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Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!


was funny to see cricket get beaten by grookey in his first battle


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This sure was a lovely checklist of a bunch of yet-to-debut Gen VIII 'mons. Shame their debut was massively underwhelming and was so clustered that none of the Pokemon got actual focus.
That's exactly what I thought when TRio started sending out random pokemon, and then got up to six pokemon that we hadn't seen yet lol. Some of those pokemon I wish would have gotten a way better representation throughout the series like hattrem, galarian meowth, and morgrem, but oh well.

The parts that stuck out to me: nickitt is so cute, and although thievuls crooked nose is meh, I love thievul too. I appreciate their showing even though I thought they would use their tails more in battle.

Hattrem really got squished by a stonejourner? ouch

Everyone's face when cramourant really swallowed aarokuda lol.

TRio trying to shove Perrsekers coin in the gatcha machine was good


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So Goh basically screwed over Ash handing Eternatus to Leon lmao.

God I really hope AG Comes back for the Leon fight.
Ash needs some crazy plot power of friendship shenanigans too.

Satoshi & Touko

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Am I the only who thought this felt like a goh send off episode? And not a false, hell be back later send off.
I certainly hope it is a true send off. If it is, that'll make me hopeful that these rumors of Journeys continuing past November will be ripped to shreds.