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Goin' For A Spinda! (333)

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Wonder if trainers get scolded if their pokémon uses Explosion?


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I really wish Brock would have caught that Spinda. They are good together.


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I agree. That would have made for a much better running gag than the ear pulling. Of course not all the animation directors could have pulled off such humorous reactions from Takeshi.


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Aw, I liked this episode. The Spinda were very cute, and I kinda liked the search for the heart-shaped marked Spinda. Very fluffy and fillery, but it at least kept my interest.


what an idea actually, searching for a spinda with a certain pattern, everybody knows thatr they never have the same patterns, it was a good episode for the rest though.


Alright episode. A fair bit of filler, but it was funny to watch Brock's antics throughout the episode. Teeter Dance was interesting as well.


I loved Spinda, it was very cute.
The Spinda with the heart shape was very fast.
And Brock was amazing, how bad he was so sad in the end.


Sigh, I wish someone like Brock, had caught a Spinda.

So much potential but it didn't happen. This episode was far too cute for my taste. I would have prefered something more non Filler-y.

AG wasn't my favorite, 3/10


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The premise for this episode was kinda dumb.

Looking for a Spinda with a special pattern? Come on writers...


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Spinda and its Teeter Dance for the 1st time. It was interesting to see a lot of different-patterned Spindas in this episode. It was hilarious when they were looking for the Heart Spinda, and all Brock was able to keep finding was the Broken-Heart Spinda. It was funny to see the "Ivy-Mode" Brock back again.



A cute episode is all that I can say about this one. Thinking about it, I agree that Brock should've been allowed to catch that Spinda. It would've made a great addition to his team and it probably would've kept Max out of the position of becoming a rehash Misty. Spinda was pretty damn cute though I agree that the premise of "searching for a Spinda" was predictable.

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Saw it and it was pretty fun to watch. ^_^ I enjoyed that Brock got the broken Hearted Spinda that I couldn't stop giggling XD. A very cute episode overall ^_^


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This episode may be a mandatory filler, but it did had some hilarious things in it. The whole thing with Brock and the Spinda and also seeing Team Rocket disguising as Teddiursa, only to be blasted away by the angry Ursaring was very humorous to watch.
I've never been a Spinda fan, and this episode felt like a lame filler to me. However, I did like Brock's role in this episode, he should've caught Spinda. And Brock getting flirty wasn't bad. And Teeter Dance always got a laugh of me in the games (while it also annoys me), and in the anime, the same applied. 6/10.


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"Goin' For A Spinda!"

This episode starts with Ash deciding to head towards Petalburg City for his next Gym battle. On their way, the Ash and the others runs into a Spinda with a heart-shaped mark on it's head. The Spinda gets scared after seeing the group and runs off. Later they meets a pretty girl named Claire and his butler Royce. Claire tells the group that she's looking for her lucky Spinda which was given to her by a close friend for safekeeping. Brock gets attracted to Claire and quickly grabs her hands, promising to do anything to find the missing Spinda. Then the whole "searching for a Spinda" plot begins.

Overall, I thought this was an OK episode. The COTD girl Claire was very pretty, no wonder why Brock fell in love with her. Too bad Claire was already engaged the Spinda's owner Kain. Because of that, Brock got his heart broken Again!

Team Rocket were really annoying in this episode, this time they tried to steal the Spinda. the Spinda-mecha was one of their most lame mechas in my opinion. Oh well, at least Brock got to blast Team Rocket off in this episode.
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Usually I'm not one to say this, but Even I think Brock should have caught that one Spinda with the broken heart mark on it. It suits him perfectly! :)