are much too vivid and colorful and both sides matches up almost exactly.
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