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Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!


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Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!

Before the finals, Ash, Goh and Cinderace return to the scone store where Goh and Cinderace first met when it was a Scorbunny. Cinderace reunites with the Nickit there who have changed their ways and become loved by the local people. However, before too long, a group of Galarian Meowth led by a Perrserker appear and start causing trouble, and Team Rocket are not far behind. Will Cinderace be able to help the Nickit protect the town?

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Can’t wait to see my Meowth and Perrserkerr friends!


You are awesome!
+ TEAM R not wanted to attack Pikachu

-8 Galarian form debuts
-Eternatus is Leons now.
-Gou leaving

Ash and Goh departs
Goh’s coming back
He’s gonna pull a Brock May and Max in BF
Knew that the Nickits would evolve because way to show all Galar Pokemon
10/10 episode because of CRAMORGOD