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Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!


Offline until Ash vs Leon
That'd be a good argument had my complaints not apply to most of Gen VIII's roster. But it does, so "no".
Argument still applies. You act like every single Pokémon needs it's own episode dedicated to it, which is simply not needed.


That'd be a good argument had my complaints not apply to most of Gen VIII's roster. But it does, so "no".
Why didn't Walter White know the diffirence between a police car siren and a firetruck siren?


Captain Pikachu is EPIC
At least Team Rocket will support Ash lol. Something I would never have been guessed that Team Rocket would deny catching Pikachu to help Ash for the finals. The rest was pretty mid though. Not really interesting or new. And Eternatus was BS. They could just not have touched it and give those Galarian Pokemon more screentime.
It's kind of interesting of TR of everyone being the only ones to cheer him on in person there
But I think there might be more surprises..


He did the thing!
It's kind of interesting of TR of everyone being the only ones to cheer him on in person there
But I think there might be more surprises..
Hoping the companions will return, but obviously that's not the most likely thing, it would be nice though.


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What is the point of creating new pokemon if they are not going to showcase them in a show that is about them. Lol


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Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!

Before the finals, Ash, Goh and Cinderace return to the scone store where Goh and Cinderace first met when it was a Scorbunny. Cinderace reunites with the Nickit there who have changed their ways and become loved by the local people. However, before too long, a group of Galarian Meowth led by a Perrserker appear and start causing trouble, and Team Rocket are not far behind. Will Cinderace be able to help the Nickit protect the town?

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no teaser of next season but i hope next time we get it


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Wow. This…this episode is like…the textbook example of bittersweet. But oh so much of the bitter, so much bitter.

Elephant in the room first, I do agree that this felt like an “oh crap, this season was technically about Galar, better shove in as many Galar mons as possible” episode. They certainly didn’t do them any justice besides Cramorant choking. In fact, they looked weak as heck. Grookey didn’t even have to use an actual move to win.

The only sweet part about this episode was seeing Cinderace for the majority of the episode. It makes sense because this was where Goh met them and it was nice seeing that the Nickit they befriended have become local heroes.

But then the flashbacks kicked in and I was reminded that Cinderace and Inteleon once had personalities. I freaking miss the days of show-offy Scorbunny and crybaby Sobble. They were both pretty much dropped from the show once they fully-evolved and their appearances were basically demoted to using Pyro Ball and Snipe Shot at the climax of every episode. Heck, I don’t even think Goh’s Galar starters have interacted together as part of a plot and we could see how they would work without Goh.

But by far the most bitter part was Goh’s sudden departure. Seriously, after all of the times Ash was allowed to help Goh with PM stuff, they REALLY couldn’t let him stick around until the end of the tournament? I’m pretty sure this is the first time Ash’s companion has bounced BEFORE the league was over. These writers better have a good PM arc if it was worth splitting them up so early and so sudden.

…oh and Leon has Eternatus now. Eh, not the first time Ash had to fight a god during the league, heck, it was how he became a legend at the last one.

Even as a Goh disliker, this was a terrible sendoff for him.


Catnip it in the bud
Staff member
Also, forgot about this.

Some loser said:
Speaking of characters who need to interact with Leon, there's a concerning lack of Hop in the preview.

Like, come on. This should be the bare minimum of character interactions and we couldn't even get that. I'm starting to fear they won't talk until after the battle is over, if ever.

Also, speaking of Hop, what's he going to do with Goh gone? He only exists to provide color commentary with Goh, and without someone to bounce off of, he has little reason to be here.

...More so than usual, that is.

Argument still applies. You act like every single Pokémon needs it's own episode dedicated to it, which is simply not needed.
Sorry, Officer. Didn't know it was a crime to want the Pokemon show to focus on Pokemon. Y'know, almost like a show about Pokemon?

Also, yes, not every Pokemon needs its own episode. But God forbid a decent about of Galar 'mons get any focus, I guess...


Deluded Dreamer
This episode was absolutely hilarious!!
TR using G Meowths to get more mons cracked me up so much, clever but when Cramorant swallowed Arrokuda, everyone looked stunned, and then they continued fighting? That **** killed me LMFAO
Im glad in the end Arrokuda didnt actually die but the execution of it was comedy at its finest. Also Perserrker not fitting in XD

This episode was the perfect breather while still having necessary plot elements and character wrap up!! As for the Galar debuts, I agree, it was apparent they were debuting them as quickly as they can to the point they couldnt shine properly and it sucks how Galar mons have been sidelined, but at this point Id rather have these small as cameo debuts then not have them at all, and esp not have big debuts if it means sacrificing the story at this point. So these were just nice bonuses to me!!

Also no, that Goh and Ash farewell isnt the last farewell and it didnt feel like one! Hate Goh all you want but his bromance with Ash was fantastic to watch and they deserve a proper heartfelt goodbye later down the road


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Okay, I still can’t get over this

Goh: Hey, is it alright if my friend helps me earn Mew Tokens?

PM: Sure!

Goh: Hey, I know I have to do this mission on my own, but can my friend watch?

PM: Sure!

Goh: Hey, my friend is in the finals of this tournament he’s been participating in since before I joined the Expedition, can I stay and watch?

PM: LOL nope, pray to Arceus they got wifi on the plane


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The Galarian rivals sure were an afterthought, despite players meeting them fairly early in the games.
Sucks too because neither Evolutions or Twilight Wings bothered to play with the Galar rivals in any sort of capacity. Hop did get that one episode with Wooloo but unlike the other Twilight Wings episodes, this one has nothing to do with Hop’s ingame story and the plot line that was there felt a bit forced.

Marnie’s episode in JN is the best treatment any of them ever got.


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If you mean rushing through everything about Spikemuth and for whatever reason making her battle a one-on-one, because even her little voiced cameo in TW was far better.

(Good thing Masters exploited her appeal.)
Yeah her story being told and actually getting to do something is way better than 5 seconds of her claiming she’s gonna do something :p